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Bloodstone Meaning & Properties
Healing, Metaphysical, & Spiritual

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Bloodstone Meaning & Properties

Martin Luther said that blood alone moves the wheel of history.

Apt words for the symbolism and meaning for this stone of strength and nobility.

Blood spilt, blood given, blood taken; these are the fundamentals around which the human (animal) world revolves.

Without blood, we do not exist in the here and now. We would have no physical form.

Bloodstone represents the very life force of our earthly existence and, so, must be counted among the most beautiful of stones.

Bloodstone captures our imagination visually thanks to the vibrant green backdrop combined with nearly brandy-colored spots throughout. It doesn’t have to be the holidays to enjoy this stone’s perky red-green color combination. Bloodstone also happens to have a translucent quality. Symbolically the light passing through this crystal represents our own Sacred inner light that we cannot always see clearly, particularly when life’s waters get muddy, but remains available to us as a source of strength and guidance.

Geologically Bloodstone is a relatively simple chalcedony – green jasper married with iron oxides. That unassuming mix has not hindered Bloodstone’s star on the walk of healing crystal fame, however. The ancients found themselves so attracted to Bloodstone that one of the myths claims the red spots come from Christ’s blood dripping down during the crucifixion. This story makes Bloodstone an option for those seeking out Christ consciousness.

Other cultures similarly venerated Bloodstone as having great magical power. The Egyptians carried them to overcome the enemy and give warriors increased aptitude on the battle field. If need be Bloodstone turned a warrior invisible (there’s nothing behind the curtain). If Bloodstone speaks to you, ask yourself if you’re overexposed to someone or something harmful. In this part of the world this was a stone sacred to both Horus and Isis both of who play significant roles in the Creation myth, Isis as the Mother Goddess (and perhaps the most complex Divine figure in ancient history) and Horus who has the stars and the sun as allies (yep, more sunshine!).

Perhaps Dracula should have sought out the Bloodstone since the ancients felt it possessed intense mystical power with all things blood related. Examples include stopping hemorrhaging, easing birth and metaphysically removing energy blockages that deter heeling. Going even further, this is a healing crystal that chases away the green-eyed monster, lifts a sad spirit, brings luck and improves relationships. In this case, blood is truly “thicker than water”

The concept of shedding blood has been, from time immemorial, a symbol of offerings and sacrifice from the ancient altar to the courage of modern soldiers in battle. So it certainly makes a potential protective talisman when “all bloody hell” is about to break loose.

As stated earlier, Martin Luther told us blood alone moves the wheel of history. This can be an important concept ponder on when meditating. What strength are you being called upon to muster? What sacrifice are you making or being asked to make?

Blood is the power that moves your physical wheel, circulating through and carrying vital oxygen to every cell. Metaphysically this connects to cycles and the Vital Force in everything, including you! Ritualistically, then, working in circles when channeling Bloodstone energy makes perfect sense – keep the wheel moving forward!

Bloodstone Metaphysical Properties

Crystal Energy: Strength, Grounding, Nobility, Sacrifice

Chakras: Root (1st), Sacral (2nd), Solar Plexus (3rd) Heart (4th)

Element: Earth

Number Vibration: Numerology 4 & Numerology 6

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Libra, Pisces

Bloodstone Healing Properties

Mind: Self-awareness, Clarity, Prosperity, Success, Family Love, Courage; Legal solutions; Deterring anger; Motivation

Body: Energy, blood-related disorders, Pregnancy talisman, Strength; Passion; Sexual dysfunction

Spirit: Divine Mind; Enlightenment; The Ancestors (particularly your personal bloodline and guardian spirits from there)

Ancient healers sometimes pounded these stones into powder . In this form they became a poultice with egg and honey to stop a bleeding or infected wound. There is no reason not to wear the Bloodstone for general protection from toxin or infections, and for boosting the immune system.

For alternative medicine and holistics Bloodstone’s healing properties have complex energy. Even experienced Light Workers take time to familiarize themselves with the stone’s various attributes for the greatest effect. When combing the auric field it calms and soothes so the recipient can receive healing more readily. Additionally it supports physical strength and self-love, making this a therapeutic curative stone that facilitates faster recovery.

In Ayurveda Bloodstone is an aphrodisiac meant to inspire passions and get that blood pumping! Interestingly enough it represents trust too – there’s nothing that squashes relationships more quickly than jealous and over-possessiveness. Emotionally it enhances a person’s creativity and patience (in and out of the bedroom). When your sensuality seems limp and lagging, put Bloodstone close to your bed (or with your sexy lingerie)

In choosing your Bloodstone take a look at the various configurations available. Each shape has a meaning in Sacred Geometry, and perhaps personal significance to you too. Pass your hands over the various designs until you find the one that sings with your soul.

Bloodstone Properties

Color: Medium to deep green

Mining Locations: Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, India, Russia, USA

Mineral Class: Silicates

Family: Chalcedony

Crystal System: Trigonal

Chemical Composition: (SiO2) Silicon Dioxide

Hardness: 7

Bloodstone Name Etymology

The Greek name Heliotrope furthers the Christ Consciousness / Divine Mind / Atman / Buddha Nature connection with the Son (Sun) of God. Heliotrope means “turn toward the sun”, which is deeply meaningful to those striving to walk the Path of Light.

Another translation is self-turning, which alludes to our personal responsibility for the way in which we strive for illumination.

Bloodstones asks: “Are you walking on the sunny side of the street?”

If not, come on over (we have better cookies).

With love & sparkles,

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