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Leo Sign:
Traits, Personality & Characteristics

In the jungle, the mighty jungle The Lion may sleep tonight but only after he or she has conquered a country, created a masterpiece and given in to their more carnal natures – at least twice!

Bottom line?

Everything about the Leo personality is notoriously B.I.G.

Leo Sign Table of Contents

Leo Traits, Personality, & Characteristics

When using their powers for good, Leos are almost saint like but The Lion’s negative personality traits are every bit as big as everything else about them.

However, like all good leaders, those born under the Leo Sign are the truest of humanitarians who view all people as theirs to protect and serve.

Astronomers consider Leo a highly Masculine sign because of the general strength and regal nature of the Lion. As a Leo you were born to be a front-runner in business and social circles. There’s a warmth about you except when your eyes on a target. At that juncture ambition takes over, always reaching for the proverbial brass ring.

The Leos in your life are social animals who also want to be in the spotlight. Whomever they choose to be with must honor your independence. The Lion loves all things beautiful and typically seek companions who have striking appearances and also those who can somehow help them take the next steps toward success. This may come across as superficial but it’s simply the nature of the beast.

Leos are ruled by the sun, which gives them a natural ability to cultivate projects. Like all fire signs, however, too much of a good thing burns.

When Leos give into their darker side watch out – the claws are about to dig deep, and they have a wicked bite. Balancing this, the Lion has a natural way with children and an amazing aptitude with vocal skills be it talking or singing.

If this is your Star Sign, you are confident and can make others feel that same sense of security. Those in your tribe come to see a person who has unique purpose and devotion, both of which motivates the best in people.

Leo Physical Traits & Characteristics

Leos typically have a glorious mane and take a lot of time making sure it’s a little wild and a lot dazzling.

People born under this Zodiac Sign have strong faces perched on top of well-structured, tall legs.

The body seems honed and the stance is always dignified. The Lion loves bobbles and showy clothing – no 2nd hand stores allowed.

Health wise Leo’s need to be careful with their back and heart, particularly if they have high stress levels in their lives.

Lions also have ever-growling stomachs that crave protein, which can lead to weight problems after midlife.

Leo Symbol and Its Meaning

In Greek mythology Hercules’ first quest was killing the Lion of Nemea who was destroying fields, cattle and people.

The Lion had a cave with two entryways. Hercules closed one side and cornered the beast eventually taking its skins and head, which he used for a helmet.

According to legend, Zeus put the lion in the sky to honor Hercules’ deed.

If you own a telescope – point it in this direction and you can see numerous galaxies including Messier 95, 96, 66, and 65.

Leo Facts & Metaphysical Associations

Dates: July 21- August 21
Symbol: The Lion
Phrase: “I Will”
Planet: Sun
Birthstone: Ruby (July); Peridot (August)
Number Vibration Numerology: 1 & 4
Element: Fire
Flower: Sunflower & Marigold
Color: Orange
Day: Sunday
Chakra: Solar Plexus (Manipura)
Chinese Zodiac Twin: Monkey
Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Monkey
Tarot Card Association: Strength (Leo), The Sun (Sun)

Healing Crystals: Onyx, Amber, Citrine, Garnet, Peridot, Crystal Quartz, Ruby, Danburite

Celebrity Leos: Mick Jagger, Mae West, Robert Di Niro, Madonna, Alfred Hitchcock, Andy Warhol

Leo Compatibility, In Love & In Bed

In relationships, The Lion is a fervent lover with a playful approach to sex. This Zodiac animal nearly never run out of energy in or out of the bedroom.

The most compatible partners for Leo are those with keen minds and strong independent streaks (needy people just irritate them).

Paired with the right mate Leo’s give that partner lavish attention, but expect the same in return. Some good choices include the Astrological sign of Aquarius who offers very complimentary characteristics, a Sagittarius who matches the Lion’s outgoing nature and passion, and Aries who keeps Leo on his or her toes.

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The Leo Child

The Leo child enjoys affection, both giving and receiving.

While they come across as wholly self-assured there is a fragility here of which parents should remain aware. Give your little Lion plenty of praise as earned because they crave it and, in turn, this leads to more positive behaviors.

No matter the setting your Leo will always take the lead. If asked to join a team, the Leo Child must be at the head of the group or they simply walk away glumly. This is hard for parents, but learning that they cannot be head of the pack all the time is one of the challenging lessons you can provide.

There are times when your Leo roars about other people, seeing their lacks. Instilling modesty helps.

Also keep your Lion busy to eat up that never-ending well of energy by bed time.

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Leo Girl

A Leo Girl is quite the bright light!

She’s smart, charming and very dedicated to the family. She also carries herself with the same regal bearing as the great cat.

When the Lioness feels wronged everyone will hear all about it and in spades. She will caterwaul to the high heavens and sometimes head off sulking.

On a happier note, a Leo Girl has an amazing sense of humor and generous spirit.

Do no try to confine this child – she wants her run of the jungle and takes to outdoor activities far more readily than having a roof overhead.

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Leo Boy

Saying a Leo Boy is interesting is a huge understatement. This little Lion has a personality the size of a, well, a jungle.

He seems happy most of the time, and bringing joy to other people is part of his nature.

The hardest part for most parents is becoming a nearly constant cheer leader so the Leo doesn’t get stuck in smugness and loose motivation.

When inspired and given enough latitude, your Leo son Is capable of some pretty amazing things.

Forget nagging or talking down to this child – they find it irritating, but do respond to well-reasoned discussion.

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Leo Career, Pets & Pastimes

Leo Career

The Leo career path is a no-brainer.

There’s a reason lions are called the King of the Jungle and a Leo is far more comfortable leading than following, which makes them very driven to climb the corporate ladder.

This Star Sign is naturally attracted to jobs where the rewards and power is great including positions in politics, law, high profile companies and management.

Leo Pets

Think beautiful and rare. The pet for a Leo has to be just as amazing as they are in demeanor and appearances. Some great Leo pet choices that come to mind include the Caracal, Marmoset Monkey, Conure and Cockatoo.

Leo Hobbies

Leo would be very content to lay in the sun being fed grapes. Yes, they have energy but there is also something decadent about leisure. When it comes time to get up and move, outdoor sports make the best Leo hobbies including horseback riding and hunting.

Best Gifts for a Leo

Any gift for a Leo needs an extravagant element to it – something that impresses everyone who sees it. Gold jewelry is one option along with any items sporting brilliant yellow or red stones. Alternatively pamper your Kitty with a day at the spa, gourmet food and beverage, or a trip to the theatre.

4 thoughts on “Leo Sign Traits, Personality & Characteristics

  1. ThePaganSun says:

    Hi there,

    While I do like some of your website, I disagree with how overly soft and somewhat inaccurate Leo was described in the About Leo, Leo Nature, and Leo Traits sections.

    Please remember that Leo is symbolized by the powerful and fierce lion of the Zodiac, not some show kitty.

    As such Leo’s main traits are: powerful, fierce, determined, courageous, temperamental, protective, aggressive, fiery and strong-willed.

    And lions are stronger than rams and scorpions and can even bring down bulls single-handedly.

    The Sun which rules Leo bestows overall strength, willpower, dominance, courage, energy, leadership and health; not just identity and creativity.

    Leo combines the physical energy of a fire sign with the strength and determination of a fixed sign. As such, Leo is the mighty warrior-king, hero, conqueror, protector and predator of the Zodiac. Not some mere “entertainer or performer.”

    And the 5th House which modern astrologers exaggerate Leo’s association with (when in earlier astrology it was actually Venus that “joy” in the 5th House, not the Sun) rules sports and all athletics and hobbies, not just the exaggerated theatre and children and romance.

    Leo even rules the Strength Tarot Card.

    So please edit those sections to better reflect Leo’s strength and power and ferocity. Leo is the mighty lion for a reason and it deserves to be described as such.

    Also, it’s a huge and inaccurate misconception that the Monkey and other Chinese Zodiac “match” with the Western Zodiac. They DON’T. Their months don’t match up with the Western month dates and the Chinese Zodiac is mostly based on years anyway.

    By personality, Leo is most similar to the Chinese Dragon or Chinese Tiger. Not Monkey. So please don’t mislead people about that. Monkey is hardly Leo’s “twin.” Out of all them, it’d probably be Dragon or Tiger.

    Thanks for listening.

  2. ThePaganSun says:

    Also please stop calling Leo a “kitty.” It’s disrespectful and demeaning. Leo is symbolized by a powerful LION, not some domestic cat.

    You wouldn’t call Aries a “lamb,” Taurus a “cow,” Scorpio a “spider” and so on, right? So too Leo has the mighty lion symbol for a reason and deserves to be treated with the same respect. Lions and domestic cats aren’t even the same scientific genus, let alone the same species.

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