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Gemini Compatibility:
In Love & In Bed


Now you see them, now you don’t.

Then you see two new Twins, entirely.

And talk about having the whole push/pull thing down to a science!

Third in the Zodiac Signs lineup, Geminis are symbolically represented as children who are beginning their life initiation to attain independence. They are titillated by the unknown and chomp at the bit to experience it but bolt back to ‘momma’ at the first upset.

Being in love with The Twins (no, not those Twins) can be a fantastic ride. They are the children who are just learning to speak and everything is a magical wonder to their bright, inquisitive minds.

But that ride could well turn out to be the Mad Tea Party and when your spinning cup comes to a complete halt, the park attendant will unceremoniously usher you out and hurry you along – making way for the next eager guest.

Gemini Compatibility Table of Contents

Gemini in Love

As a Gemini you’re likely to leave many of your partners very confused.

There are two distinct sides to your personality, and they each handle love a different way. Some people you meet find this on-going variety charming, but others get frustrated by trying to figure out how you BOTH really feel.

The Gemini in love can range from passionate and intimate to being nearly nonchalant about the whole affair. For relationships to withstand the test of time, you need to find a bridging mechanism between your twin selves and get them on the same page.

The Gemini personality craves consistency, yet may become bored with the same partner over many years. This sign is the poster child for ADD in relationships, and this can lead to having affairs. The only cure is communicating with your serious prospects for marriage when you feel the need to change things up. Then explore those options together – make it into a mental, spiritual and sexual game that keeps things lively.

In seeking out signs where you have the best long-term options, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces have potential. You have great, long night conversations with Virgo followed by great sex. Pisces provides you with someone to protect, and you’re certainly well matched in the bedroom but Pisces can’t always endure Gemini energy over numerous years.

Sagittarius may drive you crazy, but in good ways. Sometimes those born under Leo or Aries also work out.

Gemini in Bed

Gemini lovers create sensual pyrotechnics!

They’re adept at suggestive talk, followed by highly expressive love making. As a Gemini, you’re highly visual and might like to watch your partner prepare for a rowdy romp. You also enjoy touch, so for those nights when you feel a little low on fire power, ask your partner for an erotic massage.

For those engaging a Gemini paramour remember that they need variety and also enjoy spontaneous shows of passion. Certainly remember the efforts that yielded the best results, but don’t use them too frequently or that responsiveness fades.

Gemini loves playing specific characters in bed too. Use your pillow talk time as a way of finding the next erogenous story in your arsenal.

Gemini Facts & Metaphysical Associations

Dates: May 21- June 20
Symbol: The Twins (no, not those ‘twins’)
Key Phrase: “I Think”
Planet: Mercury
Birthstone: Emerald (May); Pearl (June)
Number Vibration Numerology: 5
Element: Air
Flower: Lily of the Valley & Lavender
Color: Yellow
Day: Wednesday
Chakra: Heart (Anahata)
Chinese Zodiac Twin: Horse
Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Horse
Tarot Card Association: The Lovers (Gemini), The Magician (Mercury)
Healing Crystals: Agate, Aquamarine, Citrine, Peridot, Tiger Eye, Emerald
Celebrity Gemini: Bob Dylan, Jacques Cousteau, Clint Eastwood, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John F Kennedy, Marilyn Monro

Gemini Compatibility With All 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries and Gemini

Gemini loves the fact that an Aries partner can keep up their half of the conversation.

Unfortunately, Aries sometimes gets distracted and inadvertently make the Gemini feel as if the subject at hand is uninteresting. The balancing part of this equation is that Gemini and Aries are well suited in their passion for adventures, learning and spontaneous choices.

Aries should be cautious of playing games or being overly demanding with their mate, and the Gemini needs to remain aware of the physicality the Archer requires.

Taurus and Gemini

At the very basic level the Taurus and Gemini relationship is fraught with resistance. The Twins and the Bull butt heads because they’re literally on different vibrational frequencies (the main result being static).

As a Gemini you are an explorer, and one quick to act without much thought as to all the permutations. Your Taurus companion, however, wants predictability and security. The Bull finds the constant changeableness of Twins down-right infuriating sometimes, but there’s also some traits Taurus loves, like your sense of humor.

While other aspects in your charts could lead to a lasting relationship, there’s a lot of discord and missed signals to overcome here.

Gemini and Gemini

Gemini and Gemini! LOL It’s like a masquerade party!

This makes for a very playful relationship filled with spur of the moment tests of skill, wistful daydreams, youthful aspirations and the element of romance. There is no one who better understands the facets of a Gemini than another Gemini.

You both love challenges, yet have a tendency to procrastinate. The hardest hurtle you face is figuring out whose going to lead (this time, and next time, and…). Once that’s out of the way this couple has a brilliant future in business and an unconventional intimacy in the bedroom.

Cancer and Gemini

The rate at which the Cancer and Gemini relationship moves challenges both partners. You find yourself oft having to catch your breath. Like children twirling in circles till one falls down, both your worlds spin with emotion, crafty wits and a hint of the enigmatic.

As a Gemini your Cancer partner keeps at least one of the two twins grounded, while you encourage your Crab to get out of their shell and play a little more. These two signs might be better suited as friends than in a long-term commitment.

Leo and Gemini

The Leo and Gemini relationship is bracing like a breath of fresh air. Two dramatic and animated individuals coming together with more than a little driving sexual tension. Gemini, you’re going to love the way your Leo stays upbeat and consistent.

Meanwhile, the Leo finds your bright mind purrfectly honed for a challenge. There are sometimes problems when the Gemini mind meets the Lion’s heart, so a lot here depends on the underpinnings of both your charts.

As a base note, you have about a 75% chance at making this a winning pair.

Virgo and Gemini

Gemini you have found a winning combination here! You will find yourself enthralled by a Virgo as well as motivated by him or her. With Mercury playing a keynote in both signs, you certainly won’t have trouble communicating.

When, in typical Gemini fashion, you find yourself vacillating, Virgo steadies you. If you’re a Virgo dating a Gemini remember to pace things.

Do not demand too much too soon, or become overly jealous, or you’ll scare off what could be an amazing partner.

Libra and Gemini

The term soul mates was coined for the Gemini and Libra connection. It’s as if these two people met in another reality and planned out the kind of relationship other people crave all the time.

You like to take care of each other, please each other – you both simply “get it”.

Your Gemini spirit loves the socialization, inspiration and intellectual input from your Libra partner. You may not always understand the quest for harmony, but appreciate the outcomes nonetheless.

Of all the potential hook-ups, this one bespeaks of utter delight.

Scorpio and Gemini

From the offset of this relationship your Scorpio partner has wanted to take control. You love the allure and mystery of the Scorpio and the fact that he or she is a bit like a chameleon who is able to change on a dime depending on the situation.

Meanwhile your Scorpio partner definitely digs your brain and your body equally. He or she may not tell you deep, dark secrets (they want you to hunt for them, which offsets some of the Gemini superficiality).

If there’s a message for this relationship it’s keep things light. You may have a good friendship here, but intimacy could quickly turn ugly as Scorpios will see the famous Gemini flip as a betrayal of trust.

Sagittarius and Gemini

There is a difference between knowing and comprehension, and that is what defines the lines of this relationship. The Gemini Sign is a thinker, but you don’t always process while your Sagittarius partner recognizes vital connections between things, including the two of you.

Communication is easy for this pairing — not just with words but also passions, hobbies and body language. There is a bright, vibrant fire here that may burn itself out if not well tended.

With the right foundation, however, this has a solid cornerstone for serious bonding.

Capricorn and Gemini

Each partner in the Capricorn and Gemini relationship can learn from the other, but not without a significant amount of clashing.

Gemini has inspiration as a motivation while Capricorn uses discipline to manifest their goals. Effectively Gemini is perpetually a flitting ball of energy while Capricorn comes across as a bowling ball.

As the Gemini in this relationship you may find Capricorn nearly lifeless, subdued and rather stodgy. You look forward; Capricorn looks back.

The only way this couple works is with a great deal of acceptance and flexibility.

Aquarius and Gemini

WOW! Zap! Pow! Yazza!

Gemini if you’re looking for exhilaration and delight go no further than an Aquarian partner. The two of you together are nearly an unbeatable match in all aspects of life. It is as if you came from the same cocoon, emerged as sparkling butterflies then moved mindfully into the sunset together.

The Aquarius and Gemini love match is a union inspired, intimate and instinctual. By far the best overall coupling for both people.

Pisces and Gemini

Gemini and Pisces both have duality in their charts, which means they have a natural empathy for the other’s situation. Both signs are very bright lights intellectually, with Pisces being more spiritual of the two.

The Gemini is a speed king or queen, so a Fish companion may seem slow in their swim and you’re not the one really to stand on the sidelines with pom-poms.

There is certainly a longing that you feel for each other down to your Root Chakra, but this relationship would require a LOT of compromise to maintain “true love”.

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