Dreams About Being Pregnant – The Complete Guide

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So, you’ve just had a dream about pregnancy…but wait…what’s that? You say your not pregnant? No, wait… you say you’re rather uncomfortable about having the dream because you’re a man! Not to worry all is well! Having dreams where you see yourself or another person pregnant is not an unusual experience for people of any age. And, YES, both women AND men have dreams of pregnancy.

The meaning behind such dreams vary. When interpreting the imagery, you’ll need to think about the dream symbols in a literal sense (if your dreaming about an actual pregnancy) and in a figurative sense if you’re not. The tone of the dream, and every action going on in the vision’s narrative hold symbolic significance. It’s best to look at the dream through several lenses to get the clearest interpretation possible.

Dreams About Being Pregnant Table of Contents

What Does It Mean When YOU Dream Someone Is Pregnant?

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Okay, so let’s start with what’s obvious. Are you pregnant right now? Are you trying to conceive a child? Then dreams you’re pregnant will happen. And oh boy, are pregnancy dreams pregnant with meaning!

Whether you are pregnant, or it is someone else who is with child, the meaning has many layers. Pregnancy meaning in dreams is in categories below for ease of understanding. Look to the narrative and how you feel about the dream to gain insight into the meaning of what you see.

    • Dreams of New Beginnings: When someone dreams you’re pregnant, it might mean they see new beginnings in store for you. Look to your waking life for second chances. The dream signifies new fresh starts in projects, relationships, and other areas of your life. Is the person who had the dream a colleague or dear friend? Is the person a family member? Whatever the case may be, it is likely the person who has a dream you’re pregnant is close to you. It may even be your significant other! If the dream alludes to a new beginning, remember the fresh start is slow. The dream alludes to long-term projects, some lasting nine months and beyond. Consider new projects and endeavors as enduring a process of evolution.
    • Wishful Dreams: If one or both of your parents hope to be a soon-to-be-grandparent (which you’ll know all about every time they ask who you’re dating now and when will you will marry), then the dream is one of wish fulfillment! When someone dreams you are pregnant, and the person is your significant other, it points to their hopes and desires. If your significant other is ready for children (even if you aren’t), they may be yearning for your pregnancy. Of course, they may not announce this hope to you in your waking hours. It all depends on how your significant other thinks you’ll react to their desire for children.
    • Emulation Dreams: What if a friend dreams of you being pregnant though? They don’t have an invested interest in having you make babies (at least let us hope not)! So, the meaning is different here. The person might be predicting the future with a precognitive glance at your potential pregnancy. Or, they might be seeing you doing something creative or in the process of “creation.” The sight of seeing you “grow and give birth to” your ideas or creative endeavors might also be something your friend hopes to emulate.
    • Personal Growth Dreams: A child is an extension of the self. When someone dreams you’re pregnant, it can mean they notice the changes you are experiencing (or will experience) or the narrative is drawing attention to your growth. When the dreamer sees how much you grow in the personal realm, it may change how the person interacts with you. If a parent dreams of your personal growth, it might be a vision telling them it’s time to treat you like an adult. It can be a dream that helps improve relationships. Why? Because often times personal growth is a call for greater respect and admiration.
    • Spiritual Development Dreams: Dreams you are pregnant might point to spiritual growth. This dream might signify for the dreamer that interactions with you will serve as a catalyst for your development or their own. It can also mean they can learn something spiritually significant from you.
    • Dreams of Transitions: Becoming a woman might be the meaning of a pregnancy dream. As an alternative, a parent dreaming of a pregnant adult offspring sheds a different light on the matter. Yes, the desire for grandchildren seems like the most obvious interpretation. But, the dream can also be a message for a parent who needs to cut the apron strings. If your friend has this dream, then they may see the symbolism as evolution or growth in the depth of the friendship. If your significant other dreams your pregnant, it may mean he or she senses a change in the air or that your relationship is going through a growth spirit or intensifying through its natural evolution.
    • Dreams of Innovative Ideas: Someone dreaming you are pregnant points to development and creativity. If the individual has hit a creative block, you might say or do something in the dreamer’s presence that eases the block. It can also point to joint projects between a romantic couple or other close pairings. It could even mean you and the dreamer will soon work on a close project together. The project might be under development or at its beginning stages. This dream is a promise of growth to come for the dreamer. If precognitive, it may predict collaborative efforts.
    • Creativity Dreams: If someone dreams you’re pregnant, you might be on the verge of being creative. Your friend might know you are amazingly creative even when you downplay it. The same person might dream of you being pregnant while seeing you do creative things. Consider art is the child of the artist. Then you’ll understand the correspondence between being pregnant and creativity. Now consider the evolution or development of your creative talents. All happens within you like the development of a baby inside its mother’s womb. Also consider the act of procreating with another, which is the literal act of creating a life. Procreation epitomizes artistry. It is the ultimate act of creation. Now is a time to envision projects and their successful completion.
  • Prophecy Dreams: A person might experience precognitive dreams on behalf of another. The precognitive dreams are something those who are in tune with their intuition have from time-to-time. A prodromal dream or healing night vision is one occurring when you are in the earliest phase of gestation. You might not have the physical signs of pregnancy yet, but dreams are telling you otherwise. Dreams can be precognitive announcing future events. Some dreams can reveal baby gender. Other dreams might reveal the baby’s name.
  • Wordplay Dreams: A dream you’re pregnant might suggest a “pregnant pause.” This might relate to a conversation a person had with you. This is true if there was a sense of awkwardness about the conversation. It can reference a loss for words or speechlessness. A pregnant pause might introduce a situation of grave importance. It might signify a situation bearing significant responsibility on behalf of the dreamer.

When Someone Dreams You’re Pregnant and Negative Connotations

So, you’ve now seen how looking at pregnancy in dreams through different eyes and perspectives results in unique interpretations and different dream meanings. But, is there anything providing alternative interpretations for when someone dreams of you being pregnant?

Consider the following meanings when looking to understand hidden dream connotations. The following potential interpretations have mild to extreme negative undertones. Negative pregnancy associations are noticeable when considering the dream narrative. Also, consider the tone of the dream when someone dreams you’re pregnant. Even how the person feels upon waking gives clues to if the dream has negative messages or not.

    • Anxiety Dreams: Now, if your mom dreams your pregnant, it may be due to concern or hopes. If your mother doesn’t want you to get pregnant for whatever reason, the dream may stir up worry or anxiety about the possibility. If you are too young or not in a stable place in your life in your waking hours, a parent might have anxiety-induced dreams about your pregnancy.
    • Lack of Readiness Dreams: If your significant other has dreams you are pregnant, and they aren’t ready for children, it may stir up stress. That stress looks to play itself out in the dreamscape. If you are at odds with your partner or spouse about having children, the subject is ideal for exploration in dreams. It’s the subconscious mind’s way of working on the problem. If you and your partner want to have a baby in reality, and you are having trouble conceiving, this can stir up dreams you are pregnant for your significant other (and yourself). What you hope for is in your subconscious. So, what if you want to have a baby in reality? Even when you aren’t thinking about it consciously, your brain continues to long for a child. This longing can be stressful and stir up painful emotions.
    • Jealousy Dreams: Yes, some friends are happy to see you grow, change, and create new blessings in your life. Just as some people want to emulate your successes, there are some who feel the green-eyed monster’s sting! If you are pregnant in your waking life, when someone dreams you’re pregnant, it may cause them to long for a child. Or, they may be envious of your loving relationship with another and the family you are growing. Better still, if you’re having a baby, the friend who dreams about your pregnancy might be jealous of the time restrictions you’ll have when the baby is born. The person may feel like they will be a third wheel and unimportant in your life. Remember, the dream of pregnancy doesn’t have to be literal here. Your ability to conceive of ideas and manifest them can stir jealousies as well. Any success you have that your friend is not a part of can trigger dreams of your pregnancy. It symbolizes to the dreamer your growing success and what they envy.
  • Dreams of Fears: Pregnancy dreams might symbolize fear and anxiety. If a person feels ill-equipped to parent, negative pregnancy themes can result. If you’ve had unprotected sex recently, you or your partner might have a pregnancy dream. Both dream types are likely to occur in your partner (or your own dream narratives) if the dreamer is not ready for parenthood.
  • Empty-Nest Dreams: If a mother dreams of her child becoming pregnant, it can be a fear of you growing up and moving out. When you become an adult, a mother might go through empty nest syndrome. It is a period that might stir questions in the mother about what steps to take next in life. As you have a new beginning in your life, your mother experiences an emotional ending. It is as much a period of mourning as any other significant life change.
  • Loneliness Dreams: Another person might dream you’re pregnant because of unknown jealousy. A new baby, when in the womb, means you’ll be getting a lot of attention. When the baby arrives, the child becomes the focus of your world. Just as a friend can become jealous of someone who is pregnant, so can the significant other in the relationship. It is not unusual for a partner to experience jealousy when the female becomes pregnant. It is a dream symbolizing the growing sense of jealousy, and the increasing fear of losing your undivided attention.
  • Dreams of Complications: If someone dreams you’re pregnant, it can be a dream of worry. The anxiousness might be over whether the child will be healthy or if there are unknown birth defects. If there have been complications in the past in waking life, dreams you’re pregnant and experiencing difficulties are more likely to occur.
  • Resentment Dreams: If you are pregnant in waking life, a person may dream of the pregnancy because of resentment or envy. An individual may want to be pregnant or may be resentful of the pregnancy. A person might not acknowledge the feelings they experience. The subconscious is bringing the feelings to the surface for exploration.If you are not pregnant in reality, then these dreams can still signify a growing bitterness or issue between you and another. The problem remains hidden or gets more intense as each day passes. Your dream, if precognitive, may suggest the realization of the problem when the issue becomes impossible to ignore.

What Does It Mean When Someone Dreams YOU’RE Pregnant?

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Many of the dream scenarios for when someone dreams you’re pregnant apply to general pregnancy dreams. If you want to know more on what it means when you dream someone is pregnant, read on for some additional dream symbols and insight. The meaning of the pregnancy dreams we’ve explored already apply, but there’s still other layers of significance to consider.

    • Potential Dreams: A vision meaning thoughts of pregnancy potential. If you want to have a child, the dream can be wish-fulfilling. It allows you to explore the possibility in the dream realm. If you are a woman dreaming a man is pregnant, you might explore role reversals in a dream. Here you might have a Higher Mind message of the need to get more in touch with your masculine side. Likewise, dreaming of a pregnant male may show the longing for your romantic partner to be more nurturing or comforting and protective. It can also signal a creative endeavor for the two of you is in the offing. Or, role reversals may signify the need to balance out yin and yang polarities in your life.
    • Connections Dreams: Dreaming of someone who is pregnant is a desire for closeness. It symbolizes a bonding between the mother and child and the replication of that bonding. You may desire to bond with a baby, or this can signify a need to connect with your own inner child. As an alternative, you may long for the comfort and protection your mother once offered you as a child or the carefree days of being young and innocent. The closeness you long for is so you can feel safe, secure, and un-assaulted by the world around you. Look at the child inside the protective womb in this dream as signifying a need to withdraw from everything or to cocoon yourself. As another meaning, the dream might point to a time where you undergo a long period involving a significant transformation.
    • Adultery Dreams: To dream of your partner getting pregnant by someone else suggests a separation of goals. There’s a misalignment in desires. The two of you are taking different paths in life. This dream screams of insecurities and jealousy on its surface. Deeper symbolism suggests you feel as if your significant other is pulling away from you. The feeling might be on a physical or emotional level. In the dream, you may hope a birth can bring you back together again. Or, you may hope to “rebirth” the affection and love you once had for one another if the relationship’s strength is waning.
    • Gestation Dreams: To dream of pregnancy is to dream about gestation. In your waking life, it is time to think about planning things and making things grow. Consider what actions you need to take to make what you are conceiving manifest. The significance of “gestation” in your life depends on what you involve yourself in during your waking hours.
    • Growth Dreams: A dream of someone pregnant is a symbol of what you might be preparing to give birth to in your life. What are you carrying deep within that’s growing, maturing, and preparing for birth? What projects are you considering? Are you at a point of conception where the project is just coming into being, or are you well into the “gestation” or evolution of a project at hand? Are you nearing the birth of a long-term project and nervous about success or failure?
    • Evolution Dreams: That something new you feel in your waking hours is a feeling you can’t quite put your finger on, right? You feel something changing but are uncertain about what it might be. The dream of someone pregnant announces a “new you” or a “new part of yourself” in the making.
    • Dreams of Projects: The pregnancy dream may point to the brand-new project you started. The dream shows a need to care for and nurture the project in question. Through nurturing and allowing things to grow, you’ll be able to “give birth” to desirable results.
  • Disconnection Dreams: A real-life disconnect from the sacred feminine might make this dream happen. Your connection to the divine will contribute to your growth in the waking world. It is a dream signifying your need to reconnect.
  • Inner Child Dreams: The pregnancy dream might reflect the connection to your inner child. The dream is telling you to return to simpler times. You are working too hard and need some serious good-for-you playtime.
  • Dreams of Unexpected Responsibilities: To dream of the sudden discovery of pregnancy can symbolize surprise. Life might hand you a surprise or two and leave you scrambling to keep things together. Prepare for surprises both good and bad when you have a dream about an unexpected pregnancy.
  • Dreams of Incompletion: If you see a pregnant person in a dream ask yourself what is still unfinished inside of you. Have you alienated a project or gave up on a dream? Your Higher Self is calling your attention to the loose ends in your life. It’s time to tackle the issue and make things develop.

Dreams About Being Pregnant With Twins

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Dreams of being pregnant with twins can are something you can interpret literally (if applicable), and figuratively. The person having the dream plays a role in the interpretation. For instance, a pregnant female or an expecting father will have dreams involving pregnancy and birth that carries different connotations than someone who is not pregnant having the same kind of dreams.

Twin Pregnancy Dreams in Pregnant Women: If you are pregnant and carrying twins, your dreams might be playing out future baby care scenarios. You’re likely to wonder about the birthing process and may have dream narratives where you experience labor and giving birth. Or, the dream may include imagery related to a Caesarean section. Dreams of carrying twins may happen because you worry about your well-being during the pregnancy and the additional stress on the body when carrying two babies instead of one. You may also have dreams relating to whether your twins are identical or fraternal.

Twin Pregnancy Dreams in a Male Partner: A man may even dream of his partner pregnant with (or giving birth to) twins: These dreams may be the mind’s way of examining the birth and child rearing experience before it occurs. Sometimes anxiety triggers dreams about twins because raising two babies is considerably more difficult and time-consuming than birthing and raising a single child. Stressing over the potential inflated costs of childrearing times two is a subject that can also play out in the dream realm for exploration and resolution.

Dreams about Someone Who is Pregnant Carrying Twins: It’s possible for a man or woman to dream about a female they know who is pregnant. If the woman is pregnant with twins in reality, the dream might symbolize feeling the person is doubly blessed, doubly stressed, or both. The tone of the dream will help in determining which meanings are applicable. Often, dreaming about someone else’s pregnancy happens when the dreamer is concerned about the pregnant person’s well-being and that of the unborn children she’s carrying. Sometimes, a woman who wants to be pregnant but is having fertility issues may dream of a pregnant woman carrying twins: This is a wish-fulfillment dream revealing the dreamer’s desires. It’s a natural question for someone having difficulty getting pregnant to wonder how some women are so easily or “doubly blessed” with the ability to get pregnant in the first place while they struggle with their own fertility problem.

Word Play and Twin Pregnancy Dreams: The language of dreams is definitely symbolic, but the Higher Mind also likes to present meanings behind puns and double entendres. Consider the following word play for uncovering the meaning behind dreams of twins and pregnancy:

Double Bind Dreams: Twins represent Yin and Yang, active and passive forces, balance, or black and white choices. Perhaps you find yourself in a double bind in your waking life, where you feel like no matter what choice you make, you cannot get out of a difficult situation. The double bind connotation applies, in particular, when you dream of “identical twins” which serve as images of two choices with similar conditions and outcomes. Fraternal twins suggest you will face two different, but related choices where you might have to weigh the pros and cons or make a decision based on the process of deduction.

Double Take Dreams: Have you encountered a condition, event, or person in your life where you’ve where you’ve done a “double take,” because you couldn’t believe what you were seeing or you were taken by surprise? Your dream may be reliving the incident for you so you can examine conditions more closely. In fact, twin pregnancy dreams might be calling your attention to something in your waking hours that really calls for a “second look.” The double take may reveal something you missed that, had you not picked up on, could “grow” complicated and “birth” into a bigger problem in the future.

Doing Double Duty Dreams: If you’re dreaming about twins there’s the concern of having to deal with two very important matters at one time. Are you multitasking a lot in your waking life? Maybe you have too many irons in the fire and it’s triggering hidden anxiety that creeps into your dreamtime. Having dreams about doing “double duty” are a signal for you to slow down or, at a minimum, to pay careful attention to small details so you don’t overlook anything important while you are handling multiple tasks.

“Double As” Dreams: A dream about twins may symbolize you will face a situation where you have to step outside of your traditional role and take on the responsibilities of another. For example, if you’re a single mother, dreaming about a pregnancy with twins may actually be your concern with having to play the role of both mother and father for your children. Or you may be dealing with a situation that has hidden elements you have not yet identified. If the dream has a negative tone, the twin pregnancy dream can serve as a warning to watch out for a “sheep in wolf’s clothing” or that things are not exactly as they appear.

“Double Standard” Dreams: Are you being fair with everyone in your waking hours? Are you working against your own principles or beliefs? Hypocritical actions can translate into negative dreams about being pregnant with twins. Look to your waking life where you may feel you are imposing a double standard on people. Or, consider whether you feel like the victim of a double standard or not.

”Twinning” Dreams: Is there someone in your waking life you are imitating? Is someone imitating you? Then don’t be surprised when “twinning” dream narratives come up. If you are copying someone’s behavior or style, it may be time to call into question your reasons for doing so. Is it because you like this person’s style or are you afraid to be yourself? Twinning dreams might arise when you need to figure out who you are. It’s time for some self-exploration. Now, if someone is “twinning” you, are you comfortable with it or do you feel like this person is cramping your style. Everyone likes being unique. Consider whether someone is stealing your thunder.

Dream of Being Pregnant and Feeling the Baby Move

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If you dream about having a baby in your belly and the imagery contains the recognition of movement, the meaning behind the dream can be interpreted in a variety of ways. The stage you are at in your pregnancy can help you sort out potential dream meaning. For example, if you are so early in the pregnancy that you aren’t feeling movement yet, you may be exploring what it might be light to feel a baby stir in your belly before it even happens. Such dreams may be triggered by anxiety or anticipation. Most women look eagerly forward to the first time they feel their baby move.

If you are further along in the pregnancy, enough so that you can feel the baby move, then there may be different reasons for a dream of being pregnant and feeling movement. In fact, if the baby moves a lot while you’re asleep, your mind may pick up on the feeling and incorporate the imagery into your dreams.

In some pregnancies it is difficult to feel the baby move at all, particularly if the placenta fixes itself to the wall of the uterus in such a way that it softens the physical sensation of when a baby kicks or wiggles around. When you are in the final trimester of a pregnancy and you don’t feel the baby move often, it may trigger some worry about the child’s well being. You’ll then play out your worry in what you see in your dreams.

Symbolically, baby movement inside a belly signifies the deep question, “what is it you feel stirring within you that you haven’t released into the world yet.” The baby movement in the belly dream calls into question if you’ve been manifesting all of your dreams. It can also suggest you have a dream or accomplishment in the gestation or incubation stage. Soon you’ll be ready to manifest what you desire when you align your actions with your thoughts so you can bring your dreams into reality.

Dream About Having a Baby But YOU’RE NOT Pregnant

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All people can dream of pregnancy scenarios. One of the most common reasons behind such dream imagery has to do with “giving birth to” or “manifesting” ideas. Creativity and the act of “giving birth” to a project, all serve as potential meanings behind pregnancy dreams. Other reasons why people dream about having a baby when they are NOT pregnant include:

Dreams of Unfulfilled Desires: Many of us, at some point in our life, begin to look to the past to see the things we have not accomplished. We may question our decisions and if we made the right choices in our life. Sometimes, roads not taken will crop up and cause us to question: Are we following our passion? If we aren’t, then what is holding us back? The question of dream fulfillment can crop up in a dream scenario as a pregnancy. Look at it this way: The pregnancy represents what you dream about fulfilling but you have not manifested (as such, you haven’t given birth to your dream).

Staging the Process of Manifestation: A pregnancy dream may reveal to the dreamer they are “close to” accomplishing something or they have a long way to go before they achieve a goal. The more pregnant a female is, the closer one is to achieving what they desire. But, if the dream shows a pregnant woman at the early stage of pregnancy with no physical signs of the condition, it suggest the dreamer is at the earliest beginnings of a project launching or accomplishment.

Sex Dreams While Pregnant

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Clearly, you had an active enough sex life to get pregnant in the first place so it may be hard to fathom you’ll want even more sex after you become pregnant. But, changes in hormone levels has everything to do with the increase in dreams containing sexual content when you’re pregnant. And the imagery you experience may surprise or even shock you. After all, the dream realm is a no-holds-bar arena where just about any imagery imaginable can and often will crop up in dream narratives.

Guess what… You’re even more likely to recall the sex-filled dreams you have while you’re pregnant, not just because of the dream content, but because you’ll wake up more often. As your child grows in your body, you’ll have greater difficulty getting comfortable when you sleep. You’ll probably have to go to the bathroom more often due to pressure on the bladder, and the baby’s movement may even wake you in the middle of the night. The more frequent breaks in sleep, the greater number of dreams you’ll be able to recall.

Sex Dreams with Your Mate while Pregnant: Your increased desire for sex with your mate is natural and will play out in the dream realm. You may have more dreams especially if you are late into the pregnancy and not up to physically fulfilling your desires in reality. You may also have anxiety about how your body is changing and may play out these anxieties in your dreams. Will your partner still find you appealing? It is a common question among pregnant women who, naturally, want to remain desired by their partner.

Sex Dreams with an Ex While Pregnant: If you are in a happy relationship, pregnant, and you dream of sex with your ex, you may be exploring old memories without reopening old wounds. Or, you may recognize a chapter closing in your life. Becoming a parent is a huge transition that changes who you are. You may have been with other partners and thought you would have children with them, so part of you may mourn those relationships. Or, part of you may be happy you’ve left that part of your life behind so you could meet your current partner and have the child you’re carrying. The Higher Mind is letting you explore your feelings safely and securely through dream analysis.

Sex Dreams with Others While Pregnant: It’s also common for pregnant women to dream of having sex with strangers of the same and opposite sex. These dreams are exploratory in nature. If dreaming of a male partner, it may suggest a desire for more sexual encounters during waking hours, with a little “adventure” to spice things up a bit. Common dreams include sex in public, sex with more than one partner, and having encounters with strangers. Dreaming of sexual encounters with women may show a greater acceptance or appreciation of the female body because of its miraculous ability to bring a life into the world.

Interpreting Pregnancy Dreams: An Opportunity for Growth

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There’s no single simple answer to what pregnancy dreams mean. Dreams and the imagery they contain are a lot like poetic works. You’ll need to examine all the symbols you see and the tone of the dream to figure out what pregnancy dreams mean for you. Whether literal or symbolic, one thing is for certain: Pregnancy dreams can reveal much to the dreamer about themselves. Dreams of pregnancy can reveal hidden feelings, motives, or what you truly desire. Any imagery you see in a dream is an opportunity to look through a window into the self. The insights you derive can prove life changing.

If you’re looking to learn more about the art of dream interpretation and how you can use the practice to change your life, check out the information here on Building Beautiful Souls.com to learn more! Finally, check out our sister site What is My Spirit Animal? when you want to know about animal dream messengers!

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