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Salmon Celtic Zodiac Sign
Meanings, Traits, Personality, & Compatibility

Celtic Salmon Zodiac Sign Dates: August 5 – September 1

If you were born between August 5th and September 1st your Celtic Zodiac sign is the Salmon. Salmon people are inventive and wise, very often thinking deeply about some of life’s most difficult mysteries. The Salmon has a strong attraction to spiritual streams of consciousness, on which they depend to chart their course. Celtic Astrology paints these individuals are visionaries and walkers between the worlds.

Companions may find Salmon periodically wistful and distracted, getting caught up in mindful musing. This friend will always have a bead on what’s happening in your life but they don’t laud their knowledge. Rather they slip information naturally into the context of conversation. Later on in the day at some point you’ll say, “ah ha!” knowing full well that Salmon caught you into his tidal wave of vision.

In relationships Salmon may prove hard to follow. It seems their home waters are tumultuous, deep and profound. That is where Salmon finds comfort, but eventually they will return to shallower flows where you can interact more comfortably. And if you engage them on esoteric matters you’ll have hours of impressive conversations awaiting you.

As a Salmon you may find yourself intrinsically drawn to the arts, particularly poetry that says much with few words. In the Celtic world Salmon was sacred for its astuteness. In fact, people at Salmon to improve their psychic ability particularly prognosticating. With this in mind, when you feel that deep tug in your spirit that something is headed your way, remain aware. Don’t brush off your abilities or doubt them. Salmon can benefit from keeping a journal of these moments so you can see with your own eyes what your soul senses regularly.

Those born under the sign of the Salmon are barometers. They often predict weather changes with candid accuracy. They may also be sensitive to things like earthquakes before they occur. Pending large scale environmental changes make Salmon very antsy and on-alert.
When a Salmon person swims into your life be ready for transformation. The winds and tides in your life are about to shift into spaces where you’ve never imagined going. Sticking with a Salmon typically brings success so try to overcome your comfort zone and branch out!

The Salmon’s core centers on home and family. They may travel from time to time, or even find another river for a while, but inevitably they must come home and process their feelings. This period is analogous to Bear’s hibernation – a time away from the world to reset and consider all the spiritual messages received in their travels.

Salmon is also incredibly durable. There are not many obstacles that keep them from reaching a goal. In fact, having goals and drive are vastly important to Salmon’s wellbeing. Without that they may literally sink rather than swim.

In considering how this birth sign affects your life it is well worth knowing a little bit about Celtic Mythology. In ancient stories Salmon lives in a sacred well. This well fed the druidic sites. Salmon ate hazelnuts, providing them with unique wisdom. This wisdom gave them the ability to overcome the most difficult of circumstances.

As a child Salmon embodies high-energy. They will enjoy all kinds of physical outlets, particularly things like gymnastics that offer a playful discipline. Salmon never loses this glorious essence as an adult. Their inner child has a voice and doesn’t mind making it heard. Salmon have a light-hearted soul, filled with joy. Salmon blesses each new day with a smile, then dives right in to whatever awaits.

Salmon may find parenting difficult. In nature Salmons spawn then die. In terms of the human world, this makes for “distant” parenting. Salmon need highly independent children who can follow-the-leader rather than having to be lead every step of the way. This aspect of life may represent one of Salmon’s greatest challenges because you still ARE a child, you can relate to that, but adulating can prove hard.

Overall, Salmon lives a good life thanks to diligence and perception. As long as she listens to her intuitive nature, the answers to questions become clear. Always remember, however, to take those moments of quiet contemplation so all the psychic signals you’re getting don’t drown you.

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