The Ultimate Baby Dream Guide

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The meaning of babies in dreams: it’s a universal question. By the time we’re adults, there’s a good chance we’ve had a dream about babies, birth, or pregnancy. So, what does their appearance mean? Dream storylines and the imagery share important messages. Whether you have a child in your waking life influences dream symbolism. If you are pregnant or you are desire a child also influences the interpretation.

Do you want to discover the meaning behind the dreams you’re having? Here you’ll find the ultimate guide to interpreting the baby symbols. These symbols convey insightful messages from the dream realm! If you’re looking for an explanation why you see bundles of joy in your night-time visions, then read on! Some interpretations might seem obvious. But, there are at least a few translations which will surprise you!

The Ultimate Baby Dream Guide Table of Contents

Did You Dream About Having a Baby?

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Even if you don’t have or desire a baby in your waking life, a newborn can crop up in a dream to convey important messages. It may surprise you both men and women report dreams of giving birth. Of course, as it’s against the natural order, men are likely more weirded out by images of physical labor and bringing a baby into the world!

Dream dictionaries offer brief examples of what baby imagery represents. But, the definitions only scratch the surface of meaning. This guide serves as a stepping stone for exploring baby dream symbols.

Newborns in the dream setting are rich in meaning. Then you may find yourself wondering what definition applies to your specific situation. The interpretations here may resonate with you, or they might not. In fact, since dreams have several layers in meaning, more than one meaning may apply to your waking life.

The idea is to use all the potential meanings here as suggestions. You need to rely on your knowledge of symbols and what feels right to draw conclusions about meaning. Remember, no matter what, YOU are the best interpreter for finding meaning in YOUR dreams.

Now, let’s explore the hidden meanings behind baby dream imagery! It’s time to decode the messages from your Higher Mind!

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Babies?

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The myriad meaning of baby dreams hides behind the action and imagery of the dream in question. As you consider baby imagery, you’ll want to look at whether the baby is born yet or still developing or not. If the baby is born, you’ll need to consider what the baby is doing and if the baby appears happy or unhappy.

The baby’s health or if there is something wrong with the child in a physical sense also shape dream meaning. The condition of the child, sex of the dreamer, and life events further enrich understandings. And, an important question to consider is “who’s baby is it?” Is the baby one you hope for, yours, or does it belong to someone else? Or, as it can happen in a dream scenario, are you actually the baby in the dream? Each scenario offers its own unique interpretation.

Here are some examples of the various meanings behind dreams about babies:

Action in Baby Dreams: Look at what the baby is doing in dreams. Is the baby teething? Talking? Walking? Are these actions age appropriate or unusual? If age appropriate actions appear, the dream is pointing to routine life events. Teething when pointing to routine events suggest “biting into something” or “sinking your teeth” into projects or relationships. Walking means positive motion forward in a relationship or project. Talking means success in matters of communication, expression, or creativity.

If the baby presents with behaviors that are not age appropriate, the meaning differs. A talking baby may signify saying things that should be left unsaid. You may also hear things you are not ready to hear. Talking babies can signify gossip and immature forms of communication. If the baby is cutting teeth and is miserable, what you are sinking your teeth into may cause emotional pain. When a baby is walking before it crawls, consider this a warning to be more attentive. It signals to look before you leap when jumping into situations or relationships unprepared.

Baby Dreams Representing the Self: Are you the baby in the dream literally? Dreams of this nature may signal immature behavior in your waking life or a lack of experience. It can also arise when you need to give more focus to your inner child. Are you working too hard and lessening the joy in your life? It’s time to find a balance between work and play if you dream of being a baby. These dreams can also signify a need for nurturing. Are you in a relationship where you’re not getting enough attention? If that’s the case, it’s time to demand the attention you need.

Forgotten Baby and Misplaced or Lost Baby Dreams Sometimes baby dreams arise to remind you of what is most important in life. Did you dream of going shopping and forgetting the baby at home or in the car? Maybe you had a dream of giving birth and going home from the hospital, only to forget to take the baby with you? These dreams can stir up an immense sense of guilt. You might feel terrible because you are failing to deal with important responsibilities.

In your waking life, feelings of guilt may come with poor performance in a given situation. Guilt also arises from forgetting about important adult matters. Maybe you forget to pay your credit card bill. Don’t be surprised by forgotten baby dreams when you forget an anniversary or someone’s “birthday” either!

If the baby you see is an aspect of you, again this points to “forgetting” about your inner child. Look at it as conveying a message of misplacing childhood dreams. Ask yourself what you wanted to be when you grew up. Have you forgotten how important the goal was to you at one time? If you find the baby in the dream, it signifies hope in rediscovering a part of yourself. Here, you may find a chance to discover who you once were, or to resurrect old dreams in your waking life.

If you lose a baby, is the baby yours or someone else’s? If you lose another’s baby, it might signal a real-life fear of failing at something or failing someone in a big way. You may also fear the repercussions of failure too. This type of dream suggests anxiety over someone’s potential anger or disappointment. If you lose your own child, you might fear you will fail at something of tremendous importance to you. If you lose the baby and find it or forget and later remember where the baby is, it symbolizes problem-solving. In your waking life, you will find a solution to a problem that’s plaguing you.

Evil Baby Dreams It may be hard to see a baby as evil, but the dream realm makes it very possible. Forget Dennis the Menace here! We’re talking more like The Omen and a little insidious“666” birthmark hidden on the scalp! Yes, evil baby dreams are bizarre, but the imagery makes them more memorable.

Consider what makes the baby appear evil as it can point to dream meaning. Are the baby’s eyes glowing green or red? It might signal that you’re growing uneasy with someone giving you the evil eye or you may feel someone is out to get you. It can also warn of something looking completely innocent when it’s not. As such, this dream is demanding your attention. Give situations or relationships a second look for hidden pitfalls or potential problems.

Dreaming of an evil baby may also point to your fears. Babies are a symbol of new beginnings, ventures, projects, or relationships. As such, the evil baby dream relates to being afraid of engaging in new things. You should question your fears. Consider if there is a real basis for them or if the fears you have are irrational. Evil baby dreams stir up anxiety in the dreamer too, so you might be anxious. Question what is triggering anxiety, so you can seek a real-world solution.

If you are seeing a baby that’s evil in a dream, it can point to hidden anger that needs resolution. Look at it this way, a baby is helpless and has a limited means of expressing itself. A baby can fuss, make noise, and cry to convey it has needs. You might be feeling angry because you have a limited ability to express yourself. In real life, you may be dealing with a lasting frustration at the failure to speak what you truly feel. Now’s the time to let your sacred inner voice express itself.

Recurring Baby Dreams: Having dreams of babies repeatedly means your Higher Mind is trying to convey a message of importance. If you don’t pay attention to the meaning of the dream, it will occur repeatedly. Or, the recurring dream aligns with deep anxieties you are holding onto in your waking life. Pregnant women may have recurring baby dreams because of the pregnancy. Its outcome is the foremost thing on their mind.

Mood of the Baby in Dreams: How the baby behaves gives important clues for your interpretation. If the baby cries and you soothe the child, something sorrowful will soften in emotional pain, or turn into a situation of happiness. If the crying is unstoppable, the dream might point to continued sorrow of which you will have to learn how to cope. If the baby is laughing in a dream or is a happy child, it points to happier times in your life. You may long to return to a state of innocence.

Appearance of the in Baby in Dreams: If you dream of a baby that is adorable, you are satisfied with your appearance. Or, you will look good in a situation where appearances are important. If the baby is ugly, it points to issues relating to self-esteem. It can also suggest an over-zealous concern with your appearance. You might fear someone will see your darker nature even through an innocent facade. An ugly baby symbolizes something ugly emerging from innocence. As such, it points to emotional or physical betrayals.

Do Babies Dream?

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One common question new parents wonder about is “Do babies dream?” With a baby being brand new to the world, what could they possibly dream about when they are asleep if anything at all? The latter statement is more reasonable than you imagine. Some researchers argue babies do not dream at all.

David Foulkes, a foremost pediatric dreaming expert, suggests perception is not equal to dreaming abilities. In other words, just because babies can perceive the world, it doesn’t mean it they have dreams. The maturity of the baby’s brain comes into question as does the limitation of experience. As such, Foulkes and other researchers argue babies have a dreamless sleep until they are at least a few years of age.

But, when babies sleep, they sure look like they are dreaming, right? They can grimace, smile, and express other emotions too. While researchers suspect a dreamless sleep, a baby still experiences rapid eye movement. The REM phase of sleep is when dreams occur for older children and adults.

Babies experience REM up to 50 percent of the time they spend sleeping. Compared to adults (who experience 25 percent of their sleep in REM), that’s a lot of time for dreams to happen in a baby’s sleep session if they were happening at all. Instead, during this time, researchers believe the brain is under development. It’s a time when the brain is building neural pathways later important to learning language.

What Do Babies Dream About?

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What Do Babies Dream About?

TBear in mind the jury is still out. There is no final conclusion on the question of babies and if they dream or not. Some researchers believe it is still possible babies dream. What they dream about is a hard thing to determine. Why? Because babies cannot report what they see in the dream realm. Given the elusive nature of dreams and why they occur, the question about babies dreaming and what they might dream about remains unanswered and highly debated. There are those who say babies don’t dream, and others who say they do.

Researchers who argue babies do dream suggest the dreams are limited in content. The baby’s brain is not developed enough to conjure up full dreams complete with voice and storylines. But, sleep and REM are serving a significant purpose anyway. In fact, static dreams with limited to no storylines arise in kids around the age of four. By the time the baby is seven or eight years old, the imagination begins to take hold. Here, dreams become more descriptive.

The things babies lack which give older kids and adults the ability to dream include the appropriate neural pathways, language, and self-awareness. The more self-aware the child or adult, the greater the vividness and meaning of dream imagery. More complex dream narratives arrive when the baby grows older.

Do Babies Have Bad Dreams?

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Some researchers will tell you that babies do not dream, so they don’t have bad dreams. Others might tell you otherwise. There are those who feel 50 percent of the sleep session (every time a baby sleeps) is in REM, so there’s plenty of potential for dreaming. These REM sleep phases begin as early as when the child is inside the womb. If that’s the case, what are these dreams about? Are they good or bad?

One argument is that babies, because of language limitations, have imagery appearing in dreams absent of any speaking. When it comes to bad dreams, researchers argue a baby won’t grow fearful of situations until they are a toddler. By the time a baby is two or three years of age, this is the time when bad dreams can arise.

Babies can experience night terrors which might look like they are coming out of a horrific nightmare, but that’s not the case. A night terror occurs when a baby is stuck between stages of sleep and arousal but is unable to wake up fully. The baby may scream and seem frightened, but they will eventually stop and fall back into sleep. There’s nothing parents can do to stop a night terror, and it’s often more horrifying for the parents. Older children have demonstrated they don’t remember night terror episodes when waking.

Dreams About Giving Birth

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Dreams about pregnancy and giving birth will crop up when you are trying to get pregnant or during an actual pregnancy. It’s natural to dream about situations you are experiencing in your waking life. But, don’t make the mistake of assuming the dream has no deeper symbolism beneath the surface. To assume a pregnancy or birth dream is only literal is a lot like tossing the baby out with the bathwater! Even if you’re pregnant, the Higher Mind is attempting to share insights. There’s a good chance your birth, pregnancy, and baby dreams are more abundant in meaning than you think.

Birth Dreams When You are Pregnant: Pregnancy can bring with it more dreams about babies and pregnancy. The reason for an increase in this type of dream imagery relates to hopes, dreams, desires, and fears. So many physical, emotional, and mental changes occur during pregnancy. It’s common for the mind to use the dream realm to explore the changes you are experiencing.

If it is your first child, you may experience dreams where your anxiety or what you fear seeks resolution. The same is true for women who have had problems during a previous pregnancy.

Now, one’s anxiety during a first-time pregnancy brings with it is the fear of what labor feels like. With no real-life experience of the pain labor brings, dreams about giving birth arise. It’s the mind’s way of letting you explore possibilities in the safety of the dream realm. It’s also a means of preparing your mind for the actual event.

Birth Dreams in Men and Dreams of Labor: When his partner is pregnant, if he’s anxious about the pregnancy and birth in his waking life, birth dreams are common. These dreams point to his sense of “helplessness.” During labor, a man can only be there for his partner as she goes through the physical hardship. Dreams of giving birth let him explore or rehearse the experience in an imagined sense. It can also serve to help develop greater empathy for his pregnant partner.

Birth Dreams When You are Not Pregnant: For a non-pregnant woman, these dreams might be wish fulfillment. Such dreams let a non-pregnant woman realize the deep desire to have a child as it plays out in dreams. For a man, it might also be a wish-fulfilling dream if he’s hoping his partner will get pregnant. If a man or a woman have had unprotected sex recently, pregnancy and birth dreams may crop up for the anxious dreamer who is in no way ready for children.

Dreams about giving birth can still happen (and yes, men too!). When you have no baby in the womb, the dream may symbolize conception and the birth of a concept. These dreams can refer to growing and evolving relationships “birthing” into something new, or the merging of two ideas into one greater concept. Birth dreams relate to bringing a project into being and achieving a successful conclusion. If the dream imagery is negative, it may point to potential pitfalls in a relationship or project. The identification of such pitfalls may help in avoiding difficulties in waking life.

Money and Baby Dreams: If you’ve got money problems in your waking life, baby dreams can arise with dark imagery. The baby might be unhappy, unhealthy, or starving. Paying closer attention to your money-management is important. Happy babies represent and abundance, so you can look to happier financial times.

Dreaming of Having a Baby Girl

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When dreaming of having a baby girl, it points to one’s femininity or the Divine Feminine. Both men and women have dreams of having a baby girl. If a man dreams of having a girl, it suggests a need to focus on Yin energies. Yin relates to passive energies. It corresponds to intuition, gut instincts, receptivity, and openness. The symbol of a girl baby points to the need for compassion, nurturing, and comfort. Look to the areas in your life where being more receptive, compassionate, or open might serve you well. What do you need to nurture in your life?

If you are the baby girl in the dream, you need nurturing. You may be missing the compassion, affection, and love someone once gave you in your waking life. If you are having relationship troubles, consider how embracing more Yin energies may help. Dreams of this nature may also relate to the Animus or the masculine nature of a female.

Dreaming of a baby girl with negative imagery might point to where you are being too accepting, open, or vulnerable in your waking life. Are you not standing strong when you tell someone “no?” Are you too loving, even when a relationship calls for you to stand up for yourself instead of being taken for granted? Ask yourself if you love yourself the way you should? Being receptive and passive doesn’t equal being submissive or weak. Your dreams are telling you to stop subjecting yourself to emotional pain.

Dream About Having a Baby Boy

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Dreams where you have a baby boy point to Yang forces. Yang is the complementing force of Yin. It is action-oriented and assertive. It is projective, not passive. When a baby boy appears in dreams, it tells you it’s time to act rather than wait for things to happen. You might also have to call into question your assertiveness in your everyday life.

Dreams of baby boys might symbolize the Anima: The feminine nature of a male. Such dreams may point to a need to embrace one’s feminine nature and to be more compassionate or nurturing. When the dream is referencing the Anima, it points to an increase in sensitivity, the creative, and a need for being more imaginative. Intuitiveness and paying attention to gut feelings is also something you’ll want to pay more attention to in your waking hours.

Dream About Feeding a Baby

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Feeding a baby is just one means of caring for the child. When you see yourself feeding a baby in a dream, changing the baby, or caring for the baby in other ways, the basic message is one of nurturing. How you care for the baby and the nature of the care you are providing expose dream meaning.

General Baby Care Dreams: Feeding is part of daily baby care. In an overall sense, when you see yourself caring for a baby, it’s dealing with something which takes careful care. Babies require a lot of forethought, planning, and regular attention to ensure growth, health, and development. Your attention to a relationship or in a real-life project will, therefore, require the same.

Emotional and Spiritual Fulfilment Baby Dreams: The feeding a baby dream is also a symbol of nourishment which goes beyond the physical. Yes, we need regular routine nourishment of the physical body, but we also need to nourish ourselves emotionally and spiritually. If we are falling short in either department, the baby in the dream may appear hungry, ravenous, or even starving. Such images should have you call into question if you are protecting yourself emotionally in a relationship. They should also trigger questions as to what you have or have NOT been doing to fulfill your spirit.

Satisfied and Dissatisfied Fed Baby Dreams: If while feeding the baby the child demonstrates dissatisfaction, the symbolism suggests you are dissatisfied with the things you involve yourself within your waking life. Also, with the baby being one of the ultimate symbols of innocence, this dream calls into question if you are somehow diminishing the purity of something or someone. Are you “feeding someone to the wolves” in reality, by throwing them under the bus or using them for your greater good and benefit?

Spoon-Feed or Spoon Fed Baby Dreams: Images of spoon feeding a baby can arise as a signal you are overly helpful – this too is a warning. If you are “spoon feeding someone in real life, it can prove to be to a person’s detriment. They can develop a sense of “learned helplessness” or may hold onto a “victim mentality” if you baby them. Too much-nurturing smothers growth.

Dreaming of Holding a Baby

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Dreaming of holding a baby, on its surface suggests experiencing great joy in the future. Pregnant women may have dreams of the day when they can finally hold their baby for the first time. It is the dream lab presenting the pregnant female with a rehearsal of what it may feel like. The first time you hold your baby is one of the most joy-filled moments of your life. These dreams point to success in relationships and projects of all kinds. Holding baby dreams are about completion. You are “holding the reward” after a long period of gestation or evolution and growth.

When holding a baby in a dream, you may remember a time where you were loving someone and they were in your arms. If you are the baby and you are being held, it can point to nurturing of the self. Or, you might be recalling a time where you enjoyed being kept safe in the arms of another. If you drop the baby you are holding, it could mean you are afraid of letting go of something. It might be the fear of letting go of someone you care deeply about. It can also signify a lost sense of priorities or giving up on things that should remain important to you.

Wordplay: These dreams can call into question whether you can “get a grip” on something or not. If the baby is sleeping or smiling in your arms or is otherwise peaceful, the dream suggests “holding your peace.” In your waking life, it’s time to hold your tongue and keep an otherwise disruptive opinion to yourself. If the baby is crying or unhappy, you might feel afraid of “being left holding the bag” for something you did or didn’t do. Or, you might wonder if you will be “held accountable” for actions good or bad?

If facing difficulties, holding baby dreams symbolize “holding out hope” for better times. If you are the baby being held, you might wonder if you will be able to “hold your own” in a given situation. An unhappy child suggests stalls, blockages, and obstacles. Are you “holding something in abeyance” for some reason? Are you the source of your own difficulties?

Dreams About a Baby Gate

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Dreams about a baby gate point to waking issues relating to safety and obstacles. The gate prevents the child from accessing specific areas of a home. The area the gate is located in can give more insight into the symbolic meaning of the gate. For example, a gate blocking access to the kitchen suggests an obstacle to getting the nourishment one provides. A dream about a baby gate in the hallway might signify procrastination and difficulties with making a decision.

If the baby gate is in good condition, it symbolizes adequate safety measures in place in a real-life situation. It points to adequate planning and having the proper foresight to avoid potential problems. If the gate is broken or if the baby can get past the gate, it is a symbol pointing to the lack of awareness or inattentiveness where great attention is required.

Dreams About Someone Having a Baby

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Dreams about someone having a baby might be literal. If you are pregnant or someone you know is having a baby, then dreams with a baby theme should not surprise you. How you feel about having a baby in the dream will tell you much about the dream meaning. If you are joyful, the meaning of the dream promises positive outcomes. If the tone is negative, consider what negativity you are birthing in your life. But, the “having a baby” scenario also holds a lot of symbolism.

    • Babying: Have you been neglecting yourself lately? Has someone you love been inattentive to your needs? Are you seeking a deep attachment with someone? The feeling you seek might need to match the attachment a mother has with a newborn child. Or are you acting like a baby in real life and the dream is telling you to grow up?
    • Desire or reality: Dreaming of having a baby might be a premonition. You might already be pregnant with no physical evidence yet. You might also have found out about your pregnancy recently. The “having a baby dream” might be for emotional readiness, or it might be wish fulfillment. It might be a dream revealing baby names or gender as well.
    • Dream you are having a baby: This dream might point to new projects or situations. Consider the things you’ve been developing in your life. Are you finally giving birth to that which you have conceived? Have you nursed a project until it is ready for release into the world? Are you an artist who is giving birth to your creations? Consider the things you are birthing in life.

Dreams about someone having a baby might be literal. If you are pregnant or someone you know is having a baby, then dreams with a baby theme should not surprise you. How you feel about having a baby in the dream will tell you much about the dream meaning.

      • Babying: Have you been neglecting yourself lately? Has someone you love been inattentive to your needs? Are you seeking a deep attachment with someone? The feeling you seek might need to match the attachment a mother has with a newborn child. Or are you acting like a baby in real life and the dream is telling you to grow up?
      • Desire or reality: Dreaming of having a baby might be a premonition. You might already be pregnant with no physical evidence yet. You might also have found out about your pregnancy recently. The “having a baby dream” might be for emotional readiness, or it might be wish fulfillment. It might be a dream revealing baby names or gender as well.
      • Natural birth: If you see someone having a baby via natural birth, you’ll have no troubles in your life. You will labor hard to birth a project, but you have all the tools to make it happen. A C-section birth signifies you might need a little help to bring your project into manifestation in your waking life.
      • The health of the baby: This dream is positive ensuring all is well with a project. It might also mean you are taking diligent care of yourself health-wise. The dream is a clue to continue the same path. Having an ill baby might mean you need to take better care of yourself.
      • Wordplay: When dreaming of a baby, are you remembering or thinking of someone’s “baby blues?” The latter is a reference to their striking blue eyes. Are you a “baby boomer” thinking about things influencing your generation? Have you left “someone holding the baby” or have you’ve reneged on responsibilities?
      • You are caring for your own new baby: This is a dream marking responsible behavior. You’ve brought a baby into the world and are doing what you need to keep it safe. If caring for someone else’s baby, ask yourself why. Are you taking on someone else’s burden in your waking life?

Dream About a Man Having a Baby

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When a man dreams of having a baby, it carries much of the symbolism associated with a woman dreaming of giving birth. The dream is a symbol of new beginnings, promise, and potential. When the imagery is positive, the dream message parallels the positive tone. The dream may point to balancing yin and yang forces or discovering the Anima within.

A dream with positive imagery may have a man physically carrying a baby and giving birth. This dream may point to creative endeavors. In such matters, the male in question has all the tools and resources to bring a project to completion. It is also a symbol of internal balance, external balance, and harmony between yin and yang forces. A man having a baby symbolizes the acceptance of one’s shadow nature.

Dreaming of a man having a baby signifies completeness. If the tone of the dream is negative, the male may have lost touch with his softer, feminine nature. It can warn of imbalance, and an inability to see projects through to completion. The dreamer may call into question his manhood or virility.

Dreaming of Breastfeeding a Baby

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Emotional well-being, and bonding: These are the main symbols you can derive from images of breastfeeding a baby. But, the imagery also relates to spiritual nourishment. Dreaming of breastfeeding a baby relates to protection, mothering, and nurturing. It is a symbol of survival as it refers to primal instincts. It also symbolizes carrying on through the generations and the passing on of traditions. When a mother breastfeeds, she bonds with the child. As such, these dreams relate to bonding relationships and the intimate ties of family.

These dreams point to a child’s dependency on its mother for nourishment. When a woman dreams of breastfeeding her own child, it suggests positive family connections and happiness in one’s waking life. If the tone of the dream seems negative, it calls for paying more attention to those you love. It can also point to paying more attention to yourself.

If the mother in the dream is breastfeeding the child of another, it signifies the inherent desire to have a family. This dream can also symbolize helping others by standing in for another. Negative tones point to jealousies and the envy of someone who is having or developing a family. For a man to dream of breastfeeding, it symbolizes thinking outside of the box or being creative. It also signifies tapping into one’s motherly and nurturing nature regardless of being a male.

Dreams About a Dying or Dead Baby

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The imagery relating to a dying baby or dead baby in dreams can force us awake with a start. These images can prove so haunting, they stay with us for years. But, they are not something one should consider in a literal sense. Dreams about a dead baby point to real-life fears. If you have a child, you already know it is one of a parent’s worst nightmares to consider losing a child. A pregnant woman and those who have recently given birth might have dream imagery of a dying baby more often.

Dreams about babies dying or dead symbolize the loss of innocence. These images suggest a need to grow up in real life and to shed one’s childish ways. The dream can also symbolize the abrupt ending of relationships or projects, brought on my unexpected or unseen factors. Death is a symbol of big change. The death imagery in these dreams is a call to watch out for upcoming change as it sweeps into one’s life.

The Final Takeaway: Baby Dreams Are More Meaningful Than You Might Think

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When you dream of a baby in any scenario, it points to taking care of the basics of daily life. Babies require considerable and careful care and attention. It is part of a daily routine when you have a baby. As such, these dreams point to attention on routine measures and on putting more focus on small details in projects or relationships.

Baby dreams with negative imagery symbolize the need to clean things up when things get messy. If you’re dealing with messy emotional issues, it’s time to take a step back and take the emotional element out of it. If you are dealing with a project, it’s time to tie up loose ends and clean up the steps or measures your implementing. Ask yourself what you can do to streamline the progress of the project.

Ultimately, baby dreams are messages of change. Consider what is changing in your waking life. These dreams might predict things getting better after going through a difficult period. Or it can signal upcoming change for which you’ll need to ready yourself. A change in your attitude toward something or someone may also be something to consider.

Now that you’ve explored baby dreams and their meaning take the time to explore more dream symbolism. The more you expose yourself to symbols and their meaning, the easier dream interpretation becomes. Visit for more information.

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