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Male Zodiac Signs
Their Traits In Love & In Bed

Want detailed insight into the traits and personality man that has just come into or is already in your life? Are you two compatible? What is he like in love and in bed? What kind of career man is he? Will he be a good dad? You’re in the right place! Here, you’ll find tons of astrological information in relation to men and the unique star signs they are born under!

Need to find that all too perfect gift for a certain man in your life? Check out his Zodiac Sign and Horoscope details to learn about the gifts he will truly cherish! Want to learn how to attract a man of a specific Zodiac Sign? It’s all here on Building Beautiful Souls!

It is my sincerest hope that this information helps you make and keep the most important love connections in your life, and, if you are already involved, I certainly hope the information I share smooths the way forward to the best days ahead for you and your significant other!

Below are brief descriptions of each Male Zodiac Sign. Simply click on any image or zodiac sign title to read the in-depth description about your mate! Learn how the stars shape their personality, preferences, personal interactions, choices, health, love life, likes, dislikes, pet peeves, and so much more!

Aries Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Aries Man
Traits In Love & In Bed

Aries Men are all about ACTION. They know what they want, and they go out and get it. In fact, if you attempted to stop this Zodiac Sign, they would simply bow their heads, position horns straight ahead, and forge forward with the spirit of a Ram!

If you are in love with an Aries Man or you want to bring one into your life, you best be ready for ACTION too – otherwise you might find yourself sitting alone with dust flying in your face! Aries Men wait for no one and you’re either keeping pace or falling to the wayside! He’ll march on ahead without you if you haven’t got the gusto to keep up!

Do you have the high-octane heart it takes to keep up with an Aries Man?

Get in-depth info about the ARIES MAN.

Taurus Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Taurus Man
Traits In Love & In Bed

A creature of comfort and one who likes to bask in all things beautiful, a Taurus Man knows fine foods, fine music, and about all the finer things in life. Oh, he is an immovable creature though. Once content with the status quo there’s not much that will call him out of his comfort zone.

That’s right ladies, when dealing with a Taurus man, you’ll be fighting the drag of INERTIA. This Zodiac Sign is, also, as stubborn as a mule. And, guess what? He’s one so resistant to change you’d think he had a will made of iron! But loveable, loyal, and totally committed he’ll be to the lucky woman who finds a way to keep his needs for comfort satisfied.

Do you have what it takes to move a Taurus Man?

Get in-depth info about the TAURUS MAN.

Gemini Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Gemini Man
Traits In Love & In Bed

It takes a brave lady to enter into a love affair (not to mention, marriage) with a Gemini man. These highly intellectual, social creatures are prone to extremes of all kinds!

Another high action character, the Gemini Man can also be a bit RESTLESS. This Zodiac Sign can never quite decide if he wants to stay or go. When he’s in ‘stay’ mode, it’s heaven on earth. When he’s in ‘go’ mode, not so much.

A thinker through and through, he both seeks knowledge and loves to share it with everyone he encounters! Hope you are ready for some Trivial Pursuit!

Do you have what it takes to feed the intellect and soothe the soul of a Gemini!

Get in-depth info about the GEMINI MAN.

Cancer Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Cancer Man
Traits In Love & In Bed

A gentler, kinder, more compassionate soul you never did meet if you’ve met up with a Cancer Man. And yet, as kind-hearted and empathic as he is, his most vulnerable of emotions remain tucked far away where few, if any, ever gain access! As if born on SELF-PRESERVATION mode, the Cancer Man hides his truest self inside a thin outer shell he presents as his public self.

Still, even when he hides, you sense there is such a depth of emotion to him that you simply must know more about him, his life, what he likes, loves, dislikes and what he stands for … but most of all, you’d simply love to see him take his guard down and shed that shell of his!

Can you break through the ice with this moon-ruled creature: the emotional Cancer male?

Get in-depth info about the CANCER MAN.

Leo Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Leo Man
Traits In Love & In Bed

If you’re drawn to the Kingly Leo male, then you know all about his powerful authoritative nature – and you’re likely swooning over his regal-like qualities! Yes, his key phrase is “I WILL”! And as HE wills, so is it done! The Leo male stands out from the rest. It’s as if he’s got on a golden crown and everyone else is wearing paper hats!

This Zodiac Sign has intense eyes. With that primal stare and his wild mane of hair he’ll undoubtedly have you staring, all the while with bated breath. The Leo man just melts your heart with his confident smile and his need for fun. Oh, and how can you forget his well-formed physique? I mean, really?

So, do you think you’re the right Queen for the demanding and discerning Leo male?

Get in-depth info about the LEO MAN.

Virgo Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Virgo Man
Traits In Love & In Bed

So you find yourself utterly attracted to and mildly confused (irritated) by a Virgo male, is that right? No surprise there really. You won’t be the first or the last female to feel that way. This Zodiac Sign’s key phrase is “I ANALYZE”. Your Virgo male tends to balance extremes only after intense analysis of both sides.

Instead of leaning to one side, he proficiently brings all resources together to tackle an issue – even if the resources are in opposition. Watching your Virgo man at work might have you wishing all government officials were Virgo-born and equally proficient!

Are you ready to take the tendency for extremes so common of the Virgo man?

Get in-depth info about the VIRGO MAN.

Libra Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Libra Man
Traits In Love & In Bed

If your heart is all a flutter for a Libra man, it is of no surprise. This Zodiac Male is a fine mix of charm, looks, brains, integrity, and honor. Woo! And does he a way with words! The Libra man lives up to his key phrase – “I BALANCE”.

Beauty, peace, and balance is what the Libra man must have to feel at home and comfortable in his own skin and what he looks for in a mate.

Libra males aren’t usually on the market for long. Prepare yourself for a bit of a chase, though. But that’s OK! A good romantic chase is sexy, am I right?

Can you provide the feminine balance your Libra man’s needs in his life?

Get in-depth info about the LIBRA MAN.

Scorpio Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Scorpio Man
Traits In Love & In Bed

Let me ask you, have you felt the “sting” of a Scorpio male? And I don’t mean it in a bad way – but that sting of first love? Oh, and the stirrings of smoking hot and never ending desire the Scorpio male tends to trigger in others? After all, he lives up to his motto, “I DESIRE.”

Mesmerized by a Scorpio man? Of course you are! This Zodiac Sign is the Keeper of secrets. Passionate and sometimes aloof, he’ll keep you guessing – but, then, that’s part of the attraction obsession, isn’t it?

Are you ready for the mysterious, highly sexual sting of a Scorpio male? LOL Yeah. Make sure your therapist is on speed dial. 😉

Get in-depth info about the SCORPIO MAN.

Sagittarius Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Sagittarius Man
Traits In Love & In Bed

As a real visionary, the Sagittarius male is one who lives by the motto, “I SEE”. A true master of The Law of Attraction, this man knows how to manifest what he desires. What the Sagittarius man sees in his imaginings, he brings to life, making him a true-to-life magician!

They broke the mold and killed the mold maker when they made this Zodiac Sign. A modern-day Byronic hero is what you see in this emotionally intense, commitment-shy guy. But you’re bound, set, and determined to lasso him in, am I right? LOL Good luck with that. 😉

How’s your aim? Do you have what it takes to capture a Sagittarius man’s heart?

Get in-depth info about the SAGITTARIUS MAN.

Capricorn Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Capricorn Man
Traits In Love & In Bed

His cool presence, control in the midst of chaos, high intellect, and great looks make your pulse quicken – well, you must be talking about the Capricorn male.

This Zodiac Sign is a true born leader and knows it! Further, he is relentless in his pursuit of control, ahem, leadership positions. His motto is “I USE” – which references his incredible ability to bring resources together with the greatest efficiency to solve whatever problem is at hand.

The Capricorn Man’s amazing self-control is a big turn on when you are looking for a dominant man. If this is your ‘thing’ the Capricorn Man will have you swiftly swooning. WHEW!

Do you think you can handle the heat a dominant Capricorn dishes out?

Get in-depth info about the CAPRICORN MAN.

Aquarius Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Aquarius Man
Traits In Love & In Bed

Forward-thinking, smart, witty, wise, excessively progressive, innovative (and throw some really wild imaginings into the mix) and you’ve got an Aquarius man!

This Zodiac Sign’s motto is “I KNOW” because he has a way of knowing things without really knowing per se. His highly intuitive nature allows him to see right through you. It also allows him to ‘know’ what makes you happy. This makes your heart flutter, you face flush and your pulse race!

The Aquarius Man has a wisdom that runs deep and you can see it in his eyes. He is a true sage, wise beyond his years. His mature approach to life can be a great gift, especially when you are looking for that lifelong mate.

So, can you match wits and wisdom with the forward-thinking, progressive, Aquarius male?

Get in-depth info about the AQUARIUS MAN.

Pisces Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

Pisces Man
Traits In Love & In Bed

So, you find the Pisces man soft, gentle, sensitive, and emotive. Even when he seems a million miles away, lost in his own imaginings, you find you wish you could somehow follow him through his flights of fancy, right? Oh to be in love with and loved by a dreamer. True romance!

The Pisces male’s motto is “I BELIEVE”. If you ever wanted a man to believe in and be 1 zillion percent supportive then the Pisces male is your guy. After all, that’s why you’re falling for him so unbelievably fast!

Long term commitment is what this Zodiac Sign must have. He will seek little else. Since you’ve already seen how sensitive he can be, nab him if you can!

So, do you have it in you to tend to the soft, sensitive heart of the Pisces man?

Get in-depth info about the PISCES MAN.

I hope you found all the information on the zodiac signs and how they influence the men born under their Rulership informative, intriguing, and helpful when it comes to relationship planning! You would be surprised just how forthcoming the stars are in terms of the information they can provide about the male personalities in your life! I encourage you to enjoy the additional zodiac information shared here on Building Beautiful Souls! and, by all means, use the information to pave your soul’s journey and to help you on your path to complete soul development! Blessings!

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