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Numerology Numbers & Meanings

Find your Numerology Number below and click on the image or title to read all about the sacred and spiritual meanings of your life path, destiny, compatibility, and career number! If you’re not sure or don’t know what your numbers are, use my Numerology Calculator to easily find out! Also, scroll down or click to learn more about Numerology as a divination tool.

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Numerology Calculator

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What is Numerology

From the time we learn to talk, numbers become part of our daily reality, pulsating in the background of life. You have birth date, a social security number, a house number, shoe sizes and hat measurements. The list goes on and on.

The all-pervasiveness of digits alone gives us a sense of their importance not only mundanely but spiritually too. Ancient seers and modern Lightworkers both sense specific vibrations in numbers, a kind of arithmetical language that keys into other symbols, signs, omens and patterns of the Universe itself.

So keep on humming!

The principle behind Numerology is that everything in this world has a type of energetic fingerprint – including you! Throughout history philosophers, gurus and guides have classified these fingerprints so that we can begin consciously embracing the configurations that give us clues to the meaning of life and our role as spiritual travelers.

With numbers specifically, the thought is that the time of your birth creates certain possibilities and limitations, a framework of personality. Once you know the black and white outlines, you can still color outside them, but the lines are the starting point for enhancing everything in your life including careers and relationships.

Here, grab some crayons and let’s look a little closer.

A learned Numerologist will never tell you that your birth day numbers wholly define you (heck, we all stop aging at 25 right?).

While most people in the Western world use the traditional Pythagorean approach to number symbolism and meaning, there are other methods that don’t follow Pythagoras’ whatsoever (if they even ever heard of the guy).

So we have to allow for some mindful wiggle room in presenting these emblems and the beliefs about the way they impact our lives.

How does Numerology work?

So where do you begin?

The basics of Numerology aren’t overly complex.

Each letter in your given birth name has a number to which it corresponds.

By adding up these numbers in different ways (your full name, just vowels, just consonants or the numbers in your full birth date) you end up with a profile of attributes.

Some of the symbolism challenges you, some supports and facilitates – but ALL of it depends on how you apply the information.

Some people have gone so far as to legally change their names to alter the vibrations in their Numerological construct. Should you be thinking of this, remember the old saying about being careful what you wish for. To make such a dramatic change it’s not as simple as just changing an “I” to an “E” (except after C). You have to (a) know what you want and (b) get ready to work for it.

Unless something dramatic happens in your reality that would support a numerological transformation, the grass may not be greener with a new name at all.

Before we go further with our examination you might be interested to know that Numerology has been used in some surprising sectors. Some brokers use it in predicting the stock market. Others use Biblical numerology in an effort to secure prosperity. The artist Prince used four digits in naming his albums and even in the way he priced tour tickets.

Are Numerology Numbers Male or Female?

By their very construct, numbers represent order. One of the orders of life is gender – namely male and female. It’s thought that odd numbers are masculine and even numbers have feminine characteristics.

Mind, you there’s some blurring here so consider this a very general observation and one that skims only the very surface of the information Numerology provides.

How to find your Numerology Numbers (Life Path, Destiny, Compatibility, Soul Urge, & Career)

While there are neato gadgets and gizmos aplenty on the Internet that are considered “Numerology Calculators” we do not use them because they are based on algorithms we have not been involved in making and this means we can’t verify their accuracy.

Further, the ones we know about are very generalized and we believe when a person is working on Building their own Beautiful Soul that specificity should count.

When we really started digging deep into this Numerology stuff, we were flipped out at how quick and easy it is to add up your own sacred numbers. By doing so, when you read about the meaning of those numbers the symbolism and spiritual messages will be the right ones.

It literally takes like just a few minutes so read our simple instructions and become your very own Numerology Calculator!

In this Pythagorean System of Numerology (what we use), your name and your birth date represent your “Be-ing”, and experts in this field further break down this basic information into specific sub-categories:

    • Life Path Number:

Numerologists feel this number is most important. This number is based on the date you were born, including the year. It resonates with your karmic mission in this lifetime.

    • Destiny or Expression Number:

This is the number that has to do with goals, talents and physical / emotional wellbeing. You obtain this figure by assigning numbers to each letter of your entire name.

    • Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire Number:

This number gives a peek into your secret longings and motivations. Get this value by adding the numbers associated with only the vowels in your name.

    • Personality Number:

This number is what you show to the world and it’s obtained by adding the consonants in each part of your name, reducing those parts to a single digit, adding the two or three together again, and reducing again.

    • Compatibility Number:

This number is the comparing of partner’s Life Path Numbers so as to glean potential relationship success and stumbling blocks.

    • Career Number:

By using bits of information from all the sub-categories of Numerology one can get an good idea of the career they are best suited for and insight as to what their Soul Contract might be as well.

Numerology History

Numerology has a long history in places as far removed as Egypt, Israel, India and Greece just to name a few. One philosopher named St. Augustine (354-430 CE) told us that numbers were a universal language from God. He and Pythagoras had much in common. Both sought to connect numbers to not only the human mind but the interrelationship of all things.

No small task!

Proponents of Numerology appeared in every era, but it was around the mid-1800’s that we start seeing a more socialized aspect. Akin to the way the Language of Flowers grew as a silent communication system between lovers, you might find people talking over tea and cookies about the finding true love by using the numbers from their name or birth date. The key numbers for these divinatory efforts were 1-10, but there were also master numbers – 11, 22 and 33 (ones that appear in the I Ching, the Tarot, Runes and the Kabbalah).

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