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Cancer Compatibility:
In Love & In Bed

When you’re born under the Zodiac Sign of Cancer, once in love your best characteristics come out from hiding on the dark side of the moon.

This is a gentle Cancer, a strong Cancer, a passionate Cancer and a Crab that protects what it loves instinctively.

Once you find a suitable partner there is little chance of having side trysts.

Monogamy runs in your DNA in part because you adore the refuge that a good relationship offers.

Cancer Compatibility Table of Contents

Cancer in Love

Sadly, life is not always kind to the sensitive Cancerian heart. When a person betrays you it may leave you totally hopeless to the point of out-right avoiding any future relationships for fear of feeling this way again.

On the other hand, if you never try and never trust the other option is being alone. This is a life lesson for Cancer: have faith in your instincts and listen to the whispers of the Moon Goddess guiding you. You are on a mission to find that one true soul mate with whom you can share a lifetime. Cancers do not make promises idly. They truly believe in the “to death do us part” in a marriage.

If you’re dating a Cancer be aware that behind that strong exterior lies the heart of a romantic and the spirit of a multifaceted individual. The partnering with a Cancer becomes more complex since they idolize their parents and often compare their partners to mom or dad. That’s because Cancers really want someone to join them inside the shell and make a home. In this, the Cancerian has some idealized notions that take time to work through.

Like the moon, your Cancer’s feelings wax and wane. Moodiness is a common trait, and sometimes they speak their mind without an awareness of their internal shifts. This can spoil a date unless you’re a flexible person who sees beyond the harsh words to the Lunar nature of the Crab that harbors fears and misgivings, and may have well been hurt badly before.

Balancing this, they remain very sensitive to the person they love. When you’re sick or out of sorts the Crab is the first one by your side to “make it better”. They have a strong mothering streak (even the guys) and endeavor to find the solutions you need.

Some of the signs best suited for Cancer include Libra, Pisces and Capricorn. Even with the positives in these Sun Signs Cancers tend toward extreme caution.

They’ll measure potential partner trying to determine whether they can safely scuttle the sand with you. Allow them that distance. People who are too forward with the Crab makes them wary and defensive.

If you just let them take their time, when they’re ready, they know how to become movers and shakers emotionally.

Cancer in Bed

The art of courtship and enticement is something this Star Sign appreciates. They don’t want a fast roll in the hay or an affair – they’re looking for a true relationship, a life partner, and are willing to wait.

Once you find a companion, the Cancer instinct is that of a very sweet, nurturing lover albeit sometimes a tad needy.

If you’re seeing a Cancer and consider yourself the type who wants autonomy or detachment, don’t take a Cancer to bed. This is a deeply emotional gift for him or her, and one where they open their vulnerable shell. Expect to learn a great deal about your partner in those moments, and even experience a few tears thanks to this being a Water sign.

During love making Cancer likes to discuss those intimate feelings. This is one way they “tune in” to their lover. The Crab is very adept at discovering and fulfilling your desires, particularly if you let them know how much they’re needed. Make time for preludes before sex – romantic gestures; candle lit bubble baths, favorite music and slow, sensual touching.

Cancers seem to have a strong attachment to physical intimacy particularly through hand gestures. They also appreciate making love by moonlight with a partner dressed in such a way that you cannot take your eyes away.
Cancers speak the language of giving and service. That breakfast in bed will lead to much more.

Just be careful of how you communicate to a Cancer. They listen with their heart, not their head and you can ruin a perfectly good night of passion with even a small snub.

Cancer Facts & Metaphysical Associations

Dates: June 21- July 20
Symbol: The Crab
Key Phrase: “I Feel”
Planet: Moon
Birthstone: Pearl (June); Ruby (July)
Number Vibration Numerology 2 & Numerology 7
Element: Water
Flower: Larkspur
Color: Violet, Sea Green & Silver
Day: Monday
Chakra: Sacral (Svadhisthana)
Chinese Zodiac Twin: Sheep
Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Sheep
Tarot Card Association: The Chariot (Cancer), The High Priestess (Moon)
Healing Crystals: Emerald, Amber, Moonstone, Aventurine
Celebrity Cancers: Louis Armstrong, Harrison Ford, Ernest Hemingway, Tom Cruise, Khloe Kardashian, Jane Lynch

Cancer Compatibility With All 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries and Cancer

Whew talk about volatile. The Aries and Cancer connection has lots of heat, but it’s not all in the bedroom. They were born to argue.

Cancer gets hurt by the Aries biting words then strikes back with those pincers filled with a few well-chosen words of their own. Aries is also too liberal, particularly with finances. This drives a Cancer to distraction particularly with the household budget.

This relationship is not worth the drama.

Taurus and Cancer

The Taurus and Cancer match-up is symmetry at its Astrological finest!

Both signs appreciate the love of the other and the desire for security. Even though the Taurus isn’t overly creative in bed, Cancer makes up for that and also gives Taurus the attention they crave, while the Bull keeps Cancer’s lunar aspects more grounded.

Financially these two easily stay in the black and create a home filled with delightful enchantment.

Go for it!

Gemini and Cancer

Don’t be a magpie dear Cancer. That pretty-shiny Gemini is way too capricious for you. Yes, you find great pleasure sexually together because of the frisky Gemini nature, but that wears off when you see how offhand they are toward matters of the heart.

Additionally Gemini is free spirit who runs from any sense of being “possessed” by another. Stick to your shell and wait for another Sun Sign to wander your beach.

Cancer and Cancer

When Cancers get together the sex is out of this world!

The rest of the relationship?

Not so much so.

All those waves of changing emotions really tie these two up in a very dependent and overly-sensitive net. It’s unwise for a Cancer to come out of its shell to another of the same sign – the probabilities for deep wounds and on-going grudges is much too high. Protect yourself.

Either look at this as a quickie or just walk away.

Leo and Cancer

As a Cancer there are times when your emotions rage and other times when your hormones rage. Leo might be the answer to both struggles.

A Leo partner naturally exudes an upbeat and outgoing nature that balances your blue moods. Meanwhile you can use your gift of gab to lavish your Leo with sensitive sweet talk and flattery, which he or she finds completely enthralling.

On a scale of 1-10 this partnership gets at least an 8 depending on the other factors in the charts.

Virgo and Cancer

This is a relationship that comes under the heading “please and tease”.

While a Virgo partner is a little more cerebral than you, there is so much more beneath the surface that your personalities blossom in a net of demonstrative passion and compassion.

You’re great friends for each other, having an intimate understanding of your partners distinctive qualities and how you can benefit each other.

Let your Virgo protect you while you delight him or her. A very safe bet for both parties.

Libra and Cancer

Uh, oh! There is serious trouble in paradise.

The two of you can build a beautiful, visually lush environment in which to live, but putting up with each other inside that space is a whole different matter.

Libra cannot understand a Cancer’s moods and Cancer sees Libra as too dispassionate to the point of triviality. Neither partner is very happy and can’t quite seem to connect in bed either.

We say take a hard pass on this one.

Scorpio and Cancer

Huzzah and Hooray!

The Cancer and Scorpio equation is an Astrological piece of dynamite waiting to be lit. Your Scorpio partner has no need for bouts of jealousy because you’re totally faithful in a relationship and provide a strong emotional investment. Scorpio responds with great love and an equally fantastic amount of intimacy.

Not only can this relationship last, it has the potential to get even better over the years.

Hint: don’t live to close to neighbors – you’ll be waking them up with midnight erotic adventures.

Sagittarius and Cancer

Can’t we just be friends?

That’s the best motto for a Cancer-Sagittarius attraction.

As a Cancer you’ll see Sagittarius far too flirtatious and often fickle. Meanwhile a Sagittarian gets fed up with what they interpret as unending neediness.

The two of you are like porcupines to each other’s aura many days – just plain prickly and irritating.

Capricorn and Cancer

Opposite temperament but a huge physical attraction, a Cancer and Capricorn hookup usually turns out better for friendships than a committed relationship.

As a Cancer you crave attention and sensitivity. Capricorn has little time for that, being busy with various hobbies and other activities to the point where you feel snubbed.

Add to that the fact that both sides get moody — basically the ride is pretty bumpy without some other Chart aspects to act as a safety belt.

Aquarius and Cancer

For all those Cancers reading this, remember – Aquarius is great in the sack but that’s as far as this duo will ever get.

Your Aquarian attraction is normal because Aquarius is considered the “lost Water sign”, but it simply cannot last. At the end of the day, no matter how much water is part of the Aquarius chart, they are still an Air Sign. Water + Air = Tornado.

This partner is far too erratic and dispassionate for your tastes, and you can be easily hurt by this Star Sign’s spontaneous off-handed comments.

Put this one in the “ten foot pole” department.

Pisces and Cancer

Talk about long romantic walks on the beach and sizzling sex in the surf!

Go with the flow!

The Pisces and Cancer partnering is very successful and harmonious. Both signs have sincerity and sensitivity that supports you during the worst of times.

You also have affection, romance and loyalty going for you. When it comes time to love making you will find your Piscean partner imaginative and also willing to explore new ideas with you. Have at!

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