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Year of the Dog for Kids:
The Chinese Zodiac Dog Child Traits, Personality & Characteristics

Year of the Dog barks happily, filled with the joy of welcoming better fortune and faithful friends. The Chinese Animal Zodiac tells us that the Dog child has been born at an auspicious time. In fact, there is a myth about Erlang, a God who had wolfhounds as companions who helped him fend off monsters.

The Chinese Year of the Dog for kids has a sense of sincerity as an underlying vibration. The difficulties of daily life will always be there, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live courageously, with personal accountability as a guide. The Dog child always seems thoughtful. He or she often becomes the sensitive hero in any group.

The Sign of the Dog comes 11th in the Chinese Zodiac. He is the symbol of all that’s best in humankind. Dog Youth characteristics, meaning and symbolism include honesty, loyalty, intelligence, candidness and accountability. The Dog Year and its children challenge us to be all that we can be – in body, mind and spirit.

The parents of a Dog child discover a very intelligent being who thinks very deeply about everything. Dog will not share these ponderings until they’ve sorted everything out in their own mind. That is part of the reason that your Chinese Zodiac Dog child loves puzzles and other mental challenges. This little one, even at early ages, shows great moral capacity and natural respect for other people’s ways of living.

In terms of daily life, the Dog child is relatively restrained. They will not fuss about tasks but stick to the exact parameters of the chore before them – nothing more, nothing less. This approach to life gives your child more personal time and a greater sense of freedom. They nearly always stay true to their instincts and principles.

In a family setting children born in the Chinese Year of the Dog sometimes struggle with dynamics. Their goal is invoking peace and harmony, but not without compromises on both sides. Dog craves compassion, and that is what drives the Tribe forward in unity.

Socially the Dog child doesn’t always get the communal signals of how to respond “appropriately” to given situations. In this, they need guidance and constructive criticism. Additionally, be prepared for your child’s never-ending conversations that embrace every facet of a topic. There is no fluff in this kid’s fur. They get to the heart of the mater, looking for truly important answers.

When kids born in the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog reach teen years they may show a strong interest in math and other technical skills that appeal to their inquisitive minds. Specialized schooling or apprenticeships suit those born under the Chinese Year of the Dog very well. They prefer keeping focus on one specific task or goal at a time.

Among their peers, kids born under the Dog zodiac sign show kindness and offer good advice. Even as their furry counterpart, Dog involves themselves in other people’s daily lives eagerly. The happiness they bring to others fuels their spirit. While mom and dad might worry about other people using this benevolence, remember that your Dog takes his or her time to study others. Trust in the Dog’s world is earned, not simply given.

The Chinese Zodiac Dog youth characteristics include a love for organization. You will never have to ask them to tidy their room or the rest of the house for that matter. Better still this is not the child who wants the newest, fanciest thing. They remain practical in their requests.

When your Dog child is happy, they remain healthy. When Dog gets depressed or fearful, however, it undermines the immune system.

The best young companions for Chinese Year of the Dog kids are Rabbit, Tiger and Horse.

If you hoped for a joyful, likeable child, you are in luck. The personality traits common to those kids born under the Chinese sign of the Dog are those for which any parent would pray. Your little one is honest to the core, loyal to the family, focused on right and wrong and an idealist. The only real flaw is a propensity for worry. Her humanitarian nature takes over until she feels the situation is resolved for the better. Dog’s language of love is service.

The Chinese Zodiac tells us Dog symbolizes justice. To the Dog mind, cheating is reprehensible and your child lives that truth. Basically, the Child Dog says “be a good sport or take your bone elsewhere”. Dog took the words of Jiminy Cricket to heart, “let your continence be your guide.”

Children born in the Chinese Year of the Dog dislike conflict. The only time Dog jumps into a fight are when injustice rears its ugly head. That’s when the teeth come out with a fearless growl warning people off.

There will be many days of parenting when you will shake your head and wonder from where this little adult gets his or her composure. Dog takes on responsibility that you can trust for follow-through. The Dog is good-humored, supportive and forthcoming. Most importantly, the Chinese Zodiac Dog child never abandons the pack even when times prove tumultuous.

Children born under the Chinese sign of the Dog come across as noble and unassuming. They are comfortable in familiar surroundings, not being prone to erratic behavior. If you are uncertain about new people in your Circle, see how your child reacts. If they shrink back or seem defiant, trust that. Dog knows a person’s true intent.

The Dog child’s peers naturally take to him or her. They’re attracted by the sweet temperament and reliability. Those wishing to be friends with Dog need to move slowly and show they can be trusted in the Pack. Dog abhors false-faces and will make sure everyone knows about their discoveries.

Educationally the Chinese Zodiac Dog child’s personality fits into the learning mode easily. Dog illustrates consistency, practicality, proficiency and intellect. Dog never just rushes an assignment. It will be done correctly or not at all.

Parents of children born under this sign do well to regularly encourage your child. They glow with even the smallest of acknowledgements. Appreciation brings tail-wagging and continued positive attitudes in abundance. Just be careful about challenging her heartfelt beliefs. The Chinese Zodiac Dog youth will listen, but not if he or she feels harshly scolded.

Another personality trait that Dog parents can support is leadership. Dog may not always want to lead the pack, but they are certainly capable. The Dog’s impartial outlook and ability to project warmth soothes over a lot of minor arguments. As they get older, Dog becomes more confident in these skills.

Chinese Zodiac Dog Kids – Girls

Girls born in the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog have amazing facial expressions. Everything is written there like a book of introduction. And watch out for those eyes when she’s angry or trying to get her way. They dazzle.

Because the girl Dog acts so mature, people often envision her as older than her body expresses. She isn’t overly worried about physical beauty even though she has charm. The child born under this sign are naturally hard workers. Your girl likes to keep busy. Don’t let her sit still for too long as she may become maudlin and spiral into that negative energy.

Healthwise female kids born in the Chinese Year of the Dog hate being sick more than anything else. Your child will rarely tell you if they feel yucky and goes to the doctor only when she feels REALLY bad. Parents have to keep a firm hand on any physician’s orders, making sure she follows them.

Girls born under the Chinese Zodiac Sign of the Dog are fierce advocates for humanitarian causes. Driven by idealism – balanced by practicality she gives without expectations. If the social issue centers on women and children, all the more so.

Females born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the dog sometimes have trouble showing their emotions. They are not the most demonstrative of the signs, even though their feelings run deep. Some in her circle interpret this as her being aloof so you may need to work on social skills before she heads off to school.
The Dog daughter strives to remain true to herself and others. She has no tolerance for lies and has a work ethic that cannot be ridiculed. Sometimes she goes overboard and may experience physical or emotional repercussions, so mom and dad be on the look-out. The need to be needed is strong in this girl.

The greatest gift a parent can give their Dog daughter is a good sense of humor and whimsy. Dogs often take everything way too seriously. Satire or elusive communication is often lost with her. Dog children need play time!

She dogs in the Chinese Zodiac often come with quite the bark. That biting tongue comes out when her sense of morality and values are challenged. She is always sincere, but the Dog’s truth comes without bandages.

Chinese Zodiac Dog Kids – Boys

The boy born in the Chinese Year of the Dog always seems like an elderly man filled with tension and a sense of adversity. He is not fond of physical labors, partially due to an awkward sense of his body. This kid needs serious self-affirmation.

He is a very emotional Chinese Zodiac sign. When he reacts it’s very inwardly intense. Outwardly no one but the closest of family and friends would even know what was going on. This internalization can lead to stress-related disorders if not resolved by adulthood. Ultimately the male Dog youth must learn the limits of his energetic leash to avoid sickness, be it emotional or physical.

Chinese Zodiac Dog children illustrate high ideals and sound dedication. He is the child with a cause, in part because he craves admiration. This boy isn’t aware of this need. Rather he sticks to his convictions and carries on the “fight” no matter the cost.

Like the female Chinese Zodiac Dog sign, justice matters to your son. Equality must be for all. He will always want to be the proverbial Knight against the Dragon. Generally speaking, Dog keeps this attitude to the local circle of family, friends, school and community. As he matures, however, that scope may reach around the world with compassion. In his mind, every person deserves dignity and it is his moral duty to help manifest that in reality. As with his sister, the boy Dog child’s language of love is service.

As with all children born in the Chinese Year of the Dog, honesty is the name of the game. Don’t ever lie to a Dog and expect him to ever trust you again. Hypocrisy is also a “sin”. Tell-it-like-it-is to Dog, and you will be rewarded with long-term loyalty. Even Chinese Animal Signs that clash with Dog find these attributes commendable.
During teen years your son may be a bit of a revolutionary. This isn’t in a violent way. It’s far more practical, recognizing that change does not happen overnight. That outlook meshes perfectly with his conservative nature. One does not simply rebel without just cause.

Responsibility and duty run in boy Dog’s veins. As such he may find himself attracted to the Military or other service-oriented futures. That’s an excellent choice since the Chinese Zodiac Dog boy is as patient as he is faithful.

Facts & Metaphysical Associations

  • Children born in the Year of the Dog have five sub-sets of characteristics. The Wood Dog is truthful, thoughtful and fair. The Fire Dog is kind and careful with reasonable goals. Earth Dog is diligent, attentive and lucky with money. Metal Dog is reserved and self-actualized. Water Dog takes control but has a bit of an ego.
  • Dates: 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006…
  • Symbol 戌
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Sacred Stone: Diamond, crystal, ruby
  • Season: Autumn
  • Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9
  • Element: Earth
  • Yang
  • Flowers: Rose, orchids, cymbidium
  • Cardinal directions: East, Southeast, South
  • Colors: Red, purple and green
  • Lucky Days: 7th and 28th of every Chinese Lunar Month
  • Month: 6th 10th and the 12th month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar
  • Chakra: 3rd or 4th
  • Western: Libra, Scorpio