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Stag or Deer Celtic Celtic Zodiac Sign
Meanings, Traits, Personality, & Compatibility

Celtic Stag or Deer Celtic Zodiac Sign Dates: December 24 – January 20

The stately Stag is a creature with seemingly ceaseless ideas. The people born under this sign are visionaries that willingly follow through on their hopes and dreams as well as aiding others similarly. You will rarely find a harder worker in the Celtic Animal Zodiac.

Stag leads where others prefer to follow. They consider truthfulness a sacred trust. If you would keep the Stag as a friend or mate, never ever lie to them. Stag is ruled by the Sun, giving this sign great pride, energetic strategy and planning, and truly keen handling of money matters.

Stag people are fiercely independent. They carry themselves with pride and rarely have one hair out of place. This attention to detail isn’t egotistical, rather they simply like looking well-groomed from head to toe. Sometimes they use this ability to create
alternative personas, which gives the Stag symbolism of a shape-shifter.

Those born under the Stag do not sit still well. They love to travel and if there’s an adventure involved all the better. Along the way, as a Stag you may well find that you receive messages from all manner of Beings including Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Devas and Animal Totems.

Stag has strong ties with the Celtic god Lugh and Cernunnos. Lugh governs creativity particularly the arts. Don’t be surprised if your Stag companions cannot walk by a craft store without grazing there for several hours. Observe this closely – you will be amazed at how quickly they find the desired item, yet always look graceful. You will never see a Stag push their way into a “hot” sale.

As for the Cernunnos effect, this horned God brings fertility and abundance. These characteristics manifest in those born under the Celtic Stag sign not simply physically but also mentally and financially. Stag people can grow nearly anything from the ground up be it a garden or a business.

Mythological stories of the Stag tell us that his is a mystical Spirit Animal who moves between the worlds and can transform into the likeness of a human. So shape-shifting is not outside the Stag person’s grasp. In nature Stag sheds its antlers then re-grows them. This represents rejuvenation and renewal. Wherever Stag goes he brings fresh energy, health and hope.

The female Stag (Hind) embodies the Goddess and the Sacred feminine. She is grace, beauty and a link to the fairy realms. Females born under the sign of the Stag often gravitate toward magic, and specifically nature magic quite naturally. The intention of the Hind is always positive and filled with love. Be aware, however. The Hind can see right through falsehoods and illusion. She can also sense trouble a mile away. Do not try to fool this lady!

The Celts saw Stag as a Forest King who protects his land. This is a sacred task and one that many Stag people find themselves doing, even unwittingly. They are the proverbial “tree huggers” who see taking care of the earth as a spiritual duty. They approach such endeavors with balance, an awareness of legalities, and a strong drive for justice.

As a Stag, your dreams and ideals are always in the forefront. You are patient to a fault and have no issue persistently tackling any boundaries that come your way. Throughout this you never lose your cool. Your integrity and calm demeanor define every word and deed.

In the Celtic Zodiac Stag shares his birth month with the Birch Tree, the Sun, daisies and Quartz crystals. What is interesting is reviewing these items and seeing how they further define Stag’s personality and aptitudes. The ever serene birth is incredibly hardy. Its wood makes for excellent magical wands, brooms and paper for spellcraft.

The Stag’s solar connection speaks of life-giving light. The greatest warriors of Celtic Tradition were ruled by the sun. Stories also infer that the Sun has divine connections and the ability to use mortals as a conduit of light. This gives Stag a protective element, a fiery heart of passion, a keen ear for Divine messages and a bit of romance to round things out.

Quartz (rock crystal) is incredible durable. We know scientifically that it also has a natural energy matrix. Light workers tell us that this stone brings peace and clarity, just as the Stag does with himself or those in his circle.

Daisy is a memory from our childhood. It looks like a sun in splendor, and it’s a wishing flower. Druids trusted the daisy for healing warriors. And as we know from our yards this plant is very hard to kill. It is durable as the Birch and Quartz, and yet soft and lovely as the Stag.

Overall the character of the Stag is one of patience and fortitude. Sometimes Stag can become too focused, however, which leads to separation. All that ambitious strategizing may block out tiny things (like the Daisy) and this tendency is something of which Stag people should check themselves about.

In the work force, Stags are great bosses – very considerate, reliable and well-trusted for having sound judgement. They know the importance of maintaining professionalism at all times. Nonetheless there is modesty here. Stag does not laud his wealth or position over others.

As for love, the Stag is in no hurry. Most marry later in life because they invest themselves in work early on. They don’t always have the best sense of humor but make up for it with many other positive characteristics. .Once married it takes a lot to shake the Stag from their partner. You do best with someone who likes routine and stability. While not overly passionate in nature, you are firmly private about your home and family. Realistically you are often married to a career in which you can grow and shine by your own measure.

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