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She seems like an angel, or it is her angelic-like looks or actions drawing you in and making you take a second look. Then you take a third look, and fourth! Because she is just so helpful and charitable whenever she goes. She is so both brilliant and beautiful too–that’s right, she’s a real triple threat! No doubt she is brilliant, and her wit and charm are attractive. Yet, strange as it might be, you could tell her she is beautiful, but she will not believe you because she is so modest and humble.

The Virgo Woman
Her Traits & Personality In Love, Compatibility & Life

Yes, we are talking about a Virgo Woman… you know, the one who makes your heart beat faster every time you know she is around. She makes everyone around her comfortable, and you would just love to get a little alone time with her to talk for hours on end. Charming, classy, committed, funny, gentle, attractive, and she tries to perfect everything she touches. What more can you ask for?

So, do you think you can handle this exceptional, but sometimes restless Virgo Woman?

Virgo Woman Table of Contents

Virgo Woman

Mercury is the planetary influence ruling over Virgo Women; the planet is so named after the Roman messenger god and a deity who rules over thieves, luck, trickery, travel, boundaries, eloquent speech, and communication. These attributes may show up, at least in part, in a Virgo woman. For example, your Virgo lady is likely to have a lovely speaking voice which only lends more to her amazing eloquence when she speaks.

Her communication skills are beyond extraordinary, and she is one who knows how to set her personal boundaries all while having a little trouble making them known to you. She may enjoy travel and stretching the limits too just to see what boundaries she can cross.

Your Virgo Woman might be witty, cunning, or even enjoy a bit of playful trickery from time to time. If she’s a Virgo who balances her energies, she might just steal your heart. If imbalances are present, you might find her flighty, non-committal, restless, and stealing away with your heart only after she breaks it.

The planetary symbol for Mercury is a cross with a circle on top of it, and above the circle is a crescent. This crescent represents the masculine, while the remainder represents the feminine, and the Virgo female, when well balanced, is the perfect presentation of the projective masculine and submissive/receptive feminine energies; she is strong, independent, and a go-getter, but she can be ultra-feminine and gentle when she desires. The circle in the Mercury symbol denotes, not just the head, but the intellect and the seat of the soul and the spirit.

You can expect your Virgo Woman to be a wise woman, but also soulful and most likely spiritual too. The cross beneath the circle signifies the physical plane, and in doing so shows how the Virgo Woman lets her intellect and soul run the show. Mercury carries the Caduceus, a common symbol signifies healing, so she may have some innate healing abilities, or she may work in a healthcare field. She may even enjoy holistic healing modalities.

Virgo Woman In Love & In Bed
(Venus in Virgo)

You can expect the Virgo Woman to be nervous, antsy and restless when she is falling in love because love is not among the more rational emotions she leans into; but once you win her heart, she will love you with a depth so profound it might even astound you. Once over the initial worry and nervousness, she will blossom like a flower in the arms of an affectionate man who knows just how to woo her.

She’ll overcome her shyness enough in the bedroom if you can convince her you are loyal and true. Once trusted, you’ll find the Virgo female a passionate lover, which relates to all those emotions she’s kept in check behind that analytical public image for so long. The bedroom is more welcoming as the relationship intensifies. Your Virgo Woman will surprise you with how naughty this otherwise desirous virgin wants to be: The sex life will move from warm to spicy hot in as little as 3.0 seconds!

The Virgo Woman is one who can be all feminine or she can be a bit on the tomboyish side and you just never know which attribute she’ll present. Why? Because in love she knows being a bit unpredictable will keep your interests. Do all the romantic things a girl dreams of; carry her over the threshold for no reason other than to do so; open car doors, pull out the chair for her, allow her to be seated first, and allow her to stand before you do when rising from the table. Send her flowers, chocolates, and give her the occasional memorable gift and you’ve won her heart forever. Flirt with her and do so often as she likes to know you still find her attractive no matter how long you’ve been together.

The Virgo Woman
Her Traits, Personality, Characteristics

It won’t take long for you to discover your Virgo Woman is one who has an amazing eye for perfection; she notes even the tiniest of details and ensures whatever she touches looks the best it can look or results in the best possible outcome or presentation. Her mother taught her early on to take great pride in everything she touches and to be willing to sign her name to that which her hand has affected.

She is well-organized both in the office and at home as she just cannot make herself at home unless everything is in the proper order. Once the chores are done, she dusts the knick-knacks and changes the linen, only then will she kick off her shoes for a cup of her favorite herbal tea and a good book. Chance is not something the Virgo female enjoys. She much rather have a full, clear schedule, her plans concrete, and her bank account full. She needs a comfortable nest egg for security.

If you want a loving female, you’ll get a compassionate and tender woman when she under the influence of the Virgo Sun Sign. Sometimes it is hard to understand a Virgo female. You might have trouble understanding when she holds back on expressing her real emotions. She tries to allow the rational to rule her head and to always keep her emotions in check.

Her life motto is, “I ANALYZE” so her analytical mind is always at the forefront and in control, which is a striking contrast to her feelings. As a Virgo or virgin sun sign, her feelings are pure and intense. As if experiencing each time, she focuses on her emotions for the first time. Without her analytical mind to keep her balanced, she might be prone to episodes of anxiety, mood swings, and periods where she feels overwhelmed.

Hearth & Home

You can expect the Virgo woman’s house to be incredibly clean, so much so it’s as if you could eat off the floor and not get a lick of dirt or germs in your mouth. Why? She cleans like a maniac since cleaning a place is much like restoring its pure, virgin nature

She is hygienic, and if a bit out of balance, she can become a germaphobe who washes her hands after every handshake. She might wipe them down with a powerful hand sanitizer too. She will give no thought to how the person she shook hands with might react to her abrupt need for sanitization, either.

She loves having everything in a special spot and will take advantage of innovations to ensure the organization of her belongings. You are likely to find space-saving space bags and special storage containers in the closet. Her linens pressed or steamed and stored, and you will never lose the television remote in the home of a Virgo Woman! It will be right in the remote caddy hanging off the plastic covered couch where it remains whenever it’s not in use.

Health & Well-Being

The sign of Virgo rules the intestinal tract and the abdomen. This is not a surprise seeing this is the source in which all the body gets its nutrients. It is also responsible for filtering out of all impurities in the food one consumes. The impurities, of course, pass as waste as the nutritional components break down to their most basic, simple form. The body then uses the nutrients to nourish various parts of the body responsible for generating fuel. It should also be no surprise that Virgo rules the immune system.

The digestive system and the immune system are so interrelated. What’s more, the immune system serves as a defense for the body; it strives to keep the body free of disease or pure. If the Virgo Woman falls subject to too much stress, it can trigger both digestive problems, ulcers, and problems with immunity. Emotions left untended too can end up toxifying the body and fogging the mind.

Career & Finance

Dedicated worker who is smart, analytical, and ready to work out problems as they arise: That’s how a coworker of your Virgo Woman might describe your female friend. She shines at the office. The method in which she deals with people, communicates, handles with paperwork, organizes her office, and how she seems to know right where everything is make her a major asset in the office.

She’s also a huge asset to her coworkers or team. Many coworkers will go to her if facing an issue in hopes her analytical approach will help in resolving it. Again, her eye for the smallest of details makes her an employee a company can value and trust.

Regarding careers, she might do well as a critic since she can communicate well. Her analytical approach will help in developing unbiased reviews. She might do well reviewing stories, books, bands, movies, plays or other forms of entertainment. But, having the abdomen under Virgo’s rule, she’d also make a fantastic foodie and restaurant critic.

Her analytical mindset, ability to study concrete and abstract subjects, and her desire to be of service to others will make her an excellent lawyer or doctor as well. Many Virgos go into the field of nursing or home health as they pursue a lucrative and rewarding career. As far as money is concerned, she’s a saver and consider a lack of control over personal finances as incredibly irresponsible.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman

If you want to prove attractive to the Virgo Woman, you must do things she will like: This means you need to dress sharp, be clean, smell great, look good, and have your hair perfected. She’s a stickler for details, and she will notice that hair out of place! Talk to her with dignity and approach her without digging into her business too much as she cannot stand a busybody or someone who pries. Give her space when she asks for it and allows her to enjoy her alone time without interruption–It will show she respects her needs and wants. If you want to draw her in, attract her with your intellect as she’ll certainly show a fondness with a man who cultivates his mind.

Dating a Virgo Woman

If you want to prove attractive to the Virgo Woman, you must do things she will like: This means you need to dress sharp, be clean, smell great, look good, and have your hair perfected. She’s a stickler for details, and she will notice that hair out of place! Talk to her with dignity and approach her without digging into her business too much as she cannot stand a busybody or someone who pries. Give her space when she asks for it and allows her to enjoy her alone time without interruption–It will show she respects her needs and wants. If you want to draw her in, attract her with your intellect as she’ll certainly show a fondness with a man who cultivates his mind.

Chaos, disorderly surroundings, messes, unorganized paperwork, lost items, and a crazed atmosphere are on the top of the list for pet peeves for the Virgo Woman. Cramped spaces, people who are irresponsible, rude, or non-responsive, and those who are a bit too nosey about personal business tend to rub the Virgo Woman the wrong way. Anyone who is dirty, who whines, complains, or who attempts to pressure or otherwise irritate the Virgo Woman is on the list of dislikes for certain.

Zodiac Compatibility
Best Match for the Virgo Woman

Friends and Family

When a Virgo female makes friends, the relationships are lasting. Her friends know she is someone they can count on even in their darkest of hours. She will seek out her counsel when in need of a sounding board or will visit with her if in need of a shoulder to cry on too. It is in friendships that the Virgo Woman starts to demonstrate some of her empathetic nature which indeed runs quite deep.

Committed to her friends and every family member, the Virgo Woman makes a super sibling, daughter, wife, or mother. Whatever familial role she enters she puts the hat on with ease and fulfills the role as needed. The Virgo Woman is one who loves her family and will speak about every family member with pride. As a housewife, you can do no better as your home will be spotless and the children clean.


The most likely hookups that will prove successful fora Virgo include the coupling of a Taurus and a Virgo and a Capricorn and a Virgo. The Taurus is another earth sign, so the earthy well-grounded nature goes well together. The Taurus loves beautiful things, romance, and comfort. Virgo likes to keep things pure and pristine, likes to be beautiful, and grows super comfortable with the lusty nature of Taurus.

The relationship between the Virgo and Taurus is, for the most part, gentle and compassionate, lest they bump heads–then, oh my! You’ve got two immoveable earth forces ready to rumble! Forgiving is easy for both signs though, so it’s not surprising if after an epic argument there is some spicy makeup sex to follow.

Virgos and Capricorns are great leaders, and their relationship is one that can prove a soulmate connection if the stars are aligned for it. Both find each other great company and easy to relax around. Both sun signs love everything beautiful that life has to offer too. A great and intense bond is possible between Capricorn and Virgo souls.

Virgos will also get along well with a Scorpio or a Cancer. With the Cancer partner, Virgo will find the Cancer’s soft, emotive, gentle nature more than appealing. With the Scorpio, the Virgo will love the sharp wit of the man, and his lusty nature in the bedroom too. The Virgo Scorpio connection can be fiery. They just need to take care not to burn out too!

Leo, the Regal type, who needs constant attention and doting and who loves socialization and the limelight is likely to leave a Virgo far behind and fast. The Virgo must do all the work in keeping the relationship. Why? The Leo partner seeks a good time socializing and hopping from one social scene to another. The only way this couple would work is if the Leo is one who will mature enough to realize that to keep a Queen happy, he must pay her the attention she deserves. Yes, a Queen requires a tribute or two from time to time.

If you are into a lot of headspace, and you think you’d enjoy a relationship talking about nothing but business, a Virgo Libra might be a great match. If you appreciate the complexity of mathematical formulas or concrete analytical topics, then a Libra Virgo is a dreamy mix. Otherwise, you will find far too much analysis going on in this relationship to make it worth anyone’s while. If the emotions are being pushed to the back burner, and no one is expressing themselves in any kind of intense way, the Libra Virgo connection is destined for doom.

The Virgo Sagittarius mix is also not the best pairing. They don’t seem to align their vision of the future and don’t necessarily agree on the appropriate expressions of love; and we can forget about a connection between a Virgo, who is a total neat freak, with an Aquarius, who must control everything… that’s just too much perfection seeking in one room, let alone on this Earth at one time. If the Virgo wants to make it work with a Pisces, they will need to drop some of their perfection standards. It’s time to take up the romantic gauntlet of patience–and that means a lot of it!

Astrology & Zodiac Gifts
Virgo Gifts

Practical gifts for around the home, things that are innovative but that simplify her life are the best gifts. A Virgo Woman might like a spinning shelf rack for spices, a caddy for remotes, or a special light that lets her light up the closets and with no fuss. She likes the practical, conservative, and affordable. Show her you know how to shop by getting things at a bargain–she’ll love it! Kitchenware, gardening tools, and things for home maintenance are also practical. Want something romantic instead? Get her a lovely piece of traditional jewelry or buy her a couple of tickets to the theater she loves beautiful things, and to be entertained.

Virgo Woman
Facts, Mythology, & Metaphysics

The Greek myth involving the Earth Goddess Demeter and Persephone, her daughter, is aligned with the Virgo zodiac sign. The same goes for stories about Proserpina and Ceres in Roman myth. On occasion, there are references to the Goddess Justitia as well and the scales of balance. The stories in ancient myth aligning with this sign are about daughters and mothers or the dualistic roles of the feminine, something the Virgo Woman strive to keep in balance with the Mother aspect representing the analytical and the daughter aspect representing the emotional aspects of the Virgo Woman.

The sign of Virgo is associated with the Hermit which should be of no surprise seeing that the Hermit card is one of considerable introspection. The Hermit seeks out the truth as does the Virgo Woman through her analytical practices–truth in concrete facts.

The Magician also aligns with this female who the trickster planet Mercury rules! She can fool you and make you think she’s not at all emotional when deep down she is an endless well of emotion. Five is associated with the Virgo sign, signifying the abyss, magick, the pentacle, and the spirit as well as the intellect and spirit over the physical plane.

Five represents rapid cognitive processing and those who search for knowledge. On the negative side, it can mean an inflexible mindset, chaotic energies, a restless mood, and an aloof attitude. The Chakra associated with Virgo is the root chakra, and as an Earth sign, this shows the grounded nature of the Virgo Female. At the same time, it hints at her untapped emotions serving as an energetic force. Her feelings, if left untamed, threaten to rise from deep within, thereby overwhelming her with a tsunami of emotion.

Virgo Dates: August 22 – September 22

Symbol: The Virgin

Glyph Meaning: The end of the loop corresponds to the purity of the virgin, chaste maiden. The “M-like” shape refers to the maiden while the end loop suggests a vessel, enclosure, and the purity of perfection.

Sanskrit: Kanyā, meaning “Virgin Girl.”

Key Phrase: “I ANALYZE.”

Quality: Mutable

Alchemy: Distillation

Anatomical Rulership: Abdomen and intestinal tract, the immune system

Angel: Raphael

Animals: Rooster or Squirrel

Dream Archetype: The Harvest Goddess, The Mother, The Virgin Goddess, and the Maiden

Balancing Quality: Expanding horizons and elevation of the world view

Birds: Parrot or Magpie

Birthstones: Emerald or Peridot

Celtic Tree of the Month: Hazel Tree (Aug 5 – September 1) and the Vine (September 2 – September 29)

Meaning of the Celtic Tree: The All Knowing and The Unpredictable

Chakra: Root or Manipura

Chinese Zodiac Twin: Rooster

Compatibility: Capricorn, Taurus

Detriment: Neptune (current), Jupiter (archaic)

Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Rooster

Day: Wednesday

Element: Earth

Planet’s Exaltation: Mercury

Fall: Earth and Venus

Feminine Deities: Aset, Pele, Minerva, Athena, Ceres, and Diana

Flower: Lily, Cornflower, Valerian, Narcissus, Fennel, Wheat, Magnolia, Madonna, and Lavender.

Gender: Feminine

Healing Crystals: Cornelian, Jasper, Ovaline, Aquamarine, Jade, Agate, Agate, Tourmaline, Diamond, and Quartz

Herbs: Silver root, snowdrop, rosemary, narcissus, and cornflower.

Keyword: Operation

Masculine Deities: Mercury and Hermes

Metal: Quicksilver, Mercury, and Platinum

Musical Sound: E

Number Vibrations:5

Oils: Sage, Cypress, Melissa, Patchouli, Lavender, Spearmint, frankincense, clary, fennel, oakmoss, bergamot, and frankincense

Planetary influence: Ceres (current), Mercury (archaic)

Primary Colors: Indigo

Secondary Colors: Dull colors, brown, earthy tones, deep orange, autumnal shades, deep gold, ochre, dark greens.

Primary Need: Productivity or Utility

Scents: Lavender, lily of the valley, aster, lilac, caraway, cornflower, or snowdrops.

Seasonal Association:Summer

Tarot Card Associations:The Magician or The Hermit

Trees: Hazel or Elder

Celebrities: Melissa McCarthy, Jean Smart, Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Shelley Long, Ricki Lake, and Ingrid Bergman.