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Suit of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

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If there is something in your life that’s making you go Wooooosh! this Tarot Suit will have something to say about it!

The Suit of Cups is a receptive, feminine energy. They’re mainly concerned with emotions: their power, depth, movement – and wisdom.

Your emotions are powerful. They’re the magic that fills you with the passion you need to go that extra mile. In a sense, they’re the fuel that keeps the universe in constant motion. Without them, nothing would ever get done.

Now emotions have two faces – constructive (positive) and destructive (negative). However, though destructive emotions can be powerful, love is by far the strongest emotion. That’s why the Suit of Cups corresponds to the Hearts in a deck of regular playing cards.

Love can give you wings, or it can blind you. But the experience of loving can instill wisdom like little else.

Love can do this, because it encourages you to look at what’s below the surface; into the world of your subconscious mind. Your hunches and psychic intuitions come from there. So do your dreams and visions.

The Suit of Cups holds the secrets of the world’s of astral currents, where you can see first-hand that there is so much more to the universe than what you experience with your five senses. Like the Internet, it’s the link between you and an entirely new world.

It’s exciting, but it can also dazzle and confuse you.

Yes, it will take some time to get used to it, but with practice, you can navigate it expertly and safely.

So grab your scuba gear and Tarot Cards and join us on a journey deep into the unknown!

Suit of Cups Symbolism

The Suit of Cups is associated with the Element of Water. Of course, it’s not an element you’ll find on your periodic table. The “elements” of the Tarot are best compared to what chemistry calls “states of matter:” solid (Earth), liquid (Water), gaseous (Air), and plasma (Fire).

Learn all about the 5 Elements – Symbolism & Meaning.

In the Tarot, “water” is used as a catch-all for any fluid matter.

Looking through the cards of this suit, you’ll see that these Cups can actually contain many different kinds of fluids. They’re filled with water, wine, and tears – even the four humors. They’re bodily fluids that represent the four basic human temperaments: sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, and melancholic.

Sanguine people are passionate. Phlegmatics are laid back. Cholerics are prone to anger, and melancholics are wistful and sad.

That’s why the Suit of Cups often deals with emotions. It challenges you to take an honest look at your feelings. Here, you’re encouraged to examine what causes them, how they affect your decisions, and how they can guide you.

Suit of Cups & The Zodiac Signs

The Astrological Signs associated with this suit are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These are all Western Zodiac Signs.

Cancer is highly emotionally sensitive, and that’s why he hides under his tough exterior. Getting him to come out of this shell isn’t easy, but he’s willing to take risks for a great cause. Extremely loving, this sign can also be very possessive.

Scorpio is more outgoing and embodies the amazing power of this element – as well as the positive and negative extremes to which it can go. Always eager to make a good thing better, this sign represents transformation on all levels of existence.

Deeply knowledgeable in spiritual mysteries, its relentless emotional drive makes it unstoppable once it sets out to do something. On the other hand, Scorpios aren’t likely to change course once they begin. Champions for justice, they’re also bitter and vengeful when betrayed.

Pisces embodies the receptive quality and fluidity of water. Its intuitive nature makes this the sign of gifted empaths. Under its influence, you can easily be swept away by all the information that’s flooding in.

That’s why people born under this sign tend to be impressionable, and their mood can change with the weather. They’re deeply spiritual and highly idealistic, but they often lack the determination to follow through.

Suit of Cups in a Reading

In a reading, the Suit of Cups pours out important answers to questions about love, your emotions, dreams, and psychic insights.

Cups symbolize fertility and good fortune. That’s why they’re an important part in wedding ceremonies throughout many cultures. A large number of Cup cards usually suggests that you’ll find love soon or you may be falling in love with your beloved all over again! If you are already in a relationship, they announce that it’s about to enter a new phase. Wedding bells may be in the air, or your family may receive a new addition!

Because Cups operate on the deepest emotional level of your existence, they also give you insights about your desires, hopes, and fears. The fluid nature of their element is less likely to give you specific answers, if you’re interested in knowing whether or not your desire will be met exactly as you want.

For example, they’ll be pretty vague when you’re asking, if you and your ex will get back together.
But ask, if you’ll find love again, and they’ll be spot on. Even better, the Suit of Cups can tell you how to go about putting yourself in a frame of mind that will attract love.

Cups also point out that paying attention to your hunches and dreams is a good idea. The impressions you are receiving may communications from higher planes of being.

People represented by Cup cards tend to have a rich imagination. They’re usually highly intuitive, and they may even be psychic.

Most of the time, these persons are loving and gentle.

On the downside, they can lose themselves in their dreams and they’re not always reliable. Because these persons are open to all kinds of impressions, they can also be insecure. Sometimes, this makes them moody, but their insecurity can also manifest itself in manipulative and self-destructive behaviors.

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