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Year of the Horse for Kids:
The Chinese Zodiac Horse Child Traits, Personality & Characteristics

Horse rides in 7th in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Animal Zodiac. The two most common vibrations anticipated in the Year of the Horse’s kids are energy and enthusiasm. This Animal Sign expresses a free spirit that is only tethered by honesty with self and others. During the Year of the Horse, your child can work on self-actualization and improvement with the supportive Horse energy guiding you

Anticipate a lot of dynamic changes this year, filled with many smiles. Just be careful with your child’s use of resources. Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse kids love spending your money. Take that in stride, and stick to your plans and you’re galloping toward parental success.

In the Chinese Animal Zodiac characteristics, we discover that your Horse child has the soul of a gipsy. They need to roam and adore travelling. Activity is the Horse child’s middle name. It seems as if this sign is forever on a quest, but not always certain for what they’re looking.

The Chinese sign of the Horse among children evidences in a rich social life with peers, being humorous and charismatic. Even with this parents must work hard on bolstering the Horses’ misplaced sense of inferiority. While that feeling has no logical basis, it remains nonetheless.
From a very young age, your little Horse wants their freedom. They are tenaciously independent, wanting to walk without holding hands and darting off at a moment’s notice. The problem is that the Chinese youthful Horse also craves closeness, which is hard to obtain when you’re constantly on the move.

Your little colt dislikes tarrying. They prefer action to thoughtful waiting any day of the week. If you’re going somewhere they’ll shift hoof to hoof impatient to get going while someone else gathers their needed items. In decisions, kids born in the Chinese Year of the Horse often run off without a bridle. This sometimes makes even mom and dad feel left out of important matters in Horse’s life. Also, bear in mind that Horse loses interest in anything monotonous. This may cause on-going distractions in classes where rote learning takes place.

The best companions for your Horse child are Tiger and Sheep.
Mentally the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse makes for a child who is the center of their personal universe. Global thinking isn’t one of Horses best aptitudes. Even so, once they find a good pace for following a whim, he or she motivates others to come along for the ride. Pet projects are something for which your little Horse will slow down, at least momentarily.

As far as personality goes, parents of a Chinese Animal Zodiac Horse child are in for a wild ride. These kids are a tad untamable, and always ready for an adventure. This young one wants to be outside as much as possible, preferably where they can run free (and prefers to go alone). When your Horse doesn’t want to do something be ready for them to stomp their hooves loudly.

Despite a little stubborn independence, the child born in the Year of the Horse is cheerful and upbeat. With a little discipline that wild-child streak tones down a little. The Horse cannot say no to an exciting sounding caper with other free-spirited friends. A whole group of Horses on a mission are truly a strong-headed lot. Don’t volunteer to chaperone that field trip!

As you might guess, children born in the Year of the Horse are high energy, filled with wit and a quick mind to match. They thrive on physical and mental exercise. Stock up on bandages and ice packs. This child’s exploits are the things about which novels are written.

Because the Horse Animal sign moves so quickly this child is prone to forgetfulness. If they say they don’t remember, it’s typically not a ruse. Lists may help them. You can also anticipate your Horse being the ultimate non-conformist, with passions and a frank demeanor.

Peers swarm to Horse-born kids like flies to honey. They have natural magnetic personalities and can literally sell ice to an Eskimo if they so choose. The struggle for most of these friends is keeping up with the Sign of the Horse and his or her ever-changing moods. They turn on a dime with willful unpredictability, leaving everyone else dizzy.

There are some natural aptitudes for those children born in the Chinese Year of the Horse, not the least of which is being quite the talker. Once they get an idea or want to unravel a problem they will deliver a long whinny describing a finished solution eloquently. The Horse is also very observant and tuned-in to vibrations of any surrounding. If you notice your young Horse feeling antsy or fearful for no apparent reason – pay attention. There’s something amiss.

Teen years are likely to be the hardest for parents to the untamable Horse kid. They hate routine, conformity and rules. When confronted with too many restrictions, Horse tends to bolt, then stay away until they have had time to cool off. Don’t chase after them. The Chinese Zodiac insights into Horse youth say that until they’re ready at this point, nothing you can say or do will hit home.
Parenting the children born in the Year of the Horse requires patience, particularly when he or she has a head full of steam. You must mirror the behaviors you most want cultivated in Horse. There will be times when you feel inadequate to the job – Horse has savvy way beyond their years. Wrangling with this little spirit is quite the challenge. They must start learning self-control and compromise at early ages or risk becoming very glum and lonely.

Another area where Horse parents can help their foal is with the ability to see things through to the end. Horse tends to hop from one hurdle to the next, leaving behind a lot of loose ends. When new and interesting schemes appear – he or she runs off again, forgetting important responsibilities. This happens in school too, so find a way to put a few reigns on those situations.

Chinese Zodiac Horse Kids – Girls

Girls born in the Chinese Year of the Horse have a magnetic personality and natural charm. She is not a showy type, preferring simple, comfortable clothing to stiff formalities. Like any Horse, she comes across as a bit odd and wholly unconventional. In this manner, she expresses her independent, perfectly structured Chinese Horse personality.

Your daughter has a light-hearted manner and seems to stay very healthy. She will always be a bit of a “tomboy” loving physical expressions. Sitting still is not something anyone born in the Chinese Year of the Horse does well, let alone a high-energy toddler!

As she grows you may find your Horse-born daughter wanting to dance. She’s graceful and understands the story told by movements. This, or other physical outlets, is one way for her to express her energetic presence in positive ways. Her hands, her face, every part of your daughter’s body seems to be in never-ending, fluid motion. Girls born under the Chinese Animal Sign of the Horse cannot hide how they feel. Her words say, “I’m fine” while her eyes reveal something altogether different. Stress brings out rapidly changing moods that may go from laughter to tears in a moment’s notice. When you watch her, you can almost see the cogs in her mental wheelhouse clicking furiously. Helping your child become emotionally stable is one of the greatest goals parents undertake with Horse. She can learn balance and moderation of her energies, but it takes time.

As you may guess, your daughter born in the Year of the Horse has a very strong personality. She will always have agendas that come from her mind and heart. Internally she trusts in her skills and meets life head-on. The dreams she manifests are truly wonders to behold.

When called upon for action, the Horse female responds with uncanny accuracy. Conversely, mindless oversights hurt her deeply. Her temper can turn from cool and indifferent to a raging storm. When on the move it’s best to get out of the way or be trampled by the Horse’ desire to learn more, be more, experience MORE! This is the gal who will return to school time and time again, exploring something new each time.

The girls born under the Chinese Horse Sign love freedom, but even more, they adore socialization. She can make friends easily no matter where you take her. Horse prances at parties, always enjoying herself and applying her wit in wonderful ways.

Chinese Zodiac Horse Kids – Boys

Boys born in the Chinese Animal Zodiac Year of the Horse have a hippie side to them, feeling quite at home in a tent or a luxury hotel. They speak their minds confidently and love sports, which leads to a generally healthy life with few major illnesses. Your Horse boy has difficulty with the idea of an inside voice. In part, it’s because he is naturally loud. The other part is the lack of filters that come with his independence. He will laugh uproariously and talk above a crowd with little worry about the end results. At the heart of it your little horse, like his sister, loves non-conformity.

Horses’ boys’ clothing choices tend toward the comfortable side. Putting him in a suit for picture day makes him down-right itchy. Don’t be surprised if he dumps that well-chosen coat and tie in his locker. Additionally, don’t buy this young man trendy stuff. It will sit in the closet unused.

Watchful parents, be aware that the young men born in the Year of the Horse sometimes illustrate addictive behavior. Be it candy, money, rich foods, toys etc. he will hoard what he loves to the point of seeming selfish and potentially becoming ill. As with girls born under the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse, males are fidgety. They will sleep deeply but only until rested enough for another day. Upon waking Horse welcomes any athletic activity and may even create a morning ritual of exercise for himself while other Animal Zodiac signs are just reaching for coffee.

That is not to say the Chinese Zodiac Horse lacks positive attributes. Your boy is enthusiastic, outgoing and confident. When Horse believes in himself everyone around him nods in agreement. This boy also has a lucky Horseshoe that often works favorably for him in a wide variety of situations.
To his peers, Horse seems to be a bit displaced. Always restless, sitting still is very hard in school. When he sees a wall his instincts are to jump over it and keep moving. Here and now eludes him, while future thinking wraps up his spare time (and sometimes leads to anxiety). When graduating from High School your Horse-born boy cannot wait for a car and his own space to keep the momentum going. This rebel has a cause, at least in his own mind. This personality adds up to a lot of conflict with parents and teachers alike. Wanting space, particularly at the worst possible times, is one of the chief downfalls for this Chinese Animal Sign.

Horse Facts & Metaphysical Associations

    People born in the year of the Horse have five sub-sets of characteristics. The Wood Horse leads with his head. He’s creative and a born administrator. The Fire Horse has energy, passion and a well-tuned mind. Earth Horse has a strong will and a sense of optimism. Metal Horse has the gift of gab and a deep-seated belief in good friendships. Water Horse has a rather hothead but is very good to those in his or her Circle.

  • Years: 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2016 …
  • Symbol: ⾺
  • Planet: Mars
  • Sacred Stone: Topaz
  • Season: Summer
  • Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 7, 9
  • Element: Fire
  • Yang
  • Flowers: Sunflower, Jasmine, Marigold
  • Cardinal directions: Northeast, Southwest and Northwest
  • Colors: Purple, Brown and Yellow
  • Lucky Days: 5th and 20th of any Chinese Lunar month
  • Month: 4th, 9th and 12th lunar months
  • Chakra: Sacral
  • Western Twin: Gemini; Cancer