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Butterfly Celtic Zodiac Sign
Meanings, Traits, Personality, & Compatibility

Celtic Butterfly Zodiac Sign Dates: September 30 – October 27

The beautiful, outgoing Butterfly – people born under this Celtic Zodiac sign are the social negotiators in any situation. At home there’s always an occasion for which to plan. At the office, Butterfly arranges everything from buffets to cooperative meetings. These joyful moments are the nectar in Butterfly’s life. You simply can’t keep a Butterfly down.

As with any winged creature Butterfly has flights of fancy. They fit from flower to flower, and may settle for short times, but eventually seek the horizon once more. This propensity for movement can frustrate friends and family, unless they have wanderlust in their blood too. Even so, it is essential for Butterfly to go and do freely.

The Butterfly personality can best be described as wholly magnetic. They are lovely inside and out. There is no room for lies with the Butterfly, and their sophistication and sense of style are second to none. If this is your sign be aware that people’s first impressions of you may be awe. Your aura shines with loveliness to the point that it mesmerizes and energizes the air with pleasure. Just like your aura, you love the beautiful, sensually energizing things in life and surround yourself with them.

Butterfly people are wholly refined. No matter the setting, people gravitate to you like a moth to a flame. You use your wit and grace for entertaining and making everyone around you feel comfortable. There is absolutely no better social event than one run by a Butterfly. But remember dear Butterfly, you need not over-do. People accept you just as you are. This Celtic Zodiac sign craves appreciation, but honestly that will come quite naturally without planning yourself into a frenzied flight.

In your world, sweet soul, is one of understanding. You simply know how to say or do the right thing at the perfect time. Your psychic sensitivity is “spot on” and often startling. In any conversation, even a dispute, the people in your circle always trust your insights. Butterfly understands the value of active listening, which makes you an awesome diplomat and friend. Where some people talk about greener grasses, you fly them with a heartfelt desire to know them intimately.

The business world embraces the Butterfly wholeheartedly. Their easy going, creative nature makes them ideal for team-oriented setting. Butterfly can communicate ideas with ease (rhetoric is not allowed). If the opportunity comes for a partnership position, just say YES. This is an opportunity that makes Butterfly very happy and satisfied professionally.

The Celtic Zodiac sign of Butterfly may find that some people try to take advantage of their harmonious, peace-loving nature. While you might overlook this for a while, there are limits. If you people pleasing isn’t appreciated, walk away and invest your energy elsewhere. Trust in your heart to recognize healthy and unhealthy situations. You have those wings – use them and flitter away from conflict!

In nature we know that Butterfly begins in a completely different form. This is true for Butterfly spirits too. This sign often experiences dramatic transformation at critical life moments such as the coming of age to adulthood, marriage, or moving into elder years. At first this can seem frightening and challenging, but know that you will come out more stunning than ever before. Embrace the new you.

The Butterfly’s ruling element is Air. This naturally ties you to higher principles and ways of thinking. You will never want for ideas—in fact you may find yourself overwhelmed by them. With this in mind Butterfly benefits from journaling so they can put the busy brain down on paper and come back to it later.

Air also speaks about the dreamscape. You may have very vivid dreams including those that are messages from your Higher Self, Devas, Angels or the Divine. Another great reason to keep that journal handy – you’ll want to take notes.

Celtic Astrology tells us that Butterfly comes under the influence of the moon, that waxes and wanes and seems forever changeable. This is from where part of your dreamy side emerges. And like the moon there are aspects of yourself you prefer to keep private. The world sees what you want it to see of your personality and gifts.

Finally, Butterfly, the Celts believed that you represent the eternal soul. That means all your incarnations are within your grasp here and now should you choose to explore them. Bring the lessons into your new life and spread those wings even further.

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