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Horse Celtic Zodiac Sign
Meanings, Traits, Personality, & Compatibility

Celtic Horse Zodiac Sign Dates: July 8 – August 4

In the Celtic Zodiac Horse gravitates toward the winner’s circle of life. These are people of unbridled power who know where they are going and how they want to be there. Horse people are charming, business savvy and always on top of their game when it comes to fashion. Majestic in stance and bearing you will never disappear in a crowd, which is good because you enjoy that little bit of sparkle and a moment in the spotlight. This isn’t ego so much as something that satisfies a soft spot in your soul that yearns for appreciation.

Because the Horse craves acknowledgement they often gallop into a good cause. Many times this turns into a leadership role because those accolades matter and actually inspire you toward greatness. Your words and stance speak of authority, confidence and the ability to act on a moment’s notice. Life is your race to win, and you intend just that no matter what obstacles face you. This doesn’t mean that Horse always experiences victory, but they will never feel the regret of inaction.

From a young age Horse enjoys working in a group. While still a bit of a wild spirit, the value of partnering with others quickly evidences itself. So when team-oriented situations arise, Horse jumps to the occasion. Mind you, submissive following isn’t really in your blood. There is something inside that strives to be the lead, while still being able to find the value in each person collaborating with you.

Throughout life there will be times when Horse people not only want, but need, to walk on the proverbial “wild side.” That ancient memory or roaming free still vibrates in your cells. During these times you become very independent, may take off on a random adventure or start a project that changes the face of reality as we know it. Horse’s mantra is “go bold or go home.”

As a Horse you thrive on well-deserved pride. This is your center and focus, and with good reason. Horse often lives in such a way that people cannot help but respect you. This is healthy. It is ok to recognize that in the Celtic Zodiac you are a living, breathing dynamo.

Other keywords that describe the Horse personality include outgoing, generous, smart, self-actualized, persuasive, dramatic, demonstrative and thought provoking. This is quite a character bundle. It’s no wonder that Horse rarely fails to impress.

Horse people like to be active. Many undertake physical fitness programs or sports to maintain that sleek, honed body. The reason for this is three-fold. For one Horse likes competition. Second you want to be healthy, but more importantly you like looking GOOD. Where is that blue ribbon anyway?

Sometimes Horse comes off as a tad haughty, but that’s really not the case. Yes, Horse believes in himself or herself totally. You will rarely see Horse people second guessing personal choices. However, beneath that shiny coat and perfect mane, Horse is an old softie. They care far more than they often let on. At the heart of the matter horse stirs with sensitivity and affection. Those truly intimate with Horse may even discover a little foal in there waiting to play!

The Celtic Horse is ruled by the element of fire, which really amps up the personality aspect. Horses can get riled up, sometimes to a heated rage and storm off until their head is cool. Fire is warm and filled with passion, but you have to watch for the other side that burns.

Combine this with being influenced by the Sun and you have a lot of heat. Solar energy is active, upbeat, and seemingly endless. Women Horses often make wonderful mothers, having that life-affirming energy within them. Men become strong protectors and energizers of the family unit.

Historically speaking the Horse was essential to the way in which civilizations grew. Starting with agriculture and battle, and moving onward toward exploration, trade and eventually founding whole new towns and cities. Many Celtic clans adopted the Horse as a very important symbol to all their undertakings. The Celts respected the Horse as an achiever, and so long as you do likewise for the Horse in your life, they will be happy.

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