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How to Understand Women by Zodiac Signs
The Complete Guide to Her Personality Traits, Love & Sex Likes/Dislikes, Compatibility & More!

If you’re curious about the specific characteristics of women and how their zodiac sign and planetary influences define them, you’ve come to the right place. The astrological information you’ll find here includes information about women of every zodiac sign, their personalities, exceptional qualities, and their challenging qualities too! Uncover information about compatibility, friends, and family, love, and sex, and hearth and home, all at one location: This is your one-stop online destination for the zodiac and astrological information and insight you seek!

Below you can click on any zodiac title or image to learn more about the women born under the specific sign shown. Discover their likes and dislikes, mythological associations of their sign, influencing planetary energies, pet peeves, numerological associations, chakra associations, and more.

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Aries Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Aries Woman
Traits In Love & In Bed

Ah, the attraction of the ACTION-oriented Aries Woman is almost impossible to escape! She’s beautiful, smart, motivated, and yes, you can even trust her with your darkest of secrets! But don’t think you don’t have a challenge on your hands. The Aries Woman is indeed a headstrong breed and one that won’t hesitate to smash her horns into anything that stands in the way of her obtaining her dreams! Loyal, indeed, and you can count on her demanding the same from you as well.

Her mantra is “appearance,” so you now know why she’s always looking so good! Physical attraction is a definite when you hook up with an Aries female. You won’t find her sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone to come along, so you best scoop her up while you’ve got the chance … She’s no wallflower, and she’s definitely a keeper.

Are you ready for this bold, brash, beautiful Aries Woman?

Get in-depth info about the ARIES WOMAN.

Taurus Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Taurus Woman
Traits In Love & In Bed

If you find yourself attracted to one of the most sensual, seductive, and down to Earth creatures you’ll ever meet – Yup, you are now under the spell of a Taurus woman.

Her ruling planet Venus makes her a literal love goddess her on Earth! Her natural nature to nurture, love, and pamper is enough to drive anyone crazy (in a hot way)!

Now, bear in mind she’s a creature of all that is comfortable, so she may have a bit of an issue overcoming INERTIA, but hey, who doesn’t have their minor flaws, right? Besides, her calm, cool, demeanor, sensibility, and love for everything beautiful make her the perfect mate. You’ll find she enjoys the material world, with her motto of “I HAVE,” but it’s mostly to ensure that every aspect of her life is lived in total comfort. Now, if you’re honest, authentic, genuine, love life, and you are passionate, oh … and above all, loyal, you can make the Taurus Woman yours.

So, are you ready for this loving sometimes bullish and headstrong Taurus Woman?

Get in-depth info about the TAURUS WOMAN.

Gemini Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Gemini Woman
Traits In Love & In Bed

She’s beautiful, bubbly, and she has a personality that just draws you in. She’s all in her head and why wouldn’t she be with her motto being “I THINK.” The Gemini Woman is one who strives to increase her intellect, so she makes an amazing conversationalist. You can expect those late-night talks over candlelight as you discuss everything from current news right up to her philosophical understandings. She examines the world through a perspective that is near child-like, full of whimsical curiosity and endless wonder.

The Gemini Woman will demand respect from you, though, despite her easy-going demeanor … she’s no push over. Her dual nature makes her both exciting and unpredictable, fun, and sometimes dangerous as you might know where you stand one minute and then have no clue the next. Still, every man dreams of being with twins, right? Well, if that’s your philosophy you’re in for a serious surprise … with the Gemini Woman you are definitely getting twice the challenge!

Do you think you are ready to deal with the exciting, unpredictable, dualistic Gemini Woman?

Get in-depth info about the GEMINI WOMAN.

Cancer Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Cancer Woman
Traits In Love & In Bed

Intuitive, mysterious, and gentle, the Cancer Woman holds so much appeal, doesn’t she? You love her caring nature and the depth of her emotion. Take her to a tear-jerker of a film and watch her cry, it will only serve to touch your heart even more. Heck, she’ll cry over a commercial if it strikes the right cord! And, to a Cancer female, ALL chords are the right crying chords! That’s because her heart is big enough to love the whole wide world and then some! For those that know her, her emotional reactions are no surprise at all … after all, her motto is, “I FEEL.”

Now, just because she’s got a soft side, don’t think for a minute she’s not on top of her game. Her empathy makes her an excellent friend, her compassion and gentleness a great lover, and her intellect makes her a sure-fire leader. The Moon energies rule her so she’s ultra-feminine, moves with the ebb and flow of the natural tides, and her mysterious side will continue to elude even the most intimate of partners! If you enter into a relationship with the Cancer Woman, you best do so with all serious intent: To break her heart is to emotionally scar her.

So, you think you are ready for this moon-child: The mysterious, loving, and sometimes moody Cancer Woman?

Get in-depth info about the CANCER WOMAN.

Leo Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Leo Woman
Traits In Love & In Bed

With the Sun ruling over the Leo Woman it should be of no surprise you’ve encountered a woman who loves to be doted on and who appreciates every single moment in the limelight! Admit it right now … you love to watch her flick that wild mane of hair around when she flirts with you, don’t you? She reminds you of that shampoo commercial where she just “stepped out of a salon ….” and proud of that mane she is indeed as it is one of her finer attributes: One that attunes her to her inner lioness. She is regal in nature, the Leo Woman, with her motto, “I WILL,” then so be it done! She’s driven, ambitious, loves socializing because it serves to help her network too, and she loves being on top of the game.

She’s a fantastic leader at work and in the family … yes, if you’re with a Leo Woman you can expect her to be the boss and it’s not about compromising and letting her take the lead either. She’s a fantastic mother, a loyal spouse, and she remains truly dedicated to her family and siblings. Her energetic nature and her magnetism will draw you in, and in fact, you’ll have much difficulty in fending off her oh so natural charms!

So, you think you can handle this attention-loving, loveable, mesmerizing Leo Woman?

Get in-depth info about the LEO WOMAN.

Virgo Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Virgo Woman
Traits In Love & In Bed

With her eloquence and her communication skills, you’d think she could talk a cat right out of its stash of catnip. She’s definitely smooth in that regard. Yes, we are talking about the Virgo Woman! And thanks to the gods she is compassionate and kind with no desire to talk cats out of their favorite treats! Her vocals are rich, pure, and so sweet to listen to, you swear you could just sit and listen to her talk all day long without ever interrupting a word. Yet, it’s not just the way she says things, it’s all about the things she says – and why not with a motto like “I ANALYZE,”? You are guaranteed some late night conversations sure to leave your head spinning when you’ve got your eyes on a Virgo Woman!

She’s a pure soul, one striving for purity perfection in her own life. Because of her obsession with perfection she establishes firm boundaries in aspect and relationship in her life. Speaking of boundaries, you’ll find the Virgo Woman witty, charming, and a wee bit of a trickster too, but hey, it’s all in good fun, right?

So, do you think you can get the Virgo Woman out of her own thoughts long enough to give you a second look?

Get in-depth info about the VIRGO WOMAN.

Libra Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Libra Woman
Traits In Love & In Bed

Ruled by the planet Venus, you can just feel the love that pours forth out of this incredibly social Libra Woman. She seeks to balance her life and she’s good at doing so, after all, her motto is “I BALANCE.” In fact, she can often bring balance to the life of those she chooses to give her love to as well. You’re a lucky one indeed if she chooses you because the Libra Woman is indeed the weaver of charms. With a mix of love, wit, humor, and beauty, she’ll have you captivated in no time flat! For those who have ever experienced the “madness” of intense love, they were undoubtedly in the throes of passion with a Libra Woman!

The Libra Woman, no doubt, appeals to you because she’s such a sweet soul and her compassion runs deep. All the same, she can be a little hard to pin down. She’s that elusive butterfly so you’ll need to tread carefully if you want to gain her interests … rush things, and you’ll chase her off!
So, do you think you have the wherewithal to patiently wait for the Libra Woman to turn her attentions to you?

Get in-depth info about the LIBRA WOMAN.

Scorpio Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Scorpio Woman
Traits In Love & In Bed

Okay, I know you’ve heard the lyrics, “Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on …” by the Power Station. I you haven’t, Google the song and listen to it because these words couldn’t be more appropriate when you’re talking about that Scorpio Woman who has caught your eye! This Mars and Pluto ruled woman is a one-of-a-kind firecracker to be sure, and you best be ready for the heat when you’ve been stung by the Scorpio Woman’s charms! She’s driven, ambitious, tenacious, exciting, and ready for adventure, but she’ll accept nothing less than your undying loyalty. Once you commit to her, you belong to her, and her fiery personality can turn to fiery rage when crossed!

She’s the one at the sail and the master of her ship, no one tells the Scorpio woman what direction to take in life. If you’re looking for a woman who knows what she wants, how to get it and stops at nothing to do so – after all, her motto, is “I DESIRE.” Scorpios are the most psychic zodiac sign. So if you want a relationship with a Scorpio Woman be prepared to make metaphysics part of your life.

So, do you think you’ve got what it takes to maintain a relationship with an exotic temptress like a Scorpio Woman?

Get in-depth info about the SCORPIO WOMAN.

Sagittarius Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Sagittarius Woman
Traits In Love & In Bed

She is easy to fall for simply because the beauty emanating from her heart and soul is so genuine and so apparent … of course, you know at the offset we are talking about a Sagittarius Woman. Her zodiac sign is that of the Chiron the Archer, and most assuredly she’s shot an arrow straight through your heart with the skill that only Cupid or Eros could possibly muster. Her sweet charms, compassionate nature, and her warm personality combine to make her an unstoppable force when it comes to capturing the heart of any man she sees fit and her aim is dead on accurate, after all, her motto is, “I SEE.”

And see clearly she does in terms of knowing what she wants for herself and others. At the core of her being is the everlasting humanitarian, the healer, the nurturer … one who looks to improve the world and leave it better than before. With her hand out to others ready to help and her heart open to the world, how could you think you ever could resist her?

So, do you think you are ready for the remarkable, empathic, dualistic, and strong personality of a Sagittarius Woman?

Get in-depth info about the SAGITTARIUS WOMAN.

Capricorn Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Capricorn Woman
Traits In Love & In Bed

She’s is so responsible and you really admire that about her. You’ve been looking for your whole life for the woman who is well put together and who knows what she wants … and so you’ve found her in a Capricorn Woman. A born leader and one who easily maintains control even in the center of chaos, her cool demeanor, rationality, and winning attitude are just the tip of the iceberg … Her motto is “I USE,” which serves as a testament to her resourcefulness!

You know your family is going to love her. She’s just that perfect and you’ve already imagined the encounter as you introduce her to your kin … that’s how captivated you’ve already become and you wonder to yourself when the heck did I fall so hard and so quickly? You shouldn’t be at all surprised … her charm, amazing personality, moral compass, and that winning smile are just way to hard not to fall for because she’s ‘the one’.

Strong, centered, and emotionally protective, do you think you can pique the interests of a Capricorn Woman?

Get in-depth info about the CAPRICORN WOMAN.

Aquarius Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Aquarius Woman
Traits In Love & In Bed

If your idea of the ideal romantic partner is a beautiful, stunning, smart, witty, and cunning bohemian goddess, you’ve got your eye on an Aquarius Woman. She’s definitely one who is often considered eccentric but that’s what you find most appealing … indeed she exudes the very essence of mystery. Her interests in the esoteric, astrology and other fringe topics only serves to make her more appealing and you envision yourself getting lost in conversation together, exploring the world, and experiencing real magic together, and of course her motto is, “I KNOW.” Look into her eyes deeply and you’ll see an old soul, a wise soul, one who is a forward thinker and who is likely way ahead of her time with her innovative thoughts and ideas! So that’s where all that ancient wisdom comes from … and now you know!

When you’ve fallen for the Aquarius Woman there is no turning back … after all, she’s already cast her spell of love upon you, and there’s nothing stronger than the allure of a witty, intelligent, and downright genuine Aquarius Woman!

So, do you think you are the perfect partner for the mysterious and extremely eccentric Aquarius Woman?

Get in-depth info about the AQUARIUS WOMAN.

Pisces Woman Zodiac Sign 1280x960

Pisces Woman
Traits In Love & In Bed

If you’re the type who could fall hard for the “girl next door type,” then the Pisces Woman is your ideal mate! She’s friendly, kind, compassionate, and genuine. Most of all, she has an unbelievable level of empathy for others. She’s at the ready to help whoever needs it and asks nothing in return. She doesn’t do it for notoriety and she doesn’t require recognition for good deeds done. She does it for the feel-good factor and the fact that it fills her spirit. That’s plenty enough reward for this warm-hearted, loving Pisces Woman. Her kind gestures are sheer acts of selflessness which are something you just can’t help but love about her!

And why is it she is willing to be so selfless in the first place? Her motto is “I BELIEVE,” and so she is a big believer in the betterment and growth of humankind and the world at large! She’s eager to do all she can to make the world a better place than it already is, and she’s show the same commitment and caring in a romantic relationship.

So, are you ready to fully support and love the dreamy Pisces Woman who sees and spends her life working toward world peace?

Get in-depth info about the PISCES WOMAN.

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