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Totally mysterious, she reminds you of Witchy Woman, by the Eagles. in fact, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if she, does indeed have long “raven hair and ruby lips…” and she can certainly fit the bill from being a “restless spirit on an endless flight.” Yes, we are talking about the Aquarius Woman who seeks to reconcile her past and achieve enlightenment. Others might call her strange, on the fringe, bizarre, or when attempting to be kind, eccentric, but you find her interests amazing and a perfect delight. Her intellect is unparalleled. If you start to speak with her about any of her interests, she can talk to you for hours on end, thereby wrapping you up in a spell only the Aquarius Woman can weave with her charms.

The Aquarius Woman
Her Traits & Personality In Love, Compatibility & Life

While others steer clear of the Aquarius Woman’s more than a powerful aura, you are drawn to it like a magnet. You find her energies delightful, and inescapable. In fact, you have no desire to escape whatsoever. Why would you anyway? After all, you are absolutely smitten, aren’t you?

So, are you really ready to get involved with this energetic, enigmatic, mystifying Aquarius Woman?

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Aquarius Woman

The archaic planetary rulership associated with Aquarius is assigned to Saturn (when astrology was practiced based on the knowledge of seven primary planets only). More modern associations align Aquarius with the planet Uranus. Thus, both planets will manifest in myriad ways in those born under the sign for which they are associated. Saturn rules not only Aquarius, but Capricorn as well, and manifests in the penchant for a mingling of the old and the new.

Regarding intellectual manifestations, the planet Saturn makes your Aquarius Woman a real-life jack of all trades or the modern-day Renaissance Woman. She holds an interest in all things and their interconnectivity. She may indeed study astronomy and maintain an interest in the stars but in her mind, astrology is just as much a valid science as the astronomy that follows it.

The esoteric subjects and the art of magick (different from sleight of hand or illusions) also hold an equal interest for her, serving as the mother science of all sciences. Now picture Saturn for a moment. Make a note its rings orbiting around the planet. The image of the planet is symbolic of fragmented experiences and emotions orbiting around the conscious mind of the Aquarius Woman who must examine such fragments for meaning and understanding. The planet also has 62 moons in all. With many named after the Greek Titans, which, per mythos are housed in the darkest depths of Tartarus: This is symbolic of the deep inner exploration of memories and experiences the Aquarius Woman will have to do in her lifetime so she can reconcile the past with the future thereby allowing smooth progressive movement forward.

Now consider the influence of Uranus which is a planet that manifests its energies in a desire for spiritual exploration and transcendence. The Aquarius Woman will be one who seeks a state of higher understanding, consciousness, and she will spend much of her life in pursuit of enlightenment. Her life challenge is to free herself from the restrictive forces that dart down from Saturn. She must learn how to bask in the freedom of Uranus’ energies to transcend the entrapment of the physical and to achieve spiritual heights yet unknown to her.

Aquarius Woman In Love & In Bed
(Venus in Aquarius)

When the Aquarius Woman is in a relationship, the only way it will prove successful is if the person she partners with will embrace her for who she is. It is imperative the person she chooses makes no effort to change her. She has a strong personality, one that desires to survive the union of the relationship; it’s as if her worst nightmare exists in the merging of two beings which results in erasing her individuality. The partner of the Aquarius Woman will have to be a bit understanding about this fear even if it seems a bit illogical. Eventually, the fear is overcome, and when she finds her footing, the Aquarius Woman makes an intense and very serious commitment with her partner.

The Aquarius Woman needs an intriguing partner, one who will keep her intellect satisfied and challenged. The ideal lover for her is one who is not afraid of fringe subjects or what others might consider strange, off-limits, or unmentionable. When it comes to sex, you can forget about modesty; in the bedroom is where the Aquarius Woman really frees herself and lets loose with all she’s got to give. Burning with desire and passion, the bedroom will prove a chamber of experimentation, lust, passion, and over the top lovemaking sessions. Her ideal pairing will be someone who has the stamina to keep up with her! Oh… and don’t be surprised if the setting for sex is switched up a bit…. and yes, Love in an Elevator is one of her favorite songs!

The Aquarius Woman
Her Traits, Personality, Characteristics

The Aquarius Woman is one who will strive to be above reproach simply because she seeks respect from those around her. She knows she deserves such respect although she doesn’t always get it. She struggles with the question of worthiness on one side of herself, with the other side knowing she is worthy indeed. This makes it difficult for her to find peace within herself as the two halves of herself struggle back and forth for dominance. One half demonstrates high esteem, perhaps excessively so, and the other half demonstrates the lack of such confidence, wherein her goal then is to discover a happy middle ground. If she takes a beating emotionally, the Aquarius Woman has no trouble erecting a wall around her heart and protecting it at all costs. So, some partners may meet an Aquarius Woman who is a really tough “cookie” to crack.

Ruled by the element of Air, an Aquarius Woman is amazingly intellectual and loves all pursuits of learning. Even if not in school or college, the Aquarius Woman will read everything she can get her hands on just for the simple pursuit of knowledge gained. Of all the signs, the Aquarius Women are the most unusual, unconventional, and eccentric. She is a natural humanitarian, original, creative, independent, and ever progressive.

Sometimes she will run in the opposite direction when facing issues relating to emotional expression. Her fear of emotional intimacy puts her in the position of being unbendable, inflexible, and uncompromising or even temperamental. Nevertheless, she proves an amazing asset to others. She is helpful, compassionate, strong about the causes she stands for, and if you need an ear, she’s at the ready to listen.

Hearth & Home

The interior of the Aquarius Woman’s home will have a futuristic air. All the appliances are likely new, modern, and she only likes the most advanced gadgets imaginable. She likes simple designs in white and black themes and straight lines. But, being very much into the fringe sciences, she’s likely to have mirrors positioned in just the right places, thanks to her special study of Feng Shui. She will bring together the old designs, themes, and décor with the ultra-modern to give full expression to her inner Renaissance Woman.

She loves to pursue just about anything if it will help her learn something new or if it will help her in developing a unique perspective. Her sense of decor reflects her intense inquisitiveness. Being a bookworm, you can count on seeing a small book nook or library in the Aquarius Woman’s home. Note when she has a strong desire to read alone and to focus on interests of both an esoteric and metaphysical nature in privacy.

Health & Well-Being

With Aquarius being the sign that rules over the ankles, legs, and calves as well as the circulation of the blood, there’s no surprise the sign corresponds with forward movement, progress, and going with the flow of things. Therefore, the Aquarius Woman will need to do what she can to keep feet healthy to fend off circulation issues or issues with the bone and joints that affect the ability to move freely later in life.

She might be prone to the development of arthritic conditions in the knees. Since she prefers to be a loner, the type of exercise most suitable to her includes swimming in a private pool, cycling, jogging, and hiking as well as walking and running. Sometimes the Aquarius Woman can be a bit uptight, so minimizing the intake of sugars, excessive carbohydrates that convert into glucose, and caffeine is recommended.

Career & Finance

The best careers for the Aquarius Woman are those that give her freedom to move about, work alone, and to be imaginative, creative, and innovative. There’s no surprise that the early part of the Aquarius Woman’s job history is riddled with different types of jobs and locations as this is her time to explore and find her niche. She may attend college and establish a career only to find that she doesn’t at all enjoy her career choice. Only when she pursues her passion, will she earn another degree or take a turn onto a totally different life path. Her brilliance makes her ideal for social work positions, political positions, engineering pursuits, jobs specializing in radiology, biology, sociology, science-related jobs, or even astrology.

How to Attract a Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius Woman is one that is practically starving for excitement. Things that are taboo are often the perfect thing to do if you want to woo her or to get her to look your way. The Byronic hero image of Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome bad-boy-gone-good is the perfect mate for the adventure seeking forward-thinking Aquarius Woman. She is rebellious and more so if she was not given enough freedom during her teen years to burn off some of that rebellious energy. It makes her happy to break a rule or two in search of excitement and fun, so be prepared for anything when hooking up with a female born under the influence of this zodiac sign.

Do not take her to the same places when dating as you will lose her interest quickly. She loves the chaotic energies of the social clubs where she can dance her heart out, lose herself in the beat of the music, and just free her soul. There’s nothing like hours of basking in all the techno lighting while your heartbeat aligns with the beat pounding out of the DJ’s speakers. You will have to be creative if you plan to entertain an Aquarius Woman so you can gain her affections. It means having to make sure the spark continues to exist by stimulating her with new or different experiences.

Dating a Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius Woman is one who is independent. So, she enjoys her alone time as well as activities that she can do on her own: This, in no way, makes her antisocial, however. Instead, she has a preference for solo activities but still works well as a member of a group or team too. You’ll find an Aquarius Woman enjoys riding horses, watching race cars, or even driving them, swimming, surfing, sailing, and lots of water activities.

She also likes daring pastimes like parachuting, rock climbing, hiking, and camping out in the wilderness where she can attune herself with the natural rhythms of the world. Spending time outside lets her balance her energies and mood and to fend off irritation and that otherwise restless feeling she develops from lack of contact with nature.

She has a vast appreciation for a wide selection of music genres. The Aquarius Woman might also enjoy pastimes related to the field of entertainment if it relates to things like dance, ballet, or acting. She is also interested in metaphysical and esoteric or fringe subjects like astrology, psychic abilities, crystals, natural healing modalities, and preternatural phenomenon. Finally, she’s likely the biggest bookworm you ever did see as she’s one for the continual expansion of knowledge. She is more than happy to identify herself as a bibliophile who will display her collection of banned books to her friends and family.

The eternal optimist, the Aquarius Woman is annoyed by anyone who threatens to bring down her enthusiastic mood so whether friend, family member or lover, pessimists need not apply! Along the same lines, the Aquarius Woman doesn’t appreciate cynical individuals or those who are far too judgmental of others. Bigotry, racist ideologies, ageism, sexism, and misogynistic attitudes are not something the forward-thinking, progressive, liberal, feminist Aquarius Woman is willing to tolerate in her world. The Aquarius Woman stands firm in the belief that all people are to be treated justly, and she only gets irritated with bigotry rears its ugly head. Those who are hypocritical, unfaithful, disloyal, insincere, disingenuine, vulgar, greedy, or restrictive are also not permissible within the kingdom of her reality.

Zodiac Compatibility
Best Match for the Aquarius Woman

Friends and Family

For the most part, the Aquarius Woman serves as a wonderful friend. She is loyal and helpful to those who are in need, and being a good conversationalist, she will be happy to discuss whatever relationship issues you might want to cover. However, when it comes to the love life, she is so forward and progressive thinking she may not give the very best advice to friends seeking wise relationship council. What works for the progressive Aquarius Woman doesn’t work for everyone.

Concerning friendship and family, Aquarius Women are those who prefer to be independent and therefore rely on others very little. The friends she makes are few but extremely important to her. She cares deeply for them as if they are blood-related family members. As a friend, she’s an original and, comes across as one of the wittiest and quirkiest people within a small circle of close friends.

Regarding family, the Aquarius woman is one of two things: She’s either “eccentric,” or she’s a black sheep because her beliefs and behaviors are so astronomically on the fringe of what society calls acceptable. Conformity is not her forte, and she takes pride in the fact that she stands out from the crowd. She loves and honors her family, but she in no way caters to their whims: She has a well-defined path she has mapped out for herself. As a mother, she adores her children, though a PTA-mom or soccer mom type she is not. She is, however, very demonstrative with her affections.


The action-oriented Aries and the forward-moving, futuristic Aquarius Woman have some major challenges. But, this duo can end up having an extraordinary, intensely passionate relationship if they work together instead of against the tide. Meanwhile, Gemini partners and their never-ending desire for increased intellect aligns with the Aquarius Woman’s need for intellectual pursuits. Of course, this pairing won’t just be two old bookworms reading in some dusty corner of a library; Both are passionate about life, and this appetite carries over into the bedchamber as well.

Likewise, the emotional Cancer will make a good partner for the somewhat flighty and somewhat aloof Aquarius. The Cancer partner helps to ground the Aquarius Woman. Cancer makes her see that tending to the emotional realm is just as important as tending to the physical while the Aquarius Woman helps in teaching the Cancer partner to lighten up a little.

The Aquarius Woman with a Leo partner proves a fantastic match indeed. The only question about whether the relationship will last or not is: Who will take the lead? Each partner needs to have equal time on the authoritative throne if this relationship is going to work long-term. Similarly, the Sagittarius partner with the Aquarius Woman is a match where emotions run deep and in which the couple can work together to discover a higher truth.

The Aquarius Woman with a Taurus might serve as a nice combination on a friendship level. But, romantically the relationship is a bit too challenging for it to last long-term. However, if they manage to struggle through the obstacles they face together, and they begin to respect the creative nature in one another, this relationship can result in an unstoppable powerhouse pairing.

The Aquarius Woman and a level-headed Libra partner enter into a whirlwind-like romance. Everything picks up quickly and moves from first meeting to romantic love to it’s all over in what seems like a heartbeat; the pulse of the relationship falls into question far too quickly to make it last. Finally, the Aquarius Woman and the Scorpio partner is a poor match. It’s a lot like taking water and throwing it on fire: The passion burns out fast. The two are far too headstrong to respect the other in the role of lead, so the pairing never discovers the balance needed to make things work.

Astrology & Zodiac Gifts
Aquarius Gifts

The Aquarius Woman is a progressive gal, but it does not mean she doesn’t enjoy the traditional romantic gifts. In fact, surprising her with a bunch of wildflowers before you walk through the front door is likely one gesture she will find most romantic. Jewelry pieces are also appealing to the Aquarius woman, who finds both classic and modern styles appealing. Whether you buy a single solitaire diamond pendant or a necklace featuring three moonstones in varying sizes, she will love either choice.

Keep in mind the lavender/purple color of her Amethyst birthstone if you want her to think you spent some extra time getting just the perfect gift suited for her. She likes surprises too. Breaking from the tradition when it comes to giving gifts is a great way to present your offering to her a free tarot reading, palm reading, or even a free astrological natal chart interpretation. If its fringe or unusual, it will appeal the Aquarius Woman. Her interests run deep if she has a penchant for the esoteric, the unconventional, or the mysterious.

Aquarius Woman
Facts, Mythology, & Metaphysics

The tale of a young Phrygian by the name of Ganymede is associated with the sign of Aquarius. According to the myth, Tros was tending to sheep, his father’s flock on Mount Ida, whereas Tros was the king Troy’s son. While caring for the sheep Jupiter the god of the skies becomes very taken with Ganymede. Thus, he shape-shifts into a bird of prey and then went to the mount so he could kidnap the boy. The god’s later identified Ganymede as the cupbearer or water bearer.

The Star Card from the major arcana of the Tarot aligns with the Aquarius zodiac sign. The Sun Sign has the water bearer as an icon, and the Star Card also depicts a water bearer. The Star card also features a sky full of stars which allude to the story of Ganymede who was taken into the skies by the god Jupiter. The number 8 aligns with Aquarius which is a symbol associated with the infinite, the never-ending, and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The heart chakra is aligned with the sign of Aquarius which suits the sign as it manifests in the Aquarius Woman through her humanitarian efforts.

Aquarius Dates: January 20–February 19

Symbol: Aquarius

Glyph Meaning: Water in motion.

Sanskrit: Kumbha means “Water-pourer”

Key Phrase: “I KNOW.”

Quality: Fixed

Alchemy: Multiplication

Anatomical Rulership: Circulation, legs, calves, and ankles

Angel: Sakmakrel and Archer

Animals: Otter, Dog, and Fox

Dream Archetype: Facilitators/Innovator

Balancing Quality: Feeling, Warmth, and Emotion

Birds: Eagle

Birthstones: Garnet and Amethyst

Celtic Tree of the Month: (Birch) December 24–January 20 (Rowan) January 21–February 17

Meaning of the Celtic Tree: The Achiever and The Thinker

Chakra: Heart (Anahata)

Chinese Zodiac Twin: Tiger

Compatibility: Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aries

Detriment: Sun

Day: Saturday

Element: Air

Planet’s Exaltation: Mercury

Fall: Pluto

Feminine Deities: Juno, Nuit, and Athena

Flower: Orchid

Gender: Masculine

Healing Crystals: Amber, Malachite Lapis Lazuli, and Aquamarine

Herbs: Fennel, Wormwood and Buttercup, and Fennel

Keyword: Fellowship

Masculine Deities: Hapi, Jupiter, and Uranus

Metal: Aluminum, Uranium, and Lead

Musical Sound: E above high C

Number Vibrations: The number 4

Oils: Valerian, Poppy, Flax Seed, Pine, Fennel, Daffodil, Wormwood, and Comfrey

Planetary influence: Saturn (archaic) and Uranus (current)

Primary Colors: Gray, Bright Pink, Electric Blue, and Ultramarine Blue

Secondary Colors: Shimmery colors, blues

Primary Need: Refreshed, Novelty, and Expansion of Intellect

Scents: Buttercup, Comfrey, Daffodil, Flax Seed, Poppy, Wormwood, Valerian, and Pine

Seasonal Association: The season of Winter

Tarot Card Associations: The Star Card

Trees: Myrtle, Ash, Cherry, and Almond

Celebrities: Heather Graham, Christie Brinkley, Tiffani Amber-Thiessen, Christina Ricci, Molly Ringwald, Brandy, Bridget Fonda, Paris Hilton, Geena Davis, Jennifer Aniston, and Oprah.