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The Sun Tarot Card Meanings

Sun Tarot Card Table of Contents

The Sun Tarot Card Meanings

Why be modest when it’s time to take center stage?

Hangups are for others. The universe is smiling on you with the Sun tarot!

Under a cloudless sky filled with a radiant, watchful sun, a crowned child sits bareback on a white horse in the Sun tarot card. The child is holding a bright orange standard, as the sunflowers, symbolizing wealth and happiness, admire him from behind the safety of a tall, grey wall.

Combining martial red and airy/solar yellow, the orange on the banner of the Sun tarot represents the sun’s life giving energy. The huge sun, from which the Sun card receives its name, is a symbol of deity, and the clear blue sky is a cosmic “green light.”

Talk about bareback! Apart from the crown on his head, the kid’s completely in the buff. And he is not the least bit ashamed. The child of the Sun tarot card symbolizes new life. His crown shows his power. It’s topped with a feather plume, suggesting vanity. Nudity symbolizes innocence and freedom from attachment. His posture in the Sun card implies that he is very pleased with himself – and wants the whole world to know it, too.

In fact, everything about him says, “Hey, look at me!”

But that’s no ordinary toddler showing off in the Sun Tarot card.

He is Horus/Christ, who has come to conquer – and redeem – the universe. His Shirley Temple smile is infectious. It’s a smile of victory. The white horse in the Sun card, another symbol of power, may currently seem at rest, but the standard in the boy’s hand is in constant motion.

The Sun tarot card is associated with the Hebrew letter Resh. It represents the energy flow between the lunar, intuitive consciousness and intellectual understanding. Travelling this path, the human consciousness hungrily absorbs every impression, intuition, and images it encounters in the astral world, that great storehouse of the collective subconscious.

But instead of becoming overwhelmed by these impressions, it learns to understand them through constant questioning and interaction until has developed a complete understanding and mastery of them.

That’s why kabbalists refer to it as “the collecting intelligence.”

Upright Sun Tarot Card Meanings

When The Sun card presents itself upright in a tarot reading, you can be sure you’re in the right place at the right time, talking to all the right people – and they like what they are hearing!

That’s because you’ve done your homework and crunched all the number beforehand. People have been watching you for quite some time. Admit it, you were counting on it, too.

You have no intentions of resting on your laurels. As even bigger and better things are in your reach, you mean to strike while the iron is hot. Others expect great things of you. There’s no shame in doing that victory lap, since you’ve won the last race. But after that, it’s off to the next.

You don’t think that the top should be a lonely place. While you can’t help that others may envy you, making enemies is not you style. To you, the universe is a source of infinite wealth, happiness, and wisdom. All that’s required of others to partake in your own blessings is that they leave their old hangups behind. You’ll even show them how, and you make it look easy.

If the Sun tarot represents another person, someone has stepped into your life who is making you look at things from a new, amazing perspective. He or she is helping you discover hidden talents, filling you with a new sense of hope, and showing you ways of overcoming problems you thought couldn’t be solved.

This person may be a benefactor, mentor, or guru with an unshakable faith in your ability to succeed. It may be that romantic partner who makes you feel loved, showing you what an amazing and beautiful person you really are.

Despite the Sun card’s deeply spiritual and abstract symbolism, the Sun tarot card carries obvious child and fertility imagery and, so, can be a significant signal that marriage or a child may be on the way.

Sun Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

If the Sun tarot card shows up in your reading as reversed, you may be experiencing resentment from those around you. It may be that they are jealous of your success and that blaming you for their failures is a lot easier than fixing what’s wrong with their own lives.

Helping them change their attitude can be as easy as acknowledging their humanity with a smile, or recognizing their pain with a few encouraging words and some good advice. But sometimes there is nothing you can do to change their feelings, and then you must take steps to protect yourself. Whatever the case may be, you must take action, or the situation will escalate.

Perhaps others are having a hard time keeping up with you.

You may need to slow down a bit, so they can catch their breath. Or you may need to provide them with the resources and skills to pick up the pace. There’s no need to be selfish. After all, the blessings with which the universe has gifted you were meant to be shared. There is no point in leaving your coworkers, friends, and loved ones in the dust. You’re their leader, not their competitor.

If people have grown tired of your constant grandstanding, remember that you’ve made promises you must keep. One victory lap around the track is fine. Twelve are excessive.

While everyone loves a hero, there are still plenty of monsters to slay and eventually, you’ll be expected to get on your warhorse and pick up your lance. Are you procrastinating? If so what’s holding your back? Greatness lies ahead, but you must be willing to take that leap.

If you are stalling, your mind and your gut are telling you different things. Listen to what your heart has to tell you. Use that brilliant mind of yours to figure out what’s wrong, before taking the next step.

The Sun Tarot Card Metaphysical Correspondences:

Ruling Planet: Sun
Kabbalistic Letter: Resh
Path on The Tree of Life: Hod (Glory) to Yesod (Foundation)
Healing Crystals: Citrine, Sunstone, Pyrite

The Sun Card & Tarot Numerology

The Sun card is the nineteenth trump of the Major Arcana. 19 is composed of 10 and 9. There are a total of 10 fixed points, or Sephiroth, on the Tree of Life, and the ninth of these points is associated with lunar consciousness.

The message from the Sun tarot card is that a thorough understanding of one’s intuitive insights has led to complete mastery of one’s universe. The Sun tarot represents an inner and external victory. In Western Numerology, 9 is also associated with the planet Mars, which reminds us that this process of intellectual reasoning is anything but passive.

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