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Snake (Adder) Celtic Zodiac Sign
Meanings, Traits, Personality, & Compatibility

Celtic Snake (Adder) Zodiac Sign Dates: February 18 – March 17

Ah the smooth, sleek Snake. If this is your Celtic Zodiac sign it takes a whole lot to rattle your composure.

Snake enjoys discovering new things, particularly in the natural world. You like to talk.. and talk… but it never gets boring. Your resourceful mind is cunning and can make a novel out of one sentence.

Snake does not enjoy confrontation but if put in a no-win scenario they will lash out endeavoring to protect themselves or those they love.

We know in nature that Snake sheds its skin as it grows, which portends a lot of transitions and changes for those born under this sign. Exactly when these bursts of growth occur depends on the individual but they are always accompanied with something new – an awakening or shift in awareness. When this happens, Snake needs to pause for a moment and integrate the lesson before moving on.

Snake people are also naturally drawn to healing arts, especially those dealing with emotions. It’s not unusual for Snake to slide into fields like counseling and be very adept there. Snake people must, however, be careful of how they expend energy and how they renew it. The best source for filling the proverbial tank is just sitting on the ground under a grand tree. Pull from the earth what you need, and release what you do not. This is how Snake heals, and as a natural healer knows – true wellness begins with self.

The main Snake in Celtic mythology was the Adder. Druids and bards alike considered this creature as one bearing great wisdom and spiritual awareness. In fact, it’s said that Druids carried Adder eggs as a magical charm for power, alchemical insight and journeying to other realms. Snake people carry this energy within where it awaits. Uncoiling through Chakra meditations is one way Snake people can harness their aptitudes.

The Celtic Zodiac associates Snake with the sacred primordial Male energies. It wasn’t unusual to see warriors bearing items with a two headed snake for deadly strength in battle. Snake people are not to be trifled with in disputes. Once angered they can be emotionally or spiritually deadly. Mind you, they also know how to hide effectively and thrive for extended periods of time with little assistance.

Snake people are constantly searching for balance. This includes relationships. They pair best with those born under the Stag or Salmon. Be forewarned, however. If Snake becomes dissatisfied with the quality of interactions, that skin comes off and they move on to a different “incarnation”. While Snake/Adder can withstand “cooler” relationships there will come a point where they seek warmth and comfort.

As a snake you have a fertile nature. This can be physical, but also symbolic. For example, you may grow fantastic gardens or bring abundance to an idea. That’s because you are a patient sort with an intuitive sense that says “now” or “not now”. As long as you listen to that voice, you will find on-going success in this life.

We would be remiss in talking about Snake without mentioning his larger cousin, Dragon. Dragons featured predominantly in tales of heroism and courage. It represents raw natural power and ancient secrets. The characteristics of bravery and curiosity about occult mysteries lie within Snake people as well.

As one might suspect, the Celtic sign of the Snake has strong ties to Earth energies. Snake people know how to stay grounded. In fact they find day dreaming and flights of fancy somewhat irritating. In the Snake’s world it is all well and good to have aspirations but they must have sound foundations in reality. That may sound rather dull, but when you want a true cornerstone in a relationship or endeavor, Snake is your go-to person.

Snakes are adaptable and very resourceful. They have little difficulty adjusting to new situations in creative ways. When you can’t remember where you put your keys, check with Snake – they’ll know right where to find them thanks to a nearly photographic memory.

On the surface some see you as a “Plain Jane” until they get closer. The Celtic Snake is, in fact, muti-faceted and quite colorful. There is distinctiveness to Snake people, and it’s something to celebrate.

Best advice for this Celtic animal? Be who you are and coil around your aptitudes. You have an interesting life ahead!

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