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Throughout the world various cultures used some type of Astrological correspondences to help them in everyday life. From when to plant and reap to what type of personality you might have as influenced by your birth sign, this precursor to the science of Astronomy proved a valuable tool to the ancients. Among some of the most popular Zodiac configurations we find Animals appearing in the stars. Native American tradition is one that feels each person gets a specific animal upon birth that affects and guides h/her characteristics and skills throughout life. Here is a brief overview of Animal Totems in Native American Zodiac & Astrology.

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Native American Zodiac Bear

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: August 23- September 22
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: February 19 – March 20

Native American Astrology depicts the Bear Totem as having strong masculine traits. This does not mean that a woman can’t have a Bear Totem. It may simply manifest differently in personality traits and aptitudes. In general terms Native Americans portray this sign as warm, thorough, optimistic, tolerant and honest.

Those with Bear Totems have a strong internal drive to understand the mysteries, and more importantly use them wisely. This is a wonderful goal, but one that sometimes gets sidelined by procrastination. Of course, when confronted with this issue Bear will simply say they were being careful and moving at a practical speed.

If this is your Native American Animal Sign, you tend toward being rather quiet. You prefer to experience life through careful observation. You never lose sight of the details, and mentally sort them into tidy mental folders for future integration. The most powerful influence in Bear’s life is the physical nature. You will go to great lengths to make sure mundane needs are adequately met. Thus the Challenge for Bear is getting in touch with the spiritual self, and accept that there is more to the world than what we can experience through our senses.

As with Bears in the wild, Bear people need times of solitude to meditate and recharge. This is especially true after times of change – something that makes Bear feel uncomfortable. By going to a safe place of retreat you can digest those transformations and accept them as a new part of your life. In this quietness you will rediscover your inner voice and higher self, both of which you’ll need to progress along the Path of Beauty.

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Native American Zodiac Beaver

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: April 20 – May 20
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: October 24 – November 21

The phrase Busy as a Beaver has some solid foundation in Native American characteristics for those with a Beaver Totem. Beaver holds a lot of nervous energy. This manifests as persistence and willfulness. Beaver people take pride in completing a task and making the effort something valued for many years to come.

Those born under the Native American Zodiac sign of the Beaver seek out financial security. They see money as a means of releasing other burdens and obtain freedom. Even with this goal, they roll with life’s punches pretty well because they’re secure in themselves. And, through acts of compassion, Beaver can help others find that same confidence.

Beaver medicine vibrates with energy of hearth and home. Beaver people take great pride in creating a safe haven for his family. That take similar pride in any task given them; do it once and do it right is Beaver’s motto.

If the Beaver is your sign, you may have some deep-seated pains and uncertainties that you’ve pushed away (in part by keeping too busy to recognize them). At some point in life’s journey Beaver will have to resolve these things, in part by letting someone else share your emotional space.

This sign is very industrious, and eventually see beyond work (the dam) into a greater world. Life is so much more than money or possessions. In building your dam, think of how you transform the landscape of your life and the proverbial rivers of your heart. Recognizing this in positive ways provides personal growth and allows Beaver to flourish and continue toward enlightenment.

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Native American Zodiac Deer or Stag

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: May 21 – Jun 20
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: Nov 22 – Dec 21

Native Americans portray Deer people as good-hearted, humorous and spritely. Among any group of people Deer uses laughter to level the playing ground. Combine that with an amazing oratory ability and you will find it difficult to ever be bored by a conversation with Deer people.

If Deer is your Totem, you enjoy a delightful gathering of people where you can mix and mingle. As you wander and talk, you never lose track of where you are in relationship to others in the space. Really, you are just darn likable, and often take on the task of nurturer in intimate relationships.

The Dear Totem embodies sensitivity but also an inner restlessness. It’s hard to quite your ever-busy mind. Deer loves mental challenges and learning, but may find it hard to turn off the internal chatter at the end of the day.

Most people when they think of Deer medicine they focus on gentility. Nonetheless Deer can be very strong and mindful. These people want to manifest ideas and know it take conscious action to do so. Additionally the Deer Totem has global mindedness that urges them onward toward unifying diverse factions, even those conflicts within her own soul.

If your friend has a Deer Totem, realize you will rarely hear them coming. They are very stealthy and enjoy the element of surprise. Don’t worry, you will find other signals so you’re not always startled upon her arrival.

A common theme among Deer people is the desire for coherency and consistency in a tumultuous world. They have a talent for bringing people together when working for a greater good.

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Native American Zodiac Falcon

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: March 21 – April 19
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: September 23 – October 22

Those with a Falcon Totem have metered judgement particularly when everything around seems chaotic. They are leaders who act quickly where others delay. Falcon has a strong persistent, resourceful personality that loves a good competition. This is why Falcon people are often drawn to sports professionally or as a pastime. Alternatively they may seek out pioneering projects filled with adventure from which they learn much.

Falcon people are often misunderstood in their self-importance. This is not really ego but a matter of experience. More often than not Falcon is correct in their observations. As a partner and friend Falcon’s Totem energy embraces passion, support and just enough fire to keep things interesting.

If this is your Totem, the Falcon in you is very expressive outwardly. You seem always on the move. The challenge, however, for you is taking serious time to explore your inner self for answers to your life path. Without taking this step Falcon cannot achieve the heights for which they wished. On the other hand, after digging deep, Falcon finds greater wisdom that they use for trail blazing. This is a leap into Falcon’s future in all its wonders.

When soaring on the warm winds, Falcon is beautiful and graceful. From this perspective you can discern so much more. Once something catches your eye, you can now move speedily toward manifestation. Enjoy the moment, and remember to integrate your lesson diligently.

Falcon people have keen eyes. Not much gets by their attention. They have an intense need to live honorably. Additionally when on the ground, Falcon walks carefully understanding the sacredness around.

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Native American Zodiac Otter Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Otter

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: January 20 – February 18
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: July 22 – August 22

Those born with an Otter totem are complex individuals. You can never quite get a handle on how they respond or think at any given time. Quirky and a tad eccentric, people in Otter’s circle may not always feel comfortable with the unconventional thought process Otter uses in daily life. Nonetheless Otter medicine has a “go to” spirit that embraces tasks with quick-mindedness and creativity. Beyond that Otter people are very insightful, making them excellent friends and life partners. Otter people love to nurture not just people but situations. No matter the setting these individuals remain honorable, honest, considerate and faithful.

If this is your birth totem you may find yourself incredibly curious about unique philosophies or religions that you can really sink your teeth into. You love to feed your mind and contemplate mysteries, and then put your insights into action. This sometimes results in giving spontaneous lectures (Otter loves the sound of their own voice). Depending on how others receive this information you may need to redirect the Otter so that other opinions come forward.

The spirit of the Otter loves to cavort, sometimes to extremes, and also sometimes where it’s a tad inappropriate. Because of this Otter may become distracted from the matter at hand. In this case Otter usually takes a subtle bit of advice good heartedly.

Generally speaking people born with an Otter Totem remain on the cutting edge of any new flavor of technology, science or even fashion. It’s the idea of taking a subject to new heights using imagination as a guide. As situations require, Otter people will give up a bit of their free-spirit to work for a greater good. The sweet frisky nature of Otter is contagious and endears them to many.

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Native American Zodiac Owl Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Owl

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: November 22 – December 21
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: May 21 – June 20

Owl as a Native American Zodiac sign is a tad elusive. Owl energy is very friendly and vivacious. Unfortunately sometimes Owl people get so zealous as to become careless, resulting in “no happy endings here, folk.” Even with that detriment, people with the Owl Totem are incredibly adaptable. They can adjust to various new faces and careers relatively easily. In the work place and at home Owl listens closely to others and wholeheartedly supports those they respect.

If this is your birth Totem, you tend to be optimistic about life in general. You seek to understand the human experience and how spirituality affects daily life. Perhaps this is why Owl asks the age old question, “who?”. You have a deep abiding desire to find your truest self in answer to that call. Owl traits aren’t always comfortable. You sometimes crave personal status, and because of this you embroider the truth to assuage ego. This is one of those inner conflicts for which Owl people should remain aware.

The Owl Totem is quiet and observant. They can take people by complete surprise. Those people, however do not surprise Owl who has set sight on bearing, verbal hints and gestures for complete disclosure before ever moving into a new person’s space. This is a protective maneuver more so than one of nosiness.

Owl Totem has some beautiful attributes, so celebrate them. You can see the good in people and situations that everyone else has given up on. As the saying goes if you want the change, be the change (that’s probably Owl’s mantra). Additionally Owl is ever on the move gathering up as much knowledge and trivia as possible. This sometimes becomes superficial so if you have this birth sign make sure you dig a little deeper into your acquired data.

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Native American Zodiac Raven

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: September 23 – October 22
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: March 21 – April 19

Somewhat like our friend the Salmon, a Raven Totem has a lot of energy but it’s focused mainly on one thing: entrepreneurial endeavors. This is an excellent seat for Raven in that they have enough charm to proverbially sell ice to Eskimos. People born with Raven Totem have a solid tripod underneath them composed of brilliance, diplomacy and idealistic outlooks. While that combination makes Raven sound nearly hyper active, this bird has a laid back, dreamy gentleness about them.

Those who enter into relationships with a Raven person receive patience and insightfulness. In an odd dichotomy, sometimes, in the heat of the moment, Raven caws out selfish demands only to realize that their frustration lies elsewhere. Raven will humbly apologize when shown well-founded information (and they will really mean it too).

If this is your birth totem you probably love adventure. You are fast to passion, not wanting to wait. You find yourself constantly on the go, and often don’t set down for a long time. You love the feel and freedom of the wind, but that also distracts you from landing and looking within for knowledge and wisdom that come from past incarnations. Without those insights, you rarely become the leader and trail-blazer for which you hope.

The challenge for those with a Raven Totem is finding a balance between innovation and practicality. Many Ravens don’t achieve this until their 40s or 50s, where they face their life lessons and refuse to repeat mistakes. This is when Raven starts to soar quickly, gracefully and assuredly toward whatever life holds for them in the future.

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Native American Zodiac Salmon Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Salmon

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: July 22 – August 22
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: January 20 – February 18

WOW! Salmon Totems are incredibly energetic. You swear they never sit still. When you meet a person with a Salmon totem you’ll find their zeal very catching. In a group of people Salmon always comes to the forefront with ideas that everyone oddly agrees with, even if the process seems unlikely. Better still, Salmon people often experience success because of their keen-minds and cool perceptions.

If this is your animal Totem, your life seems focused on personal goals and anything that gives your life purpose. When coupled with other likeminded people, Salmon is charitable, empathic and ever the calm voice in any storm. Life partners find Salmon to be very intense, sensual and passionate.

Salmon Totem’s medicine focuses on finding the deeper meaning to life and leaving behind a lasting memory of how that search impacted others or the Earth. Salmon wants to acknowledge people who are often under the water working, unseen. Too often such people receive few accolades. Salmon fully intends to fix that.

People with Salmon Totem have deeply emotional lives. Sometimes those waters are rough. Even so, Salmon forges toward “home” with resolve, particularly when building a family. Salmon is a poet, a bard, an artist who when they deliver themselves to the water come out with brilliant creations.

Because of Salmon’s natural environment people born under this sign are often drawn toward flowing water to think, meditate and refresh their spirit. This is a very healthy undertaking for Salmon, and one that should not be neglected. Without it, the Salmon’s energy lessens as does their ability to see goals thru to fruition.

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Native American Zodiac Snake Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Snake

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: October 23 – December 21
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: May 21 – June 20

Native American stories claim that the vast majority of Shamans bear a Snake Totem. This is because Snake represents the healer and spiritual guide. Snake is a curious Totem in that they enjoy a few secrets. This naturally encourages others to seek whatever it is that Snake has hidden.

It is not surprising to find Snake people working in medicine or spirituality. They can keep cool in tense situations while also being kind and insightful. Beyond this, Snake people are creative, funny, supportive and passionate when they travel the right circles. Snake has definite drives that they express readily. These drives change as the person grows and sheds their skin for a new awakening.

Snake people do not like having their mind stagnant. They know that their focus on change and progression requires on-going input. This sometimes interferes with Snake’s relationships. They’re very physical and zealous. It’s difficult to release to that energy when your inner voice is calculating the next best move in life’s chess board.

Teachers to the Snake are well to remind them to put down the past pains and contentions. These hinder Snake Totem’s growth dramatically. You will never be able to embrace the next great horizon if your hands are full of yesterday’s gunk.

Spiritually speaking, many born under the Snake totem have a higher calling. In this case their passion and aspirations focus on higher realities and the insights they hold. As with Native American Shamans, the Snake may seek a life of service to a belief system and its adherents.

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Native American Zodiac Snow Goose

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: December 22 – January 19
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: June 21 – July 21

In the Native American Zodiac the sign of the Snow Goose represents action and ambition. These people are go-getters that always have a goal and a plan by which to achieve it. Snow Goose’s drive comes from inner conflict particularly about self-assurance. Every time they begin to feel less than successful, another prospect or competition comes into their lives. They always have higher standards for themselves than anyone else they know.

If you are born with a Snow Goose Totem you have a great sense of humor, express love liberally to others, and engage all five senses when interacting with others and the Earth. You use resources wisely and have a core of determined energies. Even when things seem impossible, Goose keeps purposefully moving forward (albeit at a slower pace than they like).

In terms of hearth and home, Snow Goose dives deeply into the task of nest-building, wanting it to be safe, sound and lovely. The problem becomes that the nest, rather than the people in it, becomes the singular focus. This is a true test for Goose people throughout their lives. They must find ways to connect purposefully with others, and balance that against the latest project. Once achieved, the soul of the Snow Goose blossoms with integrity, sincerity and love.

Stories and lore often depict the “silly Goose”. Truthfully, however, a Goose totem stimulates many positive characteristics. Snow Goose remains faithful when they give their word. When one among the Snow Goose’s circle gets hurt another remains diligently beside them until help arrives. This has a secondary affect other than emotional support. Snow Goose protects one who is wavering, deeply hurt, or spiritually lost wrapping them in downy comfort.

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Native American Zodiac Wolf Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Wolf

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: February 19 – March 20
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: August 23 – September 22

Wolf people seem to be a bundle of contraries at first impression. They like freedom and alone time, but also enjoy a loving relationship that deeply moves two spirits toward the sacred marriage. Those with the Wolf Totem are giving and tender. When Wolf gets too caught up in generosity, however, it can become obsessive. This is one thing Wolf people can check themselves on from time to time.

Wolves do run in packs, and the human Wolf appreciates a small circle of people that they trust. To this Circle, Wolf offers strength and a keen awareness of survival. Additionally, if this is your birth totem you are smart, loyal and have a flair for words. Trust your instincts, they rarely (if ever) go awry.

Wolf medicine involves pathfinding, in their own lives as well as acting in the capacity as a guide for others. This is where the compassion, mystical insights and gentility of Wolf really shines. Wolf is a seer who is honest to a fault. If you ask Wolf a sensitive question prepare yourself for a candid response.

If this is your birth Totem, you always have one paw in two words, the mundane and the spiritual. You are very attuned to your inner voice and may even communicate with Angels and Devas. You are a gifted teacher particularly in the area of care giving and inspiring everyone to walk their true path. See, Wolf is deeply passionate and a person of faith that translates into how they live, which is very noble indeed.

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Native American Zodiac Woodpecker Birth Totem 1200x1200

Native American Zodiac Woodpecker

Northern Hemisphere Birth Dates: June 21 – July 21
Southern Hemisphere Birth Dates: December 22 – January 19

Of all the Native American zodiac Totems, Woodpecker is the most mothering. People born with this totem practice active listening, using empathy and compassion as helpmates. When you need a supportive person in your life, look to Woodpecker. As you might guess, Woodpeckers make awesome life partners, parents and friends.

In terms of finances, Woodpecker is a frugal bird. They will always plan out their budget using as many money saving resources as possible. This characteristic ties directly to the nurturing nature of Woodpecker. They want to protect those they care about, and this is part of the package. The better they manage their world, the happier Woodpecker people become. Give them the space for accomplishment and watch this bird soar.

As a young adult through to the age of 25 or so, Woodpecker people seek out the perfect partner to whom they can give all their devotion. Woodpecker is willing to give up some energy for self to make their partner happy and secure. The caution to Woodpecker people is remembering that no one person defines your happiness. That must come from within.

If this is your Native American Animal Birth Totem, you have a strong connection with the Earth Mother. One way to support that link is through drumming to the beat of our heart. This is one of the methods Shamans use to go into trance so they can walk between worlds. Such a journey fulfills Woodpecker as it provides soulful substance. These spiritual adventures also often provide Woodpecker with emotional distance to better understand difficult matters of the heart.

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