Dreams About Someone Getting Engaged, Married, or Divorced

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Ah love… it’s on the mind of almost every human being because we crave attention and affection. As such, the subject of romance and relationships will crop up in our thoughts from time to time. And then it’s just a hop, skip and a jump for the subject to enter our dreams. But, here we’ve got to be careful though…what we see in dreams may not mean what we think. In fact, sometimes dreaming about getting engaged, married, or divorce has nothing to do with love and romance at all! (As if figuring out thorny relationship matters weren’t complicated enough, right?)
So, that being the case it begs the question: How do we begin to interpret the literal or cryptic messages the Higher Mind is trying to deliver in our dreams about relationships? Read on to find out!

Dreams about Someone Getting Engaged, Married, or Divorced Table of Contents

Dreams About Someone Getting Engaged

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Dreams of engagement might be wish-fulfilling. In such a dream, your desire to intensify the commitment is clear. Or, you’re hoping your significant other will propose. These dreams convey a deep need to feel desirable, wanted, and that someone loves you above all others. Dream tone can also tell you if you fear an engagement. You might have anxiety over the relationship moving too fast.

You might experience doubts about being with the right person in your life. If you are alone and you have this dream, you might be envious of someone you know who recently said yes to a proposal. Imagine your ex-husband or former boyfriend proposes marriage to another in real life. You might have an engagement dream out of being jealous of this new love.

  • Work Commitment: Sometimes the term engagement refers to a work commitment you make for a short period. If you dream of engagement, this project or work task may prove challenging during your waking hours. If the tone of the dream is positive, it predicts success with the work engagement. If negative, you may run into unexpected issues to contend with in the near future.
  • Battle: Isn’t funny how a word that’s often used for conveying the deep and lifelong commitment between two people in love is also a word meaning engaging in battle? If you feel you are at odds with someone in your waking life, you might dream of being engaged to them. This imagery explains dreams where you are engaged to someone you have trouble tolerating or would never dream of marrying. If predictive, the dream may point to upcoming emotional battles or a battle of words with someone over important commitments.
  • Wordplay: Is your dream reminding you of a commitment you’ve made that might be of some importance? What about an upcoming anniversary or birthday? Time to look to your calendar to examine upcoming events calling for celebration. As for wordplay, consider other plays on the term engagement and who you are dreaming about; are you trying to engage something or someone? Are you fully engaged in a particular activity, event, or hobby? Is someone trying to get you to engage with them and take part in a conversation or argument you have no desire to participate in? Are you engaging others by distracting them or entertaining them somehow? Do you want to engage in small talk with the person you are dreaming about?

Dreams About Someone Getting Married

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If you are about to get married, dreams of marriage are common. But what if you are not about to get married? What if you have not had a proposal yet? What does the dream about marriage refer to in such a case? Check out the reasons below for greater insight.

    • Question of Love: You might dream of marriage as you consider the possibility in your waking life. If you are not in love, you might find marriage threatening. The dream with a marriage theme might tell you to pull out of a relationship. If you dream of marrying your ex, it might suggest you are tolerating harmful habits from the past. It might also suggest you’re sticking with outmoded ways of thinking about relationships. To dream of marriage to an ex is one of wish fulfillment if you are still in love with the person.
  • Arranged Marriage: To see yourself in an arranged marriage suggests feelings of powerlessness. Your close relationships might lack the intimacy you want. You might be friends with a lover but not in love at all. Arranged marriage themes suggest you are a people pleaser. You are doing as you what others demand instead of being true to yourself.
  • Development: The dream of marriage points to big life changes. It might point to rites of passage, maturation, and commitment. Consider this a dream where your being or soul is maturing and evolving. It might stand for the union of the masculine and feminine aspects of the self. it can also signify the marriage of the Shadow with the conscious self.
  • Marriage to Help Another: Dreams of marriage to save someone are about sacrifice. For example, you marry someone to get them a green card. The latter act signifies your charitable nature. It also is a symbol that’s questioning your reasoning. You are helping others too much at a price of self-sacrifice.
  • Promises Kept and Unmet: If you dream of marriage, consider the importance of vows. This dream marks the import of staying true to your word. Are you keeping the promises you make to others?

Dreams About Someone Getting Divorced

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Let’s face it, some of the worst dreams a married person can have involve marital destruction. Of course, being married is not a prerequisite for divorce dreams. In fact, you don’t have to even be in a relationship at all. As with other relationship dream scenarios, the meaning of such narratives heavily depends on your existing relationship status and the events you’re going through in your waking life at the time you have the dream in question. What follows here is a breakdown of all the different potential meanings you can derive from divorce imagery. The meaning right for you is the one that resonates with you the most.

    • Divorce Dreams When Happily Married: You can be in a perfectly satisfying marriage and dream of divorce. Even the happiest of couples argue from time to time. If you happen to go bed after an intense argument, divorce dreams can arise. Here divorce symbolizes the differences you are having with your mate. You may even find the dream narrative plays out a potential resolution. If you finalize the divorce in the dream, the narrative may be your mind’s way of releasing the excess anger you still carry for your partner.
    • Divorce Dreams When in a Troubled Marriage: If you’re current marriage is tumultuous, you may sense things going downhill. If you have no relief in your waking life to your present troubles, you might have anxiety stemming from the fear a divorce is imminent. Or, you might seek the solutions to your problems out in your dreams. A dream depicting divorce might prove prophetic as well, especially when problems continue. Sometimes a divorce dream signifies the feeling of being smothered by a partner so much you seek a form of release. Your mind may show you what a divorce would offer you in the way of personal freedom. If you are looking to break free from a marriage, dreams can present you with “practice scenarios” so you can emotionally ready yourself for the breakup. Finally, you might have dreams of your marriage falling apart if you’ve been unfaithful: Guilt and shame can trigger nightmares about arguments and the consequences of getting caught in the act of infidelity or after the fact.
    • Divorce Dreams When Divorcing: If you’re in the middle of a divorce proceeding, the most likely culprit for dreams about marital dissolution is current events in your life. The more volatile the conditions surrounding the divorce, the greater the likelihood you’ll explore emotional conditions in the dream lab. When your partner initiates the divorce, dream scenarios may involve grief in addition to anger. If you initiated the dissolution of the marriage, you may have accompanied by a sense of loss and guilt.
    • Divorce Dreams When Remarried: If you’ve already gone through a divorce and you’ve remarried, there may be occasions where you revisit the divorce in your nighttime visions. If you are happy in your new marriage, your dreams may explore what has become of your former spouse. It’s common to have divorce dreams accompanied by guilt too, especially if you are happy and you either fear or know your former partner is not happy with their new path. When you’re remarried and you’re experiencing turmoil, divorce dreams may arise when you fear you’re headed down the same path as your former marriage. Or, dreams of your previous marriage can stem from your subconscious desire to nip existing problems in the bud so you can avoid divorce again.
  • Divorce Dreams When Single: Any of the divorce dreams a single person has can also occur for someone who is married. One of the main reasons a single person has this type of dream is a fear of long-term commitment resulting in alienation. Singles may also have narratives involving divorce if they are not embracing their shadow-self or their whole being. If you are in a situation where your heart tells you one thing and your mind another, divorce dreams may crop up so you can once again align your heart and mind.
  • Divorce Dreams Wordplay: To dig deeper into divorce symbolism in dreams it’s helpful to look at a few synonyms related to the word “divorce.” For example, your dreams may point to a partnership that’s under the threat of separation. When you’re feeling lost in the crowd, you might want to “separate” yourself from it so you don’t feel like your being overlooked or forgotten. If you’re having trouble with a friendship or a close family member, you face “a parting of ways.” If you are in a social circle where two or more friends are not getting along well, you may have divorce dreams pointing out this “division” of unity. When dealing with troublesome work environments, dreams of divorce serve as a warning you might consider “terminating” your position or you’re under threat of termination from the workplace.

Dreams About Relationships: Seeing Love Through the Higher Mind’s Eyes

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Relationship dreams have very different meanings when viewed through the eyes of each dreamer. It’s never safe to assume the imagery you see in dreams about getting engaged, married, or even divorced are cut in dry when it comes time to interpret them. The only thing that is clear is the Higher Mind or Universe is conveying messages of import, intended for translation. How dreams of relationship translate depends on real-life, current scenarios, emotions, and the beliefs you hold. Your own symbol database and understanding of archetypes also plays a role in how you interpret the messages you receive. Ultimately, dreams of getting engaged, married, or divorced have everything to do with how you not only relate to others in real-world relationships but also how you relate to the world.

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