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Cancer Sign:
Traits, Personality & Characteristics

Those born under the astrological sign of Cancer are very much like Oreos.

They’re hard and crunchy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside!

Once a Cancerean trusts you, though, they show themselves to be charismatic creatures who and act with thoughtful tendencies toward those they care about.

Cancer Sign Table of Contents

Cancer Traits, Personality, & Characteristics

Despite their seemingly impenetrable exterior, Cancerians are really very warm people. They likely will not show very much emotion, especially on the “getting to know you” phase of a friendship or a relationship. This is actually counter to their true nature as the Cancer Sign is ruled by The Moon which is a feminine/maternal energy.

But The Crab is marshmallow-esque on the inside so even though they are tremendously emotional beings they hide inside their shell from potential hurts

Because Cancer is a Water Sign they have the same psychic sensitivity as does Pisces and Scorpio however their emotional sensitivity may be the most profound of all Zodiac Signs.

The Zodiac Sign of Cancer is one of the more adaptable personalities in Astrology. They know how to ride the waves of change and come out pretty unscathed. There is no such thing as an irresolvable problem to these staunch masters of finding answers. Others find these traits very appealing and may rely on a Cancerian when difficult situations arise for guidance.

There is a caveat, however. If you are a Cancer you are strongly influenced by the moon. Your rational self and emotions are often playing tug-of-war not simply within your safe shell but also with those in your inner Circle. This can lead to fear, agitation and grumpiness that others don’t quite understand. Eventually you have to find a way to rein in at least some of those intense feelings. Also, surrounding yourself with supportive people helps.

That said, one of the strong personality traits of those born under the sign of Cancer is that they face challenges without flinching. There is always intent behind what the Crab does, but it doesn’t just sit there waiting for the next tide. This Star Sign wants to act, particularly when his or her intuitive senses ring with warnings or directions.

Cancer Physical Traits & Characteristics

Many people born under the sign of Cancer look a bit like a crab with roundish bodies, small noses and predominant eyes. Height remains relatively average. While the firmness of their chin and mouth may suggest that structured shell, it’s what’s underneath that really counts.

Health wise Cancerians are prone to weight gain especially stress fat. You hold everything in, and it wants to STAY. Sometimes you bury emotions so deeply as to develop ulcers and other anxiety disorders, so find a healthy outlet physically but when it comes to “comfort food” – to heck with it, go for the decadence to lift your spirits.

Cancer Symbol and Its Meaning

The Greeks feel it represents the crab that came out when Heracles fought the Hydra. Apparently sent by Hera to bite Heracles and undermine his victory, Heracles crushed it neatly underfoot. Hera still rewarded the creature’s effort by putting it in the heavens.

An interesting bit of Astronomical trivia: the 2nd brightest star in cancer bears a name in Babylonian that means Southeast star in the crab.

Why is this interesting, because it has the rather prestigious honor of the star with the longest name in any language: Arkushanangarushashutu.

Cancer Facts & Metaphysical Associations

Dates: June 21- July 20
Symbol: The Crab
Key Phrase: “I Feel”
Planet: Moon
Birthstone: Pearl (June); Ruby (July)
Number Vibration Numerology 2 & Numerology 7
Element: Water
Flower: Larkspur
Color: Violet, Sea Green & Silver
Day: Monday
Chakra: Sacral (Svadhisthana)
Chinese Zodiac Twin: Sheep
Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Sheep
Tarot Card Association: The Chariot (Cancer), The High Priestess (Moon)

Healing Crystals: Emerald, Amber, Moonstone, Aventurine

Celebrity Cancers: Louis Armstrong, Harrison Ford, Ernest Hemingway, Tom Cruise, Khloe Kardashian, Jane Lynch

Cancer Compatibility, In Love & In Bed

When it comes to home Cancer sometimes feels it was born the wrong animal. You love to nest and fuss on the home front. In fact, you have very high expectations of what this space should be like (the would-haves, could-haves, should-haves will get you every time). You love little mementoes of the past, but don’t immerse yourself so much that you overlook the here and now.

With all this in mind some of the best relationship matches for the Astrological sign of Cancer include the ever-driven Capricorn, a compassionate but firm Scorpio, and the emotion-driven Piscean. You may also find happiness with another Cancer.

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The Cancer Child

While a creature of Earth and Water, it seems like the Cancer Child always has their heads in the clouds. “Daydreams R Us” might as well be the shirt label on every Crab born.

These children don’t really need a lot of socialization, especially since they can create their own imaginary world out of anything. This is not really lost time, however. As the Cancer Child matures that creative woolgathering often turns into something really remarkable.

Add a naturally shy demeanor to your dreamer and it may take parents a little initiative to get this child to communicate openly and honestly so you eliminate a lot of guess work.

Oh, and did we mention moodiness with a capital MOOD?

That’s one of the tricks of the Moon in your child’s chart. They will wax and wane with a roller coaster of emotions. Give your little crab lots of reassurance to help tame the swell.

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Cancer Girl

Your Cancer Girl has a serene exterior but a whirlwind of emotions inside. Keep your cool, mom and dad, especially in teen age yeas this will be a very bumpy ride.

Use younger years to build strong relationships, trust and illustrate the affection your child desperately craves. Yes, they will be grumpy sometimes, but despite those pincers she’s not the type for revenge or all-out parley.

She’s also good at making sound choices financially when you take her shopping – so go with the thrift shop instead of a high end store.

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Cancer Boy

If you have a Cancer Boy, you’ll notice that they’re on the reserved side and come across more mature than their bodies belie as a result. Even mom and dad find it hard to break through the Crab’s shell and really SEE what’s inside.

Just as their female Star Sign counterpart, a Cancer Boy has feelings that run very deep and those emotions can run away with him, particularly if they feel somehow rejected.

Note that the Crab Child likes his shell and resists change. So if you’re planning home decorating, make sure he has a say in his space.

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Cancer Career, Pets & Pastimes

Cancer Career

The imaginative element of this Zodiac Sign means they work well in the arts of nearly any type. They also have big hearts and do well in human services or education. Overall, Cancer’s seek careers with long-term security over the big bucks.

Cancer Pets

Cancers have a soft spot for the deserted and wounded creatures of the world, so its not surprising to find them with rescue pets. They also appreciate animals that love the home as much as do they – so here kitty, kitty, kitty!

Cancer Hobbies

The Cancer may like a jaunt now and again, but only if they can find a space that feels homey. Cancer’s enjoy any hobby or activity that helps others, like park clean ups, paper drives and other fund raisers.

Best Gifts for a Cancer

These Zodiac Signs are homebodies so anything that beautifies or creates greater comfort in that space is always a crowd-pleaser.

Something handmade is a double gold star. This shows you can enough to invest time and also PAY ATTENTION. Never ever give a gift to a Crab unless you’ve carefully thought about it first. They know a slip or last minute grab when they see one.

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