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Leo Compatibility:
In Love & In Bed

When a Leo is in love, everyone knows it! This Great cat roars his or her joy to the rooftops!

This Star Sign has great strength of character and isn’t afraid to stalk, um, romance the person who is their cat nip du jour.

When a Leo wants someone’s attention that potential amour better pray for mercy from Puss in Boots or Stilettos because DANG! Leos are R.E.L.E.N.T.L.E.S.S.

That said, if you’re attracted to a Leo fling your arms open wide and purr, “Hello Kitty!” because Leo’s lovemaking skills are one of the biggest reasons they are the Kings and Queens of the Jungle.

Leo Compatibility Table of Contents

Leo in Love

Leos are in love with love. You are the terminal romantics of the Universe. You do not like going solo, and often fill the time between serious relationships with little trysts. Even those moments are memorable ones. The partner of a Leo gets showered with attention.

However, that being said, the main problems Leos experience in love is due to their tendency to want to be center stage all the time. You can easily dominate your partner and constantly strive for perfection. Your lovers may find that intimidating – as if they can never measure up. When a partner walks away you’re very tempted to keep up the chase, even if it’s not healthy for you.

In seeking out partners find someone who knows how to compliment you. It is a normal Leo trait to want adulation, and without that you’ll feel very impotent. When you do find the right person for intimacy, you become a very smart, savvy and sensuous lover that cultivates your relationship.

Leos are known for their generous hearts, which is why you often expect a lot from your interactions. Sexually you have tons of energy and skill, and tend to take the lead for whatever pleasures you’ve cooked up.

Generally Leo souls pair nicely with other Leos, Aquarians, and Scorpio. Taurus is also a good choice for a steamy affair, but probably not for a committed relationship. Overall your demeanor in relationships is bright and cheery. You live and love hard, and the word “regret” doesn’t enter your vocabulary. It’s not that you don’t care about a failed effort. Rather you know that life has its ups and downs, and sometimes that means bumps in a relationship or even having the road split apart.

Yes, sometimes you are a little demanding, but you make it more than worth than worth staying around. Just remember it is not enough to show up for the curtain call – you need to do your part in the play too!

Leo in Bed

The Leo in Bed is a fiery inferno!

You ooze charm and have the heart of a true lover. Sometimes your partners may feel that you’re bigger than life, but even at that they cannot resist your allure. There is something warm and welcoming about a Leo, and a sense that you can trust this person even with those wild fantasies.

Leo lives on spectacles, and that includes sex. You probably find yourself thinking up new ways of pleasing your mate with lavish efforts. Perhaps you serenade your lover, or write them a romantic poem. Whomever you date knows beyond a doubt that they are loved.

You do crave a partner who compliments you during pillow talk, and you aren’t afraid of trying new approaches to love making. The hotter the sex, the better. As long as you’re getting attention you’ll be able to go all night long.

Be aware that as a Leo you tend to fall in love quickly. You want to meet the parents on the second date! Be careful with that. It scares more timid signs off. If you can learn to take things a little more slowly you’ll find a partner who adores you. Use those great lips of yours to caress your chosen lover.

The most compatible partners for the Leo in bed are Libra, Aries and Gemini.

Leo Facts & Metaphysical Associations

Dates: July 21- August 21
Symbol: The Lion
Phrase: “I Will”
Planet: Sun
Birthstone: Ruby (July); Peridot (August)
Number Vibration Numerology: 1 & 4
Element: Fire
Flower: Sunflower & Marigold
Color: Orange
Day: Sunday
Chakra: Solar Plexus (Manipura)
Chinese Zodiac Twin: Monkey
Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Monkey
Tarot Card Association: Strength (Leo), The Sun (Sun)
Healing Crystals: Onyx, Amber, Citrine, Garnet, Peridot, Crystal Quartz, Ruby, Danburite
Celebrity Leos: Mick Jagger, Mae West, Robert Di Niro, Madonna, Alfred Hitchcock, Andy Warhol

Leo Compatibility With All 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries and Leo

These two Zodiac Signs have a lot of magnetic attraction. You have foundational chemistry and characteristics on which to build including that you’re both very independent, inventive and not jealous types.

Where you differ is in the way you handle situations. A Leo wants accolades while Aries just shrugs and does what they feel is best anyway. Additionally both these signs want to be in the driver’s seat. That can lead to some rather vivid fights.

Nonetheless once the two of you compromise this can be a very satisfying and steamy partnership.

Taurus and Leo

Dating a Taurus gives whole new meaning to obstinate, which is pretty impressive when you think of the Leo’s stubborn streak.

You are going to find yourself doing a lot of head butting here. You’re more social than your partner and more of a risk-taker.

While Leo-Taurus will have a strong sense of confidence in each other, they rarely work out for long-term commitments because both signs resist change and compromise.

Gemini and Leo

The Leo and Gemini relationship is actually quite a lot of fun. There’s a youthful exuberance to everything you do. In many ways your pairing is like a crafted stage production that has a full cast and crew that feed the social nature of both these signs.

Leo sometimes growls a bit when he or she gets lost in the Gemini’s sea of admirers, but once the Cat makes a commitment they stick like glue.

You will find Gemini a good life mate and sexual partner, not to mention a stalwart friend.

Cancer and Leo

This pairing is fraught with confusion simply because Leo and Cancer live in very different mindsets.

Where Leo seeks respect and tons of attention, Cancer is a soft-shell, seeking sensitivity and support. This is hard for Leo. They simply don’t understand such dramatic changeableness and insecurity.

For this relationship to work at all Leo has to be “top cat” of the pride, and Cancer has to develop greater confidence.

Leo and Leo

This relationship is either spot on or a complete cat fight.

It’s very hard for Great Cats to share the stage – one is always endeavoring to outshine the other.

Cooperation isn’t your forte, and both people here are far more concerned with self-interests then in a balanced relationship.

There can be strong loyalty between Leos, however, which can make them good friends so long as you build on a respectful foundation.

Virgo and Leo

The Leo and Virgo match-up is very precarious.

Virgo has a tendency to over-analyze their Leo partner. Their nature is such that they seek out perfection, which does not sit well with the highly confident Leo who thinks they’re just fine as they are!

On the other end of things, as a Leo you tend to outperform your Virgo and not recognize how much they’re giving to the relationship.

Generally, this pairing might best be avoided unless other elements in your charts improve compatibility prospects.

Libra and Leo

While this isn’t a wholly balanced relationship, it is one with strong possibilities.

You both are romantics, which keeps loving expressions always fresh and fun. You probably love giving your partner little trinkets reminding them of how special they are. You both like to dress, eat and live well so socializing isn’t an issue.

Leo just has to take care and give the ever-compromising Libra equity instead of overpowering him or her.

Scorpio and Leo

Welcome to a battle of the wills, clash of the Titans!

Leo you so want that Scorpio. They’re sexy and stimulating. The first time you make love clothes will be flying everywhere.

That attraction never stops for the two of you, but both these signs like a sense of power and both have obstinate tendencies down to their DNA.

This causes clashes, but if a peace treaty can be reached you can still develop a romantic, faithful partnership.

Just be sure to stock up on band-aids!

Sagittarius and Leo

Watch out love birds! You’re soon to be hearing violins. This is a fantastic match that’s playful, warm and happy.

Sagittarius give Leo all kinds of interesting ideas that you can explore together. At first the Sagittarius might date several people, which rubs Leo the wrong way. Remember however that wanderlust is better before making a commitment.

Given time, this relationship has plenty of fire to keep it fueled for many years.

Capricorn and Leo

Leo you may have an initial attraction to Capricorn, but it won’t last long.

Leo walks on the sunny side of the street while Capricorn comes across as a pessimist. The heart of the problem is that you candle life in two different ways emotionally.

Capricorn will never be as involved as you, nor do they have an overtly generous nature. Beyond that, you find the Capricorn rather dull compared to your lavish tastes.

You can trust the Capricorn as a friend – they do take that relationship seriously, but as a lover this match goes nowhere fast.

Aquarius and Leo

There are serious flaws in the Leo and Aquarius match-up that may well spell its doom before you ever get to the bedroom.

You like the individuality of the Aquarian and the fact that they have a brilliant mind. However, it seems like you’re never alone.

An Aquarius has a huge social circle but little in the way of deep commitments. This comes across to Cats as being remote – there is simply not enough internal support to keep you happy and secure.

Pisces and Leo

The feelings in this relationship span the gamut between utter captivation to total frustration. Your Leo brassiness can hurt the Pisces very easily, without even realizing it. Meanwhile you find the Fish very changeable and intuitive.

Your Leo nature will naturally push Pisces into the background, which they don’t mind because they’re not competitive. However, he or she will never grasp the ambiguous way in which you communicate.

Pisces is better off swimming in another pond.

2 thoughts on “Leo Compatibility: In Love & In Bed

  1. ThePaganSun says:

    This section was fun but a bit misleading.

    Aries is just as egotistical a sign and also needs attention. It’s a bit frustrating and unfair that modern astrologers always exaggerate Leo’s so-called “need for attention,” but then conveniently ignore Aries’, Capricorn’s, Scorpio’s, Libra’s and Aquarius.’ Leo is hardly the only “attention-seeking” sign. Aries is also the “baby/infant” of the Zodiac but you rarely mentioned that in their section.

    Leo is symbolized by a powerful and fierce lion, not some show kitty and if the other animal signs aren’t gonna be called “lamb,” cow,” “spider,” and so on Leo needs to be described and respected for what he is: a mighty LION. Lions don’t “purr.” They roar, fight and kill.

    And Leo isn’t the sign of romance: Taurus and Libra are as ruled by Venus and to a lesser extent, Pisces as the exaltation of Venus.

    Leo is ruled by the Sun and exalts Pluto.

    And Scorpio wants us Leos just as bad for our courage, strength and energy.

    Let’s not diminish the Leo sign’s strength and integrity, please.

  2. Shirley Marshall says:

    I am a Pisces & have been living as a partner to a leo man for almost 34 yrs. When I first met him he was a male chavanist of the highest degree, but I stood up to him & set clear boundaries & told him that I would not allow him to dominate me & now he is the kindest, caring supportive & generous soul. He finds it difficult to speak about his inner feelings but his actions say everything. He’s is supposed to be the worst sign for me but we still love each other even after all these years. I believe that love overcomes any challenges & there are exceptions to the rule. He is still as stubborn as a mule and makes me frustrated at times as he rarely listens as always wants to be proved right & loves to be the leader in daily life & does try to take over things but when that happens I speak my feelings and he realizes I am quite capable & do not need him to undermine me or my strengths. He is a slow learner but is getting there lol

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