The Epic April Horoscopes for 2020

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Welcome to the most in-depth monthly horoscope and astrology overview for April 2020! Make sure to bookmark us so you can come back throughout the month for a horoscope ‘check-up’.

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April Horoscope 2020 – Overview

Time to ready ourselves for the onslaught of practical joking coming our way – April Fool’s Day paves the way for all sorts of folly and fun, although we’ll have to be a bit more creative with our approach. Given the current state of world events, it’s perfect timing, too, as every one of us could do well with a little lightheartedness in our lives. Remember, laughter heals.

On April 1st, there’s a Mars Conjunct Saturn influence, making it difficult for some of us to see the lighter side of things. During this period, pessimism reigns. We’ll have to remind ourselves to enjoy the moment and to keep our tempers low key. Frustration will have many of us wishing for some relief. The negative energy in the air will require control and filtering if we’re to get off to a good start this month. It’s time to funnel restlessness and irritation into something practical and creative.

Thankfully, for the first fifteen days of April, a Jupiter Conjunct Pluto influence reigns – so our ambition and intense desires to achieve our every aspiration become full and central focus now. Whether we’re looking to make progress spiritually or to make significant changes on our career path, the first two weeks of April are for planting the figurative seeds of success. We’ll feel the Universe has our back in every way, making whatever quest we undertake obstacle-free, provided we remain true to ourselves and considerate of others.

On April 3rd, Mercury is Conjunct with Neptune, triggering our desire for greater understanding of the Universe’s design and our role in the tapestry of life itself. Some of us will mingle creative pursuits with the exploration of our Spirit and its mission: Actions that will serve to provide us with sublime wisdom and ecstatic epiphanies. It comes from the feel-good vibe we get when we connect with a higher power; it fills us with the desire to continue along our spiritual path with an eagerness to experience more of the same.

If we maintain a positive mindset, we’ll find our optimism becomes a lens for all we see and experience. Our psychic senses are sharper than ever now, so it’s an excellent period for all manner of divination. People are easy to read, so predicting the actions of others and understanding underlying motivations also makes it easier for us when interacting with loved ones and colleagues alike.

The next day on the 4th, a Venus Trine Saturn influence allows many of us to improve our existing relationships. Friendship bonds renew in strength, and romantic encounters are on the horizon for lovers. Those of us experiencing problematic relationships will witness a clearing of the looming clouds that once eclipsed the happier moments. It’s as if someone flicks on a light switch to reveal long-desired solutions.

Then, on April 6th, Mars is Square with Pluto, making some of us feel restless and stir crazy – the spring air and newness of the season contributes to our sense of being alive. High energy reigns and leaves us feeling scattered or distracted. A flood of inspiring ideas erupts in our minds, making it difficult to choose our next move. Strategizing and weaving a map of all we want to do will help in establishing a sense of control. Planning allows us the greatest potential to manifest all we want to achieve. If we sit on ideas without acting, all the excess energy we have will build up like a pressure cooker that will seek explosive release eventually, most likely through aggressive action.

On April 7th, Mercury is Sextile with Jupiter and Pluto, making it possible for us to visualize our success with perfect clarity. It makes planning achievements easier because we can literally “see” ourselves fulfilling the role we desire. Daydreaming is fine as long as we don’t leave the vision in the realm of imaginings. In essence, a dream without action equals disappointment and future regrets. Communicating with others seems simple now, too; others are straightforward, honest, and direct about their feelings, leaving nothing to question or doubt.

On April 8th, the celestial influence of the Super Full Moon in Libra will have all of us craving balance and harmony in our lives, more so than ever given the surreal nature of current world events. We’re likely to sidestep any conflict whenever it’s possible so that we can bask in the reprieve that still reflection and a quieted mind offer. The energies of the Full Pink Moon, so named for the lovely blooming phlox this time of year, makes us wistful and nostalgic, triggering our yearning for peace and serenity on every level.

April 11th, a Mercury Sextile Saturn influence has many of us feeling intellectually sharp. In essence, it’s a terrific time for signing up for adult education classes online or engaging in self-taught opportunities. Fringe or unusual subjects prove most appealing, even for the scientifically-minded. What we learn will undoubtedly make for entertaining conversation around the dinner table come Easter.

A Sun Square Pluto influence emerges the day after Easter, which has some of us edgy. Communication with colleagues is a strain, leading to tense debates and conflict. Some of us will have trouble seeing eye-to-eye with those in leadership roles. On April 14th, a Sun Square Jupiter influence has some of us feeling on top of the world, with everything seeming to fall into place. Optimism rules. For others, it’s a period where we are cynical, sardonic, and irrational. It’s best to keep a close eye on finances either way. A happy go lucky attitude may lead to big spending, but so too can a period of emotional spending just to make ourselves feel better.

On the 17th, a Mercury Sextile Venus influence makes it a perfect day for dating, hanging out with our best friends, or social outings. We’re charming, but so are others, making stress and negativity a distant memory for all. April 18th, a Mercury Sextile Mars energy emerges, making many of us ready to take on whatever comes our way and then some. It’s the perfect time for a complete spring cleaning of the home, office, or both.

The Sun Enters Taurus April 19th, shifting our focus from business matters to love. Stirring within us is a deep desire to make our lives as beautiful and filled with love as possible. Some of us may consider redecorating our home environment with exquisite works of art and whatever we find appealing to the eye, or we’ll explore our most passionate desires. Others will begin looking for a loving relationship to share beautiful life experiences with, and still, others will begin an inward journey of self-discovery and self-love. Whatever our immediate quest, we’re willing to take things slow, savoring every moment of our experiences.

The Sun will Square Saturn on the 20th, making it feel like something has drained us of our vital energy. Mental or physical fatigue is hard to plow through, making everyday responsibilities even bigger chores than they actually are. Some of us will feel like hermiting ourselves away from the world, seeing isolation as a much-needed reprieve from weighty obligations.

The energies of the New Moon in Taurus on the 23rd heightens our desire for security in the areas of love and money. Still, the ability to relax seems more elusive the more desire it. Recent events have shaken us to our very foundation, not finding a sense of stability within, we struggle when seeking it outside of ourselves. The same day, a Sun Conjunct Uranus has some of us wanting to put off work for some very necessary playtime. Our awareness of the self intensifies, having us looking to do all the adventurous things we’ve been putting off. It’s a day for breaking the rules and going against the grain. There’s also a Mercury is Square with Pluto, intensifying our propensity for extremes – we’ll cast aside our obligations to spoil ourselves rotten!

April 26th, Mercury is Square with Jupiter, making most of us hopeful and dreamy. We will talk about our aspirations with those we love, and their feedback will lift our spirits or trigger new ideas. We’ll need to do a bit of fact-checking now. Information passed down the pipeline gets tainted with falsehoods during the transmission.

April Horoscope 2020 – All 12 Zodiac Signs

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Aries Horoscope

April brings an interesting mix of energies into your life, Aries, with some supportive and some chaotic influences ultimately making the entire month feel like a wild ride. The sense of things being erratic is especially true for the Aries-born who prefers full control at all times. The first two weeks of the month, while Jupiter is Conjunct with Pluto, are exceptional for business pursuits, financial investments, and career advancement. If you’re looking for additional income, freelance opportunities open up for you.

Remain demanding with it comes to partnership formations, and contract negotiations though; the direct approach is always best, and your confident presentation makes others see you as an equal. After the 15th, your energy levels drop dramatically, making it a period for contemplation and rest.

You may temporarily isolate yourself just to collect your thoughts and clear your head as you restore your energy levels. Despite erratic celestial influences this month, matters of love tend to go smoothly for you. Your lusty desire mixes perfectly with the madness of the spring air, opening the way for some particularly erotic encounters.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Black Onyx helps Aries draw on emotionally protective energies, while simultaneously letting the Aries-born ground and center.

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Taurus Horoscope

From the first of the month to the time the Sun enters your sign on the 19th, it’s a period for plotting out business maneuvers, evaluating friendships, and planning out how you plan to deepen or improve your romantic life. Don’t get caught up in a decision-making cycle and block yourself from future success doing so; when two options seem equally positive, narrow down which options will serve you best by weighing out the pros and cons more carefully. One choice will prove a far better direction than the other.

On the 23rd of April, you may start thinking about redesigning your sacred space if you’re not thinking about packing up and moving entirely. You’re longing for a change of scenery and to feel a deep sense of inner peace you get from being in the haven of home offers you. You’ve outgrown your current space, so it’s time to ramble on toward those greener pastures you’ve dreamed about all too often.

Early in the month, you may plan a group outing with immediate family or a few of your best buddies. Your small group bands together during the trip, making you thicker than thieves. The period is perfect for creating lasting memories: The kind you’ll laugh about when sipping wine around the hearth fire or when sharing life experiences during holiday dinner gatherings. If novel ideas have been spinning around your head the past few months, you’ll get over your inertia and hesitation; it’s time to take the first steps in manifesting those visions into concrete realities.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Tiger’s Eye allows a Taurus to find balance and promotes greater stability in all areas of the Taurus-born’s life.

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Gemini Horoscope

The first 15 days of April, you’ll be in a competitive mood, Gemini. If you don’t have someone challenging you, then the competition turns inward, where you’ll try to improve or surpass your own personal goals in the areas of work and fitness. Working from home gives you an exceptional amount of freedom, and even if you have a gym membership, you’ll find the privacy of your living room liberating when it comes time to personal workouts. You’ll feel more in balance than usual and finding that happy medium is less of a struggle, at least until the last few weeks in the month. Financially, you’ll remain on an even keel throughout April, providing you remain watchful of your regular bills – double check your bill pay checklist to make sure all your debts are covered in a timely fashion.

The tendency to eat high-carb foods will prevail this month. It’s hard to stay away from all the chocolate bunnies and sugary peeps this time of year. Keep moderation in mind, Gemini, or you’ll be paying for it in the gym later. If you stick to your dieting and exercising goals, you’ll prove a motivator for those around you who want to do the same.

This month, you’ll crave socialization time and may not get to have as many social outings as you’re accustom to; it results in pent up energies and frustrations leaving you flustered and restless. Try not to act on extra energies impulsively. Wait until you can commit yourself to something constructive before unleashing the well of energy you store up during this time. In the meantime, you’ll satiate your need to interact with others by drawing closer to those you live with and making use of social media outlets.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Ametrine join the best qualities of citrine and amethyst together in a single stone; it’s the perfect stone for dualistic Gemini when they are seeking clarity of mind and balance in all things.

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Cancer Horoscope

April is a month where you’ll see things really test your mettle, Cancer. You’re going through trying times indeed, and it does absolutely no good for your natural insecurities. Don’t let the times shake your foundation or disrupt what you’ve already built in your life thus far in the way of work and relationships. Just buckle down and hold on tight until the storm passes you by. In the meantime, look at this period as an opportunity to show the world just what you’re made of after all.

Through the 15th, you’ll conquer the hurdles before you if you remain open and friendly. Doing so lets you network while remaining able to read people with greater clarity. Some people will have your best interests at heart while others may not be entirely truthful or have underlying motives for connecting with you; if you tune into your psychic skills you’ll have no problem weeding out the wheat from the chaff. Be particularly careful when making any decisions about spending or investing money; make sure the steps you take are truly beneficial to you and not based on the persuasions of another with a hidden agenda.

If you’ve been stalling in the area of romance and unwilling to commit, the energies in April make it so it’s time to make a decision to commit to another or walk away. You can’t continue to ride the fence and wait for the Universe to show you it’s perfectly safe to invest in a relationship emotionally. All loving relationships have some risk involved so you’ll be called upon to make a leap of faith if things are going to get real between you and another.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Sodalite lends calming energies to Cancer-born individuals in need of clarity; it allows one to tap into one’s instincts and receive Divine messages.

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Leo Horoscope

You’re not only looking to expand your kingdom this month, Leo, you’re looking to make any necessary repairs to make it the best it can possibly be. If your “kingdom” is your home, renovations are in order, and you’ll spare no expense in the process. If, however, your kingdom is your “office,” you may reorganize your files and rearrange the layout of your workplace just to get the sense of a fresh start from the environment around you. Your desire to change home and office is a running theme for the remainder of the month, as you look to shed what doesn’t work for you and to make room for anything and everything new.

In the financial department, you may be growing unhappy with the current status quo. You’re not simply satisfied at making ends meet and crave greater security. Those Leos who feel they’ve been in a rut for a long time are looking to scratch and claw their way to the top. With the typical determination of a Leo, you’ll let nothing stop you from achieving that goal. For the Leo who has saved up a substantial amount of money, it frees you to enjoy the beautiful things in life without a care in the world.

In romance, your “kingdom” may start to feel a little bit cramped, especially if your significant other has been rubbing you the wrong way as of late. The cure to this situation is to allow each other enough space that you can enjoy some independence. There’s no need to smother each other – the jungle is big enough for the two of you. If you’re single, you’re likely yearning for someone to come into your life and dote on you; you’re missing the loving caresses that come with having a perfect mate.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Lapis Lazuli helps Leo’s intellect shine and makes it easy for them to establish long-term friendships.

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If you remain all in your head and overanalytical this month, you’ll drive yourself absolutely crazy, Virgo. As much as you need things to make sense, sometimes things just don’t add up. No matter how much you try to find a reasonable answer in a given situation, there are occasions where no reasonable answer exists. If you’re going to make it through the month unscathed, you’re going to have to think outside of the box and be willing to accept things as they are without changing anything.

Even plotting each of your workdays out won’t stop chaotic elements from coming into the picture. You may have everything flawlessly planned, only to find appointments cancelled at the last minute and people looking to reschedule. Again, going with the flow and remaining flexible will make it an easier time for you to handle.

Despite all the craziness this month, you’ll have ultra-high energy levels. It will make you feel at times like you just don’t know what to do with yourself. Use the excess energy to start a new workout regimen, or put it into trying out something you’ve never done before. You’ll thank yourself for it later when you discover hidden talents or a new outlet for your creative mind. Those Virgos in committed relationships will find commitment strengthens; you develop an unbreakable bond with the one you love. If you’re dating, someone who is serious about love emerges.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Labradorite serves as a doorway into the realm of dreams thereby making it easier for Virgo to receive Divine messages in the dreamscape.

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Libra Horoscope

People are relying on your diplomacy skills more than usual this month, Libra. There’s a lot of chaotic energy brewing around you so people are naturally tense. All that tension will trigger opposition among friends, family, and lovers, and lucky you, Libra, you get to play referee. You’ll encounter days where you are talking people down from irrational emotional highs just so you can get through the period with as little commotion as possible. Your ability to enchant others with your eloquent speech will serve you well now.

The good news is that April proves an excellent month for you in the realm of finances, and that’s all because you’ve done so well at stashing away money for a rainy day. Your diligence finally pays off when you need it the most, and that small stash of cash promises to keep you in balance when others around you are trying to figure out how to continue to make ends meet.

When it comes to romance, you’ll be looking to spice things up with an existing lover or to meet some one who promises to bring some genuine excitement into your life. You’ll look to dote on your romantic partner, and they’ll return the favor in kind. You can anticipate plenty of at-home romantic interludes where you’ll just enjoy all the cuddle time you can get in with a lover.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Aquamarine helps Libra become more open, accepting, compassionate, and understanding, which proves beneficial in every relationship.

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Scorpio Horoscope

You may feel a bit downhearted the first few days in April, Scorpio; there seems to be an energetic cloud looming over you that you just can’t wait to escape. You’ll struggle to keep your wits about you, and may lash out at others when your frustration reaches its peak. If you continually remind yourself there are better days to come, you might make it through this period without hurting the feelings of another or causing lasting damage to your closest relationships.

There’s no escaping the on edge feeling you have as if you belong somewhere else or something far better awaits. The spring season triggers a desire to get things done and when faced with obstacles you are left feeling like you are doing nothing more than spinning your wheels. You find it hard to sit back and plan out your life when you would much rather be living it to the fullest.

Thankfully, the Super Full Moon in Libra will give you that much needed push in the right direction. Your emotions will level out and give you time to think things through without feeling so rushed to get things done. Clarity reigns now, and your path becomes illuminated and perfectly clear. In romantic affairs, you and your partner will spend some time reminiscing about when you first fell in love. It’s an ideal time to share a few laughs; let your Shadow Self play a little so you can keep it in check.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Golden Yellow Topaz helps Scorpio focus on enhancement of the intellect and improves their observation skills.

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Sagittarius Horoscope

If you choose your words carefully and you are mindful of the feelings of others this month, you’ll prove a real force of change, Sagittarius. You’ll not only widen your social circles, but you’ll show others your most genuine and quiet altruistic nature. The beginning of the month starts out exceptional when it comes to communication with colleagues or loved ones. Just remember to be direct with what you have to say and avoid insinuating anything in the process. If you aren’t clear with your needs or what you are trying to express, people will just be left guessing.

Midmonth you’ll start to see the real beauty and bliss you can derive from an existing love affair. Your partner seems to fit together with you like you are two pieces in the same puzzle; they just get you when the rest of the world may fail to understand you otherwise. The security you get from always having a soft place to land makes you especially grateful for such a gift. If you’re single, you’ll open your heart to another in the hopes that they too, will drop any resistance and open up ot you emotionally.

When it comes to your money, be careful with spending. Just because something looks like it might pay off big doesn’t mean it will. Be your own advocate and do your fact checking before you start signing your name to any checks. If, after researching things you are still unsure, wait until more facts come to light before you do anything.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Smoky Quartz helps Sagittarius lift themselves out of a negative mood.

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Capricorn Horoscope

Be prepared to tackle whatever is before you, Capricorn, as April is a month chockful of challenges. It will be a true measure of your mettle as a result, and you’ll feel stronger than ever before when you achieve what you set out to do, despite difficult circumstances. The first step in the process is a full evaluation of your life now and how you came to be where you are at this immediate moment. You want to question your happiness, and if you find yourself wanting, the next step is to develop a concrete plan for change.

When it comes to money this month, you’ll make it through relatively unscathed. But you’ll also want to think about putting your efforts into something you can call your own – development of a business plan for your entrepreneurial pursuits will bring you one step closer to your goal. You’ve always had a head for business, so you’ll find translating the knowledge of your niche into working for yourself more natural than you might imagine. Avoid any naysayers – you don’t want their negative vibes casting a shadow over your intentions or desires.

If you’re looking to improve your health, you’ll benefit from working with another who has similar goals; the buddy system will keep you both on target when challenges arise. If you’re in a committed relationship, your health partner might very well be your lover, since you’ll be looking to give yourselves and your relationship an extreme makeover. If you’re dating, you’ll find someone you “click” with, and some flirty conversation draws you closer to one another.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Jet helps Capricorn keep a level head, ground, center, and protects the individual against negativity.

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aquarius horoscope april 2020 350x350

Aquarius Horoscope

In April, you’re looking for freedom and plenty of breathing room; you have no desire to have someone or something steal away your exuberance for life or your independence. If you’re in a committed relationship, things will work out just fine as long as your partner understands your need for alone time. If your lover feels like you are leaving them out in the cold without good cause, it will lead to disagreements that will only push the two of you further apart. For the single Aquarius-born, you’ll be perfectly content whether you’re dating or not; you don’t need to connect with another romantically to feel whole.

For the Aquarian-born who is employed by a corporation or small business, work goes smoothly, but you still have a longing for change and something more. You need a work atmosphere where you are liberated and can work on your own at your own pace. For those of you who have been thinking about launching a business, the time of contemplation passes, making it a period of taking action.

You long for a sense of newness in every area of your life; it’s not surprising now that spring is in full swing. The desire for fresh starts may have you thinking about moving in with another or investing in a new home. If you decide to proceed, you’ll want to leave the old behind, and this may mean selling off your home furnishings so you can start this phase in your life with new items – there’s something a bit superstitious in your action as you don’t want to bring old vibes into your new environment.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Amber helps Aquarius attune to Earth energies while helping cleanse away negative vibrations.

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pisces horoscope april 2020 350x350

Pisces Horoscope

While others are feeling confined or trapped by circumstances in early April, you’re making the most of this time by engaging in spiritual pursuits, self-taught studies, or by catching up on all the reading you’ve wanted to do. Whenever the outside world is crazy, you look to isolate yourself and expand the horizons of your inner world by nurturing your mind, heart, and spirit.

In matters of love, you’ll see this period as a gift if you are with another. You and your lover have no problem hunkering down, battening down the hatches, and staying indoors until the storm passes; after all, it means a lot more cuddle time for the to of you. It also means you remain safe from the influences of the outer world, which is exactly how you like it. You’ll likely talk about the future with your romantic partner, and plan a romantic getaway when conditions improve. For now, you’re both perfectly content with binge-watching your favorite shows, unwinding, and sharing plenty of laughs while doing so.

In your work life, things slow down tremendously. The more relaxed pace lets you take a real breather from the rat-race you’re accustomed to; it also gives you some serious time to evaluate your position and to decide if you want to make some serious changes regarding your career choices. Don’t be surprised if the idea of getting a college education crops up; even if you already have a degree, you may decide to go back to school for something you didn’t already major in the first time you attended college classes.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Bloodstone helps Pisces pull themselves out of an emotional rut, and improves their ability to express what’s on their mind.

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