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Bull Celtic Zodiac Sign
Meanings, Traits, Personality, & Compatibility

Celtic Bull Zodiac Sign Dates: April 15 – May 12

The phrase “stubborn as a bull” did not come by happenstance. People born under the Celtic sign of the Bull are strong, determined and cannot be pushed into something they do not want. That stability is one of Bull’s greatest attributes but it also can lead to unreasoned stubbornness.

If this is your birth sign you can spot a lie a mile away, and it infuriates you. Those hooves start kicking up dust in admonition. Bull sees no good reason for misdirection and fibs and will call other people on their falsehoods without hesitation.

As a friend Bull people are stalwart and dependable. Where other people tumble out of control you hold your ground and provide good insights. If you have a secret that you want kept safe – trust a Bull. Their virtue and sense of honor is second to none. Those with this Celtic sign choose friends very carefully. They would rather have a handful of truly good people than a gaggle of wishy washy companions. Once Bull chooses a friend they stick to that relationship like glue. Bull people are amazing friends because they won’t let you down and always see the best in those they love. In some ways you’re the cheerleader of the Zodiac, lifting up people when they’re down and weary.

There is one drawback to the Bull’s optimistic outlook toward their friends and that is having blinders when it comes to faults. Bull defends their herd with a head of steam. No matter what, you will not see your friends publicly berated.

Gender plays a role in Bull personalities. The female (Cow) has strong lunar connections and represents the Sacred Feminine. The female Cow resonates with psychic abilities, fertility and nurturing. Meanwhile, the Bull is far more masculine and God/Sun-centered. He is the survivor and action-oriented.

In the Celtic Zodiac, Bull is a cornerstone on which everything leans. You hold yourself to a higher standard of responsibility with situations and people. Your shoulders have seen more tears than most. This constancy is laudable but sometimes Bull has to retreat from the sadness and frustrations of others to regroup.

People born under the sign of the Bull hate disorder. Everything must have its place. At home this is obvious because your nick knacks haven’t moved in years. When something changes, you know and hunt it out. Chaos and change are swear words in your vocabulary and both lead to a very anxious Bull.

In the work place you prefer a well-ordered environment, and one that’s lavishly pointed. Bulls have great taste in the finer things in life and actually do very well in designer-type jobs. The only down side about your love of beautiful things is that it sometimes turns into a collective obsession. Watch that budget. Materialism can become tempting for Bull, but your sensibilities about getting the most bang for your buck usually keeps you in the black.

At home, you are truly a family oriented person. Females create a bonding environment filled with teaching. Cow moms walk their talk, but softly. Having your family around you is truly a joyous thing. Note that this “family” may not be your blood ties, but rather people you have found that truly knit together in your soul as part of a supportive unit. This is true of Males as well, but they lean toward a protective and practical nature. Dad Bull is among the most patient of parents you will find.

There are some down-sides to being born under the sign of the Bull, but all of them have compensation points. For example, Bull clings to personal ideals and beliefs when it might be worth getting outside that box and trying something new. However, if your constructs continue to inspire you to be the best human you can, then don’t worry about that next fad that everyone is trying. Its OK to be old fashioned.

Bull people are governed by the element of Earth, which is grounding and solid. Most folks born under this sign love nature and get outside as often as possible. Don’t be surprised to see Bull’s garden growing lush when others have just weeds.

From a planetary perspective Venus leads the Bull’s heart. They are sensuous, romantic, affectionate and very comfortable to be around. People in your home always feel welcome and cared for.

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