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She is simply beautiful in every way, and her friends describe her as being well-grounded, friendly, social, amiable, and balanced. You see her external beauty, and she makes your heart beat just a bit faster when you catch sight of her. You hear someone call her name and you will find yourself looking for her. She is just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. She is a tribute to the axiom “as without, so within,” but this is just another attribute that aligns with the Libra Woman.

The Libra Woman
Her Traits & Personality In Love, Compatibility & Life

Her motto? “I BALANCE,” of course! Now, do not let it surprise you to find out your Libra lady friend has several attributes mirroring or balancing with your own. When you are with her, you cannot help but bask in the warm, soothing, calming, balancing, harmonious, and Zen-like atmosphere she exudes and demands in her life.

So, do you think you can capture her heart and meet a Libra Woman’s demand for balance?

Libra Woman Table of Contents

Libra Woman

Venus is the planetary ruler of the sign of Libra. So, the planet has some positive benefits, more so with the planet being one identified as the “lesser benefic,” second only to the king of all planets, growth, and expansion, the “greater benefic” Jupiter. The planet gets its name for the goddess of love in the Roman pantheon, Venus; it is a planet influencing inner desires, love, lust, and all things beautiful: Ruled by this heart-influencing planet is Libra and those born under the sign of Taurus.

The goddess Venus not only rules over love, but the persuasive powers of females, sexuality, seduction, and that which embodies the beautiful. The planet also rules over money and finances. Now, even though Venus is the “lesser benefic,” she has a shadow side. Her name’s etymology is subtle to suggest this dark side, pointing to the root word venes, derived from the Latin venenum, meaning venom or poison. This connotes the “love-spell-like” power of this goddess, or it might somehow connote the “madness” sometimes associated with being “oh so madly in love.”

Thus, a Libra Woman may be gentle, sweet, kind, compassionate, beautiful, and loving. But, if you strike a nerve or she chooses to show you her shadow-like nature, you’re in for one hell of a ride! Brace yourself if she shows you that dangerous seductress whose charms can either put you in her “control,” or “drive you mad” with passion and lust! In the seductress guise, the Libra Woman only gives the illusion of control. She remains in the lead always, all while leaving you wanting!

Libra Woman In Love & In Bed
(Venus in Libra)

Falling in love with a Libra Woman cannot be easier. She’s not just beautiful, but her sense of humor and compassion makes her a lovely partner for any man deserving of her. She has the uncanny ability to make you laugh at the drop of a dime, and if you are loyal to Libra Woman, her love comes with endless devotion. Being in a long-term relationship with a Libra Woman is also easy.

She’s all about fairness so any disagreements you might have end quick. She doesn’t care for imbalances in any way, so she’ll seek to resolve issues in the best manner possible. Most arguments achieve resolution thanks to her calm nature and just a touch of humor or wit. She uses humor to breaks the tension and de-escalates tempers fast.

Sweet kisses and whispering sugary-sweet nothings in her ear will be necessary as skipping foreplay is a big no-no for the Libra who likes a nice balance in the pre-sex fun and the actual act itself. Take your time as she’ll enjoy the relaxed, sensual pace.

Oh, and if you don’t stimulate her mind, you’ll never get a shot at stimulating the rest of her. Wow, her with your intellect and intense conversations if you plan to woo her all the way to the sack. PS… she WILL expect massages, spooning, and foot rubs on a regular basis, but remember, she’ll give just as good as she gets.

The Libra Woman
Her Traits, Personality, Characteristics

Who would have thought that the great King Solomon would have the ideal female counterpart: A Libra Woman? She is about balance, fairness, and she has her entire attitude aligned with that of the goddess Justitia or Justice. This wonderful woman has the gift of gab and is amazingly sociable. Her list of friends might surprise you regarding its length as her love of life and people allows her to embrace others with incredible ease. Communication is one of her best skills.

When she’s not chatting up on the phone, texting, or making connections via Facebook, she’s likely found at the hot spots in town, dancing, celebrating, socializing, hanging with friends, and making more. You’ll find a Libra Woman is captivating, charismatic, energetic, easy-going, compassionate, and loving. She has a high level of ethics. The Libra Woman sticks to her morals and values, lest she lets the shadow side of Venus rule and then, well my boy, all bets are off.

Your Libra woman, when in balance, will show the perfect match of masculine and feminine energies, and she’ll exude harmony with every action she takes. On some days, you’ll find her well, logical, rational, and altogether calm. But, when the need to balance these energies occurs, she might demonstrate mood swings, erratic changes in emotion, silliness, and a more relaxed presentation.

You will find your Libra Woman is resilient, unyielding, and strong: All characteristics that are great when she is moral and sticking to her typical ethical behaviors, but when out of balance it means she can be inflexible, stanch, and she may demonstrate a lasting level of stubbornness through the grudges she might otherwise develop.

Hearth & Home

To the Libra Woman in the home environment, the word symmetry and complementary colors from the color wheel are what equals the concept of balance for her. This means that if there is one chair at the head of the dining room table, it dissatisfies her. She expects a chair at the opposing end of the table.

She’d prefer a home with two full baths versus one with a full bath and one-half bath. Why? Because the bathroom designs would not otherwise deliver a sense of balance. She has an eye for everything beautiful too so you can expect the home to be clean and loaded with posh, luxurious belongings.

Your Libra Woman likes what is light and soft when it comes to color choices, so you’ll find a mix of pastel blues, greens, pinks, and yellows throughout the home. Being one who likes feeling stable, but who is also a bit airy at the same time, she might demonstrate a penchant for blue. This is because the color complements the stable feeling the rest of the home provides.

If not blue, she will most certainly appreciate purple as it is a color representative of the spirit and the balance of all elemental influences. She has a natural eye and would make a fantastic interior decorator as she seems to know the right furnishings to fill a space and make it welcoming. You’ll also see works of art throughout this woman’s home as it makes her feel a sense of calm and gives her visual items to contemplate at her leisure.

Health & Well-Being

Libras, like their Venus-ruled kin, Taureans, are people who love everything to do with food; buying it, cooking it, and eating it. The Venus-ruled are the foodies of the Zodiac, and because of this, they are prone to issues with emotional eating, weight gain, water retention, bloating, and obesity. When eating becomes a problem, things can also go to the opposite extreme for your Venus Lady, and she can fall prey to eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia nervosa.

Libra, like Taurus, is one who gets comfortable fast. Thus, your Libra Woman has no trouble curling up on the couch with a good book, to watch a television show, to play video games, or to even go through a weekend movie binge: This makes it easy for her to become inactive and to convert into a couch potato fast.

In her effort to care for all those she loves, she might forget to take the time to take care of herself. Because of this she’ll tire out, run out of energy, endure too much stress, and become ill as a result. These lovely women have phlegmatic humor, which is one of the best of the four temperaments, making her peaceful, relaxed, and calm. The planet Venus and Libra rule over the kidney’s throat, parathyroid, and veins so your Libra Lady can develop issues with any of the latter later in life.

Career & Finance

When it comes to career pursuits, the best path for the Libra Woman is one that allows her to make use of her remarkable and uncanny creative skills. The Libra Woman might be a natural poet, writer, musician, actor, painter, sculptor, or illustrator. Now, if we take a moment to consider that out of all 12 Zodiac, the sign of Libra stands out on its own, thereby allowing the Zodiac sign to ensure blind justice and balance in all things.

Considering blind justice and balanced ideas, you’ll find the Libra Woman will make a phenomenal lawyer and/or judge. She also has an impressive nurturing side. Her desire to nurture others makes her perfect as a daycare service provider, home health aid, a counselor working with the disabled, or as a doctor in any capacity. Their communication skills and sense of balance makes them exceptional mediators, moderators, or she might find considerable contentment working in some advocacy capacity or another.

How to Attract a Libra Woman

Being genuine, strong, sociable, friendly, approachable, and honest–this is how you attract the fleeting butterfly like Libra Woman. Now, don’t be sitting there with a net thinking once you pin her down she’ll be yours because she WILL take flight and never return! When attracting the elusive, shy, amiable Libra Woman, you’ll need patience and to trust that when she shows an interest in you, she will stay of her own accord.

The Libra Woman is not one you can pin down, not ever, as her social nature will not allow that to happen. Try to infringe on her social nature, and you’ll lose her fast. Remain flexible, open, entertain her, and wow her with your compassionate nature and you’ve made a friend for life, if not a lover and significant other. Bring her flowers, sweets, and dote on her a lot and it won’t be long before she gives you her heart.

Dating a Libra Woman

Libras love to shop, there’s no doubt about it. They are on the lookout for bargains, and things that can make their home more beautiful and organized. She also enjoys shopping for attire and shoes, as they come in pairs and are a sign of symmetry to the Libra’s artistic eye. The Libra Woman even loves doing herself up with the latest hair dyes, styles, and getting her nails done.

She is a fashionista on a shoestring budget because she likes money in her bank account. She likes to draw, paint, or she will have one or more creative outlets to pass the time. She likes reading to cultivate the mind, and visual stimuli include movies, television, and video games.

Libras are sociable. So, if you are condescending, you are on her pet peeves list. She won’t tolerate poor treatment or seeing anyone else mistreated either. If she sees you hurting someone, she’ll call you on it fast! She likes her quiet surroundings, even when socializing, so if the scene is crazy and chaotic, the Libra woman will not like it. They dislike when someone lodges a verbal assault, or imposes restrictions on their rights. A Libra woman also dislikes when a person gives them a set of demands or ultimatums. On the top of the pet peeves list is anything hideous, arguing, and boredom.

Zodiac Compatibility
Best Match for the Libra Woman

Friends and Family

Libra Women are well rounded in every regard. They have no problem with balancing home life with a family and a full-time career; after all, the art of balance is something they spend their lifetime’s mastering. They have a good hold on emotions, thoughts, and outward actions. But, they may face a monkey wrench when the notion of love comes into the equation since the planet Venus also rules them.

What this means is she may hold onto a relationship with a man even if it is falling apart. You will find her citing love for remaining instead of allowing the rational to take over. She defines her own wisdom by failing to cut the ties before more emotional heartache takes its toll. Her love is honest, intense, deep, and true, and yes… oh yes, mad too!

The Libra child is calm and flighty, but social and entertaining. The Libra child is forever a diplomat among peers, and she’s gentle, kind, creative, artistic, and she is a natural people pleaser. On the downside, the child can sometimes procrastinate to the point of driving a parent crazy. A Libra might seem as if she’s waiting till the last minute to get ready for school, to do a huge school project, or to get chores done around the home.

She doesn’t mean to procrastinate so much as it is her social nature that gets in the way. She’s a well-balanced wife and mother who makes her husband and kids just as important as her job and friends. Children will love their compassionate Libra mother, and the friends of your Libra Lady will do the same because she will always offer them unending loyalty.


Libra and Aries make an unusual pairing as they get along as if they were old friends their entire lives. Aries’ demand for action, strength, drive, passion and endless energy. The same attributes appeal to the Libra woman. She’s got enough patience for dealing with the otherwise demanding side of the Aries partner.

Now, with Taurus and Libra, things can be difficult for making it work. These two signs share the same ruling planetary influence (Venus) and, therefore, have too much in common. Common characteristics include their negative attributes like stubbornness, inflexibility, and demand for attention. However, if the Taurus and Libra can overcome such issues, the love affair between them would prove nothing short of legendary.

Libra and Gemini are two brainiacs in the sack! Yes… it is a weird mix, but Gemini’s propensity for extremes and Libra’s demand for balance make this pairing work in some ways. The key for it working will be a continuous compromise. Leo and Libra are a good couple too because Leo demands respect and attention and Libra is good at dealing out both.

Cancer can be a bit too emotive for the Libra who needs emotions a bit more stable to feel comfortable. Libra and Libra might work for a time since they are both balanced and sociable. Capricorn’s a good partner for Libra as the compassion for one another can promise a wonderful and lasting relationship between the couple for years to come.

Libra and Virgo clash because there is way too much analytical thought and no focus on the emotional fulfillment in the relationship. Work together, great; live together… not so good. Scorpio’s fiery nature mixes with Libra’s compassion and desire for foreplay.

It makes for some hot moments in the bedroom, but for some reason, the Libra and Scorpio don’t seem to click outside the bedroom because Libra has little tolerance for the fiery behavior of her Scorpio companion otherwise. The same goes for Sagittarius and the Libra woman. Whereas Sagittarius partners are scattered and for the Libra woman that is simply unacceptable. Aquarius is one who revels in chaotic energies, and that is just no atmosphere for the Libra Woman.

Astrology & Zodiac Gifts
Libra Gifts

Libras love beautiful things. A few knick knacks for the house are great, just make sure you buy in twos as the Libra Woman has a strong preference for the symmetrical. She loves music and the arts. Thus, a pair of theater tickets, or taking her out to dinner and the next best movie are other ways to gift your Libra lady. She loves the innovative too so if you find a unique gift that no one else has, she’ll cherish it like no other. Her eye for light colors calls for any clothes you might buy to be in light and pastel varieties. Heck, spoil the hell out of her with a spa day, haircut, manicure, and pedicure. Then let her get the best massage she’s ever had–you’ve just pleased the heck out of a Libra gal.

Libra Woman
Facts, Mythology, & Metaphysics

Since Libra corresponds with the sign of scales, the sign corresponds to the goddess Lady Justice, Justitia, and the Titaness, Themis, whose sign is also scales. In the Egyptian pantheon, Libra corresponds with Ma’at. She is the goddess of Truth who weighs the hearts of the dead against a feather of truth. Ma’at discovers to see if a person is worthy to live in the afterlife or if will meet an end of destruction. The human heart rests on one side of the scales with the feather on the other, as Anubis the Guardian of the Dead looks on as a witness to the rite.

In the Tarot, the Justice card aligns with Libra as it depicts the goddess of justice and a set of scales. Libra, ruled by Venus, also corresponds with The Empress card. The Empress represents the intuitive and nurturing nature of this Zodiac sign.

The number two, signifying duality, represents Libra, but so does the number 8 as it signifies the infinity and karmic balance. Double numbers, before you break them down to be one of the primary numerological references in numerology, are also indicative of the Libra sign. The numbers 11, 22, and 33, all of which are Master numbers with greater importance than some smaller numbers. This heart-ruled creature has a chakra sign relating to the heart as well.

Libra Dates:September 22–October 22

Glyph: The Scales.

Glyph Meaning: The icon for Libra represents scales but also represents the constellation of Libra.

Sanskrit: Tula, meaning “balance.”

Key Phrase: “I BALANCE.”

Quality: Cardinal

Alchemy: Sublimation

Anatomical Rulership: Skin, Renal, Liver, lower back, and kidney

Angel: Aneal or the Archangel Uriel

Animals: Elephant, Turtle, and Hare

Dream Archetype: Judge or the Critic, Judgment, and Justice

Balancing Quality: Independence and Self-Reliance

Birds: Swan, Dove, and Sparrow

Birthstones: Opal, Emerald, Chrysolite, and Beryl

Celtic Tree of the Month: Vine (September 7–September 29) and Ivy September 30 through October 27

Meaning of the Celtic Tree: The Unpredictable and The Warrior

Chakra: Heart or Anahata

Chinese Zodiac Twin: Dog

Compatibility: Aquarius, Gemini, and Aries

Detriment: Mars

Day: Friday

Element: Air

Planet’s Exaltation: Saturn

Fall: Sun

Feminine Deities: Maat, Themis, Nemesis, Adrastea, Invidia, Athena, Amit, Dike, Eirene, Eunomia, Homonoia, Astraea, Horae, Nanshe, and Praxidike

Flower: Violet, Love in a Mist, Eyebright, Hydrangeas, Primrose, Strawberry, Cosmos, Lily, Rose, Geranium, Lily of the Valley, Broom, and Violet.

Gender: Masculine

Healing Crystals: Opal, Peridot, Turquoise, Beryl, Lapis Lazuli, Cornelian, Agate, Coral, Emerald, Jade, Sapphire, and Smokey Quartz.

Herbs: Violet, White Rose, Yarrow, and Love in the Mist

Keyword: Partners and Fecundation

Masculine Deities: Dionysus, Apollo, and Anubis

Metal: Brass and Copper

Musical Sound: A

Number Vibrations: 6

Oils: Violet, Palma Rosa, Rose, Pine, Galbanum, Geranium, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Cedarwood, Birch, Aloe, Almond, Cypress, Burdock, Calendula, Eucalyptus, Fennel, peppermint, and rose.
Planetary influence: Venus

Primary Colors: Dusk-like colors, yellow, sunset hues

Secondary Colors: Yellow, rose, blue, black, emerald green, rose, pink, and royal blue.

Primary Need: Romance, love, peace, and social harmony

Scents: Rose, palmarosa, geranium, and lavender.

Seasonal Association: Fall

Tarot Card Associations: Queen of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, The Empress, and Justice

Trees: Walnut, Plum, Apple, Myrtle, Cherry, and Almond

Celebrities: Kate Winslet, Kim Kardashian, Carrie Fisher, Gwen Stefani, Margaret Thatcher, Lacey Chabert, Avril Lavigne, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Hilary Duff.