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Desiree Ledet

Desiree Ledet Bernadette Carter King Psychic Review 250x200

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Bernadette for almost two years.

From the very beginning, she has treated me like family and not only given me accurate readings but great advice about my career, relationships, and family.

I initially came to know Bernadette while investigating potential psychic readers on the Internet. When I came across her web page, I felt an instant connection and was immediately drawn to her energy.

I was extremely nervous and a bit skeptical during our first reading, but within the first ten minutes she knew things about my life that had never been divulged before. I left the reading feeling energized and more focused than ever.

Since then, I have contacted her during critical points in my life seeking guidance and clarity on a variety of issues.

What I like the most about Bernadette is the way she treats you as a client. Her first priority is to give you the best possible reading and to answer as many questions as possible in the time available.

It also helps that she has a great sense of humor. She is the real deal!

If you are contemplating a reading with Bernadette, I highly recommend her!

Shakti Rios-Zuluaga

Shakti Rios Zeluga Bernadette Carter King Psychic Review 250x200

Bernadette has to be one of the most genuine and powerfully attuned psychic mediums I have had the honor to work with.

Receiving a reading from her is nothing short of inspiring, miraculous, and often deeply touching.

Learning from her has been encouraging and life changing.

She takes the world of tarot and metaphysics out of the dusty cobwebs of old and infuses it with a new vibrancy and pragmatism that makes the information helpful and applicable.

I *highly* recommend this amazing soul as a reader, a mentor, and a soul friend.

Corbie Mitleid

 Corbie Mitleid Bernadette Carter King Psychic Review 250x200

Bernadette is what I’d call the “Psychic’s Psychic”.

I’m a reader myself, but there are occasions when you simply are too close to a life situation to get a good handle on it.

Bernadette is aces – clear, focused, and detailed. There are VERY few psychics worldwide that I will go to for my own readings, but Bernadette is at the top of the list.

Go. Talk to her. Let her help you with your toughest situations.

You will be very glad you did.

August-Amber Lang

Amber Lang Bernadette Carter King Psychic Review 250x200

I’m joining the Bernadette fan club!

I had the universal fortune of meeting Bernadette at a time when a bit of direction in life was highly needed.

She never told me ‘do this or that’, she didn’t wave a magic wand and make the issues fall in line. What she did was open me up to the messages that the universe was trying to share with me, she shared what was being streamed to her in a way that was utterly honest and clear.

Her readings are thorough , insightful and brilliantly done.

She won’t bullshit you but she will empower you.

I’ve had her tell me things that no one outside of me or my family would or could possibly know – she didn’t have to ask me about any of them, she literally told me right off the bat.

I check in with her often because she is so brilliant at helping you to recognize the path you’re meant to be following.

If there were 10 stars I’d be giving those to her too.

David Burch

David Burch Bernadette Carter King Psychic Review 250x200

I was skeptical before the reading.

I’ve never had this type of reading, but I’ve had a few tarot readings and I wasn’t too impressed.

This reading was a bit different.

It was raw and real and honestly left me reeling more than a little bit about things I myself didn’t realize I needed to work on.

I left with major insights: to myself, to my relationships, and to career paths, one of which is very testable.

After I took some time processing this, I tried to take action in these areas and felt much more comfortable after I did so.

As for Bernadette… she is very upbeat, very professional, and very frank when you ask her to be.

Jeani Middleton

Jeani Middleton Bernadette Carter King Psychic Review 250x200

I met Bernadette Carter King at the “I Can Do It” conferences in Tampa, FL over 6 years ago.

Since then, I have had the honor of receiving readings from her. I would highly recommend her as a medium and psychic channel.

Bernadette uses all of her skills and intuitive abilities to provide valuable information to her clients. Her gift for receiving messages and using Tarot have provided me with the choices I needed to expand my career and chosen path.

She is highly ethical and her integrity is beyond reproach. Her readings are exactly on point and are clearly amazing. Bernadette can bring through messages from loved ones beyond the veil, as well as, imparting guidance for future decisions.

If you need to contact a loved one who has passed on or want help in making a significant change to your life, you can rely on Bernadette to provide a true and meaningful reading. Do not hesitate to reach out to her.

Raymond Hines

Raymond Hines Bernadette Carter King Psychic Review 250x200

I’ll never forget the day I met Bernadette. It changed the course of my entire life.

Of course, I was very skeptical of the things she said, because that’s my nature. I have to experience things for them to be real to me. Some of the things that came through her were way out there but I kept an open mind. It’s a good thing I did because many things unfolded the way she saw.

What she told me was deeply personal, but one of the things I will share is just when I was at my wits end dealing with a long term chronic illness that rendered me virtually disabled, she pointed the way for me to learn how to heal myself and that alone has been a miracle for me. I was in the darkest days of my life and she brought in a ray of light and hope when I needed it the most.

You could say she saved my life. On top of that, she was amazingly prescient and specific about other areas of my life, business and personal, that brought much needed clarity to a variety of thorny situations.

What I really appreciate about Bernadette is her frank honesty in relaying the things she gets. Because of her no-nonsense nature, she doesn’t dance around — she gets right to the point in a gentle manner because of her genuine desire to help you shed light on the things you need to know. It’s clear she does this not as a way to make a living but to help others because of her huge heart.

If you’re thinking of seeing Bernadette, I very much encourage you to. She’s a very talented and rare gem of authenticity and accuracy who’s also down to earth. She’ll bring a great deal of clarity to what you seek.

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