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Welcome to the Building Beautiful Souls A-Z Dream Dictionary!

Not only are there interpretations for thousands of dreams but each dream symbol has been researched via a number of different sources. All the meanings are compiled here so you can delve as deeply as possible into the meaning of your dreams.

Honoring diversity in dream meanings and their symbolism required the careful balancing of traditional archetypal imagery against changing times.

The way a symbol of any kind was interpreted in the past is frequently quite different from the way we view it and react to it today. So, along with historic symbolic meanings, my A-Z Dream Dictionary also introduces contemporary objects and situations with suggested interpretations.

Dream Symbols: Their Interpretation and Analysis

When researching the meaning of your dreams, be sure to consider all possible interpretations. The analysis of a dream can change based on one’s knowledge of a dream symbol’s “evolution”.

For example, during the Middle Ages gloves were given to people as a sign of honor and approval.

In the Victorian era, gloves represented propriety, convention, and refinement.

Today, white gloves project an image of a finicky person who is overly concerned with details (e.g. “the white glove test”). Each of these meanings is perfectly valid in its appropriate setting.

Further, since society and science have advanced rapidly over the last century, there are hundreds of new technological items and social circumstances that can find their way into our dreams. Since dream specialists of the past had no idea that such contrivances or conditions would ever exist, there are few frames of reference to build our conclusions on.

The expanded reference material here on BuildingBeautifulSouls.com draws from several sources, including correlations with established symbols, modern myths and aphorisms, common reactions or associations and metaphysical meanings are included as well.

Wherever possible, my A-Z Dream Dictionary also incorporates alternative cultural, folkloric, spiritual, situational and psychological interpretations. While all this data is a great foundation from which to begin your analysis, remember that personal insight is nearly always the best, most dependable guide.

Dreams: A Tool for Spiritual Healing and Awakening

It is my opinion that all dreams are beautiful and each is a sacred gift.

Prophetic dreams allow us the joy of experiencing happy situations twice; once in our dreams and again when they happen. Additionally, precognitive dreams offer us the opportunity to see trouble coming and potentially avoid these negative happenings.

Lucid dreams gift us with the ability to move through the Universe at will, much like astral travel.

Nightmares can be especially spiritual gifts. They bring our personal demons into the light where we can face them. Though this can be a tough process, facing fears can often times be the key to releasing them. And, so, Nightmares can help us heal emotional scars we’ve suffered in our current reality and those we’ve incurred in previous lifetimes.

To this end, ultimately, dream interpretation is a tool that helps us discern who we are, what we desire, where we are going, and how to get there successfully. It allows us to peek through a keyhole in the door of self into another world-a world that reveals the subconscious, provides insight fro the Collective Unconscious, and potentially relays messages from the Divine.

Thus, the study of our dreams can aid creativity, expand universal awareness, develop focus for one’s spiritual path, encourage personal growth, and improve self-understanding.

My love to you as you dream Beautiful dreams. Always remember, you have the power to make all your dreams come true!

4 thoughts on “Dream Dictionary

  1. Sue Kirwin says:

    More often than not, I dream of people I don’t know. I have in the past come to meet some of them. Of late just many dreams, many new people. The dreams themselves usually consist of a short scenario – example – A dark haired woman who gave me a sculpture of a tree with a woman inside. The dreams are always in color, and usually short. I find myself struggling to remember them just seconds after waking. How can I recall them more clearly – or set the dreams more firmly in my memory? I have no idea what these dreams mean but would like to explore it.

  2. Cherry says:

    I’m seeking answers because I have a daughter, who is 8 years old that is spiritual seeing spirits, then have nightmares. But it’s beginning to manifest into her sleep, emotional exhausting, and her confidence of herself is wearing her down. I see she has an anxiety with separation. I honor what she tells me and give her the the support she needs. She is a Scorpio 11/15/08. Please help

  3. Mary Dream says:

    I wonder about dream dictionaries. Is it possible that they are drawing on transcendent archetypes like Jung talked about. Is that why there is crossover between what a snake means to me and to someone else?

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