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Amethyst Meaning & Properties
Healing, Metaphysical, & Spiritual

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Amethyst Meaning & Properties

Amethyst stones are among the most sought after, powerful and effective of all healing crystals.

Amethyst stimulates the amygdala which aids in opening and expanding the Third Eye. In doing so, Amethyst connects us to our higher power, allowing us to re-connect with our own divinity.

Once we’re tapped into the Godhead (All That Is, The One, Source, etc.), this is when true spiritual and energy healing may be facilitated.

Because of the amethyst’s connection to the higher realms, its astonishing abilities of purification are legendary. It is no wonder that amethyst is most often a healer’s crystal of choice when they seek to cleanse their client of any addictions while at the same time energetically protecting them both.

The rich purple color of the amethyst (associated with the Crown Chakra) connected it to rulers and Divine right throughout history.

As a semiprecious metaphysical crystal many people carry this healing stone as a talisman or amulet particularly when you want the “royal” treatment and want to attract long-lasting wealth. The color ranges broadly, the most widely regarded crystals coming from Brazil, Sri Lanka and the Far East.

The Roman author Pliny reports that the most powerful amethyst amulet bears the image of the sun and the moon. This token would protect the carrier against baneful spells and also give that person greater influence with those in leadership positions.

Thinking of asking for a raise? Get an amethyst. The Egyptian outlook toward this is similar, bearing the symbolism of success particularly in battle.

It’s interesting to note that by the Middle Ages many people felt that an amethyst would actually change color as a harbinger of trouble. As a result it makes a great gift between lovers. As a wind stone, it’s also revered by light workers and healers bearing vital life to the whole body.

Other stories of amethyst give us greater insight into is impressive array of spiritual properties. For example, historians tell us that Cleopatra wore an amethyst ring with a carving of Mithras, a Zoroastrian God who oversaw all contracts, truth and loyalty. If you make a vow, use an amethyst as a seal. Since the cult of Mithras was largely male, Cleopatra made a bold (and impressively brassy) statement with that ring. She too was asserting her authority.

St. Valentine purportedly wore one adorned with Cupid, the god whose compassion toward star-crossed lovers could be summed up in the mantra, “love conquers all.”

Amethyst has many other New Age attributes as well. It bears energy for safe travel (including astral travel), calmness for alleviating stress, improved meditative and mental skills, overall health and personal sincerity. If you are a leader, teacher or in a service oriented field you’ll find this healing crystal a great ally so you don’t empty your inner well. Amethyst reminds us that those that serve likewise need service or they will burn out.

If amethyst had a tag line it would probably be: keep calm, carry on and listen for the still small voice of the Divine and guides carefully in your life.

Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

Crystal Energy: Money, Power, Protection, Wisdom, Purification, Prophecy

Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th) and Etheric (8th and beyond)

Element: Wind or Air

Number Vibration: Numerology 3

Zodiac Signs: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo

Amethyst Healing Properties

Mind: Active dreaming; decreasing distress or undeserved remorse; Upbeat attitudes; Gratification: Perception

Body: Safeguarding against toxin; allaying headaches; soothing chronic heart and lung conditions;

Spirit: anti witchcraft talisman; Purification, Negotiation aid; Faithfulness; Divine Supplication; Connecting with the higher self and guardian entities.

The amethyst’s association with sobriety translates into settings other than alcohol – there’s gambling, food, drugs and anything else that threatens to bind you to an unhealthy lifestyle. As a sacred stone, it interacts with your auric field adjusting that energy toward positive, wholesome thoughts and actions. Meditating with it regularly tends to increase the overall effectiveness. Those suffering from insomnia might want to be a piece of amethyst in the four cardinal directions of their sleep space, creating serenity that acts like a balm on a troubled spirit.

Overall amethyst regenerates body, mind and spirit, leaving you refreshed. You may feel drawn to a particular shape for your personal stone, each one of which offers something a little different. Let your fingers do the walking through some information on Sacred Geometry to learn more.

Amethyst acts as a bridge between people and their spirit guides, the Akashic records and our innate higher senses. This helps energy workers and healers get in touch with the reason for certain physical or emotional problems. For example, adult abuse often occurs due to childhood neglect and abuse that a person may subliminally hide from the conscious mind. Amethyst begins unlocking those filing cabinets so we can approach the information at a healthy pace. It’s truly a potent protector so keep one of any size with you at all times.

Amethyst Mineral Properties

Color: All purple hues ranging from deep purple (almost black) to lilac

Mining Locations: Africa, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Uruguay, USA

Mineral Class: Silicates

Family: Quartz

Crystal System: Trigonal

Chemical Composition: (SiO2) Silicon Dioxide

Hardness: 7

Amethyst Name Etymology

The name amethyst actually translates roughly to “not intoxicated”. This is why the stone appeared readily on cups for the noble table and in signet rings.

There’s a mythic tale that speaks of a very lascivious Bacchus who was in a particularly foul mood and intended to have the first girl who passed him eaten by a lion. To save the sweet nymph, the Goddess Diana turned her into a crystal.

Bacchus was not unmoved by the gesture, so he made the stone purple from his own cup of wine and imbued it the ability to protect the wearer from the effects of over-consumption (mind you, Bacchus wasn’t dealing with automobiles!).

With love & purple sparkles,

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