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Aries Child:
Traits, Personality & Characteristics

The Aries child seems to run with a star cluster for on-going booster power!

As soon as an Aries baby can move they’ll reach out for every part of their environment, wanting to experience it to the fullest.

Nooks and crannies are irresistible to little Rams.

They simply must know what’s ‘in there’!

No, Aries kids never run out of energy or stamina so budget for extra Starbucks visits moms and dads. You’re gonna’ need it.

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Aries Child Traits, Personality, & Characteristics

What other personality traits can you anticipate in an Aries child?

As the first zodiac sign Aries is born with all the traits of leadership. Even as babies, Aries children have a natural tendency to take over the house.

They will make the rules if you let them.

These children who would be kings and queens do not tolerate anyone speaking down to them and their minds are bright lights so clear communication can be very helpful in the parent/Aries child relationship.

They truly do want to understand your thinking and once they grasp the particulars you’ll get far more collaboration from them.

Aries children certainly have a flair for the dramatic – your living room will become a stage for numerous stories and performances.

And speaking of applause…

Aries kids like rewards of any kind be it a compliment or a special treat at the mall. There’s no need to create a Veruca Salt wannabe but this star sign craves more applause than other zodiac kids.

So, break out the ‘good jobs’ for important achievements – particularly in behavior.

These little Rams are incredibly determined but also easily frustrated. Once they encounter obstructions they’re likely to throw up their hands and lose interest.

When this happens you’ll have no question as to why. They are very verbal and direct emotionally charged statements like arrows.

The “Temperamental Twos” doesn’t even begin to describe the toddler years. Maybe top off that Starbucks with some Bailey’s or Kahlua?

And while your child doesn’t mean for his or her words to be weapons, you may find yourself unwittingly hurt by the assault.

However, there is hope!

Being the first sign of the zodiac means there is a hidden diplomat in your Aries. So take a deep breath, give you and your child a 20 count, then re-approach the situation with the goal of helping them connect to their more emissary. Doing so can help cultivate them a more productive coping mechanism to try in the future.

Despite this child’s fiery nature, they like to learn.

Over time their life lessons take hold and transform them into rather wonderful, fun people who are incredibly truthful with a strong sense of integrity.

You’ll also see a great sense of humor emerge as they develop.

Finally, the Aries child is high-energy but low-coordination. They move so fast as to fall over their own feet (or anything in their path).

Getting them involved in sports or dance (anything physical) can help them learn how to stay vertical while their little bodies play catch up to their Speed Racer minds.

The Aries Girl

As the parents of an Aries gal get ready to walk on the wild side!

This star sign’s confidence and thirst for risks and adventure often lands them in trouble. And woe to you should you try to supervise her. Be ready to receive a very effective “evil eye” that communicates her indignation without a word.

Your Aries daughter is not a conventional child, nor will she become a conformist adult. She will be fierce about her independence no matter how many times you tell her the danger inherent in her last big adventure.

Before this all sounds overwhelming, also know that your daughter has a lot of potential. Directing her energy positively can take her ambition and fashion an impressive trailblazer in nearly any future to which she puts her mind.

An Aries girl will undoubtedly have favorite game – Follow the Leader with HER at the head of the pack! Aries’ love to give direction, sometimes becoming rather domineering. To help your daughter operate more from her Goddess energy than her Queen Maleficent energy get her to help you with decision making around the household. Maybe dub her the Official Cookie Contessa and let her decide what type of cookies will be on the family menu.

Your Ram-ette loves social settings. There’s just something in the Aries mind that knows how to put people together in such a way so that her team is the best (thanks, of course, to her guidance). An Aries girl can be even more prideful than a man and it can come out at those moments. Reinforcing the concept of solid team spirit can help her stay in the good graces of her peer group.

An intrinsic Aries trait is that they often goes off on lone escapades without any peers or parents to deter their natural need for speed. She loves pushing her boundaries and everyone else’s patience!

This is especially true in teen years. We do not envy parents to an Aries with a purpose who have to try and put their foot down. The Aries girl is not fond of rules.

Aries’ are, also, very innovative. They will find new ways of doing age-old things and get everyone else to play along.

The Aries girl has the soul of an inventor and she’ll often come up with very successful concepts. When you give her time and tools for pursuing those concepts she’ll be very happy and content. This has the additional benefit of harnessing some of that interminable energy effectively without conflict.

The Aries Boy

In the procession called life your Aries boy is always at the head of the line – instigating. He will never be a good follower and is not content to become anyone’s devotee.

Aries boys are generally healthy and strong from birth. Add little boy energy to the Aries characteristic of being incredibly active and there is no rest for a weary mom. This energy level may even begin with what seems to be non-stop womb action that feels like he’s training for the jungle gym.

The Aries boy is super conquest driven. He will probably love playing the Knight banishing the evil dragon only after a very long and strenuous chase. That said, the Aries sign is known for it creativity so this sun sign may very well decide to play the dragon vanquishing an Knight gone rogue!

The Ram in him likes a battle, but it has to be one worthy of their intellect and skills. Getting bed time on his terms is one such battle as are his chosen meals and preferred toys. Do not endeavor to tell an Aries what to think or do. It will fall on deaf ears or end up in a tug-of-war. This is not surprising when you consider that Mars rules the Aries personality.

What this means for the Aries parent is that finding healthy outlets for your son’s competitive nature can take the battle out of the home. Anything that’s a challenge does the trick provided they haven’t done the same thing too recently. The Aries boy often grows weary of projects half way through and quickly moves on to the next interesting or precarious adventure.

Aries boys are highly territorial. This can create power struggles in that he can easily see the whole world as his personal Pride Lands. Guidelines and boundaries might become your mantra so as to keep the ‘boss balance’ in check.

As your Aries boy moves into teen years and beyond there is a great surprise waiting for you. This is the time they often take their inspirational skills and use them in motivating change.

Once the process begins, Aries males move out of the way and start looking for another point of passion. In this, encourage your Aries to find friends with serious gumption and follow-through. That allows him to shine in the role he likes best, and his companions complete the vision.

Aries Facts & Metaphysical Associations

Aries Dates: March 21 – April 19

Aries Symbol: The Ram

Key Phrase: “I Am”

Aries Planet: Mars

Aries Birthstone: Aquamarine (March); Diamond (April)

Number Vibration: Numerology 9

Aries Element: Fire

Aries Flower: Honeysuckle & Sweet Pea

Aries Color: Red

Aries Day: Tuesday

Chakra: Solar Plexus (Manipura)

Chinese Zodiac Twin: Dragon

Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Dragon

Tarot Card Association: The Emperor (Aries) & The Tower (Mars)

Healing Crystals: Amethyst, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Coral, Malachite, Rose Quartz

Celebrity Aries: Erica Jong, Elton John, Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Vincent Van Gogh, Thomas Jefferson

73 thoughts on “Aries Child Traits, Personality & Characteristics

  1. Logan Hitchcock says:

    Everything is so true, like my personality. But I’m not active or self motivated, I hate PE but I’m not large I’m acually rather small and get picked on. And I’m easily offended.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Logan;

      The Zodiac Sign Meanings here on are overviews of each sign. To get an in-depth understanding of our truest personality traits and characteristics, it’s important to take a look at your chart as a whole.

      For instance, I’m a Scorpio with a lot of Sagittarius in my chart. So, I bounce back and forth in-between being super serious and wanting to be at a party! We all have a mix of Zodiac Signs that influence our life path and personality so check it out.


    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Julia!

      Oh. My. Goodness! Yes. It IS going to be a wild ride! Pisces and Libra – up and down and up and down and up and down! LOL And Aries will have NONE of that! LOL I’ll send good energy!


    • Pilar says:

      Julia, dear, please sleep as much as you can OK? Promise me that :'( and make sure you got help the first months with your baby, you will need it!

      I wish you the best on your pregnancy! I was pregnant 1 year ago hehe

      • Charles says:

        My son is an Aries very energetic he doesn’t listen to don’t do that or don’t go there always doing something that will get him hurt, He’s just only 9months old.

    • John says:

      Hey Julia, my mother is a Pisces I’m an Aries, Pops is a Libra. Great balance! Be sure to be mindful whilst instilling respect esp. regarding boundaries. It is a load of work, all the way through young adulthood. Loyalty and honor above all.

  2. Jay says:

    I have an aries daughter and she’s only 5 months old and she surely is acting like as described above. I’m a Leo mom with a Sagittarius hubby so this will be extremely interesting. Needless to say I’m will aware that my daughter needs to learn the word no. Lol

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Jay;

      Whew! Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? LOL Wow! THREE fire signs in one home and TWO with horns! You are right! Your lives will be extremely interesting! Sounds exciting!


    • amanda says:

      This is same for my hubby and I, except the opposite. I am Sag and he is Leo, our 5 month old baby girl is Aries. She too is acting just as above. So far I’m in love with her personality and can’t wait to see the adventure that awaits us!

      • Bernadette King says:

        Hi, Amanda;

        Awwww! How sweet! Well, here’s the thing about Sagittarius’s and Leos- they love adventure just as much as Aries so you, daddy Leo and baby Aries are peas in a pod and will have many great escapades together! Congrats on the new baby!


    • Pilar says:

      OMG! My son is now 6 months old and he has such a temper and strength! He moves quickly too!

      I’m a Capricorn and his daddy is a Pisces and we wanted to have an Aries baby, no other sign. So I’m gathering strength and patience to deal with this little yeller, because I wanted him. How’s the scream situation with your daughter?

      • Jay says:

        How cool is that. My daughter is very strong too. And she still yells. I’m glad she yells when she’s happy. Lately she’s been teething and has her two bottom teeth and she whines all day long. She is very hot tempered which fits right along with her parents so we can help guide her hot flair.

        • Pilar says:

          Same here! Two little mouse teeth… I’m breastfeeding and he enjoys biting me :S

          Yeah, the temper oh the temper… he gets so frustrated when things don’t go as he wants, he just scream like a metal singer AARRRRRGHHHH!!! LOL

          We also have bad tempers. Daddy is a Finnish man, Pisces sun and Sagittarius moon and I’m a Chilean Capricorn with a Pisces moon and Sagittarius ascendant. Baby got a Scorpio moon so yeah, there’s a lot of emotions flowing at home. All the time!

      • Simona says:

        This is funny I’m a Capricorn and my husband is a Pisces and we have a three year old Aries boy. I find myself apologizing to other parents as my child does not know his own strength. He’s full of energy, inquisitive and has an explosive temper. My son is incredibly smart and has boss mentality. There are times when I wish he would calm down but I wouldn’t trade my genius spitfire outgoing aries for any other sign! Also be prepared as Capricorn we are leaders, patient and fiercely independent…We can handle the Aries but out sensitive impatient pisces husbands will need support when handling the aries

  3. Robin nazari says:

    Female pisces, Capricorn male, 4 female Aries 1 boy leo.
    What I should be expecting in teen years
    They’re very obedient and behave well.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Robin!

      I think you are saying that you have 7 children? If you are, then you can expect the teen years to be CRAZY! LOL I would say to be very protective of your Pisces girl. She’s surrounded by so much Earth and Fire it would be easy for her Water element to “dry up”. And, if I read this correctly, you have 4 Aries girls? Oh my goodness! Start working out, eat tons of vegetables and double up on the vitamins because you’re going to need the stamina! Your Capricorn boy will think that everyone is his responsibility so don’t let him play “dad” too much. And your Leo boy will challenge everyone because he will want to be king! LOL Just make sure there’s lots of love to go around and it all should be OK!

      Hope that helps!


  4. Alexys says:

    Thank you for this! I am a Sag, my husband is a Gemini and our 5 month old is an Aries. I prayed, wished, crossed my fingers and demanded the moon, boldly, that I would be blessed with an Aries baby. He is everything that I could have asked for and more. I am excited to see what the future holds for him. He’s only 5 months, and has already been to a Yankee game, on weekend get away’s, hiking. He fits so perfectly. Good luck to everyone with your Aries gifts! <3

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Alexys;

      You are most welcome! Gee, that’s a whole lotta horns in one family! LOL Aries and Sagittarius. Whew! Get ready for heads to butt! LOL Between the the males in your family and the wanderlust of Gemini it’s no wonder your baby has already been living a life of adventure! Maybe you should start an adventure/travel blog!


  5. Irma says:

    I am a Libra (October 1st) and husband is Gemini (June 12th). Our son is almost 2 and a half (born April 8, 2014). I agree with everything stated above. I’m interested in getting our birth charts done and readings for the three of us. If you know of anyone that does this, please let me know. Would prefer to meet in person (Grand Rapids, Michigan). Thanks!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Irma;

      Ohhhhh, a Libra and a Gemini! How do you two ever decide on anything? LOL 😉 Your Aries child will certainly challenge you and your husband because they are decisive and bossy! LOL

      I live in Florida so I don’t know any astrologers in Grand Rapids but one of the finest astrologers I’ve ever met is Michelle Gould. She lives in here my town of Gainesville but she can do a reading over Skype or phone. She is AMAZING! You can click to visit her site

      Hope that helps!


    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, l;

      Wow! What a really interesting mix of Zodiac Signs you have in your family! As an Aquarius you’ll have lots of fun with your energetic little Aries. And, your Gemini hubs will have many a great convo with him about, well, everything! They will be quite the Chatty Kathy’s!


      • marquese says:

        I have a 11 year old daughter who is an Aries we were so close until this year when she hit 6th grade she don’t want to come to my house she says she wants to be at her mom’s and she has become disrespectful with me. My heart is so broken that is my Queen I have backed off don’t call her but she don’t call me either planned father daughter day she ended up not wanting to go that day. What do I do?

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hello, Marquese;

          Apologies for delayed reply. The first of the year is always crazy booked with psychic readings. Whew! LOL

          It would help to know what Zodiac Sign you are so I could give you a more accurate picture but here’s the thing about Aries children – they want to be as independent as possible, as soon as possible. With your Aries daughter being a ‘tween’ (not a child but still not a teenager) she’s going to start the defiant/independence behavior anyway. Now, add that Aries willful and stubborn nature to the mix and there are likely to be parent/child clashes.

          Best advice, be clear and direct with your communication. Try to keep emotional rhetoric to a minimum as Aries does not respond well to emotional outbursts. Also, when your daughter is with you make sure she stays busy. Aries kids tend to get into trouble when they have nothing to focus on or accomplish. They are energy dynamos and act out when they are bored.

          Hope that helps!


  6. Kate says:

    Oh yes…my 18 month old girl is an April 2 Aries. My husband is a Pisces, I’m a Gemini, and she’s going to be an only child…should be interesting!

  7. Sara says:

    I am pregnant with an Aries, my husband is a Taurus and I am a Cancer. Not sure how a fire element will fit in with earth and water! I know how to put my foot down, so now I feel like it’s going to be a battle of the wills with this little one. It will be our first child.

    • Pilar says:

      Hello! It will fit just right! Since Taurus has loads of patience and loves his family and Cancer is a cardinal sign, just like Aries 🙂 just make sure you rest now while you can. These little ones are very energetic and ahead of their peers!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Sara;

      Your Taurus hubster will be able to withstand the firebrand coming into your family. As Bulls do, they just bravely weather storms by simply outlasting them. Fire and water though – whew! That can be a little tougher. Always remember that fire is the element of passion. So, sometimes you may need to spray a fine mist to cool things off a bit but save the deluges for only those occasions when the your Aries child’s fire needs to be at smolder instead of raging.

      Hope that helps!


  8. Mira says:

    Hi, I loved reading this
    -I’m a Gemini w a Pisces moon, husband is a Libra w a Scorpio moon, we have a 2 year old Sag daughter and are expecting an Aries boy! What would you advise us to prepare for??

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Mira;

      Wow! That is a really interesting family astrology and zodiac dynamic!

      First, I hope you and your hubby are romance writers because not only are your sun signs soulmates (Gemini/Libra) but the zodiac moons being the legendary Pisces/Scorpio love match – YOWZA! You, two, hit the zodiac compatibility Powerball! Which is good – because when your Sagittarius/Scorpio and Aries children lock horns (and they will), love will keep it all together! 😉

      Hope that helps!


  9. Aline says:

    Wow… Well, I am an Aries, my husband is a Capricorn and my son is also an Aries (born a week before my bday), he is only 2 and a half and he is exactly like described. His energy levels are close to infinite and he is definitely very territorial.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Aline;

      Thank you for visiting and commenting on! Make sure everyone takes extra vitamins because with 2 Aries and Capricorn in one household, you all will need it! 😉


  10. Laura says:

    Im pregnant with an Aries due date. My husband and I are both Virgos. Sounds like we are in for a ride. Find out the gender in two weeks.

  11. Tracey says:

    Our 19 month old is an Aries boy that is true to his traits lol MyTaurus hubby and my Capricorn self have been on a wild ride with this little man since day one! Never a dull moment with him lol

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Tracey;

      Wow, wow, WOW! A Bull, a Ram, and a Sea-goat! That’s a LOT of horns all in one household! LOL Maybe set up a YouTube channel because there will be plenty of epic stories to tell!


  12. Brandi says:

    Oh my.. I have 1 and a half year old twin aries, one boy and one girl. This describes them to a T already!! My girl is a fearless fire cracker and a total diva and my boy is a wild monkey. They are both independent and smart but my daughter just HAS to figure things out for herself. My husband is a cancer, our oldest son is a capricorn, and I am a leo. My son and I are very strong willed and with him about to enter his teen years it has been challenging to agree on things but I love my family and will make sure to keep things as smoothe as possible. Any advice would be appreciated!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Brandi;

      Gosh! That’s a lot of ‘horns’ in one house! 2 Aries TWINS and a Capricorn! Now, add some more fire (Leo) and some water (Cancer) – that’s a lot of steam, too! Here’s the thing – you’re a Leo. This means you’re a natural born Leo. As long as you make sure the hubby has his alone time (Cancer’s desperately need this to stay mentally and emotionally healthy and happy) then all should be as smooth as things can be when you have 3 horned kids head butting each other all the time! LOL

      Hope this helps!


    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Chels;

      Lots horns and some big claws! LOL Should be fun! Just remember, Cancers are extremely sensitive and will scurry back into their shell at the first sign of drama so you, Capricorn, and your Aries son take care to be more gentle with her than you might normally be inclined to do.

      Hope that helps.


    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Alex!

      Wow! That’s a LOT of horns all in one house! LOL Thank goodness all those hard heads have you, the Aquarian dreamer, to bring love and light into the corral! 😉


  13. Megan says:

    I am an Aries. My man is a Libra and we have a one year old Sagittarius girl… What should we expect in the years to come and how do we channel her best traits?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Megan;

      Looks like you wrote in twice. Please see the previous answer. However, now that I know Dad is a Libra – that’s an awesome combo! Libra dad will be able to temper any of the head strong behavior that your Sagittarius baby girl might (who are we kidding here – WILL) exhibit! 😉


  14. Tiffany says:

    Hi Bernadette! I stumbled upon here trying to gauge my 1 yr old Gemini daughters’ personality. I am expecting another girl come April 5th, 2017. My eyes are wide open reading the Aries description! We also have a 7 yr old Aquarius son. Mom is Scorpio & Dad is Cancer. I am curious to know our household outlook! Eeek!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Tiffany;

      Apologies for delayed reply. The first of the year is always crazy booked with psychic readings. Whew! LOL

      It’s always so romantic when water signs pair up. The Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer soulmate bond is legendary! Adding Aquarius to that makes a neat fantasy family where everyone is in incredible sync. See, Aquarius is considered by many astrologers to be the 4th ‘hidden’ water sign because the waters of life flow from Aquarius’ sacred pitcher.

      Now, adding Gemini to this mix can be awesome for a Scorpio mom because you two are kind of like twin detectives – always investigating something. Where you’re going to clash is when the famous Gemini flip-flop happens. You, Scorpio mom, are just like the snake energy that rules your Zodiac Sign – singularly focused on always moving forward. Aquarius and Cancer will just go with the flow so no worries there.

      Adding Aries is going to shake things up for sure! Gemini, Cancer, and Aquarius are likely to stand back and watch the fireworks. The planet Mars rules you both. While you two will bond over anything that requires relentless drive, ambition, and passion, when you clash it will be Clash of the Titans. So, watch out for that.

      At the end of the day, you’re a Scorpio mom. That makes you da’ big boss! Never forget that and all will be dandy!

      Hope that helps!


  15. Kirstin says:

    This is so true of our 9 month old. He’s so full of energy, and extremely strong. And he lets everyone know when he’s happy or haven’t got his way. My husband and I are both Virgos. We have 5 children total between the two of us. 2 virgos, A Libra, A sagittarius and the baby being an Aries. I’m already finding it hard to deal with both of our teenage Virgos. What all do I have in store wise with my house hold. Some days I want to pull my hair out

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, ;

      Apologies for delayed reply. The first of the year is always crazy booked with psychic readings. Whew! LOL

      OMG! FOUR VIRGOS in one household? That’s epic! And poor Libra child! LOL He/she will spend their childhood trying to make peace between everyone. Aries and Sagittarius will certainly get under Virgo’s skin and vice versa. Try to spend extra time with your sensitive Libra child. And, try not let the Virgos pick at the Sagittarius and Aries because both those signs have zero problem retaliating like warriors.

      Sagittarius and Aries have shown up to your family to teach the Virgos how to relax and come down off their high-horse. The Virgo army has shown up to teach both Aries and Sagittarius that having some self-discipline does not mean they are oppressed and no longer a free spirit. LOL

      Hope that helps!


      • Kirstin Young says:

        I have learned that my libra son is re sensitive one out of the house. He gets vindictive also tho. He’s right at the beginning of the Libra sign so he has traits of both. The Aries baby is really teaching us all about what life and love is about. He’s so full of it and is the closest to his Sagittarius sister. They are actually inseparable. Other than us virgos bashing personalities every once in awhile it’s been good. Thanks for the feedback. It has helped a lot these past few months

  16. Charlotte says:

    This describes my Aries son perfectly! He is amazing; smart, spirited and always surprising us. I’m a Capricorn, husband is a scorpio and our youngest (newborn) is a Sagittarius. I have not been around many saggitarians, so getting to know his personality will be interesting!

  17. Ashley says:

    Hi, I am a Scorpio mom, my fiance is a Pisces we got custody of his 8 year old son who is an aries 4 years ago and 18 months ago we had a baby girl (virgo) together. Anymore our Aries boy is very very trying always lieing, and very sneaky. ( sadly removed from his mother’s home). It seems he is always grounded yet doesn’t care we just don’t know how to stop the (I don’t care I’ll do what I want attitude, no matter what the consequences are.) He is in soccer, dance , basketball. We are just having a very hard time.

  18. Sarah says:

    I am sometimes exhausted by my little hot head, she’s almost 13 and a true Aries. I’m a single mum and I am a Virgo….not a neat freak Virgo but still finding her complete disregard of any rules or boundaries I set very challenging. I love her to bits but we have some pretty tough times! I’m hoping she evens out a little with age ?

  19. Jessica B says:

    Geez… we’re about to have an Aries daughter in 11 days or less. I’m a Cancer and my husband is a Taurus. I think occassionally that he is hard to deal with and stubborn, I hope I can handle them both!

  20. Iva says:

    Me and my husband are both Aries and about to add another Aries to the family…. We should get a better insurance 😀 might blow up the house 😀

  21. Fatma says:

    Oh my .. im a cancer & my hubby is a pisces .. were waiting for either an aries/ taurus baby boy.. i entered my delivery month on the 21/march and my due date is 21st/april .. im not sure he will wait until his due date .. it seems he’s as u described him above “an active boy”

    Cant wait to have him in my arms ?

  22. Zoë-Lynn says:

    I’m a Libra and my hubby is a Scorpio we are expecting a boy in a week so he will be an Aries :O Can you let me know how our baby will be and how our relationship will be once he’s here! 🙂 Thanks!

  23. Mary says:

    Hey! I’m a Sagittarius, my hubby is a Leo. We have a little 7 year old Aires girl and a 1 year old Pisces baby boy! Any feedback

  24. Lesli says:

    This is all so interesting! I’m a Taurus, my hubby is an Aries along with our baby girl who is 5 weeks old.

  25. Ri says:

    Oh dear I knew this little boy was going to be a handful lol I’m a Scorpio and dads a Pisces so I’m curious to see how our household will be.. funny thing is my brother is an Aries and they share the same birthdate so I wonder if they’ll be similar in anyway. My brother and I were close as kids but drifted apart in our later teen years and now we’re close again so I wonder if the relationship differs being parent and child ?

  26. Destiny says:

    It says Aries color is red here, but on the chakra page it says it’s yellow. Also, the key phrase doesn’t match up. Here, it says: “I Am,” but the chakra page says “I Do”. Can you tell me why?

  27. Laura says:

    I know that this thread is old but was hoping for some insight I have a 14 year old son and 12 year old daughter they are both Aries and are complete opposites which I always thought was weird. I’m a Virgo and my, husband is a Scorpio my son is a lot like my husband you would think he should be a Scorpio to , anyone have any insight as to why?

  28. Ashley says:

    I’m a Leo mom with a Sag husband and my 2yr old is an Aries (boy) and he is all of this. But he was born at the end of Aries and tends to show some Taurus signs as well. We just had a baby girl in March (Pieces) and she definitely seems to fit that description. It’s going to be a crazy ride for us!

  29. BriAnna says:

    I’m a Taurus mom with a Scorpio husband… that makes for an interesting mix on its own but we have TWO Aries sons!! Our first is 3.5 years old (April 10, 2014 a week early) and fits his sign almost to tee. It can be overwhelming at the best of times, I often sound like a broken record… Our new Aries baby (3 months, April 11, 2017 ten days early) seems extraordinarily different. I actually feel sometimes that he is more like a Taurus child, and feel a connection of similar personalities with him. It will be interesting to see if his temperament and personality stays the same or evolves more like his brother. They were an hour away from having the same birthday!

  30. Patty says:

    My almost one year old is an Aries and my 5 year old boy is an Aquarius. I feel like those two signs together are so BUSY and always up to something! They are also both bossy (in their own way though). I’m curious how they will be together as they get older!

    • Shay says:

      I I once read somewhere that if the universe gives you more than one aries, it hates you lol. I’m a scorpio mom, was married to their aquarius dad. We had aries/pisces cusp g/b twins, they are 16 now, an 11 year old full aries son and a 3 year old taurus son. Can I just say, I’m glad I’m a scorpio! There’s no match to my will. But my family is full of water and my wonderful scorpio father taught me a lot of psychological wisdom. I’ve learned with my kids traditional punishment does not and many many long logical talks with asking them questions to get them thinking has been the most successful way to getting through to them. You have to be very patient and steadfast with your aries kids. And also let them learn the hard ways of the real world to help them learn, don’t coddle. Just the facts. But also make sure they know you love them unconditionallly and accept them as a whole. My aries have very good hearts. They do like to be leaders and as I work them as they grow, they are getting their tempers in check by understanding and accepting others as they are. That is not worth the negative feelings of that anger on someone you can’t control. You can only control yourself. And how you feel and how you react. Nevertheless, moms of aries take some me time to rest because it’s constant! I will say our little taurus has been a blessing and has helped the older kids mature better and have greater patience. I think the universe felt bad so they gave me him 😉 also, I’m two years away from 18 on the twins, yes I’m a little excited to get that break and freedom to just let them be an adult and learn adulting, like I did. I just had to learn the hard way! Lol but of course I persisted through all of life’s challenges and came out better, so I hope they will do the same.

      • Shay says:

        Please excuse some of my grammatical errors, using a phone that doesn’t show the whole screen limits my ability to proofread.

  31. Denisse says:

    Hi! I am pregnant with an Aries! I have a 17 months old Gemini. I am Scorpio (solar) And Libra (moon).
    My husband is an Aries.
    So far it’s been a bless with my daughter (Gemini), we understand each other perfectly. To be honest I am a little bit afraid of what to except with this Aries as I have a strong will & personality! ?
    I don’t know the sex of the baby yet!
    Can you give me an overall of what to expect as a family and as a mom? Haha

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