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Over the years folks have asked many of the same questions regarding my Psychic Medium & Tarot Readings. Below, you’ll find those questions and the answers to them.

It might sound kind of strange, but you may want to check back on this page from time to time as the answers might change. See, the more I learn and experience, my perceptions and conclusions also morph. The answers you find here are what I “think” I “know” – today. But, tomorrow, well – that might be a different story!

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Do you really communicate with the dead?

The answer is yes, but I think it bears explaining a bit of how and why.

Currently, I believe spirit communication happens because the “energy” or “soul” of humans and animals who’ve crossed over are not “dead”, ergo they can still “talk”.

Scientific fact: “energy” never “dies” or “disappears; it just changes form.

Our loved one’s souls have not ceased to exist, they’ve just moved to a different dimension or plane of existence.

Now, we all are psychic mediums – it’s how our spirits are hardwired. But I’ve chosen to make this vocation my life’s work so my “instrument” – my “radio receiver” – is more sensitive than most.

The following is a true story and example of the kind of information that can be channeled through me during a reading…

A young woman I had never met came for a reading. As is my process, I asked her to hold all questions and comments until the end.

The first thing I said was, “I ‘see’ the spirit of a 40’s something, Caucasian female who passed away from a terminal illness related to the chest area. She is showing me tambourines and telling me to let you know she loves you, she’s OK and you will be, too.”

At the end of the reading, the young lady shared with me that her mom, who was a music teacher, had recently passed away from breast cancer and that she (the mom) collected vintage tambourines.

Thankfully no! lol

Psychic messages of all kinds show up during a psychic tarot reading! I help folks get messages about love, relationships, finances, careers, pets, etc.

My experience has been that whatever subjects The Universe (collective conscious, The One, God, etc.) thinks you need clarity on at that moment in your life, these are the subjects that will be channeled through me and passed on to you.

Sure do! Lot’s of ’em! I believe we are, all, parts of God. Meaning, each of us is divine because we are a piece of the Godhead.

Transparency and honesty are extremely important to me. This is why I use my real picture, provide a real telephone number and a verifiable, independently owned domain.

Additionally, please check out my Google Reviews.

Additionally, you can find me on FACEBOOK.

Believe me, I know how acute the pain can be when the soul of those we love passes through to another dimension – it’s how I became a psychic.

With all my heart I wish I could promise and deliver the connections for every single person who asks but, unfortunately, I cannot. My biggest wish in life is that I could take take away that pain for every living thing.

I also wish I had a good explanation for why some clients’ deceased loved ones show up at their readings and other’s don’t.

However, I can say with all honesty that I do get messages from the other side in approximately 85% – 90% of my readings.

For other practitioners, there is a large difference. For me there is no difference; I’m always ‘on’.

Some tarot readers do not open themselves up psychically so as to receive messages from spirit. They use only the cards and the imagery on them to deliver information to their clients.

Frankly, I use the cards as a diversionary tactic. Tarot cards give my clients pretty pictures to focus on so they’re not quite as freaked out when I can tell them things I couldn’t possibly know because I’ve never met them before.

At the end of the day, I’m a psychic medium who loves the art of tarot reading.

Cliche but true, the only bad question is the one left unasked.

However, that being said, I ask my clients to wait until near the end of our session to ask questions so that both of know the reading is as pure as possible.

I do not ask leading questions and I prefer that I know as little about my client as possible so that whatever information I channel comes directly from The Universe and not an observation regarding the client and/or their situation.

I really want to do a great job for you. So if you want a loved one (human or pet) to show up during your reading, here are some things you could do that could be very helpful to us both!

  • Pray to your loved and ask them to appear to me.
  • Meditate and visualize your loved one(s) appearing to me and you receiving their message(s).
  • Send a psychic request to your loved one(s) asking them to appear to me.
  • Be sure to be very specific. Let your loved one(s) know my name, the date, day, time and place we will be meeting.
  • Ask your loved one(s) to send me the messages in such a way that both you and I will easily be able to understand.
  • Ask your loved one(s) to send information that is for the highest and best intention of anyone who will be involved in receipt of the message(s).
  • Please be sure that you are as relaxed as possible so your heart chakra is as open as possible. The more emotionally available you are to receiving messages, the more they will come through.

What I can promise you is that what you want to know is up to you. When I see potentially sad or hurtful situations, I will gently ask if you want to know every thing I’m being told by The Universe.

Through my years of experience, more often than not, when I channel information that is emotionally charged and the client asks me to deliver all messages I receive, I find the client “knew” or “had suspicions” all along but needed confirmation of their own psychic impression.

Though they are few and far between, there have been folks I simply couldn’t get any messages for. We, both, will know very quickly if this is the case at which point I refer them to psychic colleagues of mine.

In fact, you are! Everyone is.
I can help you!

I can tell you that, to date, I have seen no evidence whatsoever that curses and/or spells are real.

See how easy it is to get rid of spells and curses? 😉

Though I’m not a fan of sweeping generalizations, I’m going to go out on a limb and state that I think most woo-wooers believe in reincarnation.

In that, have you ever met someone who just seemed to have a “knowing” about them; a “presence” or maturity that seemed well beyond the average Joe? Chances are that person is an ‘old soul’. He or she carries accumulated wisdom gathered in through many past lives (reincarnations).

Yes. You may record your session. Please be aware that all copyright and privacy policies apply.

Half Hour – $50.00
Full Hour – $100.00

Payment Policies:

  • Readings can be paid for at time of service.
  • Please be thoughtful and give me at least a 24 hour notice for reschedules.
  • All credit cards are accepted.

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