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Scorpio Compatibility:
In Love & In Bed

There is nothing so complex or scorching hot as a Scorpio in love and in bed.

Ruled by the Sacral Chakra, this zodiac sign shows affection with the entirety of their mind, body and spirit.

While they have an innate penchant for leaving scorched earth in their wake when betrayed, the flip side of the Scorpio personality is one fiercely dedicated to the person whom they trust and adore.

Once they allow their heart to be captured (because it will always be their choice), the Scorpio can become a veritable self appointed love slave in every sense of the word.

Scorpio Compatibility Table of Contents

Scorpio in Love

A Scorpio’s two favorite words are “Oh!” and “Ahhhh” so a relationship with one will be many things but never boring. It seems they always have a surprise up their sleeves, particularly when it comes to sex. They will keep people guessing, often in playful and creative ways but mostly trying to figure out where he/she learned how to do ‘that’!

For those wanting to capture the heart of a Scorpio remain a little mysterious but also let them know that you’re dependable, passionate and love sex (because sex and passion are separate yet conjoined concepts). Trust is a huge keynote to Scorpio relationships. Once you build confidence, your partner becomes the sexiest and most intense of all the signs.

When you meet a Scorpio who catches your eye, be aware that they have probably already experienced a fair amount of heartbreak. Oddly enough they come out of it even better than before – with even more charm and charisma (if that’s possible!). It’s as if the extremes of relationships actually hone the Scorpio soul, and they’re well known for following their heart over logic, which sometimes lands them in another fire.

The Scorpio love relationship is frequently tempestuous. Your partner may show jealousy or try to hold on too tight. That’s because this sign has a tendency to attract conflict unwittingly, but the make-up sex – WOW!

For the long haul, Scorpios are most compatible with partners who were also born under water signs – Pisces and Cancer.

Scorpio in Bed

Should you ask a Scorpio how much or if they enjoy sex, a wry smirk will slowly (oh, sooooo slowly) form.

Then he or she will level their legendary gaze at you and will you to ‘know’.

When you finally exhale, you’ll likely find that you crave a cigarette – even if you’ve never smoked.

There is no such thing as too much sex for a Scorpio. As a lover he/she is very accomplished in bedroom, on the floor, in the shower… well, you get the idea.

If you’re dating A Scorpio, be ready for an adventure filled with spontaneity and sensual instincts that will knock you off your feet because they make love to life itself.

The Scorpio approach to sex isn’t merely lust, it’s almost ceremonial. The physical union elevates the Scorpion beyond the material plane to the spiritual realms. Orgasm is a moment when they connect with Higher awareness.

If you find you’re a little foggy headed after having made love with a Scorpio, it’s because they unleashed their Kundalini energy, wrapped it around your very soul and took you on the ascended, celestial journey with them.

This star sign tends toward aggressiveness – be they men or women. Though there is a time and place for feathers and soft music, Scorpios are far more inclined to get out the heavy metal and wrestle until you’re both spent.

That physicality is a huge turn on for your Scorpio (and be ready for another round after only a short interlude). Sex stimulates the Scorpio – it gets their blood pumping and recharges them like little else.

Best partners in the bedroom for a Scorpio: Capricorn, Pisces and Virgo. You can go for another Scorpio too – just be ready for a wild ride.

Scorpio Facts & Metaphysical Associations

Dates: October 23- November 22
Symbol: The Scorpion
Key Phrase: “I Desire”
Planet: Pluto (Mars)
Birthstone: Opal (October); Citrine (November)
Number Vibration Numerology: 9
Element: Water
Flower: Chrysanthemum & Rhododendron
Color: Deep red
Day: Tuesday
Chakra: Sacral/Naval Chakra (Svadhisthana)
Chinese Zodiac Twin: Boar/Pig
Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Boar/Pig
Tarot Card Association: Death (Scorpio), The Tower (Mars)
Healing Crystals: Amber, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Jasper, Malachite, Ruby
Celebrity Scorpios: Grace Slick is a mega Scorpio with 5 – count them five – planets in Scorpio. Others are Shere Hite, Ti Grace Atkinson, Sally Field, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charles Prince of Wales and Pablo Picasso

Scorpio Compatibility With All 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries and Scorpio

An Aries typically takes the lead in a relationship. He or she finds the natural charm of a Scorpio very attractive, nearly to the point of distraction.

The Scorpio makes a great support unit for the Aries personality, freely offering passion and compassion. Just remain watchful of that secretive Scorpion nature to avoid arguments and misunderstandings.

While Aries likes a good mystery, sometimes they just want Scoprio to “hit the mark” without all the suspense. That includes in lovemaking, which should make the Scorpio’s underlying erotic Sagittarian spirit quite content.

Taurus and Scorpio

When they say “opposites attract” they were talking about a Taurus and Scorpio match-up.

These two have strong personalities and no fears of commitment. If the Scorpio can let Taurus take the lead, it makes for a happier balance, and it gives the relationship greater potential.

There is a great deal that each person can learn from the Taurus and Scorpio fling, be it long term or just a great tryst. Taurus is very honest about physical, emotional and mental needs so you feel appreciated and never has to second guess.

Gemini and Scorpio

This pair is definitely intensely attracted at their first date.

Nonetheless, even with all that fire the Gemini – Scorpio couple finds themselves highly challenged to make a go of things.

Nonetheless, there are just way too many differences, and the dual personality of the Gemini (let alone their inability to understand jealous tendencies) is enough to drive the Scorpio personality away. Well, after the verbal blitzkrieg has ceased that is.

Cancer and Scorpio

These two water signs flow well together.

Both take the relationship seriously and have no intention of dallying with affections. This is a union with a great prospective – particularly in bed!

Just like the ebb and flow of the ocean, Scorpio and Cancer naturally respond to each other physically without needing a lot of guidance.

In day-to-day affairs it’s better if Scorpio strategizes and Cancer acts as a support unit.

Leo and Scorpio

This can be an arduous relationship.

While both the Leo and the Scorpio have fixed loyalties, they are also incredibly obstinate. There’s little flexibility here, so the “honeymoon” phase of courting isn’t likely to last long. This pairing is characterized by sizzle, drama and frizzle complete with a fair amount of unwanted baggage. You might be better off to avoid this from the get-go.

Virgo and Scorpio

This couple frequently starts off on the path of friendship before moving deeper, which is healthiest for both parties.

Neither is ready to trust quickly. Once established, however, mutual confidence leads to a safe, honest and appreciative relationship.

There’s a quiet knowingness about this match and one that may span many lifetimes for both of you .

Libra and Scorpio

The Libra – Scorpio connection can be expressed as soulful. There is a true spiritual connection between you two, with passions running deep.

Libras naturally love the Scorpio’s mystery and Scorpio finds the Libras charm disarming. This is the couple that walks hand in hand along a quiet, winding road and passers buy say, “awe!”

As for sex? Oh-la-la!

Scorpio and Scorpio

This is either going to be the romance of all time to come or a tragedy that leaves behind two shattered people and lots and lots of scorched earth.

Initially this affair defines hot and steamy – it’s very sensual in its making. What happens from here depends a lot on how open and trusting the two remain with each other.

The Scorpio’s psychic ability to communicate without words may prove to be the saving grace for this pairing.

In other words, let your fingers do the talking!

Sagittarius and Scorpio

Sagittarius sees Scorpios as a great challenge and its one they’re willing to take head on. After all, the Scorpio persona is an enigma – the mysterious puzzle for which he/she yearns.

However, Scorpio may find the Archer too quiet and undefended for the Scorpion’s traditional prudent mannerisms.

In the end Scorpio may bear too much responsibility for keeping this relationship in gear.

Capricorn and Scorpio

The Capricorn finds himself or herself pleased with the ease at which a Scorpio sneaks through their normally layered defenses.

The Capricorn soul makes a quiet, loyal companion – something the Scorpio in you appreciates.

This is a couple that needs to take their time in letting the relationship blossom naturally, however. Otherwise it becomes a game of push-me-pull-you that no one wins.

Aquarius and Scorpio

If there is one thing for certain – the Aquarius – Scorpio couple is anything BUT dull.

There’s an interesting dance between the calm sensitivity of an Aquarian and the intensity of the Scorpio, but somehow it works; likely because many astrologers think of Aquarius, The Water Bearer as the hidden or lost 4th Water Sign.

The deep Aquarian empathy touches the Scorpio lover in a way that surprises this normally unflappable astrological sign.

Pisces and Scorpio

This match is among the most sacred of unions.

Both the Pisces and Scorpio feel things deeply, especially each other. They care honestly, have creative ways of problem solving and a passion between them that’s only rivaled by the Scorpio-Scorpio connection.

This is the quintessential hearts-and-flowers couple – terminal romance (complete with violins) fills the air. Together, their combined energy is surely the romance muse of the ages.

Quite frankly it would be intolerable if it just weren’t so darned adorable.

9 thoughts on “Scorpio Compatibility: In Love & In Bed

  1. Marietta says:

    Ermm.. Hi.. um.. can I ask you a question ? I’m a teenage girl (14 turning 15 this Dec.) who’s a sag and I have 2 or maybe 3 problems with these scorpio guys… the first one my arch nemesis ! Scorpio guy #1 is always making my life a living hell since last year ! I was a new comer at a school near our place; I thought I was going to enjoy my life in 8th grade when that no good bastard started annoying and partly (only a tiny bit) bullying me ! I didn’t do anything to him ! I just asked if where is my classroom located and guess what he replied ? “In your a** ! See ya later b**** !” He would even challenge me in academics and for some reason he would always win for like how 3 or 6 points a head of me ! He was a real jerk ! But… that suddenly changed when I realized that he has the same characteristics as my anime crush (which is Karma Akabane from Assassination Classroom) and before I knew it, I ALREADY HAD A HUGE CRUSH ON HIM !!! (I’ve just noticed that during summer !). The weirdest part is that this school year (we’re not classmates) scorpio guy #1 somewhat ignores me (but not in the very first 2 weeks of class though.. The creepy part is that instead of teasing me, he would greet me properly; which made myself to ignore him for some unknown reason.. LOL !!) but I would always caught him taking the same routes in going to the places that I always wanted to be and not just that, I would always caught him starring at me for some reason (especiall if I’m laughing with my best-guy friend who is scorpio #3.. LOL) and would quickly look away if I’ll revert my attention to him (My feelings for him are on and off though… it depends on the mood ~ LOL XD ! Aaaand ~ He’s my rival and also my worst nightmare ~ so yah… I want to get rid these mushy feelings of mine for him). New school year, new classmates and guess what ? New crush.. LOL !! Yep.. and you guessed it right ~ He’s a scorpio guy ! (We’ll call him scorpio guy #2 xD !) Unlike scorpio guy #1 scorpio guy #2 is really99999x quiet; I even rarely see the dude talking and smiling to anyone ! (Not to mention that he’s also a smartass as well =-= ) I wanna talk to him; make friends with him but I can’t ! I tried ! I really did ! But he just nodded and shook his head ! I am even embarrassed by doing those kind of stuffs that’s why I gave up ! I would rather stare at him for hours than to even imagine making a conversation with him ! Next up is my best guy friend scorpio #3 (and NO ! I DON’T LIKE HIM ! GROSS ! I treat him as my twin brother !). Scorpio #3 befriended me cause I’ve got to admit, even though I’m a sag I would rather want be alone, gloomy and emo-ish than to be with any body else and.. I can’t often see myself smiling .. The only thing that caught others attention on me is when I laugh; I am person who can easily laugh at such simple and small things (I’m weird, aren’t I ? and oh yah ! I would rather trapped in my room every friday night than to be out go partying like the others.. but I still want freedom tho since my gemini mom is always protective xp) but back to the topic ! Scorpio guy #3 wanted to be my best friend first and me be like ‘Mkay !’ and on that very day we would always talk to each other about stuff like games and stuff (the only thing different with him is that he’s outgoing, unsecretive and not too much of a brainiac; sorry bro xp !) and also crushes ~ (speaking of crushes.. did I forgot to tell you that scorpio guy #2 and scorpio guy #3 are close friends ?? THAT’S A PRETTY BIG ADVANTAGE !! But sadly scorpio guy#3 said that #2 doesn’t have a crush on anyone T_T). The thing that really ignites me to giddy-ness is when *bro* (scorpio guy #3) would always say that scorpio guy #2 would always keep on starring at me every time I would read a book, sleep in class and especially if I would laugh and would even look like a demented goat who’s about to get roasted when I laughed ! (Not to mention that he would even lightly smile whenever I laugh >w< <3 Kyahahaha !)

    Sooo… any comments or suggestions regarding these 3 scorpios and even myself as a sag ??? (P.S. WHY ARE SCORPIO GUY #1 AND #2 ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO MY BESTIE, SCORPIO #3 WHO IS LOVING,CAREFREE AND SOOOOOO EASY TO READ AND UNDERSTAND T_T ?!?!?!!) Please help me ~ thanks !

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Marietta;

      Happy Future Birthday!

      You are not alone! Most folks who fall for Scorpios have drama! We are a very tough Zodiac Sign to figure out (I’m a Scorpio)! LOL It’s super crazy that you have THREE Scorpios orbiting you all at once. That said, it’s also unusual for a Sagittarius to be a true ‘Emo’ – Sagittarians like to party too much to stay doom and gloomish for very long. Also, when a Sagittarius sets their sight on someone or something – WATCH OUT! They will go to VERY great lengths to get what they WANT!

      So, the first piece of advice I can offer is to work on your self confidence. High school is a tough age for anyone but in today’s world girls can feel empowered to ask guys out. And, let’s face it, many high school guys are not really emotionally mature yet so your guys might be relieved if you ask them out first. That said, Scorpio and Sagittarius have a bit of a hard time sustaining romance. So, maybe try to turn your attention to other guys who might be better suited for you – from an astrology perspective.

      Finally, I really hope you want to be a writer because you are an INCREDIBLE storyteller! Your accounting of the events and characters in the story is vivid, humorous, and creative!

      Sure hope that helps.


      • Marietta says:

        Oh gosh ~ hahaha Thankyou soo much TwT ! That really means alot to me (even though writing is only a passion since my main goal is to be the very first filipina astronomer in the Philippines xD Lel.. Hahaha ~) Buuut.. I’ll try my very best tho to get both of their ‘attention’ since I’m still growing up and I think love isn’t in my vocabulary yet ~ To make it make it short… THANKYOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE ADVICE <3 !

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hi, Marietta;

          Please accept my apology. I normally respond much faster. I was on a mini vacation and, then, Hurricane Matthew decided to visit me in Florida. 😉

          You are most welcome! And, congratulations on your dreams! You’re gonna do great, we believe in you!


  2. Brandi Faulk says:

    Love the compatibility remarks between an Aries (me) & a Scorpio (long time husband). Would love to hear more in depth reports between them, or great sources to look over. We are very committed to each other with 4 kids & mostly happy. He’s so mysterious though, I would love advice on how to keep him happy. He’s not big on praise or communication, so I never really know if I’m doing enough to keep him interested.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Brandi;

      I have absolutely no idea why your comment didn’t surface until today. I can’t apologize enough for how late this reply is. I try really hard to answer all comments in a timely fashion.

      OK, so, I’m a Scorpio. And, I can tell you that we can’t help being mysterious. Even when we think we’re an open book, other’s think we’re secretive! LOL It’s the craziest thing! Keeping a Scorpio happy is very simple. Show them love, loyalty, and deep commitment – always. At the end of the day, Scorpios incarnate to experience the truest of loves. Nothing half way or surface will do.

      Also, for a Scorpio, physical intimacy is incredibly important. Aries and Scorpio tend to be very compatible in the bedroom – very. 😉 After all the Fire Element of Aries and the Water Element of Scorpio can only make steam, right? LOL

      As for how to keep him interested, let him know that your love language is words and that it could be very meaningful for you if he would let you know how he’s feeling and be direct about what he wants.

      Honestly, often times Scorpios get so focused on our deep thoughts about life and death we forget to actually live our lives. And, Aries craves excitement. So, let your Scorpio man know he has to get out of his cave every now and then because your needs matter, too!

      Hope that helps.


  3. Sandra says:

    This story is quite informing, till the compatibility part starts. This is very confusing, because my wife and I should be incompatible,according to the info.

    My wife is a scorpio, I’m a leo, and I can tell you, after 33 years we can still look each other straight in our blue eyes, say that we love each other very much, without blinking.

    She is the best person, the greatest love who ever walked into my life. No matter what, we’d both go to hell and back for one another, if necessary, to stay young together forever, or to grow old together.

    Scorpio and leo may be categorized as toughest zodiac signs, stubborn, jealous. we may not easily fall in love, when we do, it’s not because people expect you to tell them you do love each other, it’s because we were ready to make a commitment. We’ll fight for each other till hell freezes over.

    Put all available women in a large hall, they may be famous, rich, beautiful, important, whatever. Who-ever you may put in this hall, when my wife isn’t there, I’ll walk out alone. I made a commitment to her, and I’ll stick with it.

  4. Mari says:

    Yeah, I think that Scorpio is usually just as attracted to the Leo as the Leo is to the Scorpio (as was claimed in Leo’s compatibility section). Both signs are powerful, passionate, stubborn, and hot-tempered. ?

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