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Year of the Dragon for Kids:
The Chinese Zodiac Dragon Child Traits, Personality & Characteristics

For children and adults alike the Year of the Dragon comes fifth in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Animal Zodiac. Dragons are a very important creature in Chinese lore. It has divine influence, authority, good fortune and numerous other attributes. The Emperor in Japan may call themselves “dragon”.

The Year of the Dragon for a child born during this time frame is often filled with dramatic shows of power. Typically, these happen after some group or person doesn’t consider the impact of their sharp, biting words. The desire for dominance resonates globally, while personal ambition vibrates on the home front. These cravings come alongside other energies including bravery, tenacity and confidence. The Dragon child will always be a risk taker so parents prepare!

Dragons youths from early on identify with other great figures – heroes, kings, wise elders, etc. These are the images he or she turns to as a mirror of future hopes and dreams. Your child is fearless, enthusiastic, idealistic and totally intense. The Chinese Zodiac tells us that Dragon kids think of boundaries as the beginning of the adventure rather than a successful end.
Chinese Zodiac Dragon children are also real livewires. Parents need nearly never-ending energy just to keep up with the Dragons goals and ideas. The Dragon child often matures quickly and is an adept learner. They are on a mission from day one, filled with specific values and desires. Those who help the child achieve glory are also those to whom Dragon devotes their love.

The shining spirit of Dragon children never backs down from a fight. Be it a battle of words, wit, or fists, the Dragon is there to the end. This is the child watching out for playground bullies and protecting those who are weaker. In the Chinese Animal Zodiac, part of the Dragon’s drive comes from needing to be needed. If you give your Dragon child important responsibilities suited to their abilities, they will be very happy to engage them. Accomplishment acts like a spark to a deep-seated fire in these kids. Remember to compliment those achievements. Dragon craves your respect but understands that it must be earned.

Healthwise, Dragon is pretty resilient. Their main issue comes with personally derived stress and anxiety. It’s a price they page for creating on-going challenges.
The Dragon child thrives on love and pride. This kid never lets down family or friends. On the rare occasion that the Chinese Dragon youth slips, this child becomes their own worst critic, expecting far more from themselves than others. In these moments, parental comfort may or may not be accepted because of the fact that Dragon kids also have a lot of pride.

The child born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon has two sides. One side experiences huge triumphs while the other stumbles into intense losses. This is the nature of the Dragon youth’s soul. There is no such thing as “halfway” in Dragon’s lifestyle. The dreams and goals for this child seem lofty, but don’t sell your Dragon short or belittle those ideas. More times than not, success comes.

The Chinese Zodiac portrays Dragon children as focused on accumulating wealth, acclaim and power. In children, this manifests as diligently saving their allowance, or wanting to play the lead in a school program. The Dragon’s natural charisma gives them celebrity potential. Enchanting, eccentric, a tad whimsical and high energy all describe the Chinese Zodiac Dragon child aptly.

Dragons may show an impetuous side, and don’t take correction well. If they have an opinion they’ll roar it to the mountain tops. This tendency comes from deep-seated self-confidence and a talent for never-ending communication. They’ll razzle-dazzle plots and crusades inspiring others with rich optimism. By the way, as you might guess your little Chinese Dragon has a pioneering spirit. They will LOVE travelling with you. They’ll also sometimes wander off on explorations, so keep your eyes open.

All Dragon children have certain common personality traits. If you ask this sweet spirit for an opinion it will always be ruthlessly honest. Parents need to work on more diplomatic communication skills. The Chinese Zodiac Dragon youth feels no need to manipulate words and has a strong sense of honor. Dragon sees his or her standards as perfect for everyone. Early in life, Dragon takes on tasks that other Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs would never even contemplate.

Parents, prepare yourself for a very popular kid. Other children follow him or her as if parading to his next proverbial gig. Dragons have magnetism to the tenth power. When on a “mission”, either keep up or step out. The Chinese Dragon child waits for no one. In this, both Monkey and Rat make excellent cohorts. Snake can be the more mindful sidekick and voice of reason.

Another struggle for parents is that Chinese Zodiac Dragon kids do NOT like rules. When you try enforcing them, expect a storm of monumental proportions. Oh, the child will have what seems to him or her a perfectly valid reason why X rule doesn’t include the current behavior. In this battle of wits, young Dragon becomes nearly irrational and often angry. The upside of this is that Dragon’s ire is short lived. Having a cool-off time for your Dragon before re-approaching a subject isn’t a bad parenting technique.
As you might imagine, the parents of a child born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon have quite the task ahead of them. Dragons blaze with fire, but have a tendency to go, and go, and go until nought but a spark is left. By the time Dragon reaches teenaged years Dragon may latch on to radical ideas, not all of which are healthy. The hardest part here, mom and dad, is that Dragon isn’t ready to admit defeat, let alone a wrong choice. This child will fight you to stick to the current objective. You will be exhausted at the end of this push-me-pull-you conversation.

In many ways, the Dragon’s youth becomes mythic in proportion. Early on they begin looking for a life’s mission (or minimally one that fulfils the current yearning). They create projects originating in their fantasies. To Chinese Zodiac Dragon kids, all of life’s effort is truly sacrosanct, even if the perspective is a tad askew. With this in mind, one can see why Dragon has an austere demeanor when in work mode.

Dragon children have tremendous luck, fiery energy, charm, opportunism and tenacity of such precision as to “write the book” on these attributes. Those born in the Chinese Animal Year of the Dragon give from the heart and love to be center stage in any discussion. In life’s game of King of the Hill – guess who wants that top spot? When (if) they fail you will have one forlorn tike who doesn’t understand the concept of graceful defeats.

Chinese Zodiac Dragon Kids – Girls

Girls born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon have a knack for attracting attention. There is no chance this girl can simply fade into the background. Even at a young age Girl Dragons bear themselves like queens. It won’t take long for her to realize this air has a lot of advantages beyond just getting noticed.

Physically the young female Dragon typically shows signs of early maturity. She may be tall for her age, which only accentuates her demeanor. This is not the head-in-the-clouds child either. The Chinese She-Dragon plants herself pretty firmly in her ideas and actions.

Girls born in the Year of the Dragon take pride in their appearance. This Dragon child will watch mom put on makeup then try copying techniques (have hand wipes handy). She also appreciates clothing that fits properly but offers comfort.

The young waif is very bubbly. She seems to ooze with common sense, vitality and stamina. As all children born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon, she doesn’t get sick easily and recovers quickly. Resilience is the name of this Dragon’s game. Her only Achilles heel is that she prefers on-going efforts for admiration rather than necessary rest. The desire to move mountains often ends in a stressed-out kid. In this, parents, remind your daughter that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Good results deserve carefully considered, metered efforts.

Daughters born in the Year of the dragon have very high intelligence levels. Complex problems rarely baffle her. She reasons like an adult, and sometimes even better. Combine this with loyalty, responsibility, humanitarian goals and conscientious behavior and you have a truly remarkable combination that sometimes takes your breath away.

Your little Chinese Dragon girl definitely has a flair for the dramatic. The more attention that comes her way, all the better. Whatever it takes to shine a light on her ideas and splendorous efforts makes Dragon very happy. The problem here is that she does not yet have the wisdom to temper her ambitions from the lofty star on which they’re hung.

Chinese Zodiac Dragon Kids – Boys

From day one the boy born in the Chinese Animal Zodiac Year of the Dragon presents an air of regal surety. Once he learns to walk, Dragon son is not a runner. Rather, he prefers a slow, purposeful gait, standing tall and certain. There is a presence about him that cannot go unnoticed.

Boys born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon have contagious laughter. They can derail a person’s entire thought process with but a glance. The phrase “eyes are the window to the soul” was written about male Dragons.

Like his sister, the male Dragon is fit and energetic. He enjoys hard work and typically does more than his fair share. You do not have to worry about your Dragon son having idle hands! Enthusiasm is the exclamation point in his life’s book. As with the girl Dragon, however, parents must teach their son how to meet out his energy wisely.

As he grows, this Chinese Zodiac Dragon child becomes a self-proclaimed expert on a wide variety of topics. There is a sharp mind here and a remarkable knack for learning. His analytical ability often results in finding a clever solution to what seemed an impossible problem, much to the relief of others. Dragon sons manifest their dreams in moving ways that will make you smile, laugh, cry and sigh. Walking with Chinese Dragon children can be very exhausting.
The Chinese Zodiac tells us that Dragon boys usually have a strong ego. In some ways, the world must revolve around his chase for glory. Discretion is hard for Dragon children. They are always out in front of everything, showing off a new talent or sharing a story of marvelous feats. This personality often proves difficult for parents as he will not accept criticism well. If anything, he’ll stick his claws in and reject the proposition, rarely apologizing for wrongdoing. Why? Because what you see is only the surface of your son. Inwardly the Chinese Dragon boy is really shy and even self-conscious. This is overcompensation!

Your Dragon son has good morals. Honesty and integrity go hand in hand with him. As with female children born in the Year of the Dragon, he shows signs of being magnanimous and has no concept of deception. As such a big, famous creature he often shows sympathy and kindness akin to a knight.

Dragon Facts & Metaphysical Associations

  • People born in the Year of the Dragon have five sub-sets of characteristics. The Wood Dragon is not as energetic as others and often stays OUT of the limelight. Fire Dragons spark with intelligence but they are not easily controlled. Earth Dragon is an outgoing hard worker. Gold Dragon shoots from the hip but exhibits rapidly changing emotions. Water Dragon looks to the future with unrelenting determination.
  • Dates: 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 …
  • Symbol 龙
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Sacred Stone: Amethyst, Ruby
  • Season: Spring
  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 6, 7
  • Element: Earth
  • Yang
  • Flowers: bleeding-heart glory bower, dragon flowers
  • Cardinal directions: North, East, South
  • Colors: Gold, Silver
  • Lucky Days: 1st and 16th of any Chinese lunar calendar month
  • Month: 3rd, 4th, and 7th Chinese Lunar months
  • Chakra: Root
  • Western Twin: Leo