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So, you’ve got it bad for a Pisces man, huh? Was it his sweet and shy nature that stirred your emotions into overdrive, or did you find his fantastical imaginings all too appealing? Did you find his altruistic and charitable nature attractive, or do you find his ability to lose himself so deeply in thought and his reflective nature appealing? Dreamy, right?

The Pisces Man
His Traits In Love, Dating, & Life

If you are looking for a gentle companion who will care as deeply about you and you do about him, then a Pisces man is just what you’re looking for!

Unless it’s genuine, you won’t see an ounce of intimacy out of this shy, emotive guy. But if you are the real deal, he’ll love you to the bitter end!

Remember now, the Pisces key phrase is “I BELIEVE,” so he needs to be able to believe (trust) in your sincerity and authenticity if he’s going to risk falling in love with you!

Now, the question is: “Are you ready for this emotional softy who can go from passionate to broody in a matter of minutes, and can you handle the emotional intensity for which Pisces men are famous infamous?”

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Pisces Man

The ruling planet of Pisces is either Jupiter or Neptune with Jupiter being the archaic reference and Neptune being modern. In considering Jupiter as the ruling planet, one will find the Pisces man filled with gratitude, hope, and an excellent sense of morality. Pisces men are usually wise, knowledgeable, interested in expanding personal horizons, and the world as well as growth.

Jupiter’s influence also helps the Pisces male demonstrate personal freedom, joy, aspirations, prosperity, abundance, fame, and financial success. Alternatively, with Neptune as a ruling planet, one can associate the Pisces male with healers and mystics. It’s no surprise when a Pisces guy demonstrates psychic abilities – whether through prophetic dreams, or any other form of extrasensory perception. At a minimum, one of his most innate abilities is his ability as an empath to sense what others are feeling. It is this empathy that allows him to have great compassion for others.

Pisces Man In Love & In Bed
(Venus in Pisces)

Pisces, when in love, will embrace you warmly and you’ll find you are taken by his charms rather quickly. Pisces men are amazingly romantic; they have an intense sense of empathy and when in love they tend to be nurturing. If you’re the kind of female seeking a 50/50 relationship in every regard, including the amount of affection you dole out to one another, then this is your ideal relationship for sure.

Bear in mind that when a Pisces male falls for a woman, he falls fast and hard. He is therefore willing to pour his entire heart into the relationship, which makes his heart incredibly easy to break. You can pretty much bet that if you are with a Pisces male and you are not his first love, that he bears the emotional scars from past relationships.

So a word to the wise, if you are not in the relationship for the long haul or looking for something lasting, it is best you back out of a relationship with a Pisces so you can save face and prevent a broken heart. On the other hand, for the soul mate, life-long partner seeker, you’ve found your path home!

Pisces Man Traits, Personality, Characteristics

The Pisces man is a highly sensitive individual: One who is all about self-sacrifice, empathy, genuine love, compassion, and altruism. The sun sign that rules over the Pisces man represents duality and of the harmony of yin-yang energies. The constant circle formed by the two-koi fish swimming about is representative of eternity and the endless cycle of life death and rebirth. Thus, Pisces men are individuals who aim for personal peace, harmony, and who look to bestow the same onto others.

The arts and creativity are what soothe the soul of the Pisces male as he pours himself into the body of work. Finally, the Pisces man is both sweet and shy, and this can be to his benefit or to his detriment depending on the people he associates with and the level of trust he develops with them.

Challenging characteristics associated with the Pisces guy include mood swings, emotional issues, excessive flights of fancy, and daydreaming to the point of escapism. Due to his exceptional, compassionate nature, sometimes he takes on friends that aren’t genuine or associates himself with poor company.

Hearth & Home

Since Pisces is a symbol consisting of two-fish, it is not unusual for the Pisces male to appreciate home decorations related to watery themes or scenes. A mixture of white, sea-greens and blue colors with coral-inspired, decorative accents set against a simple and clean background make the perfect home environment for the Pisces man. Nautical designs create a casual atmosphere, so he feels completely at home and absolutely comfortable.

Pisces men prefer quiet settings where they can sort out their own thoughts and, therefore, he has quiet nooks throughout the house where he can spend time daydreaming. The furnishings throughout the house are either modern or vintage depending on the mood and emotion he wants to evoke. Pisces male like to have a home that is not overrun with furnishings as he does appreciate some open spaces that are conducive to clear thinking and ease of mind.

Health & Well-Being

It’s not unusual for Pisces to be an emotional eater who uses food to soothe his super sensitive emotions; This can lead to weight issues anytime during his life. Maintaining a good exercise routine and doing some sort of sports to keep fit is recommended in an effort to burn off those extra comfort food-borne calories. Pisces also rules the glands, synovial fluids, toes, feet, and the lymphatic system. Pisces males tend to endure injuries to the feet and should, therefore, be careful to treat any wounds with care, and this is particularly true if the individual has diabetes. Wearing appropriate footwear to help in injury prevention. The emotional and supersensitive Pisces is also sometimes prone to experiencing issues with mental illness and/or psychosomatic illnesses as well. Any issues that affect one’s mental illness should be addressed with immediacy.

Career and Finance

The Pisces man is one that is best when left to his own devices. He doesn’t need someone watching over him, and his self-motivation makes him an ideal employee or entrepreneur. Pisces men are hands-on learners, and they make fantastic mechanics, tinkers, repair people, and maintenance workers. If there is a problem at work, Pisces likes to be a problem solver, and he serves well in troubleshooting tasks.

Pisces men do not care for being put to the test, under pressure, or enforced to follow rigid rules or adhere to high-pressure, hard to meet deadlines. It would not be surprising is a Pisces male found considerable difficulty in trying to fulfill a job where there is pressure, deadlines, stress, and heavy authority figures slamming down regulations. Instead, the Pisces male would find more contentment working solo and at his own pace. Entrepreneurial work is ideal for the Pisces male – it is where he can make the most of his fantastical imaginings, ambition, drive, and desire to work solo.

Financially speaking, the Pisces male is comfortable just being able to pay bills and to be financially secure. Excessive wealth is not his typical pursuit. He will want a career that boosts his self-esteem and makes him feel good, and if it is a job that recognizes his achievements, then all the better.

The Pisces man is one with a big, giving heart, so you will find he has a tendency to be charitable and sometimes (much to his own detriment) excessively so.

The Pisces male’s laissez-faire laid back, sometimes overly relaxed attitude might be a bit too calm and relaxed when rapid or forceful action would be the better action to take, particularly regarding his financial position. A bit of tenacity goes a long way for the Pisces male who pursues entrepreneurial endeavors and actively looks to establish financial security. His generosity and empathetic heart make the Pisces male one suitable to work as a teacher, social worker, nurse, or physician.

How to Attract a Pisces Man

You’ll need to make your feelings known to the Pisces male, and it is best to do this when he is alone … you’ll find he has a preference for being alone so finding time to express your attraction shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll come to quickly appreciate the gracious, giving, and kind nature of the Pisces male, and he will listen intently to all you have to say.

The Pisces man loves to fill the role of the knight on the white horse, the hero because it makes him feel vital and important as well as respected if he can be of service, help, or use. If you can give him a chance to “be your hero,” do so.

The Pisces male is an excellent conversationalist. He not only enjoys listening to every word you utter, he loves having a chance to share his imaginings and dreams with another. To win the heart of a Pisces, all you need to do is listen, remember, and demonstrate a genuine interest in what is important to him. Authenticity goes a long way with the Pisces male.

Dating a Pisces Man

Pisces men are extremely fond of the arts and any creative endeavor because it stimulates the imagination. Any pursuit that allows the Pisces male to express himself through creative endeavors is on the top of the list of “likes” of the male born under this sun sign. Whether being creative with drawing, painting, sculpting, photography or some other artistic outlet or just being creative with one’s attire and wardrobe choices, the Pisces male will continue to look for highly unique means of personal expression. Now, you might call it wasteful daydreaming but not the Pisces male … he calls it enjoying the powers of his imagination: Something he likes to spend a lot of time using. Pisces men are very much about enjoying their inner realities.

There are just some things a Pisces male has no care for, and one of them is excessive rules, regulations, and restrictions. Pisces men are those who like to pave their own path, to forge forward without interruption or direction so when it comes to rules and regulations, the Pisces man tends to be a bit on the rebellious side. If the rules they must deal with infringes on the Pisces man’s personal freedom, he might rage against the establishment.

The sensitive and empathic Pisces does not take criticism from others well. In fact, he is more likely to take things personally. Finally, Pisces males are highly imaginative souls with big dreams and sometimes grandiose ideas, and no matter how grandiose those ideas are, he doesn’t care for mockery.

Zodiac Compatibility
Best Match for the Pisces Man

Even as a child your Pisces man demonstrated extreme sensitivity and proved to be an emotional child. For the most part, because of his sympathetic nature, the Pisces male got along with siblings with relative ease. However, don’t forget the emotional sensitivity of the Pisces makes him excessively vulnerable to emotional hurts that might make him sad, sullen, and somber.

The teenage years may prove particularly difficult when dealing with raging hormones, growing pains, peer pressure, and first loves All of the latter equal the perfect emotional storm where the Pisces adolescent might feel as if he is getting swallowed up by his own uncontrollable emotions. The difficulties a teen faces may manifest in anger, outburst, and rebellion, but beneath that veneer is still that empathetic, soft-hearted, sincere, and loving Pisces who eventually reaches maturity and learns how to quell emotional storms with more control.

Part of their protective mechanisms is to, one, hide emotions, and two, to come across as non-caring or aloof. Some friends and females might mistake this image as snobby or egotistical. Those friends and females who can see through the façade will quickly identify the Pisces teen and young man as an excellent friend to have in their lives. When grown and in a committed relationship, the Pisces male makes an exceptional father and dedicated, loving, loyal, and deeply affectionate husband. In the role of father, he is amazingly patient, an excellent role model, and nurturing. He might also have a tendency to spoil the children as he is such a soft-hearted individual.

Taurus and Pisces go quite well together seeing as they both love the arts, creative endeavors, imaginative pass times and genuine expressions of love. The Taurean has no problem empathizing with the Pisces male and vice versa. They both like their down time, to relax, but also love romantic pursuits equally as much. Long conversations and an empathic ear come from each partner in this partnership. Likewise, the empathetic, passionate, emotive Cancer makes for a suitable partner for the Pisces male. Both are emotional, imaginative, and have fantastical thinking.

Scorpio and Pisces also make quite a nice romantic couple: One with quite the level of passionate intensity too. When the Scorpio and Pisces male connect on an emotional level, the connection is like bringing together Aphrodite and Eros in the flesh! Whew! Now, we must not forget the potential for the Capricorn and Pisces connection: A pairing that will find no trouble whatsoever discovering romantic harmony. Joining the imagination of Pisces with the no-nonsense, practical side of the Capricorn lends perfect balance to both partners.

Now Gemini, being dualistic in nature, and Pisces, with a personality that is almost the opposite of Gemini … just take a look at the icons for both symbols and you can see the opposition in the signs (Pisces =i and Gemini =`). While it’s true the couple might make a good connection sexually, the emotional connection just doesn’t seem to evolve, and without the emotion behind the act, the sensitivity Pisces runs the risk of heartbreak.

Sagittarius and Pisces will also face significant challenges in the romantic department, primarily due to the intensity of intimacy between the two. Yes, sex can prove fun for both, but again, with Pisces needing real love backing sexual endeavors if the Sagittarius partner is not all in emotionally, the relationship won’t last long.

Astrology & Zodiac Gifts
Pisces Gifts

If you buy a gift that helps in triggering his fantastical ideas, you’ve bought the perfect gift for the Pisces man. Literature, movies, poetry, art, music or anything that moves the emotion or soul are gifts that will serve to have a lasting appeal. Travel is an enjoyable gift too, as long as the destination is romantic and includes you in the mix! Listen intently to him as he talks to you as he is bound to express the things he likes again and again. Shopping for a Pisces becomes amazingly easy when you lend a truly attentive ear.

You will find the Pisces male to be incredibly versatile, smart … no more like brilliant … and creative. He’s the kind of man who appreciates traditional romantic acts, so gifts like cologne, clothing, personal items, things to read, and practical gifts are ideal, provided you present them with a romantic twist. Try to appeal to his imaginings, hobbies, likes, or taste preferences, and you’ll have no problem keeping your Pisces man.

Pisces Men
Facts, Mythology, & Metaphysics

The sign of Pisces is connected to tales stemming from ancient Greek myth, whereas the sign is represented by two koi fish. The fish are, per stories, either Venus and Cupid or Aphrodite and Eros who transform into fish to escape from Typhon. The sign of Pisces corresponds with Jewish mythos. Sometimes the fish in the sign is also associated with Christ as is suggested in Matthew 4:19 “”Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

The zodiac sign of Pisces corresponds with the sacral or Svadhisthana chakra; this is not surprising seeing it is the chakra associated with the pleasure center and passion. This chakra perfectly corresponds to the intimate, romantic nature of the Pisces man who is both emotive and sensitive as he seeks a genuine connection with his significant other.

In Tarot, The Moon Card aligns with the Pisces male as it perfectly reflects his vivid imaginings, fantastical thinking, and sometimes, his bizarre or eccentric actions. The Hanged Man aligns with the Pisces’ need for solitude where he can reflect, The Wheel of Fortune aligns with Pisces’ broad outlook on life, his elevated perspective, and his ability to see the interconnectedness of all.

In Numerology, the sun sign of Pisces resonates with the number seven. The number resonates with positive energies relating to knowledge, intuition, introspection, imagination, spirituality, and intelligence. If the energy is negative, the number seven resonates sarcasm, social awkwardness, aloofness, cowardice, and a melancholic attitude.

Pisces Dates: February 19 – March 20

Symbol: Pisces

Glyph Meaning: Two fish connected, swimming in a circle in opposing positions.

Sanskrit: Mīna, meaning “fishes.”

Key Phrase: “I believe.”

Quality: Mutable

Alchemy: Projection

Anatomical Rulership: The feet

Angel: Uacabiel and Rasamosa

Animals: Koi Fish

Dream Archetype: Jesus or Ascended Masters

Balancing Quality: Ability to manage form and achieving balance

Birds: Stork and Swan

Birthstones: Amethyst

Celtic Tree of the Month: January 21 – February 17 (Rowan) and (Ash) February 18 – March 17

Meaning of the Celtic Tree: The Thinker and The Enchanter

Chakra: Sacral or Svadhisthana

Chinese Zodiac Twin: Rabbit

Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Detriment: Mercury, Ceres

Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Rabbit

Day: Thursday

Element: Water

Planet’s Exaltation: Venus, Earth

Fall: Ceres

Feminine Deities: Aphrodite, Gaia, and Hera

Flower: Lotus, Lupin, Water Lily, Jonquil, and

Gender: Feminine

Healing Crystals: Carnelian, White Diamond, Amethyst, Amber, Bloodstone, Aquamarine, Peridot, Cat’s Eye, and Jade

Herbs: Sage, Chicory, Opium Poppy, Carnation, and Heliotrope

Keyword: Privacy

Masculine Deities: Christ, Poseidon, Eros, Kronos, and Typhon.

Metal: Tin and platinum

Musical Sound: A above high C

Number Vibrations: 7

Oils: Lilies, Lilac, Dock, Cloves, and Carnation

Planetary influence: Jupiter (archaic) and Neptune (current)

Primary Colors: Sea Green

Secondary Colors: Lavender, gray, and silvery blue

Primary Need: Illumination, particularly spiritual, and freedom or self-induced liberation

Scents: Lotus

Seasonal Association: Winter

Tarot Card Associations: The Moon, The Hanged Man, and The Wheel of Fortune

Trees: Cedar

Celebrities: Edgar Cayce, George Washington, George Harrison, Daniel Craig, Justin Bieber, and Albert Einstein.