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What Is My Zodiac Sign

The question “What is my Zodiac Sign” is not as straightforward as you might think. But it is way more exciting than you might have imagined! BONUS! You have more than one type of Zodiac Sign! Over 25 different types of Astrology & Zodiac Signs and Systems are covered here. Discover all your Zodiac Signs. Learn your personality, traits, and compatibility in each astrology system.

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Zodiac signs are the map to the human experience. In “Sparks from the Philosopher’s Stone” the author James Lendall Basford writes, “The stars dot out the plans of God.”

Many of us look to the stars for personal definition. Zodiac Signs are a common reference for defining compatibility traits between lovers. Constellations and planets align in the right place; life seems spectacular! But, may the heavens help us when things don’t align right too! And we all need divine help when facing Mercury retrograde, am I right? Zodiac Signs (Astrology, Horoscope, & Star Signs) offer one set of keys to understanding the self, others, and our experiences.

Let me say, I’m not a professional astrologer. But, I don’t have to be to know the incredible value of the art! The Sun Signs and natal charts can give so much insight into human behavior. By understanding zodiac signs meanings, you’ll experience relationships (including the one you have with yourself) with more compassion and understanding.

With an understanding of astrology, you can avoid some major relationship pitfalls! You’ll also find zodiac signs meanings help you awaken the spirit within. How? You’ll move through life with an understanding of people’s motives, actions, and thoughts!

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Western Astrology Zodiac Signs Meanings 1280x960

Western Zodiac Signs

The most well known of all Zodiac Signs is the Western Zodiac. Millions of folks read their horoscope every day. The 12 Zodiac Signs and their birth dates are below. Because it’s such a big subject we have a whole section dedicated to Zodiac Signs (aka Astrology, Horoscope, & Star Signs).

Aries – March 21 – April 19
Taurus – April 21 – May 20
Gemini – May 21 – June 20
Cancer – June 21 – July 20
Leo – July 21- August 21
Virgo – August 22 – September 22
Libra – September 23 – October 22
Scorpio – October 23 – November 22
Sagittarius – November 23 – December 20
Capricorn – December 21 – January 19
Aquarius – January 20 – February 18
Pisces – February 19 – March 20

Chinese Zodiac Signs 1280x960

12 Chinese Zodiac Signs & New Year’s Animals

Now let’s look to the East to discover the insights in the Chinese Zodiac Signs! As of 2017, we’ve entered the Year of the Fire Rooster. This will last unto February 15, 2018. We will then transition into the Year of the Dog. The Chinese Zodiac system is also called Sheng Xiao.

These same signs are similar in the Western Astrology horoscope. The 12-Zodiacs have icons corresponding to them. Both systems hold true that planets and celestial bodies influence human behavior.

The system begins to differ wherein the Chinese noted the 12-year movement of Jupiter. This movement makes its way through 12 points in the solar system. Each of these 12 points corresponds to one of 12 animal zodiac signs in Chinese Astrology.

There is also another difference. The sign of your birth will vary on what year you are born. The cycle of the year is a 12-year separation between each zodiac sign. Per the Chinese Astrology system, every 12 years a person encounters the birth sign. A lunar calendar is what defines this 12-year cycle.

From 202 BCE to 220 CE, the Han Dynasty was in rule. The division of the Chinese Zodiac stems from this period. Each sign expresses a correspondence between human behavior and the animal traits.

The timing of the Zodiac is one stemming from an older system wherein the number 12 was prominent. Time was divisible by 12. In fact, 12 years is one ji, like 12 months is a single day. Days are also divided into sections called shi chen. The year of someone’s birth when referencing the Chinese Zodiac horoscope is the Ben Ming Nian. The translation of the latter phase is “Zodiac Year of Birth.”

Below is a bit about each of the Chinese zodiac signs meanings.

Chinese Zodiac Rat & Year of the Rat 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Rat or Mouse

Chinese Rat or Mouse Years: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020 …

The Chinese Rat personality is adept and adventurous. People born in the Year of the Rat are ambitious, bright, and charming. A couple more prominent characteristics that can prove a bit negative is that the Rat personality can be chauvinistic and over confident sometimes. Conservative and critical, the Rat can be friendly or opinionated. The Rat persona is an occasion opportunist.

Click to read more about the Chinese Zodiac Rat or Mouse.

Chinese Zodiac Ox & Year of the Ox 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Ox

Chinese Ox Years: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021 …

Patient but picky, you want things right. No facsimile of perfection will do for those born in the Year of the Ox. You are stubborn to a fault, but only because you want the best out of life. The Chinese Ox wants the posh life and it is yours, as you demand it. You can be a bit hotheaded, but it takes a long time for you to get there.

Click to read more about the Chinese Zodiac Ox.

Chinese Zodiac Tiger & Year of the Tiger 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Tiger

Chinese Tiger Years: 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022 …

Sensitive and emotive are not two emotions you might expect from the Chinese Tiger, but that’s what you get. They can be very loving. Of course, we are talking a big cat attitude here. They can also be stubborn, reckless and a virtual hothead. This Zodiac Sign needs a job that screams adventure!

Click to read more about the Chinese Zodiac Tiger.

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit & Year of the Rabbit 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Rabbbit

Chinese Rabbit Years: 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023 …

Affectionate and beautiful, Chinese Rabbit people are loving and kind. Their personality tends to be conservative and cautious. They have a pleasant attitude and tune into the sensitivities of others. Those born in the Year of the Rabbit are the lucky ones of all Zodiac signs.

Click to read more about the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit.

Chinese Zodiac Dragon & Year of the Dragon 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Dragon

Chinese Dragon Years: 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024 …

Artistic and creative, those born in the Year of the Dragon receive good luck and wealth. They can sometimes be a braggart, demanding, and they like to gossip. Still, the Chinese Dragon is smart, energetic, and strong. They are superb politicians or spiritual advisors.

Click to read more about the Chinese Zodiac Dragon.

Chinese Zodiac Snake & Year of the Snake 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Snake

Chinese Snake Years: 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025 …

The Snake persona comes with mesmerizing charm. The Snake is steadfast, introspective, and intuitive. They are born with a natural gift to persuade. They can sometimes use the gift of persuasion to manipulate. The Snake persona can also procrastinate.

Click to read more about the Chinese Zodiac Snake.

Chinese Zodiac Horse - Year of the Horse 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Horse

Chinese Horse Years: 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026 …

Those born in the Year of the Horse do not fear hard work. They are independent, intelligent, and they make friends with ease. The Chinese Horse personality has a strong streak that helps them get through life’s challenges. They can sometimes be a bit selfish. The have a cunning wit, but they tend to be a bit showy.

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Chinese Zodiac Sheep & Year of the Sheep 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Sheep (aka Goat or Ram)

Chinese Sheep (aka Goat or Ram) Years: 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027 …

Those born in the Year of the Sheep make for great actors. They have an artistic side and prove quite charming. They can be creative and elegant too, making them ideal for the red-carpet appearance. The Chinese Sheep personality can also be a worrier, pessimist, and complainer.

Click to read more about the Chinese Zodiac Sheep (aka Goat or Ram).

Chinese Zodiac Monkey & Year of the Monkey 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Monkey

Chinese Monkey Years: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028 …

A clever wit, high intelligence and amiable attitude are the Chinese Monkey’s personality. Of course, monkeys can be mischievous too. This means they can be a bit deceitful, opportunistic, and tricky. Still, they have a magnetic personality that makes them fun to be around.

Click to read more about the Chinese Zodiac Monkey.

Chinese Zodiac Rooster & Year of the Rooster 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Rooster

Chinese Rooster Years: 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029 …

Think of the rooster bellowing out a bit of music at sunrise. You’ve got the personality trait of a boaster and braggart for sure. The Rooster is a confident soul and has no problem hollering it out across the mountains and forests. He’ll let everyone know he’s got it going on! Great attributes of the Rooster kind include decisiveness and dreaminess.

Click to read more about the Chinese Zodiac Rooster.

Chinese Zodiac Dog & Year of the Dog 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Dog

Chinese Dog Years: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030 …

The Chinese Dog personality brings out the activist in the people born under its sign. They are prone to nervousness, but can be fair and dependable. The Dog persona is faithful, honest, and loving. They can be honest, but they are prone to finding faults in others. They demand loyalty in return. The Dog persona is sincere. They make a good teacher or business owner.

Click to read more about the Chinese Zodiac Dog.

Chinese Zodiac Pig & Year of the Pig 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Pig

Chinese Pig Years: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031 …

Those born in the Year of the Pig are brave and chivalrous. Seems like a contradiction, I know! They make great companions. They are intellectual, honest, and noble. The Chinese Pig personality is among the sincerest in the zodiac. One of their most lovely traits is that they are tolerant and teach others to be the same. Chinese Pig people make great entertainers and lawyers.

Click to read more about the Chinese Zodiac Pig.

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Native American Zodiac Signs 1200x630

***Special Note***
On our sister-site ( you will find in-depth descriptions for all 12 Native American Birth Totem Animals.

Native American Zodiac Signs

The Native Americans people cherish the natural world and its gifts. They are wise and honorable people who know how to live in the world without abusing it. They understand the delicate balance the world needs to ensure the survival of all. They live in reciprocity with all that lives. What they saw and still see in the natural world serves as means for learning. Nature, animals, and the environment was their classroom. Hence, the Native American Zodiac Signs are all animal messengers. The attributes of the animals correspond with specific human behaviors.

Native American Zodiac Bear Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Bear

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: August 23- September 22
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: February 19 – March 20

The Bear person is sensible, meticulous, and a realist. Others appreciate the level-headedness of the Bear when a problem arises. The Bear is a person with a heart. They are generous to a fault and fair with all dealings. In business, they make a trustworthy partner.

The Bear can be shy, but when crossed will act out self-defense. These individuals make excellent mentors and teachers. (It makes me think of “The Jungle Book!”).

Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Bear.

Native American Zodiac Beaver Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Beaver

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: April 20 – May 20
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: October 24 – November 21

The Beaver personality is one that is amusing. These people are persistent and deliberate with every action. They surmount challenges with ease, and they have a high mental acuity. They are faithful, cooperative, and generous in the right environment.

The Beaver persona can be a force to reckon with though. They are sometimes edgy, haughty, and wily.

Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Beaver.

Native American Zodiac Deer Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Deer or Stag

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: May 21 – Jun 20
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: Nov 22 – Dec 21

The Deer or Stag personality can be quiet vocal. They are quick-witted folks, so when they have something to say, they say it off the cuff. Those born under this sign can be nurturing and vigorous. They are often gifted with a special artistic talent. They use their words to motivate and inspire.

The Stag or Deer persona can lean toward intolerance. Sometimes they get stuck in their own self-importance. The Stag folks are affable, congenial, and loquacious.

Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Deer or Stag.

Native American Zodiac Falcon Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Falcon

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: March 21 – April 19
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: September 23 – October 22

Those born under the sign of the Falcon are visionaries. They have exceptional foresight and an intellect requiring constant stimulation.

Falcon people have an impressive amount of patience. This gives them the ability to persist even in the face of what seems impossible.

The Falcon can lose balance and become fat-headed, non-compliant, and egotistical. Born leaders, the Falcon personality is one who is adventurous and passionate about life.

Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Falcon.

Native American Zodiac Otter Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Otter

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: January 20 – February 18
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: July 22 – August 22

Sometimes the Otter can seem deliberately rebellious, and, well, a bit odd. But, these seeming eccentric personalities are, also, quite gentle, compassionate, and insightful. The Otter does things in their own way – even when others completely disagree.

Other Otter traits are honesty and complete family loyalty. At their core, Otters do what they do because their focus is always on the family.

Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Otter.

Native American Zodiac Owl Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Owl

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: November 22 – December 21
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: May 21 – June 20

The Owl persona can be unpredictable and capricious. Often, they have a conventional and earnest approach to life. They are calm, enjoy adventure, and do have a wild side.

Owl personalities can come across as cavalier and inconsiderate at times. They are natural preservationists. They make great educators or artists. They have issues with moderation.

Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Owl.

Native American Zodiac Raven Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Raven

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: September 23 – October 22
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: March 21 – April 19

The Raven is a passionate soul who loves life. A capitalist by nature, they know how to bring home the money. The Raven has a Romeo/Casanova spirit so they like romantic interludes. They have a natural vigor.

The Raven person is expressive and sentimental. Most times, the Raven is smooth and suave. But, they can be inconsistent with their behavior. They prove bitter and sardonic if they are unhappy.

Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Raven.

Native American Zodiac Salmon Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Salmon

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: July 22 – August 22
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: January 20 – February 18

The Salmon enjoys isolation when meditating. Salmon likes and journeying into the depths of the mind. The poetic soul of the Salmon has a strong sense of roots. They love the arts. Visionaries, their world view is unique. Those born under the sign of the Salmon are attentive, sensitive, and are resourceful.

The Salmon are motivators and their enthusiasm is contagious. They can sometimes be prone to egotism.

Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Salmon.

Native American Zodiac Snake Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Snake

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: October 23 – December 21
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: May 21 – June 20

Snake people are shamanic by nature. They have the gift of being in tune with the world of spirit. The ethereal realm is as real to them as the mundane. Spiritual pursuits are their lifelong practice.

Eccentricity and living on the fringe are common associations with the Snake personality. They cannot and will not tolerate being forced to fit in a mold of society’s choosing. Those born under this sign might seem secretive or scary, but they are kind and generous.

Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Snake.

Native American Zodiac Snow Goose Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Snow Goose

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: December 22 – January 19
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: June 21 – July 21

Those born under the zodiac sign of the Snow Goose are resolute and strong minded. This makes them seem pushy and unwavering. It’s true that they like to be triumphant. It’s also true the Goose persona does not care what others think. They compete with their internal critic only.

Snow Goose people tend to be a bit self-destructive. However, they have an incredible zeal for life and an amusing sense of humor.

Visit our sister-site ( to learn all about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Snow Goose!

Native American Zodiac Wolf Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Wolf

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: February 19 – March 20
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: August 23 – September 22

The Wolf personality carries a heroic air. They understand and adhere to a hierarchy. They walk through the world fearless. The Wolf personality is one who moves through the day purposeful and with an unbendable will. Still, the wolf understands the depths of love.

All that said, Wolf people can easily become solitary when disillusioned. And they can stay in hermit mode for many years – hence the phrase ‘lone wolf’.

Visit our sister-site ( to learn all about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Wolf!

Native American Zodiac Woodpecker Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Woodpecker

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: June 21 – July 21
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates:December 22 – January 19

The Woodpecker personality is individualistic. They do, indeed, march to the beat of their very own drum. The woodpecker is understanding, organized, and resourceful. They are powerful listeners: This makes them great friends and family members.

Woodpecker people can be romantic, but demand loyalty. The Woodpecker persona can be jealous. Still, the remain caring, devoted, and they are the frugal ones of all the Native American Zodiac signs.

Visit our sister-site ( to learn all about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Woodpecker!

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Zodiac Compatibility 1280x960

Zodiac & Horoscope Compatibility

The language of love seems to be two different dialects when men and women try to communicate! Everyone wants a smooth relationship free of melodrama. How can we avoid the potential confusion or misunderstandings? By understanding our potential partner’s zodiac sign’s traits, personality, and characteristics of course!

Do romantic relationships make you so nervous walking on glass seems more relaxing? Are you tongue-tied and twisted, not knowing what to say? I can hear your jittery heart screaming right now, my friend!

What if I say the wrong thing? What if I make the wrong move? How do I figure out what h/she likes? How can I do all I can to make this relationship last? So many questions…

In truth, Sun Signs are informative when it comes to the personality and traits. A horoscope or Sun Sign can arm you with knowledge. You can go into a relationship with a modicum of understanding of why the possible Mrs. or Mr. Right might react a certain way. Astrology helps you take the guessing out of the romance game.

If you’re looking for commitment and you’ve hooked up with a partner who is a cold-stone commitment-phobe, you’ll know. If you are with an extra-sensitive heart that you’ll need to treat with gentle care, a Sun Sign profile will tell you so. The horoscope can give you the heads up to avoid emotional hurts!

Who might your best match be in a romantic pairing? What kinds of gifts might your friend enjoy? What hobbies might h/she pursue? What likes or dislikes do you have in common? Find out now by reading all about the zodiac compatibility of your amour!

Aries Compatibility Zodiac Signs 1200x960

Aries Compatibility

Aries Dates: March 21 – April 19

Aries Woman Compatibility: If you’re looking for a new love who is fun, but who also looks like she just stepped off the Paris runway, get yourself an Aries lady!

An Aries woman is all about her appearance. She loves looking good and makes darn sure of it. Her motto and mantra is “Inner beauty is great but a little mascara never hurts.”

Oh, and if you don’t care for women who are too needy or clingy, the ARIES woman is your dream mate.

Aries Man Compatibility: You can almost hear the lyrics to Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero,” playing when the Aries man walks into the room. If you want a man who is an ambitious fellow, you’ll adore the go-getter attitude of this guy. He’s got a fiery attitude and a ton of courage. Of course, this makes for some great late-night cuddling in the arms of a knight fresh off the white horse!

Are you wondering if you are among the most compatible with an Aries? If you are an Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, or Gemini, you’ve made the list!


Taurus Compatibility Zodiac Signs 1200x960

Taurus Compatibility

Taurus Dates: April 20 – May 20

Taurus Woman Compatibility: If you want a committed female who is serious about love, the Taurus woman will meet that demand and more. The Taurus woman loves the finer things in life. She’s the kind of woman you can bring home to mom. So what if she’s got a bit of a temper backed but a stubborn streak not even Satan can break. Am I right? Not to worry, it takes the patient Taurus Woman forever to reach that point anyway!

Just give her the utmost respect and a taste of the luxurious. You’re guaranteed a cuddle partner for life.

Taurus Man Compatibility: Are you tired of being with men who don’t stick around? What about guys who don’t have a taste for the finer things in life? You won’t have that problem with a Taurus Man. If you win the affections of a Taurus, you’ve got a lifetime partner on your hands. Do you want someone willing to commit and who is not afraid of expressing his feelings? Again, the Taurus Man fits the bill. He’s a creature who enjoys being comfortable. The way to his heart is to provide the comfort he needs.

Do you want to know if you happen to make the list of compatible mates with a sensual Taurus? If you happen to be a Taurus, Capricorn, or a Virgo, it’s all gravy from here!


Gemini Compatibility Zodiac Signs 1200x960

Gemini Compatibility

Gemini Dates: May 21 – June 20

Gemini Woman Compatibility: If you need a mate with a happy-go-lucky attitude and a gift for conversation, the Gemini Woman is your dream date. Brilliant, and curious, you’ll find a Gemini Woman fascinating. Forever catering to her inner child, the Gemini Woman promises you loads of fun.

Gemini Man Compatibility: If you need pillow talk into the wee hours of the night, then look for the Gemini Man for a mate. You’ll get all the conversation you can ever want and more. Of course, you’ll need to be ready for change on the drop of a dime with this worldly man. He’s a chameleon who fits right into any situation, but he is also prone to extremes. One minute he’s on top of the world, the next he’s dark and moody. You’ll find he goes from relaxed to stressed in zero to sixty or from happy to sad in the blink of an eye! One thing’s certain, he promises a wild ride!

Are you wondering if you are compatible with the extremes of a Gemini? If you’re a Libra, progressive Aquarius, or a warrior-minded Aries, you’ll be right at home.


Cancer Compatibility Zodiac Signs 1200x960

Cancer Compatibility

Cancer Dates: June 21 – July 20

Cancer Woman Compatibility: If you’re looking for a woman with a teddy-bear personality, the Cancer woman is for you! A romantic at heart, she’ll prove responsive to the smallest of romantic gestures. If you want a woman who loves spoiling her mate and who gets into cuddle time, you can go wrong with emotional Cancer. Her passion is as deep as her emotions. She might prove a bit of a coy gal at first for it is her nature to be shy. Breakthrough that shy wall and you’ll find a woman waiting and willing to fall in love!

Cancer Man Compatibility: If you rather have a sweet, emotional teddy bear at your side for the rest of your life, a Cancer Man awaits! With a Cancer Man, you’ll find your mate is just a kitten in disguise. Friendly and fun, he can be super sweet and affectionate. Bear in mind though, the Cancer Man can go to extremes if he is out of balance.

Are you wondering if you are on the list of the most compatible partners for the emotional Cancer? If you happen to be a sexy Taurus, equally-emotional Pisces, or a fiery Scorpio, you’ve got it made.


Leo Compatibility Zodiac Signs 1200x960

Leo Compatibility

Leo Dates: July 21 – August 21

Leo Woman Compatibility: For those seeking women who outshine all others, the Leo Woman is the cream of the crop. She’s beautiful from her top of her head down to her paws! She’s apt to have an unforgettable mane of hair too! You know, the kind she’ll flip over her shoulder while flashing that melt-your-heart smile? Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be with a Leo Woman anyway? She’s hot, popular, and has a rockstar personality!

Leo Man Compatibility: Land yourself a Leo Man and you’ve got yourself a man of royalty. His ruler is the Sun which doesn’t surprise you. When he walks in a room you might think there’s a nimbus of glowing yellow light around his head. “My God, is that a halo? A crown?” Maybe it’s just the lighting, but a Leo can leave you wondering!

Do you wonder if you stand a chance with the mesmerizing Leo? If you are lucky enough to be a Capricorn, Gemini, Libra or Sagittarius, you’re on the road to true love!


Virgo Compatibility Zodiac Signs 1200x960

Virgo Compatibility

Virgo Dates: August 22 – September 22

Virgo Woman Compatibility: So, you’ve spent your life dreaming of a woman who as pure as the driven snow, right? How about the angelic Virgo Woman for your next hot romantic pursuit? She’s a real head turner with a huge heart and a charitable nature. She’ll surprise you with beauty and brains all in one convenient package! Basically, she’s the romantic triple threat – mind, body, and spirit, you’re gonna’ love her!

Virgo Man Compatibility: If you’re looking for a man of logic and one who’s a superior leader, a Virgo Man will meet your demands! The analytical mind of a Virgo is as sharp as a tack. He’s a natural born leader because he is a righteous role model. He’s resourceful, efficient, and promises a positive outcome to situations he controls. If you want a man who can see the bigger picture, and who keeps an eye on the future, Virgo is your man.

So, who’s worthy enough to be compatible with a Virgo? If you are born under the sign of Taurus or Capricorn, you’re a perfect mate!


Libra Compatibility Zodiac Signs 1200x960

Libra Compatibility

Libra Dates: September 23 – October 22

Libra Woman Compatibility: If you need a whole lot of balance in your life, the Libra Woman IS balance. She’s someone who can bring in a harmonious vibe all while becoming your best friend too. She’s a natural beauty who is as pretty on the inside as she is in the physical. Of course, she is! She is about balance in every way.

Libra Man Compatibility: Are you looking for some balance in your life? If so, start with your mate. A Libra Man is about balance in every aspect of his life so he can bring the same to yours. You can’t help but find the Libra Man enticing. In fact, you’ll be standing in line with many women who find the Libra Man has great appeal. He’s charming, loves to talk, and he exudes a harmonious vibe. Everybody wants to hang out with him. He has a calming effect on people.

Are you wondering if Libra is the mate you need to make your life harmonious? If you’re an Aries or Taurus, you’re compatible. Geminis are great matches for the Libra and, sometimes, Capricorn, too.


Scorpio Compatibility Zodiac Signs 1200x960

Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio Dates: October 23 – November 22

Scorpio Woman Compatibility: Wondering why your pulse goes rapid and head goes faint around the Scorpio Woman? Keep wondering my friend. She doesn’t give up her secrets. That goes for inside and outside the bedroom. She’s a private kind of gal. She’s in tune with her animal charisma and can take you for a walk on the wild side or leave you in the dust. If you manage to win her favor, she might just keep you around long enough to fall in love.

Scorpio Man Compatibility: If you want a man who knows what he wants out of life, hit up a Scorpio Man! He’s resourceful, clever, and driven. His ambition powers his chase for all he desires. No obstacles stand in the way of a Scorpio Man and his dreams. There’s a real passion fueling his every action. Oh, and ladies, that passion translates in the bedroom oh-so-nicely! He’s an intense personality and an intense lover.

Wondering if you can handle a relationship with the spicy Scorpio. Pisces, you’re tops on the compatibility list! All other Zodiac Signs run a distant second but Scorpios can, also, be happy with Cancers and other Scorpios.


Sagittarius Compatibility Zodiac Signs 1200x960

Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius Dates: November 23 – December 20

Sagittarius Woman Compatibility: You’re not asking for much, just a beautiful heart, tender soul, and intelligent mind. It’s a tall order my friend and one a Sagittarius Woman has no problem filling. That’s right. Your dream girl exists – especially if you like girls who lead the romantic chase!

Sagittarius Man Compatibility: If you demand a one-of-kind man in your life, then choose a Sagittarius Man. Yes, there are many men born under the sign of Sagittarius, but each is unique and wonderful. You end up with a couple of typical Sagittarian features with a good mix of individuality. The Sagittarius Man can play the Byronic hero like no other. Tall, dark, and visually stunning, he’ll make you draw in a breath at first glance.

Do you want to know if you can win the heart of a Sagittarius? If you’re an Aries, Taurus, or dualistic Gemini, you’re most compatible. But hey, there’s some stiff competition here. Sagittarius is compatible with Leo, Aquarius, and Pisces too!


Sagittarius Compatibility Zodiac Signs 1200x960

Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn Dates: December 21 – January 19

Woman Compatibility: Okay, so you want a woman who is always in control, huh? If you are seeking a woman with firm family values and one who is genuine in love, a Capricorn Woman is the way to go. She’s responsible. She also has an impressive amount of self-control and poise. Some think Capricorn’s to be stoic, devoid of emotions – especially in women. But deep waters lurk below their surface.

Man Compatibility: The Capricorn man breezes by all aloof and cool-headed. He charges into the midst of whatever chaotic scene because he knows he can fix, well, everything. If you want a take-charge of everything and everybody kinda guy then the Capricorn man is your soulmate.

Think you can make a relationship work with a Capricorn Woman? If you’re a Gemini or Cancer, there’s a good chance you’ll find love. But, you need to know you’ve got Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio in the race too!


Aquarius Compatibility Zodiac Signs 1200x960

Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius Dates: January 20 – February 18

Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Ahhh….so eccentric is your thing, huh? You love the wild in a wild woman, don’t you? Guess what? You might be craving the affections of an Aquarius Woman! That’s right! If you want on-the-fringe, unique, and sometimes downright crazy, your Aquarius Woman awaits!

Aquarius Man Compatibility: If you are an eccentric woman you’ll want a man who understands your eccentricities. To that end, an Aquarius Man is waiting for you! He is just as eccentric as you are so you can wile away the hours discussing all your favorite fringe subjects. UFOs, conspiracy theories, and the occult might be the topic of one discussion.

If you’re wondering about the forward-thinking Aquarius and h/hercompatibility, you’re better off being an Aries, Gemini, or Cancer born!


Pisces Compatibility Zodiac Signs 1200x960

Pisces Compatibility

Pisces Dates: February 19 – March 20

Pisces Woman Compatibility:
When you are looking for a deep and reflective female, the Pisces Woman awaits. She swims the depth of emotion and emerges from them empathetic, deep, and loving. The Pisces Woman is shy though, so you’ve got to have a boatload of patience with her. She needs a lot of affection and doting. If you can fill the bill, you’ll find she’ll do the same for you in return.

Pisces Man Compatibility: What man can understand the true depth of the emotions you experience? Look to the Pisces Man as the empathetic male in the 12 Zodiac Signs! With Pisces, it’s like you are getting an Aquarius who has gone through a maturing phase. He’s the kind of man who can laugh with you or cry, depending on the situation.

Do you think you have a deep enough personality to reach the heart of a Pisces? Scorpios are the legendary Pisces soulmate. Other compatible Zodiac Signs are (in order) Cancer, Pisces, and, sometimes, Aquarius.


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Vedic, Hindu, & Indian Astrology 1280x960

Vedic, Hindu, or Indian Astrology

Jyotishyam or Jyotisha is the art known as Vedic, Indian, or Hindu astrology. Jyotisha is Sanskrit in origin and means “light, heavenly body.” A written body of work related to Hundi astronomy is the Vedanga Jyotish. Some astrologers suggest the horoscope type readings in India have Grecian influences. In India, beliefs include electional astrology and dream interpretation. People also believe in omens.

In India, Astrology is not a pseudoscience. Instead, it remains as one of the important sciences people can learn. In 2001, the Andhra Pradesh High Court made a judgment about acceptable schooling. The court decided students can pursue advanced degrees in the science of astrology. Three years later, the Supreme Court of India upheld the decision of the earlier court.

In India, folk beliefs remain an important part of the culture. Astrology and these beliefs go together. Per Hindu understandings, the celestial bodies have a direct influence on human affairs. The influence is something the Hindus call the “Fruit of Karma.” The Supreme Being is Ishvara. But the Navagraha, which are planetary gods, are superior to Ishvara. At least when it comes to imposing karmic repercussions and justice on a person.

The modern system of Hindu astrology is complex:

The word varga means “division or part,” of which this system has 16 vargas.

Like the decants in Egyptian astrology, each varga breaks down into three charna.

The sidereal astrology zodiac system (The Nirayana) with twelve Zodiac Signs. The astrological concept includes an imagined belt measuring 360 degrees in the sky. This is representative of the wheel of the zodiac.

The 12 Zodiac Signs are also part of the Sāyana or tropical zodiac. Every 30 degrees or 12th part is a rāśi (meaning part) or zodiac sign in the system.

The system is like Egyptian astrology with the addition of 27 lunar mansions. Nakṣatra is the term for the lunar reference.

The Zodiac Signs in the modern Hindu system are as follows:

  • Meṣa (Aries)
  • Vrsabha (Taurus)
  • Mithuna (Cancer)
  • Karka (Gemini)
  • Simha (Leo)
  • Kanyā (Virgo)
  • Tulā (Libra)
  • Vṛścika (Scorpio)
  • Dhanuṣa (Sagittarius)
  • Makara (Capricorn)
  • Kumbha (Aquarius)
  • Mīna (Pisces)

This system of astrology involves creating horoscopes for examining special influences. These influences are planetary periods (Dasha). The Dasha hold sway over different parts of the soul. There are several Dasha systems today with the most common being the Viṁśottarī Daśā. The astrologers find the system has universal application. It means it will work with all astrological horoscopes. Elements include:

  • Transits (Gocharas)
  • Planet Combinations (Yogas)
  • Houses (Bhāvas)
  • Aspects (Dṛṣṭis)

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Celtic Zodiac Animal Meanings & Celtic Astrology 1280x960

Celtic Zodiac Signs

A Celtic Calendar with animal icons is another source of astrological information. Each animal represents a specific time. Using the Celtic Animal Calendar, a person learns of individual traits and characteristics. For a full astrological profile, you can merge Celtic Tree and Totem animal profiles. You get more insightful information about yourself and others. It will help paint a fuller picture about personality, traits, and characteristics.

Stag or Deer Celtic Zodiac Sign Animal 1280x960

Stag or Deer Celtic Zodiac Sign

Celtic Stag Zodiac Sign Dates: December 24 – January 20

Those born with this zodiac sign have big dreams and even bigger ideals. Helpful and willing to work with others, the Stag is there to help you complete any task. Whatever you aim, they will back you up. You will find the Stag born are those who are patient and enduring. The Stag influence bestows nobility, high esteem, and pride.

Read more about the Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign of Stag (Deer).

Cat Celtic Zodiac Animal Meanings, Traits, & Personality 1280x960

Cat Celtic Zodiac Sign

Celtic Cat Zodiac Sign Dates: January 21 – February 17

Skilled, balanced, and quick as a whip, you’ll find the Cat persona expresses poise. Those born under this sign show an uncanny intuitiveness. ESP, telepathy, and other psychic abilities seem to be second nature to these lucky folks. Like the cat, they seem to land on their feet with every challenge they face. Nine lives might indeed be their true gift. But, don’t rub these folks the wrong way.

Read more about the Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign of Cat.

Snake (Adder) Celtic Zodiac Animal Meanings, Traits, & Personality 1280x960

Snake (Adder) Celtic Zodiac Sign

Celtic Snake (Adder) Zodiac Sign Dates: February 18 – March 17

The sign of the Snake bestows a cool personality and temperament. They have the gift of eloquence and persuasion. You’ll find they are changeable, sometimes volatile, and always surprising. Daring and quick witted, the Snake persona is someone who takes risks, and fears little. It can take a while for the Snake person to warm up to you.

Read more about the Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign of Snake (Adder).

Fox Celtic Zodiac Animal Meanings, Traits, & Personality 1280x960

Fox Celtic Zodiac Sign

Celtic Fox Zodiac Sign Dates: March 18 – April 14

Red is the color of sensuality, passion, and love. And Fox people are no exception to this symbolism! Those born under the Celtic Zodiac Sign of Fox are adventurous (in and out of the bedroom), fun-loving creatures who love to ‘pull the wool’ over the world’s eyes. See, this zodiac sign loves to play jokes and be the maestro of merriment and mirth. It can be easy to see them as the eternal class clown. But never mistake Fox people for anything less than they are – incredibly cunning.

Read more about the Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign of Fox.

Bull Celtic Zodiac Animal Meanings, Traits, & Personality 1280x960

Bull Celtic Zodiac Sign

Celtic Bull Zodiac Sign Dates: April 15 – May 12

The Bull persona reveals a personality who is loyal to a fault. Stubborn but wise, the Bull only moves when they choose to do so. Not a moment sooner! They like to get comfortable and insist on it. But, if you are seeking a tried and true friend, you won’t find another more loyal. These creatures demand loyalty and honesty. Cheat them out of either and you might stir the bull to wrath! Stability, dependability, and trust are the traits of the Bull Celtic zodiac sign.

Read more about the Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign of Bull.

Seahorse Celtic Zodiac Animal Meanings, Traits, & Personality 1280x960

Seahorse Celtic Zodiac Sign

Celtic Seahorse Zodiac Sign Dates: May 13 – June 9

The person born under the zodiac sign of the Seahorse is imaginative and adaptable. They are exceptional with money management, and make great accountants. With an eye for important details, they also make excellent lawyers. The Seahorse intellect is high even though their domain is the deep blue ocean. Their memory is like an endless database of information. Others might be a bit intimated by the Seahorse persona’s intelligence. The person born under this astrology sign knows how to enjoy life.

Read more about the Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign of Seahorse.

Wren Celtic Zodiac Animal Meanings, Traits, & Personality 1280x960

Wren Celtic Zodiac Sign

Celtic Wren Zodiac Sign Dates: June 10 – July 7

Those born under the Celtic Zodiac Sign of Wren are youthful, insightful and amiable. Some call them sunny or jovial. They have a positive attitude and look to spread the attitude to others. Wrens are the happy-go-lucky kid in a family. Friends are easy to come by for the person with the Wren birth totem. They have the kind of personality that is always calm, cool, and collected. They do not bend to run from conflict. The Wren persona has an adventurous spirit, but will not forego practicality.

Read more about the Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign of Wren.

Horse Celtic Zodiac Animal Meanings, Traits, & Personality 1280x960

Horse Celtic Zodiac Sign

Celtic Horse Zodiac Sign Dates: July 8 – August 4

Driven and spirited, the Celtic Horse personality is aggressive when it comes to competition. Those born under the astrological sign of the Horse are talented and possess a good deal of confidence. In a crowd they are flirty, charming, and enthusiastic. They are often powerful and athletic. The Celtic Horse intuition is uncanny. A leader or follower, the Horse persona is a person who takes great pride in the work they do. Ambitious doesn’t cover the motivation of the Horse persona.

Read more about the Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign of Horse.

Salmon Celtic Zodiac Animal Meanings, Traits, & Personality 1280x960

Salmon (Fish) Celtic Zodiac Sign

Celtic Salmon Zodiac Sign Dates: August 5 – September 1

Their connection to the water element make all artistic capabilities and pursuits a big part of the Celtic Salmon’s personality traits. They have a bright perspective and are brilliant when it comes to intellect. Deep thinkers, dreamers, and humble individuals, Salmon people are quiet and kind. The Salmon persona is insightful and inspirational. They spend a lot of quiet time being introspective.

Read more about the Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign of Salmon.

Swan Celtic Zodiac Animal Meanings, Traits, & Personality 1280x960

Swan Celtic Zodiac Sign

Celtic Swan Zodiac Sign Dates: September 2 – September 29

Those born with the zodiac sign of Swan can seem snobbish. This is a mistake because the Swan personality is beautiful inside and out. These individuals are in a class all their own. Swan people possess poise, grace, and composure as part of their gifts. They are caring, expressive and diplomatic. Another of their characteristics or traits is the gift for speech. The Celtic Swan is eloquent and can often be seen in jobs which require a goodly amount of public speaking.

Read more about the Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign of Swan.

Butterfly Celtic Zodiac Animal Meanings, Traits, & Personality 1280x960

Butterfly Celtic Zodiac Sign

Celtic Butterfly Zodiac Sign Dates: September 30 – October 27

The Celtic Butterfly persona is airy, flighty, and light. These sweet individuals are charismatic, cheery, and loyal. The spend much time dreaming. But, make no mistake, as they dream, they cocoon themselves and transform. Meditation serves the same purpose for butterfly people. They know the value of isolation and stillness. They are empathetic, family oriented, and amiable.

Read more about the Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign of Butterfly.

Wolf Celtic Zodiac Animal Meanings, Traits, & Personality 1280x960

Wolf Celtic Zodiac Sign

Celtic Wolf Zodiac Sign Dates: October 28 – November 24

The Celtic Wolf persona maintains an amazement for the natural world. These individuals are curious and learn quick. They are brave and will defend their family, friends, and loved ones, even if it puts them in danger. This zodiac sign seldom compromises because they enter a debate with a sense of righteousness. The Wolf persona makes a wonderful friend or mate because they are faithful and devoted. They demand loyalty in return. If you are in their circle, you are part of the pack.

Read more about the Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign of Wolf/Hound.

Hawk Celtic Zodiac Animal Meanings, Traits, & Personality 1280x960

Hawk or Falcon Celtic Zodiac Sign

Celtic Hawk or Falcon Zodiac Sign Dates: November 25 – December 23

***Special Note***
The Hawk Celtic Zodiac Sign is, to some, interchangeable with the Falcon.

The Celtic Hawk or Falcon persona corresponds to the spirit world. The sighting of the Hawk persona gives you the sense of something supernatural. This astrology or horoscope sign is ambitious and a tremendous go-getter. If Hawk or Falcon truly wants something nothing and nobody will stand in their way. However, they are quite balanced in mind, body, and spirit. Their ability to embrace a higher level of thought gives them a broad perspective.

Read more about the Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign of Hawk or Falcon.

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Celtic Tree Astrology & Zodiac 1280x960

Celtic Tree Astrology

The ancient Celtic zodiacs signs differ depending upon the source you use. The non-traditional 13-month Celtic Tree Astrology Calendar assigns a sacred tree with each sign. Per the Celtic Tree Calendar, two to three months get listed under each of the “five solar trees.”

Each tree has an alphabet letter and glyph associated with it from the Ogham script. What’s more, this calendar is not based on a solar calendar. Rather, the moon is the determining factor in how the months divvy up. This is the reason why there are 13 divisions instead of twelve. It allows for the occasional second full moon in a month. Ah, the beloved blue moon is part of the calendar system!

What else makes the 13 Celtic Tree Astrology Calendar profiles non-traditional? Remember the term zodiac refers to the “wheel of animals.” The Celtic Trees are not in the stars. Even so, they do correspond with birth dates. Besides, not every astrological system contains only animals in its zodiac wheel.

There’s another reason the Celtic Tree Astrology Calendar is a non-traditional zodiac system. Some scholars question or refute the Celtic Tree Calendar. The argument is it has nothing to do with an actual historical calendar. These same scholars call the calendar “artificial astrological ideas.” Since the calendar focuses on astrological ideas, it is a system demanding attention. To be fair, we should at least mention the calendar system. I’ll let you decide whether the system is valid or not.

Despite the arguments against its validity, this unique astrological system remains popular. Below are the dates for each sacred tree. You also get a bit about the personality and traits a person has with each tree zodiac profile.

The ancient script Ogham consists of glyphs made of vertical and horizontal lines. There are 20 letters in all. Every letter has a tree corresponding to it. Below are the dates each sacred tree covers. There’s also a bit about the personalities and traits of those born under each sign.

Celtic Birch Tree

Birthdates: December 24 – January 20

The Celtic Birch tree corresponds to the letter B or Beithe in the sacred Ogham script. This tree aligns with concepts of youth, renewal, rebirths, and beginnings. As it aligns with the Western New Year period, it’s a perfect tree correspondence. The tree represents new beginnings of all kinds and the celebration of birth. Those born under the influence of the Birch have a spectacular imagination. They are elegant but humble, and amiable. These individuals have high levels of ambition. They work toward their goals with unmatched enthusiasm.

Celtic Rowan Tree

Birthdates: January 21 – February 17

The Rowan corresponds with the letter “L’ in the Ogham script. It is also associated with the word “Luis.” The Celtic Calendar puts a focus on the Rowan for this period. It’s a birth sign corresponding to individuals with impressive intellects. Those born under this have an appreciation for heady conversations and philosophical concepts. They hold the power to transform situations so that they serve a higher good. Their point of view is unique, and they enjoy fringe subjects. People born under the Rowan’s influence are sensitive, emotional, and compassionate. You’ll find Rowan people are creative souls.

Celtic Ash Tree

Birthdates: February 18 – March 17

This tree corresponds to the letter “N” in the Ogham script and the word “Nion.” The Ash people are artistic, and they find the natural world a source of inspiration. Those under the influence of the Ash are intuitive creatures. They have special talents that take them far in life. You’ll find Ash people so easy to trust. They are self-motivators and goal oriented as well as enthusiastic.

Celtic Alder Tree

Birthdates: March 18 – April 14

The Alder tree corresponds with the letter “F” in the Ogham alphabet and the word “Fern.” The Alder tree people are social and their confidence draws people into their circle. They make superior leaders and productivity is one of their special talents. Social butterflies, those born under the Alder’s influence know they get “more bees with honey.”

Celtic Willow Tree

Birthdates: April 15 – May 12

The Willow corresponds with the letter “S” in the Ogham. It also corresponds with the word “Sail,” (the name of the ogham letter). The people under the influence of the Willow are dreamy, creative, and intuitive. They have the uncanny ability to know things without knowing. They are dreamers and can walk between the physical world and world of dreams with ease. The memory of the Willow born is long. They make excellent counselors, tutors, and educators.

Celtic Hawthorne Tree

Birthdates: May 13 – June 9

The Hawthorne corresponds with the letter “H” or “Huath” from the Ogham script. Those born under the Hawthorne influence private and public images that differ. They change with ease because they are flexible, open-minded, and adaptable. They have a broad perspective because they choose to take an elevated view of situations.

Celtic Oak Tree

Birthdates: June 10 – July 7

The Oak tree corresponds with the Ogham script letter “D” or “Duir.” Those born under its influence are strong individuals. The Oak people offer strength to others when they need support. The wisdom of those born under the influence of the Oak is impressive. They tend to keep a positive outlook on life. They remain family oriented, and their compassion is limitless. Humanitarians at heart, the Oak people are at the ready to help those in need.

Celtic Holly Tree

Birthdates: July 8 – August 4

The Holly tree corresponds with the letter “T” and the name “Tinne.” These individuals match up with the Leo profile of the Western zodiac. They have a regal attitude and a fiery heart. They command respect. These individuals are social, friendly, and lead with a level head. The Holly Tree people know no limits when it comes to both compassion and generosity. They love to talk too!

Celtic Hazel Tree

Birthdates: August 5 – September 1

The Hazel tree corresponds with the letter “C” and the name “Coll.” If you are looking for the geniuses of the Celtic zodiac, you’ve found them! The Hazel bestows high intelligence, archaic wisdom, and a near-flawless memory. They make wonderful educators and writers. Productivity, organization and boundless ambition are among the positives in the Hazel-ruled.

Celtic Vine Tree

Birthdates: September 2 – September 29

The Vine corresponds with the letter M and “Muin.” When you think vine, it is safe to think “wine” and its effects. Some of the traits and characteristics of those under the Vine’s influence match the wine effect. First, they can be changeable, unstable, and unpredictable. They can pour on the charm and they maintain fine tastes! They can intoxicate you with a charming attitude and sweet conversation. They remain poised and love all the beautify and fine things life brings.

Celtic Ivy Tree

Birthdates: September 30 – October 27

The Ivy corresponds with the Ogham letter “G” and the word “Gort.” Those born under the influence of the Ivy are “social climbers.” Their gift for superb communication makes this possible. Networkers, they make friends fast. They make sure the depth of those friendships runs and remains deep. Obstacles are mere stepping stones to those born under Ivy’s influence. The Ivy is a plant that holds on tight to what might seem like an obstacle until it achieves the heights it desires. So too, is the way of the Ivy-ruled personality.

Celtic Reed Tree

Birthdates: October 28 – November 23

The Reed corresponds with “NG” and the word “Ngetal.” Those born under the influence of the reed are researchers who love all things hidden. They have no problem with personal expression and do not hold anything back. They love history so they make super writers, researchers, journalists, teachers, and historians. They seek balance in their lives and have little trouble finding it.

Celtic Elder Tree

Birthdates: November 24 – December 23

The Elder tree corresponds with the letter R in the Ogham sacred script. The word for the Ogham letter is “Ruis.” Those born under the Elder tree have an easier time when trying to communicate with Spirit. They are risk takers and adventurous souls. They do not fear death which allows them to live life to the fullest. Obstacles are mere challenges or puzzles to figure out. Those under the Elder’s influence speak free and open. There’s no need to filter their thoughts as they believe honesty is, above all, the best policy.

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Aztec Zodiac Signs

Coming soon!

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Mayan Zodiac Signs

Coming soon!

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Women’s Zodiac Signs

Pretty much everyone would love to have a ‘how to’ manual when it comes to understanding women. Learning all about the traits, personality, and characteristics of a woman’s Zodiac Sign is your best bet. Though all women may be part witch, part angel, and part crazy, no two women are alike – we get to say this because Building Beautiful Souls is woman owned so we KNOW! 😉

Aries Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Aries Woman

Aries Dates: March 21 – April 19

The Aries woman is driven and she knows what she wants. If she’s with you, rest assured in knowing it’s because she wants to be. If you end up with an intoxicating Aries Woman, she’ll appreciate plenty of adventure and action. Promise her there will be next to no dull moments in the relationship, and her heart is yours!

But do heed this warning, my friends. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t push this ram-ruled gal to her limits. Aries’ have the ability to walk away and never look back.

Taurus Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Taurus Woman

Taurus Dates: April 20 – May 20

Are you out there scouring the world for the most erotic, exotic, and seductive female? Then stop and think “Taurus Woman.” Yes, you can cool your jets when you’ve found a Taurus lady.

A Taurus female is all about everything beautiful, exquisite, posh, and sensual. What else would you expect from a female born under a ruling planet named after the Goddess of Love herself – Venus?

Watch out though. Taurus women are loving but can rip your world apart if they get angry. Thank goodness they seldom will!

Gemini Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Gemini Woman

Gemini Dates: May 21 – June 20

If you are looking for a Renaissance woman, with a plethora of talents, the dualistic Gemini is your gal! She’s got an airy nature, loves to think, and her philosophical side is intense. She loves the art of talking too.

Don’t like talking much? The chatty Gemini might not be a great match. She’ll talk and answer her own questions leaving you out of the loop all together! But, if you want a witty woman with enough personality for two people, then you’re in for a real treat!

Cancer Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Cancer Woman

Cancer Dates: June 21 – July 20

A Cancer woman likes to feel secure in a relationship. She can seem needy and clingy if she doesn’t get the secure feeling she craves.

If you want to explore how deep love can be, the Cancer Woman – a water sign – is one who doesn’t disappoint. You’ll have to make sure you don’t disappoint her either. She trusts only if the trust she gives is something you earn. Violate that trust and she’ll become moody and passive aggressive!

Leo Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Leo Woman

Leo Dates: July 21 – August 21

The animal magnetism of the Leo Woman is due to her regal nature. She’s like a beacon of light in the darkness of night. This is as it should be with the Sun ruling her every attribute!

She knows what she wants and she’ll expect her mate to know the same. If you aren’t ambitious and absent of a life plan, you best take a different romantic route. She’s demanding and wants an attentive partner who has his/her ducks in a row!

Virgo Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Virgo Woman

Virgo Dates: August 22 – September 22

The humble and modest Virgo Woman will trigger your heart to go pitter-patter out of rhythm and back again. Feed her love of beautiful things and give her all the space she needs to remain independent.

She’s like a beautiful blossom. Water it and feed it, and you’ll benefit from her beauty. Cramping her into the shade will cause the blossom to die off. She’ll later stop blooming altogether.

Libra Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Libra Woman

Libra Dates: September 23 – October 22

The Libra Woman is the master of sharing the Zen atmosphere she’s so fond of living in – all the time. She loves her circle of friends as much as her family. Socialization is something she’s a master at too! She is the embodiment of the social butterfly!

But, the Libra Woman enjoys her space. Don’t try to take it from her otherwise, you’ll throw everything out of balance. You’ll meet with great resistance, too. Libra women are like that butterfly that dies if you touch her wings or you pull her out of a cocoon. She moves at her own will.

Scorpio Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio Dates: October 23 – November 22

If you crave a woman who gives off the air of mystery, then the secretive Scorpio Woman is on your list! There’s just something about the way she moves. Or maybe it’s the way she smiles. It could be the way she throws you that sly glance as if she knows you’re watching her all the time. Here’s the

secret. She knows. In fact, she knows more about you than you might think. The Scorpio Woman has a way of knowing things and using her knowledge to her advantage.

Sagittarius Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius Dates: November 23 – December 20

The Sagittarius Woman is empathetic and compassionate. But, don’t think that makes her weak. She’s got a level of personal strength to rival your own

The Sagittarius Woman aims to make the world a better place. You’d do well by her to have a heart of gold and a humanitarian nature. But, don’t let her love of life or people fool you. She’s no softy when it comes to respect. It’s something she’ll demand if you want to win her favor. She’ll also expect you to respect her opinionated nature, even when you disagree.

Capricorn Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn Dates: December 21 – January 19

Resourcefulness is Capricorn Woman’s middle name. She’s ambitious and independent too. She is all about tradition and family too. No worries about bring the Capricorn Woman home to mom. She’s everything your mom could dream of and more.

She likes her autonomy so be careful not to step on her toes. Doing so will have her pulling back in a jiffy. This lady is a born leader and prefers the lead in ALL relationship. So, kick back and enjoy the ride!

Aquarius Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Dates: January 20 – February 18

Often the New Agey, Witchy, magical type, the Aquarius Woman takes pride in her uniqueness. She can be mighty distant though. Don’t be in a rush to try to tether her into commitment. She’ll be out the back door before you can ask “What’s wrong?”

You better have the gift of gab with this one though. She’ll talk your ear off about every theory that pops into her incredible mind! Watch out now! Any amount of time with her and she’ll cast her spell on you! You’ll be all lost in her charms for sure!

Pisces Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Pisces Woman

Pisces Dates: February 19 – March 20

You may find you end up a grounding element for the ever-dreamy Pisces Woman. When you see one of her dreams having great potential, hop on the bandwagon and show her the ropes of ambition. If you do, you can both enjoy the fruits of your labor. She’ll dream, but she needs the occasional push to make things happen.

Pisces women love to love. They love everything about love. They love everyone and everything and believe others should do the same. These ladies are the true healers of this world.

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Men's Zodiac Signs 1280x960

Men’s Zodiac Signs

Understanding the opposite sex has nothing to do with how smart you are. There are no college degrees teaching you the language of the male species! To some degree, it must do with experience. However, if you have a birth time, date, and location, an astrologer can cast a natal horoscope chart. The chart can prove revealing of all sorts of information. It’s one way to learn a heck of a lot about your romantic partner. Falling short of that, we can turn to a sun sign for a considerable amount of personality detail. We can turn to the star signs of the men in our life, too. It lets us learn so much about their personality, traits, and characteristics!

You can uncover if he’s commitment material. You can learn about his relationship style (and sometimes his bedroom style too, whew!).

Explore more about the men’s zodiac signs here at Building Beautiful Souls! It’s time to find out what makes your dream man tick! Learn his likes, dislikes, and how the celestial bodies influence him. Learn about is personality and traits so you can predict his behavior! Read all about his zodiac sign’s meanings and discover if you are compatible right now!

Aries Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Aries Man

Aries Dates: March 21 – April 19

The Aries Man might seem like a bottle of energy. In fact, if you could bottle it, you’d make a mint! He’s always on the go, moving from one adventure to the next. He has a natural need to conquer so he welcomes every challenge. His fierce and steadfast disposition will leave you swooning. His gaze is just as mesmerizing as his voice. When you enter his aura, you’ll feel like he’s working some spell on you.

What more can you ask for in a heroic mystery man?

Just one note of caution. Your hero can be oh-so-good, but when he’s bad, he makes up a brand-new definition for the word naughty.

Taurus Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Taurus Man

Taurus Dates: April 20 – May 20

You’ll find the Taurus Man is the epitome of what it means to love life. Everything that’s beautiful he finds appealing, whether it’s the arts, music, or the love of his life. He enjoys food and all things that give pleasure.

If you want a wild time in the bedroom, he’ll meet your demands. Just one note of warning. Your Taurus Man is stubborn as all hell. Don’t expect to do a thing he doesn’t want to do. He despises change of all kinds too!

Gemini Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Gemini Man

Gemini Dates: May 21 – June 20

Predictability doesn’t cramp your style if you hook up with the Gemini Man. Even better, you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck for your relationship investment. Some days it will be as if you are dating two guys, not just one!

So, how do we describe the Gemini Man to you so you’ll understand his disposition? He’s timid and he’s not. He’s peaceful and he’s not. He’s wise and he’s not. If he has one characteristic, he’s apt to display the opposite at any given moment!

Cancer Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Cancer Man

Cancer Dates: June 21 – July 20

These extra-sensitive souls bear emotional wounds from every past romantic relationship. They don’t get over things. They work through them and that’s a big difference. You might experience the shadows of former relationships haunting your new love.

This male zodiac sign is reactive to his emotions which he buries in his deepest subconscious. You’ll need to show him you’ve broken the mold. You’ll have to prove you are unique from everyone he’s ever been with before. That’s when a real sense of security will kick in for him!

Leo Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Leo Man

Leo Dates: July 21 – August 21

The Leo male has regal demeanor and whew is he ever attractive. He’s like no man you’ve ever known. He’s sociable, friendly, and classy. He dresses for success. If you get him in the bedroom, you’ll understand this Zodiac Sign’s ruling planet is the Sun! Is it getting hot, hot, hot in here?

However, be forewarned dear Queen. You’ll have to pamper the hell out of a Leo to keep him smiling. A lot of ego stroking isn’t out of the question either. Leo men know they are the Kings of the Concrete Jungles and are oh so happy to rule – everyone and everything.

Virgo Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Virgo Man

Virgo Dates: August 22 – September 22

Just know that all that thinking makes the Virgo Man one of high intelligence. Now, you know what they say about genius, right? You’ll need to brace yourself for a bit of madness too. It’s not uncommon for the well-organized and poised Virgo to let it all go occasionally.

Be prepared for those unpredictable moments! Your Virgo man demands that his partners are supportive. He’ll want to take the relationship lead too.

Libra Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Libra Man

Libra Dates: September 23 – October 22

Don’t find it surprising when you discover it’s the Libra Man who is the life of the party. Your Libra Man will socialize All the time. Yes, he’ll hang out with men and women. So, if you are the jealous type, you might have problems managing a relationship.

Libra is a real life social butterfly! The Libra Man demands his space and expects to get it. He doesn’t want to feel like you’re smothering him. Remember, balance in all things if you dive into a romantic pairing with the Libra male!

Scorpio Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Scorpio Man

October 23 – November 22

Scorpio Dates:

A Scorpio Man will expect his partner to be just as ambitious as he is, and he’s firm on what he wants. If you become too comfortable or take him for granted, you’ll rub him the wrong way for sure.

Know that this man demands loyalty – always. His jealousy is as venomous as the Scorpion’s bite! Yes, he’s hot and irresistible. But, he’s also secretive, private, and unpredictable. Are you ready to commit? You’ll need to be with this guy! The question is, can you handle this man’s intensity and his secretive nature all at once?

Sagittarius Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius Dates: November 23 – December 20

Yes, you get an adventurous soul when you hook up with a Sagittarius Man. He takes risks. Yes, he can be reckless too. If you don’t have the stomach for the occasional reckless act, then the Sagittarius Man is not for you.

By the way, Sagittarius is a hard one to tie down so don’t be in a hurry to commit. The altar is something in the distant future if it’s part of his future at all. Push him and you just cramp his style.

Capricorn Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Capricorn Man

Capricorn Dates: December 21 – January 19

The Capricorn guy? He’s a leader and he’s driven. He insists on taking charge, knowing he’ll do whatever task better than anyone else can do it.

He’ll have the same leadership role in the bedroom, so be ready to be receptive. Perhaps a better term is submissive? Yes, because if you make it to the bedroom with this cool-headed bad boy, you’ll be going Fifty Shades of Grey all the way!

Aquarius Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Aquarius Man

January 20 – February 18

Aquarius Dates:

Know ahead of time the Aquarius Man is not in a hurry to commit – in any way. Whether moving in together or walking down the aisle, the Aquarius Man moves at his own tempo. No amount of pushing will change him. In fact, pushing him pushes him away more. Give him his independence and enjoy his company. Eventually, this wanderer will come home to roost.

All that said, it’s hard for a dreamer to be tied down – to anything or anyone. And, Aquarians are the dreamers of great dreams. Through their eyes the brightest hopes and dreams for humanity are seen and realized. So, really, is it fair to keep this Zodiac Sign all to yourself?

Pisces Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Pisces Man

Pisces Dates: February 19 – March 20

The Pisces Man is kind and giving. You’ll find him shy and humble, too. You’ll find he understands your emotive nature because he too is deep.

The Pisces Man has big dreams too, all which you can help him bring to life! Bear in mind he’ll need some grounding on occasion. Still, as you teach him the ropes on dream manifestation, he’ll take you along for the ride. About that ride – Pisces (even the men) are notorious for extreme highs and extreme lows. So, the road might be tumultuous but you’ll always be deeply loved.

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Kids Zodiac Astrology Signs 1280x960

Zodiac Signs for Kids

Now, you’ve always known that astrology and the zodiac apply to love. It’s natural to start thinking compatibility when loves enters your life in your early teens. Then, when you get even older your understanding of love evolves. Again, you look to the horoscopes for a bit of compatibility information. Even married souls looking to keep things spicy and hoppin’ look to astrology for tips. But, did you know a lot of parents look to astrology for information about their kids! It’s true!

Parents can begin to uncover why a child might act a certain way in a situation. It can help the parent predict future behaviors. With inside information, you get a bit of help in getting a child through challenges! With a few hints from the Zodiac, the parents can know what behaviors and practices to encourage based on their best attributes.

Discover through a view of the zodiac signs for kids what kinds of peers your child will be compatible with too. Learn how your child will interact with siblings! Discover what they like so you can support them as they grow and pursue their dreams!

Here’s a taste of the information Zodiac signs for kids can reveal:

Aries Child Personality, Traits, & Characteristics Description 1280x960

Aries Child

Aries Child Dates: March 21 – April 20

The Aries child loves challenges. The older they get the greater the risks they take. Adventure is at the root of their soul. You can count on the Aries child loving the outdoors. Aries likes roughing it and toughing it, no matter what the gender.

Click to read all about the Aries Child personality, traits, & characteristics.

Taurus Child Personality, Traits, & Characteristics Description 1280x960

Taurus Child

Taurus Child Dates: April 21 – May 21

Smart and easy going, the Taurus child is a creative soul. Nurturing creative and artistic endeavors helps the Taurus thrive. With Taurus, the arts and music are what makes life exquisite.

Click to read all about the TaurusChild personality, traits, & characteristics.

Gemini Child Personality, Traits, & Characteristics Description 1280x960

Gemini Child

Gemini Child Dates: May 22 – June 21

If you didn’t have physical twins it will feel like you did anyway! Gemini is double the fun and double the trouble. These children go from one extreme to another depending on the day and what’s influencing them at the time. You’ll get a real parenting test for loving patience with a Gemini child.

Click to read all about the Gemini Child personality, traits, & characteristics.

Cancer Child Personality, Traits, & Characteristics Description 1280x960

Cancer Child

Cancer Child Dates: June 22 – July 22

Cancer – Think Hermit Crab here; it encapsulates this quiet child’s personality. Intuitive, emotional and ultra-sensitive the Cancer child learns to hide emotions early. Their memory is strong as is their intellect. But, they have such a fragile heart they can withdraw from the world.

Click to read all about the Cancer Child personality, traits, & characteristics.

Leo Child Personality, Traits, & Characteristics Description 1280x960

Leo Child

Leo Child Dates: July 23 – August 22

Leo children make their presence known. They don’t need a crowd to be nearby either! They roar loud enough to draw attention. Speaking of attention, be ready to give them a lot of it. If you don’t, you will know all about it. The perks: You’ve got a natural leader on your hands.

Click to read all about the Leo Child personality, traits, & characteristics.

Virgo Child Personality, Traits, & Characteristics Description 1280x960

Virgo Child

Virgo Child Dates: August 23 – September 23

The Virgo child seems too perfect to be true. They are quiet and calm. Their demeanor is often well-balanced. You’ll notice they have an eye for detail. “Hey, Mom, don’t put the peas next to the potatoes like that.” The Virgo doesn’t like the mess. Perfection is what this child strives for every day! Parents will have a job on their hands teaching them perfection is not always possible.

Click to read all about the Virgo Child personality, traits, & characteristics.

Libra Child Personality, Traits, & Characteristics Description 1280x960

Libra Child

September 24 – October 23

Libra Child Dates:

Talk and talk. Talk and Talk. One more bedtime story. Okay, one more. Hey, leave the radio on Dad. The Libra child loves the background noise. It’s like people talking in the room. You’ve got a social butterfly on your hands. The gift of gab is a lifelong asset. The Libra is a peacekeeper among siblings and peers.

Click to read all about the Libra Child personality, traits, & characteristics.

Scorpio Child Personality, Traits, & Characteristics Description 1280x960

Scorpio Child

Scorpio Child Dates: October 24 – November 22

Scorpio – That’s not how I like it! That’s what a Scorpio says when they are not happy with the status quo. The Scorpio child speaks up and almost never backs down. Look, you aren’t raising a wall flower here by any means. Rebellion is their second nature. Plus, you can’t fool a Scorpio child. They are so psychic it’s sometimes scary. Parents, may the gods bless you and show you mercy when your Scorpio becomes a teen!

Click to read all about the Scorpio Child personality, traits, & characteristics.

Sagittarius Child Personality, Traits, & Characteristics Description 1280x960

Sagittarius Child

Sagittarius Child Dates: November 23 – December 21

These folks have curiosity and a thirst for learning. That’s the best attributes in a Sagittarius. You might think at first. Then you find out the Sagittarius child has a heart so big they can embrace the world in a big love hug. A bit restless and loving the constant go, go, go feel, it’s hard to slow down the Sagittarius once they get started.

Click to read all about the Sagittarius Child personality, traits, & characteristics.

Capricorn Child Personality, Traits, & Characteristics Description 1280x960

Capricorn Child

Capricorn Child Dates: December 21 – January 19

With a child so practical and dependable like Capricorn, parents feel lucky. These children are wise souls and often hang with older peers to feed into that wisdom. Beware though, Capricorn children can be gentle leaders or passive aggressive manipulators. That said, they are hard workers who truly do want the best for everyone.

Click to read all about the Capricorn Child personality, traits, & characteristics.

Aquarius Child Personality, Traits, & Characteristics Description 1280x960

Aquarius Child

Aquarius Child Dates: January 21 – February 19

Aquarian children will demand independence. In their teen years, a rebel you will have for sure. Parents need to teach Aquarius there’s no need to reject the world. They march to the tune of a different drummer than most as they have a genius and innovative nature.

Click to read all about the Aquarius Child personality, traits, & characteristics.

Pisces Child Personality, Traits, & Characteristics Description 1280x960

Pisces Child

Pisces Child Dates: February 20 – March 20

Warm, sensitive, and psychic, the Pisces child often becomes spiritual when young. Even though they are sensitive, you can count on a Pisces facing frightening issues head on! Their generosity knows no bounds.

Click to read all about the Pisces Child personality, traits, & characteristics.

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Chinese Zodiac Signs for Kids 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Signs for Kids

Learn how the elements influence your child. Make use of an ancient astrology and horoscope system to discover your child’s destiny!

There’s nothing like having a bit of information to make raising a child a lot easier! With Chinese Zodiac signs for kids, parents can learn about a child’s personality traits. Parents can have foreknowledge of what their child might begin to like or dislike. What hobbies that might prove the most ideal to encourage or support. How their child might interact with siblings or other family members. How peers might interact with the child.

A child’s “zodiac personality profile” can reveal much to parents. Hey, we have yet to receive a “how to raise your child” manual in the delivery room! Now parents can use Chinese Zodiac Signs for kids to figure out personality traits. It helps parents encourage children to develop the best character possible.

Chinese Zodiac Fun Fact! Did you know that each of the Chinese Zodiac Signs correspond with a polarity of Yin or Yang? Did you know this correspondence comes from the number of hooves, toes, or claws the animal has? Surprise!

Year of the Rat in Chinese Zodiac for Kids 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Rat Child

A child born under the Year of the Rat is a deep thinker. Friends and family find the child mature and dependable.

Even as kids, this Zodiac Sign has a generous streak a mile long. Hard workers, imaginative, and inspirational, the Rat personality is a compassionate, methodical leader.

The Rat child is likely to become a successful entrepreneur or governmental principal.

Year of the Ox in Chinese Zodiac for Kids 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Ox Child

Oh my goodness, the child born in the Year of the Ox can be oh so determined! These children will run before they crawl!

They also fuss a lot as a baby, and don’t lose the trait when they get older. They have a quick and biting temper, but are mild mannered most of the time.

The Ox child is apt to become obsessive with perfection when they reach adulthood. The make wonderful writers and publicists.

Year of the Tiger in Chinese Zodiac for Kids 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Tiger Child

Sweet, emotional, and adorable, the Tiger child can sure charm! However, much to the dismay of their parents, the Tiger child has a taste for risks. Even when little, the child born under the Year of the Tiger seems fearless.

Because of their natural courage, Tiger children can give way to unpredictability. So, strap in for the ride mom and dad, it’s likely to get a bit bumpy with this baby.

Kids born in the Year of the Tiger can make great race car drivers, sky divers, and explorers.

Year of the Rabbit in Chinese Zodiac for Kids 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Child

Rabbit children are lovely, caring, and diplomatic. They are the peacemakers of the zodiac. They bring an air of happiness wherever they go.

From an early age, Rabbit kids love beautiful things and exhibit excellent albeit expensive tastes.

Those babies born in the Year of the Rabbit can be quite shy and obliging. They make a good diplomat, lawyer, or artist.

Year of the Dragon in Chinese Zodiac for Kids 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Dragon Child

The child born in the Year of the Dragon is on a path to greatness. The child is a perfectionist with a lively, vivacious attitude.

Dragon children are high energy, smart, and demand the best. As the child grows, their demanding attitude will increase. Their enthusiasm grows as well.

To the Dragon kid, all the world exists to serve them. From the beginning they expect others to jump when they say to do so.

Babies born in the Year of the Dragon do well in inspirational and educational fields.

Year of the Snake in Chinese Zodiac for Kids 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Snake Child

The child born under the Year of the Snake are charismatic and psychic. They grow up strong minded and when they set their mind on something they are unwavering.

Funny and fun to be around, the Snake kid always draws a large circle of admirers. However, the Snake child keeps a very small circle of friends.

Babies born in the Year of the Snake make greater writers, teachers, psychiatrists, and psychics.

Year of the Horse in Chinese Zodiac for Kids 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Horse Child

Industrious, self-governing, and autonomous describe the Horse child personality.

Dependable, amiable, and talkative, the Horse child is social. Sometimes, however, they develop a big ego.

Babies born in the Year of the Horse can make a great adventurer, scientist, or politician.

Year of the Sheep in Chinese Zodiac for Kids 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Sheep Child

The child born under the Year of the Sheep is heading for stardom! They will grow to be stylish, creative, and make great performers. They’ll have a penchant for the theater.

If the become a worry wort, they can be a bit whiny and cynical.

Babies born in the Year of the Sheep make great food, restaurant, movie, music, or fashion critics.

Year of the Monkey in Chinese Zodiac for Kids 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Monkey Child

The Monkey child is one who can be a bit difficult, but a whole lot of fun to raise.

You know you can’t resist the adorable nature of the Monkey! Think Curious George here. Yup, lots of curiosity and mischievous moments ahead!

Babies born in the Year of the Monkey are extremely clever and inventive. Don’t be surprised if h/she applies for and receives a patent by the age of 16!

Year of the Rooster in Chinese Zodiac for Kids 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Rooster Child

The Rooster child is apt to be a leader in the circle of his or her peers. They can come off as a bit bullish or arrogant at first. Why? Because they like to show off. Still, they are visionaries and clear-sighted children who are perceptive and romantic.

They can turn dogmatic if they don’t master the art of tolerance.

Babies born in the Year of the Rooster make terrific museum and art gallery owners, bed & breakfast entrepreneurs, and movie producers.

Year of the Dog in Chinese Zodiac for Kids 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Dog Child

The child born under the Year of the Dog to be reliable and loyal. However, the Dog child can be frank and direct with their words. When they age, they might carry a sharp tongue. Thank goodness, they are a bit diplomatic. A steadfast and determined attitude you’ll find in these warm-natured children.

Dog kids make terrific police and military personnel.

Year of the Pig or Boar in Chinese Zodiac for Kids 1280x960

Chinese Zodiac Pig Child

The child born in the Year of Pig is valiant and gallant! Sound like we’re talking a little Sir Gawain here? Well, we kinda are!

Pig kids grow up to be accepting of others, strong, and principled. They are smart and emotionally available, too.

Babies born in the Year of the Pig like to go into professions where they can change people’s lives for the better or help in some way.

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Zodiac Signs - Astrology & Horoscopes 700x700

15 MORE Types of Zodiac Signs

As mentioned earlier, it wasn’t long before astrology became a pervasive force. It soon reached cultures all over the world. Each culture the art gets exposed seems to add a new element to the practice. Over the course of time, many branches of astrology develop.

Some are popular branches like sun sign readings or Western Astrology. But, very few systems, like Draconian astrology or Horary astrology might not be so easy! Now’s your chance to explore some of the lesser-known astrological systems. You might experience surprise when you see how common astrology is as well.

Agricultural Astrology

Yes, you are familiar with this form of astrology! You’ve seen it in the local Farmer’s Almanac. In it, you are apt to find the famous “planting by the Zodiac Signs” section! It is one of the several branches of electional astrological systems.

The system tells of the best times for cultivating plants or crop harvesting. This practice is one of the oldest forms of astrology in existence that is still in use today. The method stems from Ancient Egypt. At the time, farmers looked to the lunar cycles to time planting season!

Burmese Astrology

This system is a mix of astrology and astronomy. The modern system is Bedin. The Burmese astrological system is a fun mix of Vedic astrology and Hindu astronomy. The system is like the Western Zodiac as there are 12 signs. But, the Burmese system also includes eight-weekday signs and 27 lunar mansions! The mansions represent the position of the moon during a specific time in the month.

The western Zodiac Signs include the moon as a planetary influence. It corresponds with the sign of cancer. But the same system does not include moon mansions. Every zodiac in the 12 Zodiac Signs system can incorporate two to three moon mansions. So, what are the 12 signs of the Burmese Zodiac branch of astrology?

  • Meittha (Aries)
  • Pyeittha (Taurus)
  • Mehton (Gemini)
  • Karkat (Cancer)
  • Thein (Leo)
  • Kan (Virgo)
  • Tu (Libra)
  • Byeissa (Scorpio)
  • Danu (Sagittarius)
  • Makara (Capricorn)
  • Kon (Aquarius)
  • Mein (Pisces)

Each of the months in the system corresponds to a planet. Some planets influence more than a single zodiac.

Draconian Astrology

Sounds harsh, right? It’s like anything else in life. It all depends on how you look at it! The Draconian Astrological system differs from the typical zodiac system. For instance, in Western Astrology, each of the Zodiac Signs comes with correspondences. The Zodiac Signs meanings also include a personality profile.

The traits in a profile under the Draconian system of the Zodiac Signs relate to the soul. That’s right folks! The stars are the map for human experience and can help in leading to a soul’s evolution. The Draconian and Western Zodiac Signs differ in other ways as well.

With the Western system, the Zodiac wheel begins with Aries. The Nodal Zodiac are Moon’s North Node is at the beginning of the Draconian wheel. The two systems still share the same Zodiac Signs meanings. But, the Western Zodiac Signs define physical, emotional, and behavioral characteristics. It allows for the exploration of events on the physical and emotional planes.

The Draconian chart is one revealing past life incarnations and life lessons. The same charts reveal soul blueprints and qualities, among other soul-evolution related information.

Of tremendous import to astrology’s development is the astrologer and astronomer Ptolemy. He lived in Alexandria in Egypt. Ptolemy’s work, the Tetrabiblos (Five books), is the basis of Western Astrology. The earliest Zodiac found in Egypt dates to the 1st century BCE, the Dendera Zodiac.

Electional Astrology

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, Wait, what? There’s an astrology system dedicated to elections? Well, you can use astrological horoscope charts to make some voting predictions! But, here when referencing electional astrology, we’re examining event astrology. This means that you use the system to find out when it is the best time to have an event. Favorable astrological events in a horoscope chart help in dating special events.

Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology allows for “yes” or “no” responses, but can also be more in depth. Hidden motivations of the questioner or others are something the astrologer can explore. The Horary approach is complex:

  1. The position of celestial bodies like the moon and aspects is significant.
  2. The first house cusp and the ruler of the sign showing up in a horoscope represent the questioner.
  3. Planetary influence is of major import in this practice.
  4. Arabic parts (the distance between points and added to the ascendant) are of import.
  5. Fixed starts are key elements (Background stars, other than the Sun, that seem not to move).
  6. Antisica and lunar notes are also significant. Antiscia is the shadow or mirror image of a planetary body. The antiscia are the “solstice points.” The antiscia are:
    • Aries = Virgo
    • Virgo = Aries
    • Taurus = Leo
    • Leo = Taurus
    • Gemini = Cancer
    • Cancer = Gemini
    • Libra = Pisces
    • Pisces = Libra
    • Scorpio = Aquarius
    • Aquarius = Scorpio
    • Sagittarius = Capricorn
    • Capricorn = Sagittarius

***Special Note***
Horary Astrology versus Event Astrology

With Horary astrology, the astrologer makes a chart to find out an answer to the question. The answer the astrologer seeks is to a question about the present or immediate moment. With Event Astrology, the astrologer is looking for a future date. The goal is to find a date favorable for a specific occasion. The latter practice was in use when plotting times for battles. Modern times allows have the best of both astrological branches.

Financial Astrology

This astrological system has been in existence since 463 BCE. Some astrologers call it Astro-economics, economic astrology, or business astrology. The astrologer uses this system to examine celestial activities. The findings contrast with happenings on the financial front.

The system was in use in the late 1990s by Goldman Sachs. The company was tracking market success to compare to eclipse events. The results of the experimental astrological comparison show no correlation between events.

Heliocentric Astrology

Any astrological practice where with a sun-centric system. The Sun is at the center of the solar system. This is a fact that defies geocentric understanding: An Earth-centered system.

Horoscopic Astrology

There are several types of astrology based on horoscope information. We’ll explore each here in brief. There are four main horoscope astrology branches:

Electional/Event Astrology: See Horary Astrology versus Event Astrology above.

Horary Astrology: See Horary Astrology versus Event Astrology above.

Mundane Astrology is also Political Astrology: The horoscope chart details information relating to the world stage and global events. The word “mundane” stems from the term “Mundus,” meaning “The world.” This type of astrology is a form of judicial astrology. Some believe it is one of the oldest types of astrology in the world.

Natal Astrology is also Genethliacal Astrology. This type of astrological system stems from Eastern and Western traditions. The practice allows an astrologer to create a horoscope to determine a person’s life path. The chart creation requires information on a person’s birth. The astrologer requires the birthday, time, and location of a person’s profile.

Meteorological Astrology is also Astrometeorology

The art requires the astrologer to use the positions of the planets, Moon, and Sun to try to divine the weather! (Is meteorological astrology more accurate than today’s meteorology? It’s something to think about!) This astrology system is millennia old. It relies on observing the movement of astronomical phenomena. Such phenomenon influences the weather. When harmonious planets occupy star constellations then we can expect good weather. When the planets have discordant aspects, unusual and unseasonable weather occurs.

Nadi Astrology

This is another form of astrology practiced in India. It falls under the umbrella category of Dharma astrology. The people in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and nearby regions practice this form of astrology.

The astrological theory for this practice is that there are 150 Nādis in one Rāsi. Each Rāsi equals 30 degrees out of 360 on the zodiac wheel.

There are 12 Zodiac Signs in the system.

Each sign fits into one of three groups Chara (Movable), Sthira (Fixed), and Dvisvabhāva (Dual) signs.

Psychological Astrology

This is a new system in the history of astrological systems. It is a form of individual astrology. The astrologer joins the theories Carl Gustav Jung set forth with astrological principles. This practice is sometimes called Humanistic Astrology. The horoscope and Zodiac Signs meanings are indicative of personality and soul.

The practice is best for self-exploration and discovery. It is a form of astrology that helps the person understand the anima and animus. It brings understanding to one’s positive attributes and one’s shadow self. Emphasis on free will and personal responsibility is part of this astrological theory.

Sidereal/Tropical Astrology

These terms define the year but are two different definitions. Each system divvies up the ecliptic into many constellations and Zodiac Signs. The sidereal version uses fixed stars in its calculations. The tropical astrology uses the vernal equinox position to determine the constellations overhead.

With the procession of the equinoxes, sidereal and tropical astrology separate by a 1.4 arch. This happens every 100 years. The Western Astrology and 12- Zodiac Signs depend upon the tropical system. This framework is what was popular in Hellenistic Greece. Some astrologers practicing Western Astrology will use a sidereal system. Hindu astrology uses a sidereal system as well.

Sun Sign Astrology

Turn to your favorite section of the newspaper. Go for your favorite magazine because you know you’ll see a month-long version of horoscopes. Or, get online and look your horoscope up right now!

The Sun Sign astrology and the meaning of Zodiac Signs are available everywhere. But, these readings are quite general. They are not based on a natal chart. It depends on where the Sun is when it appears in one of the 12 Zodiac Signs only. It is then called a star sign or sun sign for the person who was born under the sign in question. The movement of the planets influences each sign and adds meaning. The Moon moves fastest so it what astrologers use for determining daily trends.

Synoptical Astrology

László Wladimir, an astrologer, is the creator of this system. The astrologer views sidereal and tropical Zodiac Signs at the same time. The tropical Zodiac Signs show a person’s path on earth in this life.

The horoscope chart covers psychosomatic, somatic, and psychic elements. The sidereal view gives information about spiritual pursuits (pneumatic). It also reveals post mortem or after death conditions.

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Zodiac Signs Dates

The Western Zodiac signs depend upon a system of fixed stars. There are dates assigned to each zodiac sign. The signs represent those born within those days, right? Things are a bit hinkier than that my friends! But, let’s take a moment to glance at the dates in the Western Zodiac Signs first. Then we can look at some of the complexities that throw a monkey wrench in it all!

Take a moment to consider the following question. “What zodiac sign am I?” The Zodiac Signs have simple dates for those seeking a quick answer. Bear in mind these “fixed dates” can shift a day or two backward or forward. The year will decide the direction of the difference, plus or minus. So, these are the general dates corresponding with the western zodiac.

    Aries Dates – March 21 – April 19
    Taurus Dates – April 20 – May 20
    Gemini Dates – May 21 – June 20
    Cancer Dates – June 21 – July 22
    Leo Dates – July 23 – August 22
    Virgo Dates – August 23 – October 22
    Libra Dates – September 23 – October 22
    Scorpio Dates – October 23 – November 21
    Sagittarius Dates – November 22 – December 21
    Capricorn Dates – December 22 – January 19
    Aquarius Dates – January 20 to February 18
    Pisces Dates – February 19 to March 20

Within a system of astrology, there are 12 signs (for the most part, as we will soon explore). You would think that the dates for the zodiac would be simple to define. What you see is what you get, right? There’s 12 months and 12 Zodiac Signs so everything is Even Stephen? Well, it’s a bit more complex than that! In fact, Zodiac Signs dates can and do fluctuate.

Guess what? The Zodiac Signs and their corresponding constellations have moved! What does this mean? Many of us think our Zodiac Signs are one thing when they were another at the time of our birth! What? That’s right!

A different constellation will appear behind the Sun every month if we look to the skies. The circle of the zodiac consists of 12 constellations. The word zodiac means “animal or wheel of animals.” The first culture to create a Sun Sign or Star Sign was ancient Greece. They assigned the constellation appearing behind the Sun as the sign for a person’s birth. Every sign has a distinct Zodiac Signs meanings.

The profiles corresponding with each zodiac describes the person’s characteristics. Now, we’re talking something that happened thousands of years ago or more, right? The premise was on the notion we’re working with fixed stars. But, they have been moving the whole time. Yes, the movement is slow, but they are still moving. Everything is off by about 23 degrees if we move between sidereal and tropical systems.

The Sun and Moon put a gravitational pull on our planet. So, powerful is the effect the planet has a wobbling effect which we know as the precession. It is a lot like a top spinning. It takes about 26,000 years for the earth to complete wobbling.

When it is all said and done, the Zodiac Signs, now fixed, have changed by one month!

If you look to the skies, the constellation behind the Sun on the day you were born, will not be the sign you think it is! This puts a whole new meaning on the question we all ask at some point in our lives: What is my zodiac sign? With the above understanding in mind, the dates for the 12 zodiacs are different indeed!

Below is a list of birthdates and the constellation behind the sun on your birthdate:

  • January 21 – February 16: Capricorn
  • February 17 – March 12: Aquarius
  • March 13 – April 18: Pisces
  • April 19 – May 14: Aries
  • May 15 – June 21: Taurus
  • June 22 – July 20: Gemini
  • July 21 – August 10: Cancer
  • August 11 – September 16: Leo
  • September 17 – October 31: Virgo
  • November 1 – November 23: Libra
  • November 24 – November 29: Scorpio
  • December 19 – January 20: Sagittarius

Zodiac Symbols

Zodiac Symbols & Constellations 750x532

The Western Zodiac Signs like to stand out from the crowd of course! It has the Scales for Libra and Sea-Goat mythical creature for Capricorn. Gemini brings in a couple of Twins to spice up the lot of icons. Virgo the Virgin does the same. If we sneak Ophiuchus into the picture, you’ve got the Serpent Bearer.

With Cetus, there’s mythical sea monster onto the list of Zodiac Signs. Of course, we must make mention of the Centaur for Sagittarius. and the Water Bearer for those Aquarians. Indeed, the Western Zodiac strays from the “wheel of animals.” It leaves the ram, bull, crab, lion, scorpion, and two fish to fit the bill! That’s half the Zodiac Signs folks!

Ever wonder about the stories behind the Zodiac symbols? Do you want to know about the myths behind the starry constellations? The tales of ancient Greece are fascinating, and lend a bit more depth to the symbols in astrology!

Aries Symbol – The Ram: The icon corresponds with the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts. Upon Jason’s successful missions, Zeus places the Golden Fleece in the sky as a constellation!

Taurus Symbol – The Bull: The Bull icon corresponds with the myth of the Minotaur and the legend of Theseus. With a little help from the special weaver, Ariadne, Theseus survives. He escapes the labyrinth and the grasp of the Minotaur.

Gemini Symbol – The Twins: The myth corresponding with the twins Polydeuces (sometimes Pollux) and Castor. Surprise fact. They weren’t actual twins, at least not in a genetic sense. These boys had two different dads! Zeus, the rascal of a deity who has a love for human women, turned Ledo into a lovely Swan so he could have his way with her. Yeah … different, I know. She later brings into the world two eggs. The first egg holds two children who belong to Zeus: Pollux and Helen of Troy. The second egg is Castor, and Clytemnestra, the future spouse of Agamemnon.

Cancer Symbol – The Crab: This Zodiac Signs’ icon stems from one of Hercules’ labors when he was trying to kill the Lerna Hydra. Hera, Zeus’ wife, had a bone to pick with Zeus because Hercules was he his child.

This time, Hera calls upon a giant crab to help the 100-headed Hydra defeat Hercules. (as if the 100-headed serpentine creature needed any help as it was!) The crab kept going after Hercules’ feet with its big nasty claws. Of course, our hunky Herculean hero crushes the crab. Hera, in appreciation of the crab’s actions, places it among the stars.

Leo Symbol – The Lion: This is another of the Zodiac Signs corresponding to the labors of Hercules. It represents the Nemean Lion. The hero conquers the lion and wears his skin as an impenetrable form of armor.

Virgo Symbol – The Virgin: This story corresponds to the stories of the spring goddess Persephone. That is, before Hades becomes enamored by her and takes her to the Underworld.

Libra Symbol – The Scales: This icon corresponds with the Greek goddess Dike as her symbol is the scales of justice. This period is when day and night are equal when the Sun moves through this constellation.

Scorpio Symbol – The Scorpion: This zodiac symbol aligns with the story of Orion, a hunter, and hero in Greek myth. There are several myths, but one tale has the earth goddess Gaia sting Orion because he was a braggart.

Sagittarius Symbol – The Centaur: This zodiac icon is a half horse half human figure. His name: Cheiron, the King of all the Centaurs.

Capricorn Symbol – The Sea Goat: This zodiac sign’s icon corresponds with a sea god. The myth that goes along with the icon tells the tale of Zeus’ birth.

Aquarius Symbol – The Water Bearer: The icon for Aquarius corresponds with the story of King Tros’ son Ganymede. The young man becomes Zeus’ cupbearer. It is he who pours the divine nectar of the gods. This nectar offers eternal vigor and youth to the gods.

Pisces Symbol – The Fish: This zodiac’s icon depicts two fish tied together. They are representative of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Eros, her son. They take on the form of fish and dive deep into the ocean for safety. Upon land, they return to their true form. Aphrodite honors the fish by making them a starry constellation.

New Zodiac Signs

What is my zodiac sign? Could it be Ophiuchus? Now, as if the idea the Zodiac Signs are off by one month hasn’t thrown you. There was at one time an introduction of a 13th and 14th zodiac sign too! It’s true!! While these signs didn’t catch on in popularity in Western astrology, the do appear in other systems. The two signs are Ophiuchus and Cetus.

Ophiuchus, pronounced (Oaf-ih-YOU-kus): The Sign of the Serpent Bearer. This sign only covers a 19-day period. The ancient Greeks established the understanding the 13th sign of the zodiac. The reason for its exclusion is unclear, but we can make a deduction here. If we include the sign, the zodiacs no longer divide even and in 12 parts. The 360-degree wheel of the zodiac also does not divide up even. So, let’s confuse this a bit further! If you want to and your birthday is between November 30 and December 18, you can call yourself an Ophiuchan.

“I remember a few years back where there was talk of bringing Ophiuchus into the zodiac. People grew upset about the sign and the possibility of it being a permanent fixture. I also remember the people who were adamant about not changing their zodiac sign. “I have been my sign all my life, and I’m not going to change it now!”

No need to feel forced to convert to new sign! The reintroduction of Ophiuchus in 2011 only made things confusing! Still, the sign comes with its own mythology.

Ptolemy records the constellation for the first time in the 2nd century. The name means “serpent bearer.” The symbol corresponds with medicine, healing, and doctors. It is common to see the image of the zodiac with other healing symbols.

The ancient Romans connected the Serpent Bearer with the god of medicine Asclepius. Per myth, he knows the secret to immortality. The secret was something that he discovers while spying one serpent healing another. The serpent was using herbals to heal. Learning the secret of immortality put him in danger.

The king of the Gods, Zeus, struck him down (Jupiter in the Roman pantheon). He didn’t want everyone discovering the secret. In ancient Babylonia, the constellation aligns with Nirah. The half human, half serpent deity corresponds with snake deity for obvious reasons.

What is my zodiac sign? Could it be Cetus? Indeed, the possible answers to this question are growing. The possibilities will continue to grow as we move forward to explore the 14th zodiac sign! What? No one ever talks about that! In the 1970s, some people bring Cetus up by suggesting it should be part of the zodiac.

There are some who assert the constellation is visible in the sky. It appears on the wheel of the zodiac for a short period. The argument was that because of its appearance, it should be an inclusion. The idea didn’t take off too well though. Still, you are likely to see a reference to Cetus and its association with the Greek sea monster Cetus.

Cetus (alternative spelling (Latin) Cetas) corresponds with the Greek myth involving Andromeda. Per the story, Cassiopeia is Andromeda’s mother and Queen. Of course, Queens of ancient times were boastful! They often bragged about their beautiful daughters! But, they always took it a step too far, didn’t they?

Well, Cassiopeia had to get all up and bragging. She made a comparison between Andromeda’s appearance and the Nereids. Who are the Nereids? Well, you know they are the sea nymphs who hang out with the God of the Ocean. No biggie, right? Queens of ancient times, always insulting the Gods on the sly, right? Now she gets to know the wrath of Poseidon!

What happens next? Poseidon gets his revenge by sending Cetus, the sea monster to attack Aethiopia. You pretty much know the rest of this saga, as it is a near mimic of “The Clash of the Titans,” the 1980s’ version mind that is!

he movie where Judi Bowker (Andromeda) is defenseless because someone ties her to a big old cliff! There she screams her bloody head off as she awaits the release of the nasty old Kraken! and Perseus (none other than Hunky Harry Hamlin … oh, bless the gods!) swoops in on his wild, white-winged Pegasus! The only difference is this he’s not dealing with the Kraken. Nope, it’s Cetus the sea monster. There’s even a myth relating how Perseus uses the head of Medusa to turn Cetus into stone!

The presentation of Ophiuchus of Cetus is not new at all. In 2009, these two signs were a point of examination in “Universe Down to Earth,” by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. He is a Curator of Astronomy at the American Museum of Natural History’s Hayden Planetarium. He’s also among the astrophysics researchers at Princeton. In his work, he discusses the 13th and 14th Zodiac Signs: Ophiuchus and Cetus.

Tyson explains how the Sun passes out of the constellation Scorpius. It then moves into Ophiuchus. He explains that the Sun remains in Ophiuchus for a longer period than it does in Scorpius (in error). This throws a whole new (and unaccepted) view on the zodiac wheel. It suggests Ophiuchus occurs before Sagittarius. It further suggests many Scorpions are Ophiuchans. Then it suggests all Scorpions along with Ophiuchans are Librans. Yes, his claims are confusing!

On Zodiac Signs, he writes how the constellation of Cetus dips into the existing sign of Pisces. Per Tyson, the sun moves through the Cetus for a brief period, but modern astrologers do not make mention of it.

What is my zodiac sign? The answer is simple. Your sign in Western Astrology is still what one of the original 12 zodiacs. If you choose to adopt the sign and Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer, it’s your choice. You can join the knowledge to the Scorpio profile. The choice is yours. It’s doubtful though anyone will adopt the sign of Cetus anytime soon, though!

Of course, we are only talking Western astrology here. This means you have an animal sign in Celtic astrology. Then you have an animal sign in Native American Zodiac Signs, and Chinese astrology. There’s a sign for you in Mayan and Aztec astrology too. Remember that you have more than one sign representing your traits and characteristics.

So, what is the deal with these extra Zodiac Signs anyway? The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Here we can take this statement as literal!

The Sun moves through Scorpio and Ophiuchus at the same time. This means it is impossible for it to be the 13th sign as it cannot follow Pisces on the Zodiac. Here’s the reality: All Scorpions are Ophiuchans and all Ophiuchans are Scorpions. The latter argument holds true when considering the Zodiac Signs through sidereal astrology. Through the lens of Tropical Astrology: All Scorpions are Sagittarians. Plus, Ophiuchans are legitimate Sagittarians! (I’m getting the strange sense I’ve traveled back in time. Here I am back in math class! Either that or I’m in one hell of a nightmare!) As for the real story behind Cetus, the ecliptic draws near the constellation. But, it does not enter it, so Cetus doesn’t make it onto the 360-degree zodiac belt as the other signs do!

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Is Astrology ‘Real’

No matter the culture, Astrology endeavors to provide guidance on those questions using the patterns of the Zodiac as a starting point. An unknown author once said that, “the signs of the zodiac are karmic patterns; the planets are the looms; the will is the weaver”. In mystical and metaphysical circles that description is pretty spot on.

Astrologers over the ages assigned each Zodiac Sign with specific characteristics, both positive and negative. The idea being that the time frame of one’s birth somehow influences your fate and personality.

This is very similar to the explanation of a Life Path Number in Numerology or Animal Guides in Native American or Celtic beliefs. And the more you read about these symbols and their meanings the more you see the connections between them. It’s really quite staggering.

Let’s consider the term Astrology. It basically comes from two terms that mean “star logic.” Mind you, modern skeptics would scoff mightily at the thought of stars’ movement influencing a person’s fate, let alone how well the toast came out that morning (and whether it landed butter side down). Nonetheless, this system has been around for thousands of years and the ancients relied on it for a great deal.

The Birth of Christ was foretold by Astrology, or so we think. Purportedly the three wise men spoken of were Magi, priests of Zoroaster (whose name, by some ruthless act of fate, means keeper of old goats). In any case these priests used Astrology to measure time, denote seasons and significant events. This is just one example from history that illustrates Astrology’s impact on our ancestors.

Combine that with the weight given to Astrology as a predictive device in numerous cultures and you have a lot of precedence for pondering the Zodiac Sign symbols and meanings provided by various systems.

Bottom line?

We believe Astrology is an effective life and soul management tool.

How does Astrology ‘Work’?

As your life unfolds, the planetary influences make themselves known in various ways. Perhaps it’s a necessary lesson for your soul’s progression. Perhaps it’s a pattern that you need to break or develop for greater success. Perhaps it’s moving you toward a hot lover or life mate (if you’re lucky you get both!)

Astrology provides us an important link to our past and our future (the stars will be here long after our spirit flies to another incarnation). It teaches us about the human condition from the eyes of many eras and cultures. It cannot, and does not, say THIS WILL HAPPEN. Rather it explores potentialities.

This means you’re not “stuck” with whatever bad stuff your chart indicates. This art does not play judge and jury; it has no bias. It simply gives us a glimpse into our personal tools and how we might use them effectively for self-actualization mundanely and spiritually.

We are still people with free will. Just like you can draw a box then erase a line and make it into a triangle, you still hold the correction fluid for your life firmly in hand.

Now, we don’t really advise grabbing the daily paper or the little point-of-purchase books at the supermarket. Astrologers will tell you that there is quite a bit involved in creating a chart for a person.

Every planet’s position at the time of your birth adjusts the predictions in your chart. Think of this like a giant loom. If you pull a thread in one spot, it affects another. The planets are like that. The moon phases and the sun also count into the equation.

Speaking of the moon – how often have you said, “it must be a full moon”? Most people accept the Moon’s mischief in human behavior and events without thinking twice about it – and that, dear readers, is Astrology at its foundation!

Effectively Astrology connects the motions of the heavens with the events on earth (as above, so below). As human souls appear in the Universe’s tapestry things shift – Karma and fate play their hand and then time marches on to its own tune.

Some people might have trouble accepting astrology as a legitimate art. There are those who deny the validity of astrology as if the practice rose out of some dark cloud of doubt! It might be due to the fact an astrologer uses the horoscopes to divine events. But, if we look at the history of astrology we begin to see a long-revered practice.

Consider the following quote by Steven Forrest. “Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality.” In metaphysical circles, this mirrors the “as above, so below” axiom. The use of horoscopes helps us better define our expectations of the mundane. The stars point out what is possible, and we use our free will to manifest our chosen possibilities!

Thank you for taking the time to explore the astrology systems from ancient and modern times. I encourage you to look at the in-depth information on Building Beautiful Souls. With the wealth of knowledge available to you, isn’t it time you took up study of the stars? In the meantime, may your soul continue to blossom as you grow and evolve. Let the stars above lead the way!

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