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Taurus Sign:
Traits, Personality & Characteristics

The Taurus sign is, understandably, associated with authority and tremendous strength.

This zodiac star sign is also known for its steadfast and plodding manner.

But, if you think a Tiger is fast, you’ve never seen a Taurus make a move to protect who and what they love. They wage a fierce fight and seldom leave the battlefield until they’ve bested the opponent.

Taurus Sign Table of Contents

Taurus Traits, Personality, & Characteristics

Those born to the Taurus sign are highly sophisticated and true lovers of the finer things in life.

Taurus is nothing if not predictable. However, it would be a grave mistake to think the agility of their minds to be anything less than the Olympic gold medalist that it truly is.

As an Earth sign, the Taurus personality is all about stability. Taureans go at slower paces than other Zodiac signs, but similar to the turtle their determination typically wins out in the end.

Taurus is not prone to risk taking because it could undermine the constancy they crave particularly when it comes to the material world. That’s the Earth Element and the planet Venus yelling loudly in harmony, and sometimes to the point of distraction. After all, creature comforts are not always “practical” so those two aspects of the Taurean personality fight with each other on a regular basis.

Nonetheless, this Sun Sign a staunch friend and a good protector.

Those born to this Zodiac Sign might find that they can experience more personal growth if they will, even if gingerly, buy a lotto ticket every now and again.

The world will likely not come to an end if they gamble one little dollar.

That being said, the Taurus sign does not like surprises – of any kind. They may win the lotto, but they will be furious because of the shock and life changes becoming a go-zillionare.

My advice?

In times of distress, show them something shiny and give them chocolate.

Taurus Physical Traits & Characteristics

Generally the Taurus body type appears very vital and strong. Like a bull, they tend to be a little stout with short legs, longer midsections, big bones and square facial features. The nose may resemble the Bull in some ways, being slightly upturned.

Health wise, the Bull has a strong immune system. The biggest issue for Taurus is a great love of food that can go right to the waist. This is because Bulls aren’t overly lively, so take care to balance your eating with your daily activities.

Taurus Symbol and Its Meaning

Taurus takes a place in the Astrological circle of the Northern Hemisphere.

In a rather un-creative manner, the word Taurus simply means “bull” (duh).

Taurus is rather special among constellations as it houses the Pleiades cluster (also known as the Seven Sisters) safely on its back. Is it any wonder that people born under this sign like pretty-shiny things?

The eye of the bull is a star named Aldebaran, interestingly considered the Polar Bear’s spirit in Inuit tradition.

Egyptians associated sightings of this constellation as representing Springs’s fertility and earth’s renewal.

Greek mythology aligns it with one of the sacred animals for Zeus.

Taurus Facts & Metaphysical Associations

Dates: April 21- May 20
Symbol: The Bull
Key Phrase: “I Have”
Planet: Venus
Birthstone: Diamond (April); Emerald (May)
Number Vibration Numerology: 6
Element: Earth
Flower: Violet and Poppy
Color: Green , Yellow, Orange, Earth Tones
Day: Friday
Chakra: Root or Base (Muladhara)
Chinese Zodiac Twin: Snake
Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Snake
Tarot Card Association: The Hierophant (Taurus) & The Empress (Venus)
Healing Crystals: Sapphire, Coral, Agate, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Crystal Quartz, Azurite, Emerald
Celebrity Taurus: Stevie Wonder, Barbara Streisand, Catherine the Great, Queen Elizabeth II, Audrey Hepburn, Jack Nicholson

Taurus Compatibility, In Love & In Bed

If you’re in a relationship with a bull, you will have find a creature wanting long-term relationships that are happy and peaceful. You really don’t have to worry about the Taurus steppin’ out once he or she commits (and typically long before then). They stick like glue, remaining reliable and patient.

The only caution is that sometimes the Bull sees their partner akin to a possession and they’ll become jealous.

It’s not the prettiest of characteristics but if you’re in love with the Raging Bull, you can calm their green monster by getting them involved in your interests and adjusting your pace to their comfort zone.

In terms of compatibility Taurus finds satisfaction with the capricious Capricorn and ever-versatile Virgo (both Earth signs) Secondary good matches are a caring Cancer, another tenacious Taurus, scintillating Scorpio and perceptive Pisces.

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The Taurus Child

Your little bull is a creature of comforts and familiarity. They appreciate routine and anything that makes them feel more secure. Balancing this, change isn’t a word that comes trippingly off the tongue for anyone born under the sign of Taurus. Children really need time to prepare for whatever transitions you’re making, with bumper room to spare.

Even at a young age you’ll notice a tendency in the Taurean child to stick to what they promise. Commitment IS a word they understand down to the tippies of their toes.

This makes them well-connected to family and friends, and expressive of their feelings in this setting.

They also have unusually long attention spans. Where other children bore easily of one toy or activity, the Bull keeps with what they’re doing until they feel its mastered.

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Taurus Girl

Your Taurus girl is devoted to friends and family. However, that gentle demeanor goes out the window if someone steps over her boundaries. At that juncture you’ll see all the stubbornness for which the Bull is generally renown. She will assert herself in short order.

For those your daughter loves, however, there is a whole different interplay, one that is selectively social and very warm-hearted.

Once your daughter trusts she will move heaven and earth to protect that circle of people. You will discover a bit of the magpie spirit here, but one that says “oooh” followed by, “no that costs too much”.

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Taurus Boy

The Taurus boy is similar to a girl in that he likes financial stability. That piggy bank will see a lot of use over the years, and rarely, if ever, be wholly empty.

Your son has a good sense of humor and knows how to wield it, but doesn’t always accept jokes aimed his way. And, this is a kid who knows how to stick their heels in for the long haul if something is important to them.

Stubborn doesn’t even come close to defining it.

For their personal space your son will want consistency. There are items that, to him, provide comfort and security. Do not move those or change those without a lengthy discussion as to why (and even then be ready for a lot of huffing).

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Taurus Career, Pets & Pastimes

Taurus Career

The Bull does well at work because employers know they are accommodating and dependable, and also have good business sense. Jobs that require a single focus best suit the Taurus personality.

A couple great Taurus career ideas include accounting and banking.

Taurus Pets

Taurus enjoys an animal companion that moves at slower paces. The fuzzy rabbit, a lounging cat, or even a lapdog might do the trick.

Taurus Hobbies

Being ruled by the Earth element you’ll find many Taureans attracted to gardening be it edible, flowers or even a Zen rock garden. They also enjoy comfortable outdoor activities like having a gourmet barbecue with friends, taking slow leisurely walks or visiting botanical sites.

But keep them away from critters that do unexpected things. The random jumping of a frog or flying of a beetle. Taurus personalities do not like surprises, least of all things that go bump in the night.

Best Gifts for a Taurus

The Bull has a great love for both practicality and luxury so if you can mix these two together – all the better. Get a set of fine spices for their kitchen (useful but a fling for the tastebuds).

Or, try some fine wine in a lovely decanter that can be used time and time again.

Music is also an excellent choice since they can share it with others, and continue enjoying it for years to come.

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