The EPIC September Horoscope 2018

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Welcome to the most in-depth monthly horoscope and astrology overview for September 2018! Make sure to bookmark us so you can come back throughout the month for a horoscope ‘check-up’.

September Horoscope 2018 – Overview

August’s end left us on a high note if we used the energies wisely. In into September, the same positive energy continues. On September 5th, Mercury enters Virgo. Our communication will focus on practical matters. Issues involving analytics come to the fore. It’s easy to make sense of things now.

September 6th, the planet Saturn goes Direct in Capricorn. We’ll be moving toward the future with a new sense of purpose. Energetic influences have us planning. We’ll feel a heightened desire for organization. Putting our best foot forward in business matters helps us earn our rewards.

On the 7th, we need to take care. The Sun Opposition Neptune influence muddles thinking, fueling insecurities. If we feel the need to argue, now is not the time. The real-world seems difficult to navigate.

On the 8th, we’re thinking with clarity. Attentions turn to finances or romance while taking decisive action. A Venus Square Mars influence marks a time where resolve is necessary. Problems arise in romance if there’s an unspoken competition between lovers. For those in a committed relationship, desire for a sexual encounter intensifies.

The 9th, Venus enters Scorpio. Our passions heighten as we focus on romance and sex. Now we are flirty and wanting to enjoy time with the one we love. We aren’t looking for superficial connections. If it isn’t real, we don’t want it. Then, the New Moon enters Virgo. It triggers our compassionate nature, so physical connections are tender.

On September 10th, Mars enters Aquarius. We’re temperamental. We can’t stand being in our own skin. Achieving our aims seems impossible one minute, doable the next. Frustration grows. We can expect unpredictable conditions for a few days.

The 11th, a Sun trine Pluto influence heightens our curiosity. We’ll crave learning opportunities, whether it’s in a formal manner through adult education or self-learning. Beneath this desire to learn is our longing for full transformation. Today triggers us to rid our lives of things we no longer need.

A Venus Opposition Uranus influence on the 12th has rain clouds blowing in over romance. Jealousies and boredom with one’s partner are the key contributing factors to relationship battles. If single, any relationship we start now goes from a fiery blaze of passion to a dying ember within a matter of months.

September 13th reminds us of the confusing retrograde action we just got through in mid-August. Communications get crazy with the arrival of a Mercury Opposition Neptune influence. It’s best to avoid any kind of travel, scheduling, or signing documentation. We can expect others to misconstrue our meaning when we speak.

The 18th, there’s a Mars square Uranus influence. We need to break away from the norm. We’ll want others to acknowledge our unique voice. Innovative approaches to longstanding problems lead to breakthroughs. Our inner strength helps us conquer challenges with grace.

The planet of communication enters Libra on the 21st. Mercury’s direct influence makes all conditions involving communication easy to handle. The upbeat buzz lasts for several weeks, so we’re left feeling amiable. Making friends and mending broken bonds are in focus.

On the 22nd, it’s fall equinox. The Sun enters Libra. The keyword for this period is “balance.” Here, the cosmos encourages us to find balance within ourselves, so we can manifest the same balance in our outer world. The 24th, the Full Moon is in Aries as it squares with Saturn. We feel a deep connection with the past as we face the consequences of our choices. The 25th carries similar energies stemming from the Sun Square Saturn influence, doing nothing for our low mood and poor outlook.

We find relief on the 27th as a significant elevation of our energy levels makes us more optimistic. The Sun trine Mars influence supports us in chasing new goals. Our desire for human connection returns. For those in a relationship, sexual desire runs high. Singles will find themselves pursuing a romantic partner.

Pluto is direct in Capricorn on the 30th. We finish off the month pursuing our ambitions, but in a disciplined manner. Focus is on personal ethics and our commitment to a cause.

September Horoscope 2018 – All 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries Monthly Horoscope 350x350

Aries Horoscope

The first week of September 2018 brings Aries happy-go-lucky vibes. With Mercury in Virgo, all work-related communications flow without issue. Aries whips through paperwork and handles the books without blinking. It means they’ll get right back to trailblazing in business. In relationships, Aires stays energetic and inspiring.

With Saturn Direct in the sign of Capricorn on the 6th, the consequences of one’s actions are clear. The planet’s influence has Aries wanting to perfect every step they take forward. They’ll feel a need for truth-telling in all situations. This energy is not long-lived, as the 7th brings in the Sun Opposite Neptune influence. Aries is not themselves.

Negativity lifts on the 8th when Venus Squares Mars. Aries is keeping it real. They’re decisive in love matters. If in a relationship with a strong partner, it intensifies. Desire to express love through physical touch increases. If the relationship is of questionable strength, Aries finds the desire to stray overpowering. Singles will seek a mate to fill the void in their heart.

The 9th of September, when the planet of love enters Scorpio, real love suffers. Aries proves duplicitous and finicky. It’s too easy to direct one’s attention outside of a relationship. Connections one makes are superficial. The New Moon in Virgo on the same day helps diminish one’s desire for nonsense.

The 10th has aggressive Aries appearing on the scene. Today’s a day Aries feels they can’t stand being in their own skin. It’s the Mars in Aquarius influence making Aries detached in love. There’s conflict arising from deep within. It causes Aries to question if they want a romantic partner or not.

On the 11th, Aries taps into their natural curiosity for learning new things. Through self-education, they find the means to transform. This day promises disturbance in romance when in an existing relationship. Aries discoveries their love life needs more attention.

The 18th of September has Aries seeking means for creative expression. Looking at a long-standing problem in novel ways leads to a potential resolution. The 21st brings balance to all communications. Aries is feeling a lot friendlier. They’ll be on their best behavior.

The 22nd is Fall Equinox, the second harvest, and when the Sun enters Libra. Concepts of balance and harmony are central. Aries is less self-focused. Relationships see equal give and take with an Aries partner. The 24-25th, Aries sees the role they play in the larger cosmic tapestry. The 27th, it’s best to use an unexpected burst of energy.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Aries can manifest their desires in September by carrying or wearing citrine. It gives Aries a greater creative edge and promotes clear thinking.

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Taurus Monthly Horoscope 350x350

Taurus Horoscope

The 5th of September has the prudent-and-practical-natured Taurus coming to the fore. It’s time to address matters with a systematic approach. Taurus is meticulous with each analysis too. They’ll dig deep into a situation to uncover the strongest step forward.

Taurus’ innate ability to remain organized serves them well this month. There’s a predilection for planning when Saturn is direct in Capricorn on September 6th. What was once exasperating is achievable through sheer force of will.

On the 7th, Taurus is tapping into their natural artistic nature. It aids in manifesting their imaginings. Also, the Sun opposition Neptune influence demands Taurus stays attentive. If there’s a sweet deal in front of them, it’s okay to second-guess any promises.

September 8th, down-to-earth Taureans are clear-sighted. It’s a time for planning for rainy days. Today’s focus centers on investments. When looking at love, loyal Taureans seek a faithful partner.

The 9th has Taurus doing a complete 360-degree turn. They’ll turn attention away from love and money matters. The energies of the day are far too intense for such matters with Venus in Scorpio. But, the 9th, brings Taurus back into a mood for love. The New Moon enters Virgo, putting Taurus in a warmhearted mood.

Taurus turns outgoing on the 10th while seeking social situations. Collaborative efforts are in focus when Taureans usually prefer to work solo. Still, Taurus stays a top team player, ever-ready to contribute their very-best effort. Work is more pleasurable than love and sex now.

The Sun Trine Pluto influence helps Taurus get through notable changes already manifesting. Deep-thinking Taurus looks for opportunities to research their favorite topics. With an open mind, they’ll look at a topic, subject, or condition from every angle. It’s important to see the bigger picture. The 12th’s Venus opposition Uranus influence throws out the red carpet for drama. The 13th’s energies seem similar.

On the 18th, slow-moving-level-headed Taureans act rash. There’s a tendency toward impetuous decision making. Madcap ideas rise from the subconscious and seem sensible. It’s best to wait 24 hours to let ideas incubate.

By the 21st, Taurus is no longer reaching for the stars without keeping at least one foot on the ground. Mercury enters the sign of Libra, bringing the rational into better focus. The 22nd, fall equinox and the Sun in Libra influences allow for perfect equilibrium. Taurus couldn’t feel better about it!

A Full Moon arrives in Aries on the 24th. It has practical Taureans looking to past actions and assessing success. On the 25th, optimistic Taureans feel sadness taking stabs at their happy-go-lucky outlook. The 27th brings in lighter energies lifting Taurus’ mood.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Taurus derives great vibes from Azeztulite. It helps ensure one’s inner peace while promoting happiness. When Taurus begins to feel negative, Azeztulite helps elevate the mood.

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Gemini Monthly Horoscope 350x350

Gemini Horoscope

Quick-witted Gemini is on top of their game in early September. The planet of communication has talkative Gemini ready for socialization. The first two weeks of the month, Gemini is walking on air. But, they stay grounded and practical.

The 6th, Gemini is philosophical. Extroverted Gemini deviates from the norm. They isolate themselves. It’s only because they want to focus on the still voice within instead of the buzz all around them.

The 7th, Gemini continues with deep reflection under the Sun opposition Neptune influence. Imaginative Gemini hears the voice of their muse. But, when Venus squares Mars on the 8th, the imaginings of Gemini fade in importance for the time being. Practical matters in love and finance come calling. It forces Gemini to look at both sectors to take immediate action.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 9th having Gemini going from one extreme to the other. Normally friendly, Gemini is serpentine and moody. They take nothing seriously and engage is meaningless connections. Later, the New Moon in Virgo gets Gemini in touch with their softer side.

With Mars entering Aquarius on the 10th, Gemini is making things look easy. The rest of the world struggles with the unpredictable. But, Gemini is in their element. They go back and forth from one extreme to the other. Yet, it is nothing more than a beautiful dance for adaptable Geminis.

The 11th, the Sun trine Pluto aspect rights the world for everyone once more. For Gemini, it’s time to fuel the mind. Epiphanies are in the offing. The 12th, Gemini defines the outcome of the day. Things can go in either direction. It all depends on Gemini’s point-of-view. It’s time for being careful with finances. The 13th, normally a communication wizard, Gemini faces troubles when communicating with others. Documentation and travel plans are under chaotic threat.

The 18th, if feeling bored, a need to stir up drama swells from deep inside Gemini. Whether rebelling against social norms or authority, the 21st-22nd is a period where extreme-prone Gemini finds a place of balance. Fall equinox and Mercury’s entrance into Libra lend harmonious vibes. The Full Moon in Aries as it squares the planet Saturn has Gemini staying responsible. From the 24th-25th, they’ll avoid reckless action. A jolt of energy hits Gemini on the 27th allowing them to put the influx of power to wonderful use.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Also known as the white “ice stone,” Cryolite is perfect for Gemini. It helps them find their spiritual path and to figure out their life’s purpose. It also helps Gemini refrain from duplicity.

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope 350x350

Cancer Horoscope

The 5th of September has Cancer wanting to crawl into their shell. Emotion is the realm where Cancer finds most comfort. While others become analytical, Cancer is feeling out of whack. The first two weeks of the month, Cancer feels far more vulnerable than usual. They’ll have to make the best of the energies by keeping their nose to the grindstone.

With Saturn direct in Capricorn on the 6th, Cancer finds a solution to their discomfort. The period calls for a full focus on what lies ahead. It’s time for an organizational overhaul. The 7th, Cancer is feeling more at home with the day’s energies. Creative pursuits allow Cancer to funnel their feelings into productive projects.

Venus squares Mars on the 8th. It forces Cancer to keep their head above emotional waters while managing finances. It’s not the greatest time for lovers either. Cancer’s mood proves pessimistic. It intensifies the tension. For Cancer, the 9th brings out more of the same. An all-or-nothing attitude boils to the surface. But, as the New Moon moves into Virgo, Cancer will feel the tense mood lift.

When Mars enters Aquarius on the 10th, Cancer quakes at the pending instability they sense. Intuition is on high for Cancers who feel the storm rolling in on the horizon. This is not a time for launching new projects.

On the 11th, it’s safe to emerge into the world. Things go far more smoothly, thanks to the Sun trine Pluto influence. Curiosity drives Cancer forward. They look to develop greater emotional understanding of a relationship. If Cancer stays optimistic, celestial influences on the 12th inject life with positivity.

The Mercury opposition Neptune influence on the 13th has Cancer sidestepping conversations. It’s all to avoid conflict. No matter what Cancer says today, people take it the wrong way. A Mars Square Uranus influence on the 18th has Cancer trying extroversion on for size. They’ll feel a need to step forward to instigate important change.

Cancer welcomes the peaceful energies from Mercury’s entrance in Libra on the 21st. It’s a day of all flower-power and blessings on the 22nd, with the Sun in the sign of balance. It’s also fall equinox, so it’s a day for enjoying what one has harvested throughout the year so far.
The 24th, the Full Moon moves into the sign of Aries but also squares Saturn. The Moon is Cancer’s ruling planet, so they’re feeling at the top of their game. Cancer is also aware of the role they play in keeping karmic balance. The 25th, focus is back on daily pressures. On the 30th, Cancer is empathetic and loving.

Healing Crystals & Stones: For September, Cancer can keep their creative edge in high gear carrying a fire opal. The stone is exceptional for handling energetic lows.

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Leo Monthly Horoscope 350x350

Leo Horoscope

With Mercury in Virgo on the 5th, Leo’s natural enthusiasm for life flows free. For the next two weeks, Leo has no trouble feeling like a real “King of the World.” Determination and ambition are at an all-time high. The 6th of September brings in similar energies when Saturn is Direct in Capricorn. Leo concentrates on the future and has a good hold on organizational tasks. They are still honest and true to themselves. Socialization is high.

Everything is good until the 7th. Leo needs to take careful steps when working a project or dealing with a relationship. The energies today end up skewing Leo’s perspective. It causes them to miss essential elements in a situation. Still, one’s imaginings are sharp. It’s a better day to dream than act.

September 8th, there’s conflict in love for those Leo’s who are in an unbalanced relationship. If Leo pairs up with a partner who has a strong character, the tension between them translates into lust. Single Leos look for love, but bump into superficial people. When Venus enters Scorpio a day later, committed relationships thrive. But, noncommittal pairings fizzle.

A New Moon in Virgo on the 9th has the intellectual Leo looking at practical matters. It’s also a time for new beginnings in relationships. Leo is romantic when they want to be. In new pairings, Leo charms their lover. The “lion” is more like a “smitten kitten” now. The 10th sees Mars enter Aquarius. It makes Leo a team player instead of trying to conquer the world alone.

The Sun trine Pluto in trine Pluto influence on the 11th leaves Leo in their element. They can see the distant shore with goals. It’s all smooth sailing from here. The 12th introduces the Venus opposition Uranus influence. With a positive approach, Leo continues to enjoy success with projects. They’ll find satisfaction at work, all while avoiding melodrama in relationships.

On the 13th, Leo will have to be more careful with communications. It’s best to back up files, and to re-read the fine print before signing paperwork. The Mars Square Uranus influence on the 18th promises Leo an excellent day at work. Creative solutions come to the fore. Socialization is high.

Sweet peace sweeps in with the balance stemming from Mercury’s entrance into the sign of Libra. The pleasing vibes continue straight through the 22nd. It’s when the Sun is in Libra. It’s also fall equinox. Leo’s diplomatic nature reigns now. It serves them well in partnerships and romance. The Full Moon has Leo wanting down time alone on the 24th. If in a problematic relationship, Leo finds closure.

On the 25th, a pessimistic attitude comes to the fore. Real-world pressures weigh heavily on the shoulders of “the king.” It’s a good thing a big energetic boost is only 24 hours away with the Sun trine Mars influence on the 26th. If Leo has been holding a grudge, forgiveness is at hand on the 27th.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Leo can carry the rainbow-hued Labradorite to keep emotions and temperament in balance. The stone helps minimize stress.

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Virgo Monthly Horoscope 350x350

Virgo Horoscope

Analytical Virgo is in their element the first 14 days of September. The planet of communication enters the sign of Virgo, so all things needing analysis are in focus. There’s nothing Virgo enjoys more. Anything testing their mind gives them plenty of intellectual stimulation.

Even when Saturn is direct in Capricorn, Virgo’s attitude stays high! On the 6th, tasks involving organization come to the fore. Not everyone embraces Virgo’s unique organizational methods. But, Virgo enjoys sorting things out in a workable system.

It will do Virgo well to do a lot of grounding on the 7th though. They feel brain fog kick in as the Sun opposes Neptune. The influence brings in confusion and illusion. It’s two things the direct and balanced Virgo can’t stand. It’s a good thing their head clears on the 8th. Now Virgo can take immediate and direct action with work and love-related issues.

Virgo will find when Venus enters Scorpio, they are feeling far too vulnerable to think clear. If their relationship has been boring or in a lull, Virgo thinks it’s time to close the door for good. But, the 9th’s New Moon in Virgo makes them more loving and tender. It will have Virgo more willing to overlook the idiosyncrasies of their mate.

The 10th of September also promises fantastic energies for intellectual Virgos. The answers come easy now as Virgo addresses long-existing issues with overdue solutions. They invoke change no matter how abrupt the final effect. On the 11th, Career-oriented Virgos see success at work. They’ll win the favor of higher ups.

Staying positive is important now. With Venus opposing Uranus on the 12th, things can go in either direction. It’s all up to Virgo and how they view things. With Virgo’s penchant for organization, the 13th is apt to drive them crazy. Snafus with documents, travel, and agendas are likely now.

Mars squares Uranus on the 18th. It’s a day where Virgo rebels against norms and finds innovative solutions in doing so. Collaborative efforts work out wonderfully today. There’s trouble with electronics and vehicles. Virgo should make back up plans.

Everything returns to a state of beautiful normalcy on the 21st and 22nd. The planet of communication enters Libra. So, things go more smoothly at work and home. Conversations are easy to get through without misunderstandings. Paperwork is easy to handle. With fall equinox and the Sun in Libra on the 22nd, Virgo feels at peace.

The 24th sees the full moon rising in Aries. It squares the planet Saturn at the same time. Down-to-earth and sensible, Virgo focuses on the role they play in their own success and failures. The 25th has scheduling restraints and daily responsibilities threatening to weigh Virgo down. But, it’s in managing chaotic situations Virgo thrives. On the 27th, Virgo experiences a welcomed energy boost they’ll put to practical use.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Virgo finds Healer’s Gold helps establish personal peace during rocky times in September. The stone is excellent for enhancing one’s balance and for keeping Virgo grounded. It’s best to handle love matters on the 8th, anyway.

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Libra Monthly Horoscope 350x350

Libra Horoscope

September brings the smooth road to the middle-path Libras spend a lifetime looking for. On the 5th, Mercury enters Virgo. It will highlight analysis of all things and easy communications. Air-ruled Libras love the great vibes for two weeks into the month! Socialization is exceptional and charming Libra makes the most of every minute!

Happy-go-lucky vibes carry through to the 6th. When Saturn is direct in the sign of Capricorn, organization is the highlight of the day. It gives Libra a chance to do an office or home clean out.

When the Sun opposes Neptune on the 7th, intellectual Libras feels detached. The confusing energies encourage flights of the imagination, which creative Libra loves. But, the illusions stemming from the same energies minimizes Libra’s ambition.

Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, forms a square with the warring planet, Mars. Here, love and hate are conflicting energies so one can expect tension in the love sector. Still, the energies are workable. Libra’s innate sense of balance helps in making it through the high-tension period. With money matters, Libra must curb spending now.

On the 9th of September only committed relationships prove appealing to Libra. Superficial connections prove a turn off. The New Moon enters practical Virgo on the same day. Later than evening, Libra feels loving and amorous. Those Libras in a love pairing who are having difficulties, forgiveness rules.

When Mars enters Aquarius on the 10th, Libra feels the shift and puts the new energetic vibes to proper use. They’re happy to help others in collaborative endeavors and focus on the greater good of the group. The air is electric and makes Libra feel more alive than ever.

The 11th of September brings a Sun trine Neptune influence onto the scene. Chaotic energies simmer down and leave Libra feeling tranquil and self-possessed. Venus opposes Uranus on the 12th. But, Libra’s sense of balance helps them navigate questionable energies.

Communication difficulties arise on the 13th. Even Libra feels the effects of Mercury opposing Neptune. It’s no time to sign papers or to deal with important paperwork of any kind. Sometimes Libra can be flighty and fickle. If this attitude rules on the 18th, problems are ahead. Libra needs to accept complete responsibility for their actions.

The 21st and 22nd have Libra dancing on air! Mercury moves into Libra and a day later, the Sun enters the same sign. Here, it’s all about natural balance baby! The fall equinox on the 22nd makes daytime and nighttime equal. So, its energies are the perfect balance Libra thrives on! The Sun in Libra puts all Libras at the height of personal power. Now Libra stays poised, stable, and steady. Money matters are in balance. Romances thrive.

When the Full Moon is in Aries on the 24th, Libra recalls of the consequences of their actions, good or bad. Karmic balances come into effect. The same energies carry over to the 25th of the month. Libra sees challenges arise. It questions their will power. After conquering obstacles, the cosmos rewards Libra with a big energetic boost!

Healing Crystals & Stones: For September, Libra enjoys the energies of Lepidolite or the “mica stone.” The lavender-colored stone promotes relaxation and minimizes stress. Even better, it promotes balance in all things.

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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope 350x350

Scorpio Horoscope

The influences of Mercury in Virgo positively influence Scorpio early this month. For two weeks Scorpio’s focus is as sharp as ever. They’ve got their eye on a goal and know the path to get there. On the 6th, Saturn’s influence as it moves into Capricorn has Scorpio looking for the best way to get organized.

The 7th, the Sun opposes Neptune, bring dreams, illusions, and fantasy to the fore. The realms of imagination are Scorpio’s favorite playland! While practical matters bring disappointment today, Scorpio finds great satisfaction through creative outlets.

The 8th has Scorpio doing a full turnabout. Here, the focus on money and love come to the fore. Imaginings and dreams are better for another day. The 9th, with Venus in Scorpio, if there’s an ounce of boredom on Scorpio’s plate, they’ll go looking for some excitement. If no drama exists, Scorpio creates it.

The 9th has Scorpio acting erratically. One minute they are not happy with the status quo. Next, they are back to their adorable, affectionate self. The 10th has Scorpio taking their toes out of the waters of emotion. Now they are aloof and distant.

September seems to have Scorpio swinging from one extreme to another. It’s no surprise Scorpio is going through changes and transforming. The change is good and has positive effects in business and love. Scorpio leaves a terrific impression on the big boss at work. Love relationships are healthy and strong now.

With an upbeat attitude, Scorpio breezes through the 12th. But, the 13th’s energies won’t let Scorpio off the hook so easily. Mercury opposes Neptune, so no matter what Scorpio says, someone won’t understand their meaning. On the 18th, Scorpio is feeling impulsive. It’s a better idea not to, and to prepare for the future instead.

The 21-22nd, balance is the keyword Scorpio focuses on. Fall equinox presents day and night with an equal length. This promises harmony and peace with Mercury in Libra. Communication is exceptional as are energy levels. The full moon is in Aries this month as it forms a square with Saturn. Scorpio will look at past actions and how they played out over time.

The 25th, when the Sun squares Saturn, Scorpio feels the heavy weight of everything they manage from day-to-day. It’s time for Scorpio to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and to push through this trying time. Fatigue sets in, but the 27th brings a big dose of energy so Scorpio can recover easily. The 30th, Scorpio needs to forgive a long-held grudge.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Also known under the lovely title of the “Lilac Stone,” Charoite helps Scorpio keep emotions protected from unintentional wounding. It’s exceptional for helping in healing old emotional wounds.

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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope 350x350

Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius is upbeat and happy when September arrives. The positive energies from Mercury in Virgo has them feeling like a million bucks. Now is the time to jump into a few adventures and to make brand new friends. For the next two weeks, Sagittarius is amiable and social.

The 6th has Sagittarius getting things ready for the future. Part of that involves organizing the house. It’s time to clear out the closets to make room for a new wardrobe. Getting rid of the old makes way for the new. A yard sale can help frugal Sagittarius to earn money from the things that no longer serve them.

The 7th has Sagittarius feeling dreamy and nostalgic. They reminisce alone and remembering the “good old days.” Venus Squares Mars on the 8th, bring conflicting energies into the sector of romance. If in a love hate relationship, Sagittarius feels the influx of intense energies. Now is the proper time for focusing on money matters and establishing savings.

The 9th, the planet of Venus enters the sign of Scorpio. Love relationships run deep with passion and hot desire! For risk-taking, adventurous Sagittarians, it’s the perfect atmosphere for love! Sagittarius will end up longing for more days like this. With the New Moon in Virgo, Sagittarius becomes emotionally vulnerable.

Volatile changes are on the horizon on September 10th. But, philosophical and adaptable Sagittarius has little trouble adjusting. They like a challenge and find it easy to detach their emotions from the situation. It lets Sagittarius disconnect from anxiety. Then, they can rely on intellect to work through pending problems.

In the career sector, Sagittarius sees positive changes developing starting on September 11th. They leave an impression on those in charge and gain a leg up because of it. It puts Sagittarius in an excellent mood which promises a good day on the 12th if they stay in the zone.

The 13th is not so lucky for Sagittarius this month, especially if they’re dealing with paperwork. It’s best to put off documentation until another day. On the 14th, Sagittarius opens up to their romantic partner to express who they are. They want their partner to recognize their uniqueness and honor their individuality.

The 21st and 22nd are peak energetic days for Sagittarius. First, communication returns to normal so it’s easier to share one’s feelings. Then, Fall Equinox and the Sun enters Libra. It brings all things into beautiful balance. Romance and relating with a lover is easy now. The career moves along smoothly.

The Full Moon moves into Aries on the 24th. Sagittarius’ mood drops considerably. It’s a better time to spend alone, otherwise there’s the chance of disappointing others. The 25th brings more of the same. The low feeling lifts on the 27th when the Sun trines Mars and brings in some extra energy for Sagittarius to tap. The 30th, Sagittarius reflects on an enduring issue. It’s time for releasing toxic grudges.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Sagittarius can carry this stone to enjoy Smoky Quartz’s cleansing effects. It speeds emotional healing and helps elevate one’s energy levels. For times when calmness is necessary, Smoky Quartz proves beneficial.

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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope 350x350

Capricorn Horoscope

The epitome of control, Capricorn enters September with an upbeat attitude. The 5th allows for all things analytical to become the core focus for the next few weeks. Capricorn loves the easy, direct communication. They also appreciate the positive work atmosphere from the energy influx.

On the 6th, Capricorn shines when Saturn is direct under their sign. Here, Capricorn refrains being rigid and unrelenting. Instead, Capricorn’s best attributes, including discipline, honesty, and persistence rule the day. On the 7th, the Sun opposes Neptune making flights of fancy more prominent. It’s a realm direct and focused Capricorn isn’t comfortable with now. Capricorn’s no-nonsense approach still crashes into the dreamy, relaxed energies. It leaves Capricorn longing for clarity and the sense of purpose.

The 8th puts conflict between the energies of Venus and Mars. Romantic relationship mirror the conflict. Capricorn focuses on business and money matters instead. Venus enters the sign of Scorpio on the 9th, putting Capricorn more in tune with their lustful side. Capricorn is looking for physical satisfaction with a partner now. But, will not accept a superficial connection. There needs to be a sense of emotional security for Capricorn to let go with a lover.

The New Moon in Virgo has Capricorn in a soft and loving mood. They’ll be more in tune with a romantic partner toward the evening hours. On the 10th, intellectual Capricorn makes the most of chaotic influences.

They avoid emotional interactions and problem-solve with logic instead. The Sun trines Pluto on the 11th. It has Capricorn longing for a substantial change. Work relationships are exceptional now. It increases Capricorn’s confidence and confirms their excellent leadership skills.

Starting on a positive note on September 12th, Capricorn feels like they’re walking on clouds now. But, if they turn their focus to romantic relationships, drama awaits. It’s better to keep an eye on the personal finance sector and career today. When Mars squares Uranus, Capricorn considers what changes they want to make. They’ll look closely at romance, money, and career to find what to improve.

Today, Capricorn feel’s the Universe’s call to action. In part, the calling stems from the balance coming into play on the 21st-22nd. The harmony breezing into Capricorn’s life is appealing and leaves them longing for more. The Fall Equinox marks the time for being grateful for blessings, but also for reviewing the past. A personal evaluation of one’s goals and successes give Capricorn clarity.

Out-of-balance Capricorns hears the Universe’s call. It is an urging to give attention to recent actions. On the 24th, The Full Moon is Aries puts a spotlight on one’s actions and the consequences thereof. The 25th supports such an investigation. It gives Capricorn the opportunity to re-center one’s self.

They’ll get a chance to acknowledge their role in their successes and failures. All the emotional work tires Capricorn out! But, the 27th promises an energetic pick me up when the Sun trines Mars. When Pluto is direct in Capricorn, there’s a focus on letting go of painful emotions.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Also known as Black Amber, the shiny Jet stone helps Capricorn keep emotions and logic in balance. It helps the wearer achieve harmony during chaos, and to carry out short and long-term goals.

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope 350x350

Aquarius Horoscope

The first weeks in September, Aquarius is in a good mood. Mercury is in Virgo making practical matters the foremost concern. But, the energies allow for Aquarius to deal with mundane errands without difficulty. The ease in which Aquarius handles affairs lets their good humor shine.

The 6th of September has Aquarius focusing on one project instead of several. It lets them dedicate the right amount of time to an effort to ensure a high-quality result. On the 7th, creative endeavors become more important. Aquarius enjoys the chance at self-expression through different mediums.

The 8th has Aquarius behaving in predictable ways instead of challenging norms. They’ll make long overdue decisions about money and romance. When Venus enters Scorpio on the 9th, Aquarius wants to conquer taboos. It’s when dealing with fringe subjects Aquarius shines. The New Moon on the 9th, has Aquarius conquering their fear of commitment. They open up and express their love to their mate.

Mars enters the sign of Aquarius on the 10th. It’s a day where Aquarius make advances in the technology sector or embrace substantial changes in their life. The energies are erratic, but not for Aquarius, who knows how to use the energy wisely. The Sun trines Pluto on the 11th. It lets Aquarius put change into effect, so it leads to personal transformation.

September 12th, Aquarius braces themselves for the unpredictable. They can feel the changes coming before they happen. These changes are in the romance sector where things have been quiet for some time. Aquarius intuitively knowns the change is necessary. The 13th of September Aquarius will struggle with all forms of communication. They should handle paperwork on another day.

Aquarius’ humanitarian side comes out on the 18th. They jump at the opportunity to take part in collaborative efforts. The 21st-22nd, Aquarius won’t feel so flighty and fickle. They’ll ground and experience greater stability when Mercury enters Libra. A Sun in Libra and the Fall Equinox will bring energies helping to anchor Aquarius. Balancing effect calms Aquarius and lets them handle day-to-day responsibilities with ease.

The 24th’s Full Moon lets Aquarius see the result of their actions. It also triggers a desire for studying and researching fringe subjects. Mysteries appeal to Aquarius now. The 25th encourages Aquarius to follow their interests. They want to feed their ever-hungry intellect. They’ll have plenty of energy to see things through. The 27th gives Aquarius all the energy they need.

Healing Crystals & Stones: The lovely, light-greenish, sparkling Fuchsite corresponds to the heart chakra. It helps Aquarius keep in tune with their heart’s desire. The stone also helps Aquarius see the joy in life.

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Pisces Monthly Horoscope 350x350

Pisces Horoscope

Impressionable Pisces makes a difficult transition into the early weeks of September. They’re forced to leave the safety of their emotional fortress and look at things in black and white. It’s uncomfortable, but necessary. It’s a good thing the energies make communication easier now. At least on the 6th, a focus on day-to-day duties lets them go into “automatic pilot mode” as a default. Pisces makes it through the day by shifting thoughts to daydreams.

The 7th brings enters from the Sun opposing Neptune. For many, it stirs up a sense of insecurity. But, here Pisces is navigating the realm of imagination, dreams, and illusions like an old pro. Pisces knows how to hide away from the world and any tricksters or chaos on their path.

On the 8th, there’s conflict in the realm of romance. It’s easy for Pisces to take on emotional wounds if they’re in an existing relationship on shaky ground. But, if Pisces has found a strong partner to pair with, their love with intensify dramatically. There’s an intense craving for a physical connection today.

On the 9th, Pisces continues to experience the depth of their love. Emotions leave Pisces feeling vulnerable. Emotional intensity is threatening as it seems all-consuming. A New Moon in Virgo on the same day lightens the mood and makes Pisces compassionate and gentle.

On the 10th, Pisces turns to the unconventional in money and romantic matters. They’ll also feel a draw to fringe subjects, especially the mysteries and occult. There’s a craving for spiritual growth and expansion of the mind. Pisces is wanting more out of life now and will spend time searching for meaning. The desire for full transformation swells and peaks on the 11th when the Sun trines Pluto.

Venus opposes Uranus on the 12th. Pisces mood is the driving force behind the outcome of the day. If they’re in a good mood, the air is buzzing with excitement. A bad mood has Pisces withdrawing inward and avoiding human contact. On the 13th, Pisces’ frustration grows. Communication difficulties make the day hard to get through.

If Pisces has been down and out lately, the 18th promises a breakthrough. The Mars square Uranus influence has Pisces on the verge of discovery. The findings give them a resolution to a longstanding problem. What was once unclear becomes obvious to Pisces now. It leads to a long-needed energy boost. This energy extends when Mercury moves into Libra.

A sense of calming comes over Pisces on the 21st. On the 22nd, Pisces feels a sense of peace they haven’t had in a what seems like forever. the Sun moves into Libra on fall equinox. Harmonious and loving vibes draws Pisces from their shell. They feel nothing but love for the world. The 25th has Pisces reflecting on the power of karma and the way the cosmos brings balance to all things. The 27th, another boost of energy makes Pisces feel like they’re flying on air.

Healing Crystals & Stones: The green Gaspeite with brown flecks has an extremely earthy vibe, which is just what water-ruled Pisces needs. When feeling over emotional, Gaspeite helps Pisces ground. It also helps them understand the meaning behind synchronistic events.

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