Lucid Dreaming Tips and Techniques

Let’s make something clear here: How about your dream realm, for example? Lucid dreaming tips will help anyone who has ever said, “I want to lucid dream!” If you express the desire to experience a lucid state while sleeping, you’re not alone! Many people want to interact with dream imagery. Maybe you are even one […]

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex?

Is that dream about your ex making you crazy? I know what you’re thinking. You woke up feeling your subconscious Ninja-ed your brain! You’re adamant it’s over. You washed your hands of that emotional mess a long time ago. So, why are you experiencing nighttime visions of a former love at all? What Does It […]

Dreams About Someone Getting Engaged, Married, or Divorced

Ah love… it’s on the mind of almost every human being because we crave attention and affection. As such, the subject of romance and relationships will crop up in our thoughts from time to time. And then it’s just a hop, skip and a jump for the subject to enter our dreams. But, here we’ve […]

Dreams About Being Pregnant – The Complete Guide

So, you’ve just had a dream about pregnancy…but wait…what’s that? You say your not pregnant? No, wait… you say you’re rather uncomfortable about having the dream because you’re a man! Not to worry all is well! Having dreams where you see yourself or another person pregnant is not an unusual experience for people of any […]

Dream of Miscarriage?

Whether you’re pregnant or not, you can still have dreams about miscarriage. No doubt you’ll find the imagery you see disturbing. You’re likely to wake startled. You may even carry real feelings of fear and grief into your conscious state. If you are pregnant, such dreams may trigger anxiety in your waking hours. If you’re […]

The Ultimate Baby Dream Guide

The meaning of babies in dreams: it’s a universal question. By the time we’re adults, there’s a good chance we’ve had a dream about babies, birth, or pregnancy. So, what does their appearance mean? Dream storylines and the imagery share important messages. Whether you have a child in your waking life influences dream symbolism. If […]

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone

To dream about someone is to have a universal experience, but all the imagery you witness is personal. Have you ever wondered about it? At night when dreaming, your subconscious will present images. Sometimes you’ll see yourself, and other times you’ll interact with others. Yet, there’s confidence in knowing every individual you see in a […]

30 Types of Dreams & What They Mean

Types of dreams; There are just so many of them! Each dream type is an umbrella term describing different dream experiences people have with common characteristics. In other words, two people can have a nightmare while experiencing very different visual, auditory, and physical sensations. What’s more, dream types do not affect dream diversity. Every dream […]

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying

To dream about someone dying; you may wonder what does it mean? Okay, I know that dreaming of someone dying is one of the most unnerving dreams you’ll ever have in your life. The dream where you witness or are responsible for someone’s death are high on the chart of triggering the creep factor! It […]

Dreams About Spiders: What Does It Mean When You Dream About Spiders

Dreams about spiders, they can be among your worst nightmares! Imagine the following scenario for a moment. You are sitting in a grandiose bedroom; everything in the room is lush, posh, and the best money can buy. A huge king-sized bed is behind you as you consider a large vanity mirror in front of you. […]

Flying Dreams: What They Mean & How To Interpret Them

Ah, flying dreams. Usually euphoric and empowering, dreams about flying can stir your emotions for years to come. After all, what spirit doesn’t yearn to soar with eagles, fly to the heavens, and float amongst the stars? Let’s take a look at why your Higher Self is sending such lofty flying imagery in your dreams.

How to Analyze the Dreaded Teeth Falling Out Dream

Fighting to awaken, you force your consciousness to eject from the nightmare. Dark and disturbing dream images swirl around you. The small hairs on your arms stand up as you recall the awful feeling of one or more teeth falling out, cracked and crumbled as they fell to your feet – the last thing you […]

Dreams About Snakes – The Complete Guide

From the time before time, human and serpent spirits have writhed together in this world. When they dance together in dreams, the symbolism can be sexual, psychic, and strike fear into the heart of even the most stalwart soul. Dreams about snakes are one of the most common dreams. The mental and emotional effects can […]

Learn to Interpret the Meaning of Dreams

Frantically struggling to free yourself from the nightmare twisting your unconscious mind like a wet kitchen towel, you surge to semi-consciousness. You become aware that you’re crying, just as you were in the dark dreamscape. You immediately begin processing the grotesque storyline that hijacked your peaceful slumber. You laugh! Godzilla wearing a sombrero, rampaging through […]