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Fox Celtic Zodiac Sign
Meanings, Traits, Personality, & Compatibility

Celtic Fox Zodiac Sign Dates: March 18 – April 14

Sensual and sexual – Fox people are born with a healthy physical appetite. Where there is adventure – Fox joins in. Where there are games of chance, Fox plays to win.

In the Celtic Zodiac Fox is a guide with reliable wisdom. When you can’t see the forest for the trees, Fox companions walk you through the situation safely. This is also true with the Spirit world. Fox is born with a keen understanding of other realms.

If Fox is your sign the people around you know you for your bold, confident swagger. There is no arrogance here, just a deep-seated knowing. You have decent morals and a hearty bit of bravery. In Celtic stories the great bard Taliesin turned into a Fox making people chase him but never getting caught. This translates into being somewhat of an escape artist in real life. People will have a hard time corning you or outwitting your maneuvers.

Those born under the sign of the Fox love a good cause. People are attracted to their energy and ability to find a new path for achieving goals. Fox is very social and charming, self-assured and make good leaders. This is true not simply due to confidence but also the Fox’s ability to focus and avoid any waste of time and materials. The idea of “busy work” is not in Fox’s vocabulary (in fact any attempt at giving Fox such nonsense will be met with a brisk rebuttal).

As a Fox person one of your greatest strengths is sincerity and faith. You strategically approach life looking for measurable results. The only problem with this is sometimes taking too much time to measure a situation, fearing an undesired outcome. In turn, you might lose an opportunity.

In relationships Fox is sometimes selfish. They think of personal desire over that of their partner. When they find a person of interest, there is a rush to create a relationship that provides physical release and gratification. Basically Fox enjoys the hunt and conquest moreso than longevity and mutuality. Relationships with Fox often prove difficult because they don’t appreciate other people’s opinions. And never Order a Fox around – they will become even more stubborn.

In an odd dichotomy, some Fox people find themselves very diplomatic as long as the matter isn’t personal. Important disagreements between people in their circle capture their attention. And people often seek out Fox for a balanced insight.

Fox people are stealthy. They come up behind people so silently as not to be noticed. This ability comes from staying attuned to the environment in which they find themselves. Fox always has eyes and ears “on”.

Some sensitives feel that Fox people can learn the art of shapeshifting and healing. If drawn to the latter, Fox often seeks out alternative medicines that have strong ties to nature like herbalism.

When the Celtic Fox is your birth sign your element is Fire. You use that light to bring clarity in the darkness. Firelight also illuminates any mischief that might be afoot in your proverbial forest.

As a friend, Fox people make excellent guides. They will tell you if your idea isn’t well considered. They also stand behind their allies sharing support and determination that’s balanced with foresight. Fox’s solution to problems are always clever but very concrete. There is no room for illusions. If Fox says something’s too good to be true, it is.

Problem solving is a common Fox attribute, typically using their keen intellect. Fox people know when to hide and when to stand in the light of day. They also know how to turn on the charm without scheming.

The Celtic Zodiac sign of the Fox seems to have transition as one of its keynotes. Wherever Fox people show up, something is about to change one way or the other. The good news is that Fox is adept, responsive and flexible. If you follow his or her lead, you’ll be find even when you feel like you’re out of your personal “box”.

Last, but not least Fox is a walker between the worlds. They can see and communicate with Fairies and Devas, and likely with the Angels and Ancestors too. This is a heavy responsibility for the light-hearted Fox but one that they approach with due respect.

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