Dreams about Cheating

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Dreams about cheating are not fun! They have the power to leave you shaken to your core! A strange range of emotions sweeps over you. After the dream, you may feel anything from deflated rage to disturbance. Guilt to concern and confusion are also common feelings following dreams of cheating.

But, what is the point of having such a horrific dream if it wasn’t true? Your bond with your significant other is too deep for that kind of nonsense! So, as one would have it, you give little heed to cheating dreams and their meaning, right?

But wait! You could make a big mistake! It’s this kind of thinking that will have you missing on the hidden messages coming from your dreams!

Dreams about Cheating Table of Contents

Dreams about Cheating

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Cheating dreams have the power to make you feel ashamed. First, consider cheating dreams under the assumption you have the perfect relationship. At least you know you and your partner agree on sharing a monogamous commitment. Here, when all is well with you and your love, there are several reasons cheating dream themes happen:

The desire for something brand new or exciting: Over time, people can outgrow one another. Then, a desire for a new partner shows up in your nighttime dreams. Or, if you want a little more excitement, dreams about cheating may manifest in dreams of unfaithfulness.

These dreams are wish fulfillment dream, pointing to things you yearn for or covet. You might feel shame for feelings you’re experiencing. Maybe you encounter someone attractive on the job or during your free time. Even with no plan to cheat, your desire may lead to guilt, which seeks a remedy in your dream scenes.

What Do Dreams about Cheating Mean?

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Let’s be real here. Do you want to know the answer to what do dreams of cheating mean? If you think your partner was cheating (or even if he isn’t) the dream feels so real! You might wake up from a cheating dream furious and on the warpath! You see red before you get rid of the morning blur from your eyes!

Your unsuspecting partner is sleeping, snoring (perhaps drooling too). He remains in full of bliss and unaware of your newly awakened rage. He also doesn’t understand how much danger he is in at the moment! There he is, sleeping ever-so-peacefully, as you cast your fiery “I-could-eat-through-your-soul” glare!
Questions raised by these fiery-fury-invoking dreams include:

    • Am I picking up on subtle cues my partner might cheat and then dreaming about it?
    • Am I paranoid?
    • Are these dreams forecasting potential events?
    • What’s causing these images to come up in your dreams now?

Dreams about Being Cheated On

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When having dreams of cheating on someone, your subconscious will speak to you in dreams. Your mind may draw your attention to things, actions, or things spoken with a double meaning. Dreams about being cheated are symbolic of cheating the self or not being true to yourself. Or, the dreams suggest you’re self-deceptive or deceiving your significant other. If so, it’s time to evaluate your life to find out how and why you might be in denial or avoiding the truth and why.

With dreams of cheating on your partner, remember monogamous relationships are common: But, only most common in the Western World. Specific standards correspond with many monogamous partnerships too. Such measures come through laws and social norms. Some cultures allow men to have more than one partner and don’t consider the act as cheating at all.

Consider if the dream signifies other cultural elements. Such elements might otherwise support “cheating” as a social norm. Consider societies in which polygamy is a normal cultural acceptance. As an example, as far as cheating dreams in Islam, the Quran allows for men to have more than one wife. But he must treat every wife he has equal: Oh, and the wife count gets a cap at four.

Not analyzing cheating dreams is ignoring the opportunity to explore profound questions. Such questions relate to relationships, sexuality, and what it is you do or don’t desire for love and sex. No matter how painful these emotions are, they aren’t even close to the real pain such situations cause. The pain of infidelity is unimaginable. The dreams only hint at what you would feel if you were going through real life similar situations.

In this way, the dream realm ends up being a psychological and emotional buffer of sorts. The dreams are a safe place of exploration through dream scenarios and outcomes. The experiences come with no real or lasting emotional pain. Consider your dream screen as your experimental laboratory for real-life situations. It’s here you can run through scenarios without enacting them in the physical world!

Dreaming about Cheating on Your Lover

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If in a solid relationship, then dreaming about cheating will have no lasting effect. You’ll awaken from dreams about cheating with little to no emotional reaction. Oh, there may be the casual and reasonable reaction. Upon waking, you tell yourself it’s high time cut back on Maury Povich and Jerry Springer! (The truth of it: You sometimes feel as if your brain cells are dying off inside your head when you watch those shows anyway).

And yes, too much TV can trigger cheating dreams. External stimuli can influence dreams if you nod off during an episode of one of the talk shows. The process is sensory incorporation. This dream occurs when external forces or events appear in the visual narrative. Your brain detects your environment; then translates what it’s detecting as part of your dreaming mind’s experience.

Dreams about a Boyfriend Cheating

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First, let’s take into consideration not all dreams of cheating relate to infidelity. Yes, dreams about cheating on your boyfriend or girlfriend on you are meaningful. But, the truth of the matter is that dreaming of cheating often has more to do with what is going on inside of you. Yes, they can relate to your relationship, but these dreams often hold double meanings.

If you’re feeling out of sorts, paranoid, or you fear abandonment, dreams about cheating crop up. Or, even if you have poor confidence, these triggers can manifest in your dreams too. Your subconscious works ever-so-vigorously on problems you’re experiencing during waking hours.

The dream message of infidelity might point to your unfaithfulness to yourself. These dreams may point to the limited care of ourselves, and to our own personal neglect. The lesson to take away from cheating dreams is to love yourself now like you’ve loved no other!

Your self-esteem and confidence could use the boost. Take this as a cue to pamper yourself more–it’s acceptable to be selfish in this way. This dream may signify the need to embrace your feminine or masculine aspects. Or, as Carl Jung might suggest, to integrate the animus and anima yourself and become whole.

Dreams about Cheating on Your Boyfriend

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Considering the word “cheat,” and the concept of cheating through different perspectives. Doing so will help you unravel the meaning of your dreams about cheating on your boyfriend. Remember, not all cheating dreams are about being unfaithful. Look and see if any of the potential dream meanings resonate with you below:

Cheat Sheet: This term references a document containing brief information a subject of interest. It may also contain the answers to a test. For instance, you might see yourself in dreams of cheating on a test in a high school setting. You are sitting in the back of the classroom trying to hide what you are doing. You have with you a small note listing some difficult answers to the test you’re taking. If you dream of using a cheat sheet, especially before a test, your dream suggests a lack of confidence. You may feel you need more study time, or you are unsure of your ability to pass the test.

It can also be a suggestion to take time to do rote learning and memorization. Doing so will let you forego the use of aides like cheat sheets and other resources. It will help you develop proficiency over an issue or subject. As a side note, a cheat sheet isn’t always a negative reference. You might use one to do a walk through when dealing with a complicated video game. Or, you might use a cheat sheet to guide you through a mundane task you’ve never done before. Consider this when translating your dream. Do you think you can benefit from a little help with a task you’re dealing with, so it’s easier to complete it?

Cheat the Worms/Cheating Death: If you hear this expression in your dream it can have several meanings. You may dream of escaping worms from getting on or in your body (Yes, you read that creepy reference correctly. Feel free to shudder and shake the eerie sensation off)! Such dream narratives are about escaping death.

Think of Andrew Marvell’s poem, “To His Coy Mistress.” In it, a man is doing everything he can to convince his female friend to take full advantage of the moment. He wants her to give up her virginity, lest they should die before he can have the joy of taking her virginity from her:

“Nor, in thy marble vault, shall sound
My echoing song; then worms shall try
That long-preserved virginity…”

Yes, I know, it’s not an attractive image Marvell paints. But the idea points to carpe diem… “to seize the day!” And, if we consider “cheat the worms” in escaping death, one should want to seize every moment possible! Thus, cheating dreams alluding to death are pointing to the need to enjoy life now and to the fullest!

Cheats (Cheaters) Never Prosper: Ever hear this old, but wise expression? If this expression seems to align with dreams, there’s a reason for it. Dreams about cheating on your boyfriend may point to the need to consider your waking life. How are you conducting your affairs? Yes, the pun is intentional with the word “affairs.” Are you fair with everyone in your life? Are you doing business with integrity?

If you’re not forthright and honest in your dealings, your dreams might express your guilt. Or, your subconscious may remind you of the potential negative consequences ahead.

Dreams about Cheating on Someone

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Dreams about cheating on someone aren’t always in images related to the act of cheating. The imagery you see can mean something entirely different. If you see yourself being hosed down with hot or cold water for example, it suggests getting a “hose job” from somebody.

Ah, behave now, I’m not in the gutter on this one! The expression means literally “to be cheated again.” In the plural sense, “got hosed,” also speaks of the past in which someone takes advantage of another. “Getting soaked” is yet another expression related to being cheated out of money or out of what you are just due.

Alternatively, you might be familiar with the saying “He got screwed.” Substitute any pronoun for “he.” Again, no taboo double entendre intended! The dream is a reference to someone being short-changed or violated in some sense. All the latter phrases and actions might suggest a need to be careful in your dealings with others. Your dreams are warning you to remain alert. It ensures you don’t get cheated out of something in your waking life.

Dreams about Cheating on Your Girlfriend

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As an unfair affair, the concept of cheating is deeply frowned upon. If a person cheats, no matter what the situation, it’s disingenuous. Dreams about cheating on your girlfriend point to waking life conditions where dishonesty or shady behaviors are prevalent. The dream points to dishonesty, and unacceptable behavior. The term “cheating” can also imply fraudulent action.

Consider your waking hours and actions during an exchange with others. For example, you might dream of conducting a business transaction. During the transaction, someone attempts to “cheat” you out of money. Or, you might dream you or another attempt to cheat to gain the upper hand or to take the win.

  • Cheating and Business: Dreams about cheating on your girlfriend might have to do with business. If someone cheats you during business, your dreams may warn of the possibility. Keep alert and monitor both how and where you spend your money. If signing contracts, make sure you examine the wording of the contract with care. Cheating dreams are a cautionary warning of precautions you should take during business transactions.
  • Cheating During a Competition: If your dream narrative refers to cheating during games, it suggests you fear you won’t get what you deserve. Or, you may fear someone will cause you to lose out on something you’ve earned. Or, this dream can also signify the inability to trust others or trust issues.
  • Guilt: If you dream of cheating on your girlfriend, this could mean you’re viewing life through a tainted or skewed perspective. In one instance, this dream might point to a deep-rooted sense of guilt. The feelings of guilt might relate to something from during your waking life. Your dream might call on you to face and deal with the guilt that’s weighing on you. Dreams, where you are the cheater, may also have something to do with you questioning your worth.
  • Lack of Self Love: In contrast, dreams of cheating on your girlfriend may refer to how you’re treating yourself. Consider tall characters within the dream as representing you. Then a dream where you’re the cheater may point to self-defeating actions.Here, you can think of the expression “You are your own worst enemy.” Ask yourself if you engage in self-sabotaging behavior. Why would you do so? Because you secretly and unknowingly question your worth.


Dreams about a Partner Cheating

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Tumultuous emotions can stir up dreams of cheating. The reasons for dreams about a partner cheating are twofold. First, if you’re concerned about your girlfriend cheating, then it’s your concerns weigh heavy on you. Your subconscious is bringing the cheating subject to the forefront. It gives you a chance to review what’s on your mind. Your psyche is allowing you to work on the issue as you sleep.

Second, during your waking hours, you might pick up on cues suggestive of cheating; this is your mind’s way of bringing greater attention to your concerns. Your subconscious is making you look at things you might ignore. It gives you a chance to address concerns you might not want to deny. Even when the conscious mind chooses denial, the subconscious chooses truth over illusion.


  • Abandonment Issues: When harboring long-held fears of abandonment, dreams of your girlfriend cheating are natural. If you failed to be there at an important time for a loved one, you might have dreams of cheating too. Or, if you fear your mate is stepping out on you with someone else, this fear feeds into cheating dreams. If your mate isn’t responsive or passion is fizzling, dreams of cheating on your girlfriend arise. When physically or emotionally neglected, dreams, where you’re the cheater, let you explore options. Dreams about cheating on a cheating partner justify the consideration of what it might be like if you were with someone else–this is akin to working in the safety of the dream lab. You can try out various scenarios without drumming up trouble in the physical realm.


Issues triggering dreams featuring cheating as the main subject include:

    • Denial
    • Depression
    • Lack of confidence
    • Loneliness
    • Self-esteem issues
    • Trust issues
    • Unresolved Anger

Dreams about a Spouse Cheating

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Even dreams about a spouse cheating have meaning. Again, the meaning is not always literal. Sometimes dreams of cheating throw in an extra person into the sexual relationship. So, your dream narrative takes you down a strange road. Next thing you know, you’re either observing three or more people having sexual relations (or you may even be a participant!). These group “events,” can mean different things depending upon your point of view.

First, they allow you to explore your sexuality without doing so in reality. (That’s if you’ve never engaged in such activity). Thus, you have the dream lab element here. But, if you’re feeling insecure in your dream, it is like you’re shedding self-imposed restrictions. Your dream may try to tell you to loosen up a wee bit on your conservative stance.

If the scene you encounter seems to overwhelm you, how can you equate this to something in your reality? Maybe, in your waking hours, you feel as if you have too many irons in the fire!

The Meaning of Cheating Dreams – Final Take!

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See! There are far too many meanings aligning with dreams about cheating. With cheating dreams, it’s all too easy to cast them to the wayside because you are certain you are in a solid relationship. But, remember your Higher Self is reaching out to you in your dreams. But, if you reflect on the dreams you are having, you might soon discover some interesting insights into what’s going on in your waking life. You’ll know what “rings true” for you as you consider the potential meaning of a cheating dream: It will resonate with you.

Some ways the subconscious speaks may startle or unsettle you, especially if your dream content proves precognitive. But, the upsetting images and/or dream narrative occur only to make sure you remember what you see. It allows you to take the symbolism into serious consideration as you recall the dream’s narrative and imagery upon waking.

I’m glad I demonstrated the differences in dream meaning you might uncover! I hope the information helps you on your personal soul journey! I encourage you to use the material here as a launching point while you get a better understanding of dream symbolism and your own personal symbol database. Analyze as many dreams as you can remember and record! Especially any dreams about cheating. Make sure you assess even the most difficult dreams deal with on an emotional level.

Such dreams are bearers of some of the most important and memorable messages you’ll ever receive! I also urge you to make use of the dream dictionary definitions here on Building Beautiful Souls! It will help you peel back the multiple layers of dream meaning!

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