The Epic May Horoscope 2019

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Welcome to the most in-depth monthly horoscope and astrology overview for May 2019! Make sure to bookmark us so you can come back throughout the month for a horoscope ‘check-up’.

May Horoscope 2019 – Overview

On May 1st, a Mercury Sextile Mars influence triggers racing thoughts for many of us. Our minds are brimming with Divine inspiration. The same day, a Saturn Square Mercury influence challenges our thinking. It’s important to jot things down, so we don’t forget.

On May 2nd, under a Mercury Square Pluto influence, we discover profound truths or develop a deeper understanding of the mysteries. The 3rd, we’re wearing a Cheshire Cat grin, thanks to incoming news brightening our day! From the 5th-7th, under a Mars Opposite Jupiter influence, our self-esteem is high.

May 8th, our empathic senses heighten under the Sun Conjunct Neptune influence. The “feel good” vibes carry into the 9th, under the Venus Trine Jupiter influence. But, if we don’t connect with positive people, trouble brews. The negative emotions around us bleed into our interactions and romantic relationships.

Under the Sun Trine Saturn influence from the 11th-13th, we gain accolades for work well done in studies and successful personal pursuits. Then, “organization” is the theme of the day on May 16th. We look to weed out filing cabinets, pay off bills, balance the budget, and tend of household chores.

On May 18th, a Mercury Trine Pluto influence makes people amiable and cooperative. If in need of a favor, now’s the time to ask! The same day, the Venus Conjunct Uranus influence has us longing for change. Our daily routine is too predictable. Spontaneity breaks the spell of monotony.

The Sun moves from Taurus into Gemini on the 21st, highlighting all situations involving intellect and communication. On May 22nd-23rd, with a Mars Sextile Uranus influence, we’re upbeat and looking to share the energy. The 30th, our thinking is a little foggy under a Mercury Square Neptune influence. The month closes with a Venus Trine Neptune transit which opens the way for relaxation, love, and a mini hiatus from life’s more demanding moments.

May Horoscope 2019 – All 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries Horoscope

On May 1st, productivity is at an all-time high, Aries. Your natural penchant for action helps you conquer your ever-growing to do list. Feeling your best, you’re ready for challenges ahead. May 2nd, profound conversations with others have you philosophical. On May 3rd, you’ll focus on making friends and learning from others. You’ll start a blueprint for personal projects. May 5th, energies support the launch of new plans perfectly. Then, on the 3rd, your energy levels soar, and you’ll sense nothing can stop you now.

On May 8th, you’re feeling out of sorts, especially when you don’t realize it’s someone else’s energy confusing your sense of well-being, Aries. Be careful who you hang out with because their residual energies will influence you emotionally and physically. On the 9th, you wake up feeling “totally chill.” Your relaxed vibes make you more appealing to your existing partner or potential mates.

From the 11-13th, there’s nothing bashful about you when accolades for work well-done come pouring in today. From the 16-18th, you wrap up loose ends in the home office, organize home files, and pay off debts. After reviewing your budget, you’ll give yourself the go-ahead to make a big purchase.

May 22nd-23rd Your high drive and endless desire to achieve make you put in the extra work to finish a project. At home, your partner is pleased you finally get to those less-than-thrilling chores you’ve avoided. May 30th, when thinking about a contract, you’ll seek a second opinion. May 31st, you spend time daydreaming about summer.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Sardonyx helps Aries see the symbolic meaning in life events and dream messages.

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Taurus Horoscope

On May 1st, you’re working with your hands outdoors, perhaps gardening or taking long walks in nature. The work relaxes you. May 2nd, you’re still not taking on tasks that are too taxing, but you’re doing some fact checking on a matter of concern. Make sure you don’t let personal bias rule.

May 3rd, spring cleaning is in session. Clearing out the clutter heals your restlessness. May 5th, you’re feeling happy-go-lucky. You may buy a lottery ticket or invest in a big-ticket item. Steer clear from a desire to overspend.

The 8th, you are content being alone. Avoiding others helps you maintain your energy reserves. The quiet does you good. You’ll come out of your hiding on the 9th, ending any friction you’re experiencing with others. From the 11th-13th, you find a perfect balance between work and play. From the 16th-18th, your attention to detail is sharp. You have an edge when dealing with work or important documents.

Duties you’ve been putting off are nagging at you from the 22nd-23rd. With your famed Taurean stubbornness channeled, you’ll catch up. From the 30th-31st, be careful with what you say. If you’re in a relationship, you can’t read the signals your lover sending. The confusion is mutual. Keep things simple until your more open.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Chiastolite helps Taurus discover their life mission and hear the soul’s calling.

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Gemini Horoscope

Your gift for gab has you open and direct with everyone you talk to on May 1st. If you need support with an idea, your persuasive abilities shine. On the 2nd, you’re abrasive with your opinions, even when you don’t mean to be: Consider the way you word things.

On May 3rd, your “flighty” nature has you longing to explore distant places. You’ll plan your next vacation or a short getaway. May 5th, your need for excitement has you competing with others at work, even if it’s just for fun. At home, it’s time to break out the dusty board games –a marathon game of “Monopoly” is in the offing!

May 8th-9th, you’re vulnerable to those who take advantage. If in a relationship, you’ll confuse your partner’s need for space with a lack of interest. On the 13th, relationship interactions improve. You’re respectful of others, and you get the same in return.

On May 16th, you’ll be ahead of the game at work and when dealing with partnerships, contracts, and negotiating big deals. May 18th, you’ll have someone enter your life with life lessons to teach you. From the 22nd-23rd, you turn up the heat in your love life.

You’ll be the initiator when it is time to inject your relationship with the right mix of romance and spice. From May 30th-31st, be careful you don’t get sucked into the drama. Try to avoid involvement in a “he-said-she-said” battle. You’re interested in global happenings increases.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Galena helps Gemini ground themselves when feeling too flighty or restless.

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Cancer Horoscope

May 1st, anything you thought too difficult, you tackle. On May 2nd, your feelings on an issue have you seeming aggressive; don’t force it. May 3rd, exposing yourself to social opportunities has you making new friends. Patience goes a long way when encountering those with lifestyles very different from your own. On May 5th, you’re seeking an escape from routine. In a good mood, you’ll find it easy to encourage others.

May 8th, you’re a real softie when helping others down on their luck. Just make sure people don’t take advantage. May 9th, it’s a day of fun. Whether you’re hanging with your bestie or partying, you’ll fulfill your need for excitement. May 11th-13th, you need wise counsel and turn to someone older for sound advice.

May 16th-18th, your mind is sharp, so you’ll spot any issues with documents. If something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut. Then May 22nd-23rd, you’ll draw your polar opposite to you. It could prove a great encounter as there’s much you can learn. May 30th-31st, try to be as truthful as possible in every situation: Even little fibs become problems.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Cinabrite helps Cancer align the heart and mind while strengthening one’s desire for independence.

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Leo Horoscope

On the 1st, you’re feeling heroic and defend others. The inner wild lion in you won’t stand for anyone taking advantage of a member of your pride (those you love). On May 2nd, your natural curiosity has you uncover secrets; keep in mind, you may regret playing sleuth when discovering things you don’t want to know.

May 3rd, you’re drawn to a wide range of intellectually stimulating topics. Your popularity is on the rise, so on May 5th, you feel nothing can tear you down. Be careful you don’t miss small details that might result in a fall from grace.

May 8th-9th you’re feeling the need to shop; you’ll invest in things to beautify your outward appearance and the home. May 11th-13th, you’ll take on burdens at work, but it won’t bother you to do so. May 16th-18th, you channel all your energy, so productively you surprise yourself by what you achieve.

From the 22nd-23rd, you’ll want more intimacy in an existing relationship. You’ll plan a romantic evening or two. May 30th-31st, you’ll find yourself drawn to oddities and fringe topics; the intrigue will continue to intensify the more you discover. The end of the month, you’ll spend time entertaining friends.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Whiskey Quartz helps Leo keep thoughts sharp and the heart light.

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Virgo Horoscope

On May 1st, you’ll look to improve your physical appearance; it’s time for a new hairstyle, wardrobe, or complete makeover. A serious confidence boost follows along with an emotional high. May 2nd, you’re looking to understand what makes people tick.

The 3rd, whether you’re working for yourself or another the steps you take result in a positive outcome. If you’re considering a partnership, it’s a go. When working out the kinks in contractual agreements, things go in your favor. On May 5th, you’re beaming with confidence. You catch the eye of a potential lover.

On May 8th-9th, you focus on spirituality with greater intensity. Discontentment has you seeking answers from the Universe. On the 9th, you’ll feel like shopping until you drop. It won’t lead to fulfillment. May 11th-13th, you’ll finally see advancement in career after months of hard work.

May 16th-18th, starting a new friendship or romantic affair ends in a lifelong connection. Despite your near obsessive analytical nature, you’re looking for some insight into the future that analytics can’t provide. You’ll seek the advice of a numerologist, astrologer, or psychic advisor. From the 22nd-23rd, your recent desire for “moving outside the lines of conformity” has you turning up the heat in the bedroom. May 30th-31st, you’re feeling far more social than usual.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Purple Kunzite helps Virgo open their heart and empathize with others.

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Libra Horoscope

May 1st, your feelings for a lover intensify. You’ve been thinking about taking things to the next level, and you’re ready to act on it. If you’re single, that person you’ve been eyeing seems more attainable. Your penchant for balance is a boon when you’re communicating with others on May 2nd; it has you come across as easy to talk to about anything.

If you’ve been dealing with a legal situation, there’s a resolution on May 3rd. High confidence levels have you chatting it up with new people on the 5th, and your social circle expands. On the 8th-9th, you draw a line in the sand with a friend or your lover. It ensures mutual respect continues.

May 11th-13th, you find great satisfaction in accomplishing everything you set your mind to doing. From the 16th-18th, you make new commitments with great confidence. You’re looking to better your life through unconventional means. You get advice from eccentric people or look to learn about psychic experiences.

On May 22nd-23rd, your stepping up your game in a romantic relationship. Every action you take strengthens the bond. If your single, you make a serious effort to connect with someone. From May 30th-31st, if you feel others are sucking the energy out of you, you’re right. It’s time to quarantine yourself from those who take your power.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Selenite promotes peace and helps Libra keep balance emotionally.

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Scorpio Horoscope

Already the daring type, May 1st has you feeling pluckier than ever. You throw caution to the wind and say to a lover what’s on your mind, instead of keeping secrets. On the 2nd, a Mercury Square Pluto’s influence has you learning more about others or engaging in new studies.

The 3rd, you’ll find satisfaction in your favorite pastime. You and your significant other define what you both want in the future. If you’re single, you’ll find a mate wanting a lifelong commitment. On the 5th, you feel good today, and you are a little self-absorbed. It’s nice to revel in feeling good, but don’t forget others who are not in the same zone.

May 8th-9th, you might sign up for a local group looking to improve the community or environment. In love, your partner is loving, and you exchange gifts as a sign of your affections. From the 11th-13th, people are turning to you for your insight or advice at work and within your social circle. You’ll do the same on May 16th, when you’re looking for a mentor. On the 18th, you find a potential affair tempting.

On May 22nd-23rd, you’ll sever relationships that are not a fifty-fifty effort. From May 30th-31st, you’ll emphasize personal freedom and independence. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll stress the need for some alone time.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Red Stromatolite helps Scorpio keep a level head in the face of chaos.

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Sagittarius Horoscope

May 1st, you try to woo someone of interest and spend a lot of time flirting. On the 2nd, you’re planning your next exciting venture which includes learning something new. Whether it’s a cooking class or how to sew a quilt, don’t bog yourself down with sticking to the rules.

On the 3rd, you may do volunteer work. May 5th, you’re feeling a bit edgy. Exercising can help burn off excess energy. From the 6th-8th, you’ll heighten your awareness through spiritual pursuits, meditation, and tapping into Universal energies. In a relationship, you’ll do away with trying to control your partner. May 11th-16th, it’s time to deal with chores you’ve put off – with energy levels high, you’ll conquer them quickly.

At work, you’ll prove a shining example for others on the 16th. On the 18th, you feel things have grown dull with your love life and will take steps to liven it up. Your partner will be thrilled when you take the initiative to make very romantic changes.

May 22-23rd, anything that’s been putting a damper on your creativity loses power over you. Ideas flow forth like running water. Don’t be afraid to act on your dreams. From May 30-31st, as one who isn’t afraid to take risks, you’ll express your beliefs openly without regard for consequences.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Peach Moonstone helps Sagittarius tune into their gut instincts and heights psychic receptivity.

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Capricorn Horoscope

On May 1st, you conquer any obstacle at work, even if it been longstanding. What was once difficult becomes far more manageable. In your love life, tensions with an existing lover subside. If you’re single, the blocks you’ve experienced in dating dissolve away. On May 2nd, a topic you find of unusual interest is annoying to others. Don’t take it personally.

On May 3rd, you focus less on work and more on enjoying relaxation time. You may host a small backyard barbeque, or you’ll go out on the town just to meet new people. On the 5th, whether at home or work, you’ll be the one who takes the initiative and encourage others to work together.

May 8th-9th, you’re looking just to get away from it all any way you can now. If you can’t take a short trip and your vacation time is months away, you’ll hideaway under the covers in bed for a few days. May 11th-13th, it’s a great time to start reading the books on your “to read” list. From the 16th-18th, You’ll enjoy training a new skill. You’re longing for a few crazy days where you can just be wild and free. It’s just a passing fancy. You’ll soon be your more practical self once more.

May 22nd-23rd, not one to rely on anything but concrete facts, you’ll surprise yourself when you start listening to that “small voice within.” You’ll be even more surprised when you find the guidance you receive is right. May 30th-31st, you’ll be a total teetotaler as you look to detox your mind and body. You’ll scrap caffeine, sugars, and break away from other bad habits hindering optimal health. You’re on your way to a new and improve version of “you.”

Healing Crystals & Stones: Shiva Lingam helps Capricorn balance all the energy wheels in the Chakra system.

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Aquarius Horoscope

On May 1st, you’ll celebrate spring with friends and family. Your energy levels are high, so you spread the good vibes. On the 2nd, you’re trying to share your progressive ideas with others, but will only get frustrated when others don’t “get you.” On May 3rd, you’ll make meaningful connections with others which will end up helping you in business or career later. May 5th, you’ll prove successful if you use your energy wisely. Delegate some work to others to release you from a heavy burden.

May 8th-9th, you’re imaginative and hopeful; you’ve got a bright perspective as you look at your future. You may find yourself falling for someone faster than you might imagine. May 11th-13th, someone you look up to gives you a piece of advice you’d do well to consider. May 16th-18th, it’s time to have a serious talk with the one you love to determine where the relationship is going. You’ll agree on what defines happiness for you both as you work toward a lasting relationship.

May 22nd-23rd, the changes you have started making in your life are beginning to reveal a payoff. It will inspire you to continue. May 30th-31st, if you have a problem with a family member, you’ll mend fences. If you and a lover are at odds, a revealing conversation helps heal the heart.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Purple Stitchtite helps Aquarius tune into the inner child and see all the magic in the world.

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Pisces Horoscope

On May 1st, you’ll cast introversion aside. Your high energy levels make you feel ultra-confident because you have a good sense of who you are. On May 2nd, you’re looking to understand humanity and the way people think so you can make stronger personal connections. The 3rd, you’ll find the circle of friends you establish end up as part of your network for support in business and private ventures. On the 5th, your confidence shines through; you have come to accept yourself, and it shows.

May 8th-9th, you’re more sensitive than usual which also leaves you emotionally vulnerable. You can understand how others feel, so people seek your advice. Someone catches your eye, but don’t succumb to the desire to dive right into a relationship. Wait for a more stable period. May 16th-18th, you’re looking for a fast thrill just to get an adrenaline rush. Careful what you choose to chase after right now; you might experience a let-down later.

May 22nd-23rd, you’re restless and anxious. Use the excess energy you’re bottling up inside to finish off tasks you haven’t gotten to yet. May 30th-31st, you’re looking to better your outward appearance. It gives you a serious confidence boost when you do.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Blue Angelite helps Pisces find their true voice and overcome emotional hurts.

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