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Bear Spirit Animal

Have images of Bear been showing up repeatedly in your life? This is a powerful Spirit Animal who comes with an important message. Throughout the world Bear symbolism and meaning ties to courage and strength in the face of difficulty. Bear keeps you grounded and offers you wholeness in body, mind and spirit.

As a Spirit Animal Bear provides leadership. When you have to take action and feel ill prepared Bear energy supports you through that challenge. Call on Bear for backbone and muster. For people entering into parenthood, Bear medicine provides strong family protection and sound instincts that protect your young.

People born with a Bear totem have a natural fearlessness and a strong core of confidence. Bear people have extraordinary power and an air of mystery. They are blunt about intent, and keen on obeying laws and honoring boundaries. Do not cross the line with Bear. They are smart, and unafraid to take to battle.

Many mystical traditions, particularly Shamanism, connect the Bear with magical power. Perhaps that is why many ancients worshiped Bear Spirit, trusting it as a protector and an ally during war. Greco-Roman beliefs tie Bear to the Goddesses Diana and Artemis both of whom embody fertility.

If you have been under the weather, Bear reminds you that the ability to heal lies within you. You have to step back and support your wellness. Use your personal power wisely, letting Bear guide the way. It may be time to hibernate in the comfort of your “cave” and renew your inner well. A vision quest would be a worthy endeavor with Bear as a helpmate.

In times of need Bear Animal Spirit restores courage so you can face challenges and stand your ground. Live your spiritual truth in whatever actions lie ahead. Bear is a solitary creature, so you may need to run this course alone in order to succeed. Meditate, center yourself and listen to Bear’s message.

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Beaver Spirit Animal

The first thing that enters most seeker’s minds when they think about the meaning and symbolism for Beaver Spirit is that She is a very busy lady. In the Spirit Animal world there are few other energies that work greater persistence or creativity than Beaver. When the Beaver comes into your life, you may have gotten off task and She is there to insure you get back on tract, create a secure foundation, and move through until successful completion.

Beaver’s message is not simply one of never-ending work, however. In fact, Beaver Spirit is very much of the opinion that play is essential. After meeting a goal, its time to celebrate, gets silly, awaken our inner child – let loose. Type A personalities out there, be aware – walking with Beaver gets you out of the office and into the playground of life.

People bonded with Beaver energy have strong community ties and very intimate family structure. They build their dams in such a way as to protect those they love from life’s tumultuous waters. They are particularly shielding of their young. Beaver floats on Her back bearing her young on her stomach nursing while traversing the currents safely.

Beaver makes a substantive Spirit Animal when we need to restructure our lives. It’s time to take toll of what we REALLY need, and begin the process of mindful manifestation. Persistence is a virtue, as is patience. Keep your head and heart in balance and your eye on the goal. Eventually the industrious magic of the Beaver will see you through

Beaver medicine also stresses supportive cooperation. Your inner circle, your tribe must work together with love as a guide to see your dreams come true. Be ready to put some serious sweat equity into your life. You will be rewarded with joy, love and laughter.

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Buffalo Spirit Animal

The grand and sacred Buffalo Spirit is perhaps most precious among Native American tribes where its key symbolism and meaning is abundance. The early tribes trusted Buffalo for so many aspects of life from clothing and tools to food and shelter. If Buffalo disappeared, it was considered a terrible omen that could unravel the very fabric of the tribe.

In the wild, the Buffalo needs space. They have roaming hooves, and have no issue with breaking down barriers in their way. Thus when Buffalo Animal spirit comes to you it’s time to ask yourself about what restrictions you’ve gotten yourself into. Time to stretch out your legs and liberate yourself. Freedom calls.

Those born with a Buffalo totem typically impact their environment in some way. They proverbially kick up the prarie, which moves plants and seeds and aerates the land. This brings richer growth not only for Buffalo but for the people and situations He encounters.

Buffalo Animal Spirit is a herd creature. They do not like to move alone. One of the messages of Buffalo is that you need not remain solitary. In fact, there is greater security in the company of those who understand you. Within the group environment endeavor discover the power of cooperation and mutually respectful participation.

The Buffalo Spirit Animal offers abundance. It may be gifts coming your way, a raise at work, or a generous gesture from a stranger. The idea of “paying it forward” is definitely in Buffalo’s wheel house. When you live your truth, you can also stand your ground without conflict and attract blessings. The only caution is that Buffalo can be somewhat Bull headed about their vision. A beast that weighs some 2,000 pounds can become quite formidable when it digs in its heels.

Finally, Buffalo as a Spirit Animal teaches us the value of gratitude, prayerfulness and mindful action. Giving thanks spreads abundance and joy. Walk the sacred path with honor.

Camel Spirit Animal

In the mystical ancient realms of the Middle East, and nearly anywhere that water might be scarce the meaning and symbolism for Camel Spirit correlated with movement – specifically travel over long distances. Merchants and sojourners alike used Camels to carry their goods from place to place along with stories, myths and magic.

The Camel Spirit Animal comes to us in times when we have to endure harsh environments. When humans have an arduous task, fraught with risks in front of them, Camel is the guide we need. Camel commits to a course and keeps to it faithfully. This guide bears hope in its hump in the form of refreshing water to help us keep going.

Those born with Camel Totem rarely show fear or uncertainty. They spring to the aid of those facing what seem to be insurmountable challenges. If you have a friend or loved one who walks with Camel – they are in that relationship for the long haul no matter what. Camel people while very self-sufficient, but do commit to causes they deem worthwhile.

Camel is an exceptional Power Animal on which to call when we feel vulnerable, weary and ready to give up. Camel medicine revives your energy level and counsels watching your pace on the road ahead. Not everything is a race. Camel counsels: self-regulation.

Historically speaking Camel was one of the first modes of transportation. Because of this creature tribes could connect with each other, and people could move to better environments when theirs became uninhabitable. Camel established trade, bringing wonders from around the world to new places. Tie this together and Camel also represents communication, jobs, expansion, global mindedness, community and bridging the gap between peoples of various cultures. Camel is to land what sailing ships were to the seas.

If Camel had a mantra it may well be: The glass is half full, but it can always be restored to the rim with time and positive effort.

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Dog Spirit Animal

The meaning and symbolism of the Dog Spirit Spirit Animal is uniquely intertwined with humankind. Dogs were found everywhere humans settled, and were likely the very first creature that we welcomed to the Hearth as a companion. As a result, it’s not surprising that Dog Totems, Guides and Power Animals all have some common characteristics, perhaps the most powerful of which is loyalty.

The Dog Spirit is very much a pack animal – it’s tied to a person, family or group with unending understanding and love – thus the label “man’s best friend.” They are also fierce defenders of the Tribe who spiritually bear the secrets they’ve learned throughout their time with people.

When Dog as a Spirit Animal begins appearing in your life, consider its demeanor. Sometimes this Spirit Guide is playful and reminds us to take some “down time” to relax. Other times a Dog Power Animal may come as a support unit for those who give of themselves too much (such as Nurses and other care givers).

Dog has impressive sense of hearing and smell. Pay attention if this Animal Spirit alerts you. He will often get a scent of trouble long before you are aware of any problem. You can trust dog not to lead you astray. With Dog as a mystical helpmate, you may find your psychic gifts growing stronger. Dog teaches you to trust those instincts so that you find your way to safety.

The message of Dog is also one of service – it’s a true language of love. Dogs give to those with whom they bond unconditionally. Dog spirit may be encouraging you to do just that – love and forgive, serve and understand. Listen actively.

In working with Dog as your Power Animal remember to respect the beauty of this energy. Don’t take advantage of it. Work with kindness in your heart, and Dog will continue to stay by your side.

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Dragon Spirit Animal

Dragon as a Power Animal, Totem or Spirit Animal comes with a fierce roar on its wings. Various cultures ascribe symbolism and meaning to the Dragon, but the Far East by far has zealously incorporated this image in art, archaeology, music, and Feng Shui (just to name a few). Feng Shui practitioners recommend Dragon images in business to bring positive, profitable energies, and Dragon spirit is the same. Additionally Dragon’s message is one of power, bravery, and stick-to-itiveness. Dragon lives a very long time – patience and wisdom are virtues it admires.

A Dragon Guide is the master of all elements, magic and shape changing. He may be warning you that you’re getting out of balance or need to alter your reality to something truly special. Embrace your inner Dragon when you start on a new spiritual or mystical endeavor for greater insight. Remember that Dragon soars through the heavens. That’s a lot of perspective for you to process, but when you see the whole outlook – clarity shines.

Dragons naturally capture human imagination because of their complexity. There is nothing simple with Dragon medicine, and sometimes things are not what they seem. In this Dragon can sometimes be a bit of a prankster, but it’s never without a lesson attached. She is a fierce protector to those with whom she shares her insights.

Different types of Dragon Spirits house slightly different energies. Fire Dragon are alchemical. Air Dragon wings in with inspiration and a deeper connection to instinct. Earth Dragon offers providence and grounding that comes from your own aptitudes. Finally, Water Dragon reconnects you to your passions and true feelings.

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Horse Spirit Animal

When the Horse Spirit Animal gallops into your life it’s saddled with a message of liberation, motivation and movement unlike anything you’ve experienced before. The symbolism and meaning of Horse connects directly to the energy and passion of this creature. Horse prefers to be wild – moving without limitation, so when your soul is ready to break out and run like the wind – don’t be surprised to find a Horse Power Animal guiding you.

Horse represents the Masculine or God energies of the Universe, including sexual potency. Horse feels everything very deeply, and has the drive to put energy and vitality into action. A Horse Spirit Animal is a great gift when you need a push to get on with things and find your bliss. Let the Horse leap over perceived boundaries in your life, opening a path to your goals, particularly physically and emotionally.

People who resonate with Horse medicine love to express themselves and seem to never run out of energy. Being social is the name of the game – people fill you with great vibes that fill you to your toes. The only caution with Horse energy is sometimes it needs reigning – you must always remain the master of your destiny rather than circumstances driving your actions and reactions. Horse Spirit is ultimately brashly authentic about relationships, creative vision and passions – stay true to yourself.

Horse is an excellent choice in a Power Animal if you are working on sexual expression or issues. Nearly everywhere in the world Horse meanings include eroticism and sensuality. Horse helps you embrace those feelings without embarrassment, replacing uneasiness with joy.

When working with Horse energy the color of the Horse can influence the best application. A white Horse speaks of purifying. White is a spiritual color that’s ideal for growing divinatory or psychic awareness. By comparison, the Black Horse Totem helps you work on the shadow self – those things that sometimes you don’t even recognize.

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Monkey Spirit Animal

Monkey see, Monkey do? Not necessarily when you engage a Monkey spirit animal. The symbolism and meaning behind Monkey has to do with this creature’s social structure and personality. Monkey Spirit is very playful and smart. This Power Animal has a passion for learning too, and they have no problems stepping up to protect the young of their group. So what does this tell us when Monkey swings into our lives.

There is no question that the Monkey Spirit Animal reminds us to awaken our inner child and let that Being laugh again. Life can be serious work, but laughter truly is good soul food. The lightheartedness of Monkey contrasts with its untamed energy. Monkey has strength and can become an aggressor when needed, but that’s typically in response to perceived danger.

Monkey spirit guides show us the wisdom of play and community. They are very social animals that bond deeply within a unit, particularly their family. Monkey’s message is that your life is not an island. We need community and finding our place and purpose within that group is very important. Monkey responds to a social structure, interactions and honors both. The concept of neglecting an Elder or other parts of the troupe is unacceptable.

Light Workers see Monkey as an entertainer and somewhat of a prankster. This behavior is good-hearted and meant for the enjoyment of all. The caution with Monkey energy is that not all tricks are understood by all. Monkey as a Spirit Guide steps in when tactfulness is required rather than just a joke without thought. Besides this there is a caution with Monkey energy not to go off raging – composure is essential to problem solving. The ear-piercing Monkey may get attention, but it’s rarely the type you really want.

Finally when Monkey continually appears connected with a person or situation, it could well be that some trickery is afoot. If something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

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Mouse Spirit Animal

The Mouse Spirit Animal comes scurrying into your life silently and stealthily. This power animal’s symbolism and meaning explains this crafty behavior. In nature, Mouse is small and very vulnerable. Thus, Mouse times their hunt for food and movement very carefully, using keen instincts to guide their path.

Mouse as an animal spirit guide bears a similar message for us – be aware, listen to your inner voice and higher self, and let caution and silence be your allies.

One of the most common reasons Mouse squeaks in our ears is when there is a predator of which we may be unaware (often an emotional one). Things may seem safe, but there is something or someone that requires your full attention and inspection. Find a suitable hidey-hole and tune in all your senses to what’s really going on.

People with Mouse as a Totem Animal have strong ties to the spirit realm. They depend heavily on messages from the Higher Self and the Universe for maintaining personal security. The world is filled with dangers for Mouse, and those messages sustain him through trials and tribulations. The insights from Mouse often astound – they are strikingly accurate, to the point of being a tad unnerving. Nonetheless when a Mouse person speaks their truth – you would do well to listen.

Mouse medicine and magic relies on tiny tools as a focal point. Little power crystals, shiny items, jewelry, amulets etc. all work. Mouse energy empowers these with the gifts of observation, timeliness and strong psychic aptitude. Mouse Spirit is also an excellent Power Animal for times when you need protection, security or comfort.

Ultimately Mouse symbolism bonds itself intimately with day-to-day survival. Every move Mouse makes, everything She takes interest in – even the tiniest of things – all have meaning, and all impact the quality of life. Mouse has a calculating mind to “bet” on the best course of quick action for a healthy, happy existence.

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Owl Spirit Animal

The symbolism and meaning of the Owl begins in nature and mythology. Out in the wild Owl flies silently and has keen night vision. As a Spirit Animal this translates into the Owl providing us with great insights into mysteries and the ability to traverse awkward situations without a great deal of notice. In those moments when you want to be “invisible” Owl spirit becomes a helpmate.

In Greek mythology Athena’s sacred animal is an Owl. Her stories paint Athena as a Goddess of wisdom, prosperity, intelligence and learning. Owl bears all those energies in Her wings. Call on Owl as a power animal when you need intuitiveness and the ability to see beyond surface reality. Owl becomes a Shamanic guide to those who wish to explore magic deeply as well.

The Owl Spirit Animal is a messenger of truth. It will not be deceived. When working with Owl medicine it’s very important to remain wholly honest with yourself and others. Additionally, be prepared for dramatic transitions or changes while Owl is in your life. A door is closing, but another will replace it soon enough.

Those with Owl totems have uncanny discernment and make excellent decisions as a result. Owl always looks to the heart of things, not just what others’ wish to show outwardly. The instinctual aptitude is like radar for the soul. As one might guess, Owl people are truly “night owls” who find their energy and creativity bursts through after dusk.

As Owl hoots to you take note that it is time to leave behind those things that no longer define you. Drop toxic people and situations and take to flight on the winds of change. See clearly through Owl’s eyes and embrace new possibilities and potential.

Finally Owl represents the wisdom of the Ancestors. Listen closely to Her lessons as they come from the spirit realm, and may even be a missive from a friend or family member hoping to guide you.

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Bull or Ox Spirit Animal

When looking to the Ox’s symbolism and meaning as a spirit animal, one thing immediately comes to mind is its brazen strength. It’s not surprising that sports teams, ancient tribes and even rulers used an Ox to represent their power and aptitude. Various religions worshipped Ox spirit, while others felt this creature so valuable that it became a suitable offering for the Divine.

When the Ox Spirit Animal plows into our lives its rarely quiet or remotely covert. Ox is a power animal with raw UMPH! Common energetic traits associated with Ox include métier, fecundity, authority, providence and wealth (oh, and a pinch of luck for good measure). Light Workers believe that Ox enters our life to bring fertility of some kind. This could be a literal child or a “brain child” – but either way something is about to grow.

As an essential working farm beast, Ox spirit has close ties to the earth and farming practices. In the Far East, Ox represents spring and renewal so consider putting an Ox symbol in your garden so it grows fruitfully. Also call on Ox Power Animal while sowing your magickal plants. Use any resulting harvest in magic spells or rituals for serendipity and physical strength.

If you have an Ox Totem in your life you can push through nearly anything. Your determination can also pull others along with you toward a common goal when they get stuck. Remain aware of your stubborn nature, however, as you can be rather bull-headed sometimes.

Those born in the Chinese year of the Ox toil for a long time at everything from jobs to relationships. These people crave the familiar and comfortable – chaos is not welcome. The keynote to these individuals is hard work and discipline in every aspect of their lives, which often leads to success by sheer determination.

As you work with Ox medicine patience and faith are your friends. Ox endures until the goal is complete. Use your energy wisely and endeavor to maintain humility. Ox, while a great animal, is truly a simple, down-to-earth spirit guide.

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Panda Bear Spirit Animal

The Panda as a Spirit Animal provides us with a great deal of symbolism and meaning. While cute and furry on the outside, Panda is actually a very powerful Totem and Power Animal that represents fortitude and willpower. When Panda comes into our lives we learn about that gentle inner strength in the depth of our soul. Panda medicine also reconnects us with our emotional life, particularly the ability for setting boundaries and nurturing ourselves and others.

If Panda had one mantra it would be: Balance in all things. Throughout life various circumstances make it easy to get out of kilter. Panda’s essence pulls us back into center. The three fold nature of our life – body, mind and spirit – will never be overlooked with Panda as a Power Animal. Additionally Panda teaches how to integrate various aspects of our talents and personality into a holistic working unit. Light Workers tell us that Panda is a bearer of good fortune who helps us see the bright side of life.

People born with a Panda Bear totem are very emotionally delicate. They think deeply and pay close attention to their environment. This highly intuitive nature means that Panda may need to retreat to a place of silence where they can get back in touch with the Higher Self and the Divine. Panda’s message is often, don’t be afraid to take time for yourself. There is a space in which you can dream and BE. Don’t give that up, in fact relish in it and unlock all that potential that Panda points out.

Healthy boundaries are necessary to a healthy life. As a typically solitary creature, Panda wisdom embraces this truth. You need to feel comfortable in your own skin, and in your environment. Panda often enjoys a bit of material comfort in which to nurture loved ones. Think of this as the fuzzy aspect of Panda – it’s warm, gentle and welcoming. Here your Panda Animal Spirit renews that steady strength and peacefulness that you had all along.

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Black Panther Spirit Animal

What is the symbolism and meaning for the Black Panther Spirit Animal? This intense guiding animal has strong feminine energies that put us in touch with our deepest, true self. When walking with Panther you can expect intense feelings of strength, honor and bravery coursing through to your very soul.

Panther’s black coloration gives this power animal the additional symbolism of death. Panther can help us truly understand the mystical transformation in death, but also reminds us rebirth is also part of life’s wheel. This death can be figurative – dramatic transformations at work, in relationships, in living space etc., but all is not lost. Wait for the wheel to turn and see where Panther takes you.

Individuals with Black Panther as a Totem tend to have keen insights and a great artistic flair. As they move through life, passion and desires drive new experiences and hopes. Panda people embrace their potentials and dreams and seek to fulfill them completely.

Panda medicine is ancient, and filled with a unique poise. Working with this magic encourages us to look at our fears and face them head on. Panda is an excellent power animal for those souls who choose a solitary spiritual path too. This animal guide doesn’t mind being alone, or travelling in the company of others of a like mind.

As Panther Spirit teaches us, our passions find fire and our talents emerge. It is a time to reclaim your place and power and let old wounds heal. Panther my teach you the art of Astral Travel, or help you expand your psychic aptitudes. Now more than ever it’s time to trust yourself – listen to those gut instincts. Let your inner Panther guide your choices, particularly those of a sexual or sensual nature. Panther encourages exploration and a joy in our bodies that we often deny ourselves.

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Penguin Spirit Animal

Penguin Spirit is always dressed up and ready to move forward. It’s not surprising then that the symbolism and meaning of Penguin has to do with progress. While your world might feel like you’re sliding out of control on ice, Penguin sees you through the chaos until you finally see a dream or goal manifest.

Penguin medicine is all about adaptability. This Animal Spirit tells us to stay calm, cool and collected and don’t get stuck in a rut. In nature Penguin uses the water and land, which gives this power animal the additional symbolism of balance between the mundane and the magical, between thought and intuition. Its ok to have your eyes on the stars so long as you have one foot on the ground.
Those with a Penguin Totem find that they’re real team players. These people always seem to know what they want and how to get it by shear willpower, even if it takes time. In social realms Penguin people make excellent diplomats because their tenacious adherence to etiquette.

Consider working with Penguin as a Power Animal when focusing on greater self-discipline and confidence. For those who wish to learn the art of Astral Projection or Lucid Dreaming, Penguin Spirit makes an unassuming guide until you can stand on your own.

In thinking of Penguin, people often forget that this creature is a bird that simply cannot fly. Rather than just having a useless appendage, Penguins use their wings for swimming instead. In this ingenious twist of nature’s evolution, Penguin spirit represents flexibility and transformation. They are also highly social creatures with impressive communication skills.

When the Penguin Power Animal swims with you be ready to get up, get out and bring your gift of gab! Penguin Spirit values spending time with close family and friends too. Don’t be surprised if some of that communication and interaction is directed toward members of your Tribe.

Pig Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal 1200x1200

Pig Spirit Animal

The meaning and symbolism of Pig Spirit is complex. On one hand, we often see Pig as a source of nourishment. This connection was recognized by many ancient civilizations including the Celts, Egyptians and Chinese. Additionally these cultures associated Pig with fertility – both metaphorical and physical. In fact, many of the Mother Goddesses had a female Pig as an emblem or sacred creature.

In the Far East and in Europe a Pig Animal Spirit brings luck, often of a financial nature. Perhaps that is why piggy banks have always been a fun, honored way to save money. The only caution with Pig medicine is that, if misused, some people find themselves over-indulging, leading to wanton sexual activity, spending sprees and laziness.

Individuals born with a Pig Totem are naturally abundant and likely to have many children. They have uncanny good fortune with money, and a highly maternal nature. Pig people constantly replenish their homes and energetically “feed” people with warmth and intelligent insights.

In the Chinese Zodiac, the Boar/Pig represents the sincerest of intention. Pig is honorable, honest and incredibly tenacious. Among the Greeks and Native Americans Pig has strong ties with nature and farming. Pig’s energy supports a healthy, abundant crop. In modern terms, working with Pig as a power animal helps with manifestation and completion. The Japanese see courage and dignity in this Animal Spirit.

A wild Pig (or Boar) is a solar animal with strong masculine overtones. Bravery and kindness course through its veins. Warriors in various cultures sometimes put an image of Pig on their armor as an amulet for protection and strength.

When Pig enters your life, it will be filled with swift, aware movement. Pig gives you the determination to weather any situation without falling in the mud. When you are uncertain about the right, best thing to do – trust Pig to guide you.

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Rabbit Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal 1200x1200

Rabbit Spirit Animal

Rabbits’ symbolism and meaning varies greatly from culture to culture. The Chinese revere Rabbit Spirit as a creature of luck who is also aligned with fertile, lunar energy. In Chinese Astrology people born in the year of the Rabbit are said to be very creative and insightful.

Rabbit as an Animal Guide is somewhat timid. Rabbit calls for a time of caution. However do not project your fears so much that you actually attract negativity. Restraint need not be couched in trepidation, rather be respectful of the potential predators and avoid that space.

When you work with Rabbit medicine it’s time to discover who and what you can truly trust, including yourself. Put down worry and re-address the situations and people who seem defiant or obstructive. Just like a Rabbit, you can hop out of the way and find a new approach. Rabbit also challenges us to get away from old, outworn patterns and habits that no longer suit our spirits. This is not an easy task as we often grow comfortable and act on reflex. Nonetheless in order to grow, leaving the past behind is nothing but essential.

The Rabbit Spirit Animal typically brings a little serendipity on his tail. You may find a new love, see financial improvements or feel a greater wholeness in body and mind. Spiritually Rabbit reconnect you to your psychic instincts. Trust your intuition, focus your mind and stay still to listen to the voice of the Divine and the Higher Self.

In nature Rabbit appears during in-between hours at dawn and dusk. As such it has an affinity with nature spirits and the fairy folk. When working Rabbit medicine those in-between moments provide greater energy and open the Paths to other realms.

Rabbit does not like to be confronted or cornered. People born with Rabbit as a totem move quickly and often unexpectedly through life. They are spontaneous, leaping at opportunities before they disappear.

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Goat or Ram Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal 1200x1200

Goat & Ram Spirit Animal

One of the most consistent meaning and symbolism for Ram Spirit Animal throughout the world is that of raw determination. Rams and Goats both traverse dangerous paths successfully where other skilled navigators would stumble and fall. When Ram enters your life your leadership skills take a huge leap forward as does your gutsy spirit.

People with Ram Totem can be nearly as stubborn as Bull and with good reason. Ram medicine requires fortitude, fearlessness and a clear present of mind to jump on opportunities. Ram simply seems to never run out of resourcefulness.

Ram appears in Chinese Astrology where His relationship to persistence continues. Ram always has a mission but it comes with sensitivity, strength and courage that inspire everyone around him. Ram, of need, has good health and positive energy in abundance. Ram people have a drive and thirst for living life that’s remarkable.

It is the power of the Ram Spirit Animalthat endeared it to various God figures including notably Apollo, Zeus and Hermes. In religious settings the Ram often relates to Gods’ dominion and surety. After all, one cannot mount the likes of Olympus without good footing!

Goat and Ram were both often domesticated and used as a source of food and clothing. This gives this Animal Spirit the additional symbolism of providence and on-going stability in the home or business. When working with Ram energies, establish a firm spiritual foundation first then move forward. While Goat walks easily on rocky ledges, any project worth pursuing needs a strong cornerstone.

If you seek out the Ram as a power animal, He will guide you into aspects of your nature that you never truly explored. This journey leads to the truest self. Along the way Ram does not abandon any aspect of the body-mind-spirit equation because all three fuel your insights. Follow the Ram and uncover greater creativity and imagination every day.

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Rooster Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal 1200x1200

Rooster Spirit Animal

The confident Rooster alerts us to dawn, making its key symbolic meanings those of renewal, resurrection and watchfulness. Rooster Spirit loves to shake its tail feathers – so don’t expect him to be timid when he shows up in your life. Rooster as a Spirit Animal also bears solar energy, pride and sexuality in his timely announcements.

The ever flamboyant Rooster loves to crow, which may come across as arrogant, but to Rooster it is simply His way of setting himself apart from the hens. Those with Rooster Totems are typically very unique people who don’t mind showing off their creativity and cleverness to others. The word “shy” is not really in Rooster’s vocabulary, but that doesn’t mean tossing caution to the wind. If anything, Rooster is over vigilant about when, where and how they insert themselves into various situations. Rooster people also have a great sense of humor, enthusiasm and contagious optimism that makes them very popular in nearly any social setting or on group tasks.

Rooster medicine works closely with the spirits of the Ancestors too. This guide comes to you from a loved one to crow about unseen danger. This particular association comes from Celtic magical traditions. Meanwhile the Greeks tell us Rooster Spirit brings victory just as His voice signals the sun overcoming darkness. Some of the Gods associated with Rooster include the powerful Apollo (a solar deity) and Zeus (an all-Father figure).

The Chinese Zodiac features rooster as a highly moral and honest emblem. The Yang, or Male energies of this bird bring good fortune, dedication and safety. These are all good characteristics to seek out in Rooster as a Power Animal. Japan has similarly complimentary views or Rooster because this creature give call for morning prayers. As a spirit guide this translates as a reminder to live our lives prayerfully, acknowledging the Great Spirit’s guidance in our daily lives.

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Snake Spirit Totem Power Animal Symbolism Meaning 1200x1200

Snake Spirit Animal

If Snake begins appearing in your life, its natural to wonder about this Spirit Guide’s meaning and symbolism. The strongest energy in Snake medicine is fertility and transformation. You may find your whole way of looking and living changes dramatically.

Snake as a Power Animal reminds us to live wholly in this moment. If you keep looking back, its impossible to make progress. Those hoping to conceive children would do well to embrace their sexuality in a healthy, nurturing way with Snake Medicine as an ally. Enjoy your body and the sacredness of your passion.

Snakes shed their skin in nature in order to grow. As such, the Snake Totem embodies the entirety of our life’s cycle from birth to death and every meaningful moment in between. Pay attention throughout this process. Something may end, but something new begins afterward that’s better. Snake guides you through the processes gracefully.

Those people born with a Snake Totem are in a constant state of shifting. This mutable trait comes in handy when life throws a pot hole in the way. Snake people feel things very deeply and tend to keep one foot on the ground no matter what. The Snake Totem is also very charismatic and quite the sweet talker.

Use the symbolism and meaning of Snake as a Power animal when you need awareness. Snake will warn you of trouble, and become an ally when you are trying to develop your psychic aptitudes. When walking with snake be ready for change to come at you head-on. Don’t be frightened. Stand strong and know that after the storm there is something wonderful on the other side just waiting for you get shake off your old skin. Note too that Snake Medicine is very powerful for Light Workers who practice healing arts. It is for this reason that Snake became part of the Caduceus, representing renewal.

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Tiger Spirit Animal

If Tiger Spirit has walked into your life, you may wonder about the meaning and symbolism of this proud, beautiful energy. Some of the most common associations for Tiger include strength, bravery and self-discipline. Tiger comes to those whose time has come for fulfilling the true self and polishing your attributes and characteristics until they truly shine.

As a Spirit Animal Tiger says: don’t give up your dreams, rather look to see how to make them a reality. Akin to the seeker poised to take a leap of faith, Tiger challenges you. Embrace your true potential by digging down deep into your core of power.

Those born with a Tiger Totem embody strength, courage and unwavering resolve to see things through. When faced with a proverbial wall even the Tiger-by-the-tail either finds a way around it or simply springs right over. Tigers feel things very deeply but they know how to control those emotions in delicate situations. The only caution for Tiger people is a tendency toward out-right aggression when provoked by circumstances or even by feelings you don’t understand.

Call on Tiger as a Power Animal when you feel your confidence wavering. Tiger is also a great support unit when you’ve lost your “joui de vivre” or passion (be it physical or mental). Tiger tells us that our sexuality and sensuality are vital to happiness and contentment. The key is finding the best way to express yourself and feel comfortable in your stripes.

When a Tiger animal spirit activates it often signals a time when everything in your life takes unpredictable twists and turns. Life moves quickly and planning seems nearly impossible. Don’t leap to rash action or decisions, but don’t procrastinate either. Sit and wait patiently and persistently until it’s time to release the Tiger confidently.

In the Far East Tiger has various associations including sitting with the God of Wealth. Tigers protect spirits of the dead and grant peace to restless souls.

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Turtle Spirit Animal

Turtle Spirit carries the world on its back, slowly but surely in its dance with the Universe. The Turtle’s movement gives it the symbolism and meaning of determination. While on land, Turtle lumbers along seemingly in no hurry and totally content. In the water, however Turtle becomes much more than She seems. As a Being of both land and sea, Turtle Animal Spirit builds bridges out of brick of peace – in mind and soul, and also with Mother Earth.

The Turtle guide teaches us that the Path we take matters as much as the way we move through it. Staying grounded, centered, aware of our footprint in this world all leads to greater understanding of the truths that the Ancients sought after.

When Turtle enters our lives it is a time of transformation. If you are accustom to living in the fast lane, put down the coffee and pick up the tea. You need to breathe.
For those with a Turtle Totem no change comes quickly. It is rather thoughtfully laid out in a series of steps aimed toward spiritual evolution. Since you have your home on your back, Turtle people are prone to wander but feel wholly comfortable no matter where life takes them.

As a Power Animal, call on Turtle energy for those long-term projects that you might otherwise give up on. Turtle medicine allows for careful consideration and review rather than a rush to completion. Long lasting results don’t come from haste. In fact, “Haste makes Waist” may well be Turtle’s mantra.

The Native Americans honor Turtle as a peace maker and the embodiment of the Feminine powers of the universe. Turtle does not abide strife or rage. Turtle wisdom says, slow down and consider well your words. Wait until you have a clear head before trying to fix things. Some battles are not meant to be fought, but act as a lesson. Use your Turtle shell and seek serenity.

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