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Hawk or Falcon Celtic Zodiac Sign
Meanings, Traits, Personality, & Compatibility

Celtic Hawk or Falcon Zodiac Sign Dates: November 25 – December 23

The word stubborn applies to people born under the Celtic Zodiac sign of the Hawk. When something attracts Hawk’s attention there is no deterring our bird. This includes people. Hawk likes life in steady increments. Anything that feels insecure makes Hawk nervous and flighty. However, when they find a cozy nest Hawk becomes a sweetheart who is kind to the core.

What sets Hawk people apart from other Animal Zodiac Signs is their uncanny vision. You always have an amazing, global perspective even on small things. Soaring high in the sky you see not only what is, but what may come your way from across the horizon hidden from other’s views.

Your vision reaches into many dimensions. You might suddenly get an insight into an ancient philosophical concept, or modern trend. You have one set of eyes for other realms, and another that knows the mundane realities all too well. Sometimes there is a temptation in Hawk to stay in the clouds, but remember that your insights are truly needed here and now.

A Hawk’s life is one of seeking. You are a curious soul who wants to know more. Throughout your years you may try different approaches to life and spirituality until you land on one that continues to challenge you to lofty aspirations and modes of contemplation. A lot of times you compare and contrast ideologies, preferring objectivity to mindlessly embracing any one dogma. This may lead to a mix-and-match approach to your life, morals and actions, based on what you feel is right, good and best from all you encounter.

The Celtic Zodiac sign of the Hawk is known for keen instincts. There is no such thing as guess work with these individuals. When you know something in your gut, it is spot on and you begin preparing for action. This makes you a trail blazer that others can follow without worry. You always know the best route because you make a living through observation. To some this may seem like good fortune, but for you it is a natural skill.

The Wings of a Hawk person are always game for a good adventure. You love to explore not just physically but also mentally and spiritually. No idea, big or small, escapes your detailed attention. You ruminate over things and digest them fully before deciding what applies to your life and well-being. Additionally you are not shy about jumping into the proverbial pool with fearless abandon. Sometimes not knowing is half the overall rush. Sure this gets you in trouble periodically, but what a ride! Life is for the living and so long as the experience was worth it, then so are any minor consequences.

If Hawk is your birth sign you are an avid romantic and idealist. While some of your hopes and dreams are up in the clouds, you still have wicked claws that can sink deeply into situations and hold tight. You prefer reverie to reality, but sometimes Hawk just has to land and be ready for what life hands you. People see you as having never ending ideas, some of which are “out there” while others are very sound. Better still you have the energy and determination to endeavor to manifest those concepts.

Magic and mystery are part of Hawk’s world. You love the essence of wonder as does a child seeing a daisy for the first time. Whatever you feel passionate about sparks an interest in others and drives them into your vision with hope and energy. Hawk is nothing but charming and infectious. Before you know it, even at a young age, Hawk has a gaggle of cohorts trailing behind.

An interesting fact: in nature the Hawk’s eyes can see a variety of types of light including those created by magnetic fields. So it is really no wonder that Hawks have intelligence beyond the norm. You magnificent eyes gather data for the computer of your spirit. This can leave you feeling restless at times, and even a bit impetuous because you yearn for more. Just cautiously ride the winds until you are ready to settle down for a while. Oddly, the free-wheeling Hawks enjoys having roots somewhere that gives them a social center and sense of safety. Once found they nest down and take to flight only when the overwhelming thirst for another adventure arises.

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