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Flower Meanings & Symbolism:
Birth Flowers, The Language of Flowers, & Floriography

The earth laughs in flowers. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Acacia Meaning Symbolism Flower Meanings 1280x960

Acacia Meaning & Symbolism

Acacia Meaning & Symbolism The ancient Acacia represents renewal, fortitude and pureness throughout the world. In Freemasonry it is an ...
Calendula Meaning Symbolism Flower Meanings 1280x960

Calendula Meaning & Symbolism

Calendula Meaning & Symbolism “The Marigold that goes to bed wi’ the sunne; And with him rises weeping:” -Shakespeare, A ...
Calla Lily Meaning Symbolism Flower Meanings 1280x960

Calla Lily Meaning & Symbolism

Calla Lily Meaning & Symbolism Calla Lilies grow from rhizomes that reproduce of their own accord, making them a symbol ...
Camellia Meaning Symbolism Flower Meanings 1280x960

Camellia Meaning & Symbolism

Camellia Meaning & Symbolism Camellia is actually part of an evergreen shrub that thrives in hardiness zones 6 through 8 ...
Carnation Meaning Symbolism Flower Meanings 1280x960

Carnation Meaning & Symbolism

The January Birth Flower: Carnation Meaning & Symbolism Carnations are terrific teachers in that they remind us to never take ...
Daisy Meaning Symbolism Flower Meanings 1280x960

Daisy Meaning & Symbolism

Daisy Meaning & Symbolism Broken into two words –day’s eye –it’s easy to see how this Flower Spirit got its ...
Dandelion Meaning Symbolism Flower Meanings 1280x960

Dandelion Meaning & Symbolism

Dandelion Meaning & Symbolism You wander into the yard that was, what seemed just a moment ago, perfectly green only ...
Mullein Meaning Symbolism Flower Meanings 1280x960

Mullein Meaning & Symbolism

Mullein Meaning & Symbolism Also called Hag’s taper, Our Lady’s Flannel and Wild Ice Leaf, Mullein (Verbascum spp) has a ...
Narcissus Meaning Symbolism Flower Meanings 1280x960

Narcissus Meaning & Symbolism

Narcissus Meaning & Symbolism Narcissus, better known as daffodil or Jonquil, is the December birth flower. Being among the first ...
Raspberry Meaning Symbolism Flower Meanings 1280x960

Raspberry Meaning & Symbolism

Raspberry Meaning & Symbolism Put yourself in our ancestors shoes for one moment. You spy a bright red berry that ...
Rose Meaning Symbolism Flower Meanings 1280x960

Rose Meanings & Symbolism

The June Birth Flower: Rose Meaning & Symbolism If you're a flower, it's pretty safe to say you're the Queen ...
Thistle Meaning Symbolism Flower Meanings 1280x960

Thistle Meaning & Symbolism

Thistle Meaning & Symbolism “He that has a good harvest must be content with some thistles” - Spanish Proverb Thistle ...
Tulip Meaning Symbolism Flower Meanings 1280x960

Tulip Meaning & Symbolism

Tulip Meaning & Symbolism The tulip spirit has a colorful personality both literally and figuratively. They literally come in every ...
Violet Meaning Symbolism Flower Meanings 1280x960

Violet Meaning & Symbolism

Violet Meaning & Symbolism The flower adapted for a 50th wedding celebration, the Violet’s meaning and symbolism is replete with ...

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Flower Meanings & Symbolism

Flower Meanings Vintage Seed Packet 273x400

OK. We have a confession to make.

Our Flower Meanings and Symbolism section almost was never born. We love to garden and lost track of time while trying to spy faery folk in the midst of all the luscious colors and smells of Spring. Good thing flowers aren’t shiny! We might still be out in our backyard!

The world’s myths, legends and lore speak of flowers as symbolic backdrops and adornments for divine beings who are as immortal as the stories themselves. In this, we see these Gods and Goddesses as the original hippies. They were the flower children of ancient times and the pioneers of flower power.

But Flower Meanings and their symbolism goes far beyond oral and written cultural traditions. Flowers appear in healers’ kits; in magic spells, in potions and lotions and all manner of notions (thank you Dr. Seuss).

As with Animal Symbolism and Healing Crystal Meanings, flower emblems pop up in every part of the world bringing their beauty and messages with them.

Now, the garden variety symbolic meaning of flowers represents loveliness, the innocence of youth and life’s little joys. But as a broad symbol they come under the dominion of the sun, which is apt since many flowers turn their heads to face the sun as it moves through the sky as if in worship, or minimally get a tan.

The exact manner of determining a blossom’s mystical characteristics hinged on many factors. Sometimes it was the number of petals (so Numerology played a role). Sometimes it was the Color of the flower that gave it meaning, such as the nearly universally celebrated red rose for love.

Other times the leaves, thorns or roots chimed in with yet more symbolic values. It is as if every element of the plant spirit wanted a voice in how people utilized its wonders. Thankfully mages and mystics were listening.

Flower Meanings Vintage Seeds Package Barnards Flowers 250x262

That’s why Building Beautiful Souls includes flower folklore, Numerology, Color and Crystal correspondences and health applications our.

To do any less would be an injustice to Nature’s works of art.

In fact, the communal floral choir was so insistent it finally managed to create an entire language of flower that imprinted itself in our collective unconscious. Floriography appears in many ancient traditions including those of Egypt, China, Greece and Rome. It hit a huge growth spurt during the Victorian Era where people expressed entire conversations with a bouquet – no words, just let the flowers talk. If you don’t think they’re very verbal just sit and listen to a snapdragon chatter sometime.

As with many symbolic systems, Floriography suffered from varying interpretations based on the era and culture(s) involved. Even so, it’s hard to become angry with a proverbial “slip of a petal” when you receive such a beautiful and thoughtful message. As an example, hyacinth means forgiveness, playfulness or a game. If you won at a playful game and the other person felt diminished, you could use one flower for three messages! Nonetheless, a person realizing they made a morphological error could quickly and easily pluck out the offending flower, make a hasty bow or charming curtsy and all would be right with the world once more.

If the differences in meanings didn’t complicate things for star crossed lovers enough, even the bouquet’s wrappings and bows also had symbolic value. It all got rather knotty, and we suspect that’s why it’s now more of mundane part of creating arrangements for special occasions. Let the florists sort it out!

Working With Flower Energy & Spirits

From a spiritual standpoint flowers represent yet another link to the Earth Mother. Consider: there are 270,000 known species of flowers in the world. That’s 270,000 different perspectives and lessons for you to learn. Better get to it. There’ll be a quiz. But you can use Building Beautiful Souls as a virtual cheat sheet and look up some of your favorite flowers to see what message it may have for you.

 Flowers Symbolic Meaning Vintage Pansy Seed Packet 225x369

One great way to get to know flower spirits is by meditating with the living plant. Put on some music. We think daffodils like rock n’ roll, while rose is more of a romantic gal.

Plants do not “speak” like animals, just as animals don’t vibrate like crystal. It takes time to get to recognize what’s coming through. Remember that as a growing thing, your flowers may also give you messages by the way they look. That limp spider plant not only bemoans poor networking but says, “Hey, buddy, I need water, STAT!”

Light workers and holistic healers use a lot of flowers in their endeavors. One good example is Bach’s Flower Remedies. Bach felt that the energetic presence of a plant could be instilled even with a minutia of material. He devised 38 remedies focused on various emotional issues.

For example, Centaury is recommended for the perpetual volunteer, Elm for a work-a-holic and vervain calms the over-excited novice, helping them ground a bit. If you wish, you can add these essences to your Witch’s garden – it won’t harm the soil one bit and give your flowers yet even more well-rounded characteristics.

Flowers and flower parts are very useful in magic and a traditional component in nearly every Grimoire ever written. You can use the traditional symbolism and meaning ascribed to a specific flower, or a more personal one. Then add it to a spell, send it as a prayer into the ritual cauldron, decorate your spring altar lavishly with nature’s fresh abundance, blend it into a potion or your next spring salad or dance with a daisy chain at the sacred fire. Daisies never miss a step; actually they don’t care about the steps at all – just have fun!

Its worthy of noting that Indian custom describes each Chakra (energy point) as a flower. These flowers have symbolic numbers of petals that connect with the energy that comes and goes from that location. On each petal of the Chakra flower, one letter of the Sanskrit alphabet is written. This is another way in which flowers communicate – through our aura and physical power centers.

On a less lofty level, what would the world be without flowers? So much less colorful; so much less interesting. They are a feast for eyes and soul. The smell of flowers on the wind is such a delight that one need not ponder heavy philosophical meanings. As the saying goes, just stop and smell the roses!

A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in–what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars. ― Victor Hugo