What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying

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To dream about someone dying; you may wonder what does it mean? Okay, I know that dreaming of someone dying is one of the most unnerving dreams you’ll ever have in your life. The dream where you witness or are responsible for someone’s death are high on the chart of triggering the creep factor! It runs a close second to chase dreams or apocalyptic dreams.

When you dream about someone dying, it can mean many things. The dream scenario, events, and colors you see have meaning. The words people say or what you hear also hold significance. The meaning of the dream is something the subconscious personalizes for you alone. Thus, the dream with death imagery means something different for each dreamer. Let’s explore what some of these dreams convey through layers of symbolic meaning.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying Table of Contents

Meaning of Dreams about Someone Dying

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The images you see, feelings you have, and what you hear seem realistic beyond measure. No doubt the dreams are memorable. When you wake up in the first thing you think is: “What fresh hell is this? Right?” Second among such questions is if you need to worry about the dream foretelling future events. So, how do you begin to decode dream about someone dying and symbols to derive a clear understanding of what it means?

Dream interpretation is a lot like interpreting poetic works. Yes, two people might have a dream with identical components. How you approach the post-dream interpretation can produce a dramatic change in meaning. Consider the following interpretative lenses you can use to discern post-dream understandings:

  • All people, places, and things in the dream content receive an unaltered interpretation. In other words, a car is a car, a house is a house, and you are still you. Other people in the dream keep distinct and separate identities. You interpret symbols and imagery exactly as it appears. In this light, to dream about someone dying is to dream of losing that person. However, a dream about someone dying doesn’t have to mean the person dies in real life. The images themselves are symbols requiring interpretation.
  • You interpret everything in the dream as an aspect of yourself. In other words, your cousin, the car, and the house are all aspects of yourself. Consider this a practice of “Seeing yourself in everything around you.” As a result, this lens allows you to discover different meanings behind existing dream symbols. Now, when you dream about someone dying, you are dreaming of your own death. Here the dream comes to represent change in yourself or big changes in your waking life.

Many approaches help in figuring out death dreams and the meaning of dream content. You should also consider why you are having a dream about someone dying. Some reasons your Higher Self is giving you such powerful dreams include:

  • Projection of Feelings: Well, if that’s how you feel about it, so be it! Emotions are powerful whether they are joyous or furious. Long hidden emotions can prove monstrous if left unresolved. Your dream about someone dying might relate to unresolved feelings. But, your dream world can prove a safe arena for emotional exploration. Feelings of fear, anxiety, frustration, or guilt might show up as a dream about someone dying.
  • Concerns of Death: To dream about someone dying might show your true level of anxiety. You’re a worry wart! Awareness of someone who is dying can trigger death dreams. Knowledge of someone with a chronic illness might cause you to worry about the person dying. In the dream realm, you have an opportunity to explore emotions. It gives you an opportunity to develop a modicum of emotional readiness.
  • Wish Fulfillment Dream: WAIT…WHAT? I can hear you screaming, “To dream about someone dying is not something anyone might wish for! What kind of person do you think I am?” Well, if you’re human, you have a very dark mind indeed! Most of us have a darker side we spend a lot of time ignoring. To dream about someone dying is not at all as terrible as it might seem. You might have frustrations with someone. This irritation may present itself in dreams to relieve your mind from the tension. Guess what? Here comes the dream about someone dying you never knew you could conjure up!
  • End of Suffering: In truth, no one wants to see a person suffer from illness. As another example, you might dream about someone dying as a means of dealing with grief. So, you might have a dream about their passing in hopes their suffering ends. For more on wish fulfillment, see the information below.
  • Emotional Readiness: Are you ready for what is to come? A person’s illness and pending death is an issue that shows up in dreams. It might help you prepare for the inevitable.
  • Premonition: The dream is a warning of the future. Okay, you hope not, but in rare events, it can happen. It is possible that a dream about someone dying is a prediction or omen of things to come. Now the warning here is not to jump the gun. Don’t assume that a death dream is a premonition. It’s understandable that such a frightening dream causes alarm. But it is important to remember the language of dreams is symbolic. It is best to look to the hidden messages the dream conveys.
  • A Need for Change: Dreams about someone dying or seeing people die tend to occur when you are dealing with significant changes in life. The changes might have something to do with work or personal life. The changes might refer to rites of passage. Such rites include graduation, marriage, divorce, change of jobs, or retirement.

The fundamental meaning of someone dying in dreams include:

  • Preparing You for Changes: Out with the old and in with the new! In general, death is a symbol of dramatic, unexpected, but necessary change. Death is necessary for the continuation of new life. In your life, change is necessary for your personal evolution and growth. Dreams of death, in a general sense, announce changes both good and bad. When feeling concern in the dream, you might be a person who doesn’t embrace change well. The dream might be a way for your subconscious to prepare you for the changes to come.
  • New Beginnings: Let’s make a fresh start of it! Yes, it might seem strange to look at death as a symbol of new beginnings. But, when you think that something must change before something new can happen, then it makes more sense. The feelings the dream evokes might give you a clue. The tone of the dream might signify whether it’s a new beginning coming or something negative.
  • Hidden Rage, Jealousy, or Wishes: You’ve grown horns and steam is pouring forth from your ears. You have red eyes and you scream in a glorious rage! Yes, it is unacceptable to wish harm on the self or others. But, the dream world doesn’t recognize such rules. In the dream realm, darker desires are something you can explore without hindrance. This means if you dislike a certain person, you might dream of their death. The dream realm is a landscape of exploration. It’s a safe place for expression without social or societal repercussions. Consider the dream realm a safe place to play out darker desires and fantasies. Your subconscious might draw your attention to attributes you dislike in a person.

Dreams About Grandmother Dying

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Grandmothers are the glue that holds families together. Think about the fact that the grandmother is someone who hosts holidays. She appears at family reunions, and spends time with grandchildren. Your memories of her are happy. She is the great matriarch of the family. To lose a grandmother to death is to lose part of your ancestral bond on a physical level.

  • Maintaining Matriarchal Roots: It may signify a fear you are losing touch with your roots. It might also signify the real loss of feminine nurturing in your life. Grandmothers form special bonds with grandchildren. To see your grandmother dying in a dream may be the real fear of losing the special bond one day. A dream of a grandmother dying might stir an urgency in you to visit her. It could be the deepest part of your emotions reminding you how much you miss her.
  • Motherly Nurturing: Your grandmother is much like the mother role. Grandmothers are softer or more flexible when it comes to grandchildren. Mothers take on the role of care and discipline. Grandmothers tend to love and spoil their children’s offspring. You may be longing for the softer, gentler nature of a grandmother. It might be true if you are having relationship difficulties with your mother. If your grandmother is a person who is a bit aloof or cold, your dream might be one of wish fulfillment. You might long for the kinder, more caring version of your grandmother. The dream of a dying grandmother might be the hope that the negative aspects of the relationship die.
  • Fearing Your Grandmother’s Death: Death is inevitable. The real possibility of a grandmother passing might cause you great sadness. Your subconscious might explore these feelings in the dream realm. If your grandmother is ill, you might have one of these dreams as a natural trigger to real life events. This dream might also signal the fear you will lose access to the vast knowledge she has. You will also miss the life experiences a grandmother shares.
  • Feelings of Love and Guilt: If your grandmother is still alive and you’ve been distant, then the dying dream might be guilty emotions. The guilt is surfacing as you sleep. The dream can be even more intense if your grandmother passes away. It means the feelings will never have a chance at healing or resolving. You might feel guilty for not spending time with her. If you had a disagreement with your grandmother, your subconscious is forewarning you. Time is fleeting. You might want to consider making amends the best way you can now. It will allow you to enjoy the remaining time you have with your family member.
  • Croning: Dreams about your grandmother dying might come to you if you are a woman entering her senior years. Menopause may also trigger dreams about your grandmother even if she died a long time ago. Your subconscious is exploring what it is like to enter this stage of life. In the dream realm, you can walk in the footsteps of your grandmother. If you are “croning” you might feel a connection with your dead grandmother. The connection is something the mind can express in the dream realm. It does so to give you the opportunity to explore the relationship you have with the crone on a spiritual level.

Dreams About Grandfather Dying

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If you dream about someone dying like your grandfather, consider what he embodies. Your grandfather’s qualities might signify some of your personal attributes. Consider what makes your grandfather unique. It will give you a clue as to the attributes your subconscious is referencing. When you dream of your grandfather, it signifies nurturing of a different kind.

  • Inner Guidance: Grandfathers are often stoic, strong, wise, protectors. Your subconscious is suggesting you are losing touch with these qualities. Your higher mind is pointing you to rely more on your inner strength and wisdom. It may also be telling you it is time to be more protective of yourself in a situation in your waking life.
  • Maintaining Patriarchal Roots: You might be experiencing deep emotions about your grandfather. Your dreams might trigger the desire to visit him to spend quality time with your ancestor. Grandfathers also have life experiences and insight you have a limited time to enjoy. Grandparents in general have familial knowledge of earlier ancestors. They can tell you much about your family and where from your family originates.
  • Fearing the Death of Your Grandfather: Your attitude toward your grandfather may be clear in the dream before you see him in the act of dying. To be sad is to express the fear of losing him (if he is still living). If you experience emotional pain at the sight of your grandfather dying in a dream, you may be grieving his loss in the dream realm. The grandfather dying in a dream signifies the loss of intuition and guidance. You might feel you have lost out on the support you need in your waking life to feel secure. Grandfathers are symbols of security and safety. They are often someone you can turn to for help in managing life difficulties and challenges.
  • Attaining Wisdom: The grandfather aligns with The Priest or Sage archetypes. Both archetypes are wise and seem to have knowledge of the mysteries. The same archetypes are something to consider sacred. So, think of the relationship with the grandfather as something sacred. What in your life is passing away or is passing by that is sacred? To see the grandfather dying might be the fear of losing such knowledge in this lifetime. It might also convey the transferal of wisdom from one ancestor to another. It can represent the knowledge of family going down through familial line. The death of a grandfather dream might signify the moment you come into your own wisdom. It can even signify spiritual growth.
  • Rekindling the Past: To dream of a grandfather dying might trigger childhood memories. It might also point to the time when you will have only memories left of your grandfather. These memories can inspire you in your waking life to be the best person you can be. It might trigger you to take on the best attributes of the grandfather you adore. Also, the dying grandfather dream might hint at past experiences. Such experiences can help you endure the changes you face in your life now.

Dreams About Sister Dying

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To see a sister dying in a dream narrative reveals much. But, what your dream reveals depends on what you feel about your sister. And that’s if you have one! To dream of seeing your sister dying might be a wish fulfillment dream. Now, don’t be alarmed! It doesn’t mean you really want something to happen to your sister! (No matter how mad you might be at the moment!) Such a dream might be a trigger due to sibling rivalry. If you have had a disagreement with your sister, the death dream might relate to your anxiety or anger. It can also relate to feelings of guilt. Or seeing a sister die might signify the conquering of sibling rivalry, and a new beginning for you both!

  • Older versus Younger Sister’s Death:To dream of an older sister dying is to see the death of practicality or wisdom. Look to your waking life to see where you might be behaving without prudence. Also look to see where wise action might serve you better. To dream of a younger sister dying suggests the death of compassion or love. Are you in a relationship where you could be more compassionate? Are you losing love from someone in your life? Ask yourself if your feelings about a female or even a male in your life are changing.
  • Sisters by Bond: A sister in a dream doesn’t have to be someone blood related. Are you “sisters under the skin” with another female? Is that relationship in trouble? Do you have negative feelings about the person the sister image corresponds to in real life? You might fear the loss of such a deep friendship. Your subconscious is allowing you to explore these fears as you sleep.
  • People in Your Life: Dreams about a sister dying may not reference a sibling at all. Do you know of a man who acts like a “weak sister” or in a timid way? This attribute may irritate you. Your dream hopes for the change of the attribute. To wish the characteristic might die or pass so he will be more heroic might make sense. Do you know of a female who you might consider a “sob sister” or someone prone to whining? Again, the desire to destroy attributes in another that irritate you can show up in dreams.
  • A Loss of Femininity: Dreams of sister dying might be telling you to embrace more masculine energies in your waking life. You might need to be more assertive and action oriented. If you are often passive and receptive, it may be time to kick things into high gear.
  • Sister as Reflection: The sister dream might signify the archetype of the maiden or the youthful aspect of the self. The death dream of a sister might relate to rites of passage. You may be moving from youth into adulthood or parenthood. Or you might lose some of your innocence to give way to knowledge and experience. Thus, you witnesses the dying off of your innocence through sister imagery.

Dreams About Brother Dying

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Just as you have rivalry with a sister, you can have rivalry with a brother too. Hence, you might have dreams about a brother dying if you are at odds with one or more of your male siblings. Again, it’s just your mind working out some of your frustrations in your dreams. Still, there are other reasons why you may have death dreams with your brother as the main character.

  • Breaking Away from Authority: If you dream of the older brother dying, this is a dream suggesting the desire to break free from authority. It is a dream where you assert your independence. So, to dream about someone dying is about change from innocence to experience. It is a marker of change and growth, even when the change is less than desirable.
  • Loss of Vulnerability: The death of the younger brother signifies a movement away from vulnerability. When the younger brother dies in a dream, it means a loss of insecurity and immaturity in your waking life. It can also be real life sibling rivalry and wishful dreaming about your younger brother.
  • Brothers by Bond: Blood brothers is a term that is deep friendship without family relation. You fear the death of such a friendship. You might notice significant changes in a relationship with someone you consider a brother. The death of a brother in a dream suggests dying brotherly love. You might need more compassion and caring for others in your waking life.
  • Your Brother as Reflection: Dreams about your brother dying can point an aspect in yourself where you drift away from the son archetype. You may be moving from the innocent childhood state to adulthood. You’re undergoing loss of innocence. It can stand for the gaining of both wisdom and balance in your waking life as well.
  • A Loss of Masculinity: If you are a female and dream of the death of your brother, it may reflect your desire to embrace more femininity. This dream may crop up if you are more tom-boyish or if you aren’t feeling ultra-feminine in your waking life. It can also signify a need for less assertive, action-oriented behavior, while emphasizing more passive, receptive, and intuitive attributes.
  • Not Your Brother’s Keeper: It might even reflect feelings relating to the responsibility for others. Perhaps you tire of handling someone or being your brother’s keeper. You might want the situation to change in your waking hours.
  • Resenting Big Brother: When writing of Big Brother here it is not a reference to the older brother. Big Brother is another reference to the government and those in authority. If you are resenting the current political happenings and feel helpless to make change happen, the dying dream might happen. It is an expression of your deep, unresolved resentment and sense of helplessness.

Dreams About Dad Dying

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The father figure is one of authority and control. For a male to dream of a dying father is to see the passing of the old lion so the young can rule. The death of a father dream is the dethroning of the father. It means taking on a state of individuality. You are your own authority. A woman can have the same dream. But, the dream of a father might also mean the feeling of vulnerability for a woman. Fathers are protectors of daughters. The loss of the father might trigger insecure feelings. It can also point to insecurities in waking life.

  • Unresolved Feelings: The death of the father might be an effort for the subconscious to help you resolve feelings in the dream realm. If you feel anger or hostility toward your father, your subconscious is revealing this to you as you sleep. It gives you the opportunity to face the feelings and deal with them. If you are jealous of your father’s position as authority, this too can trigger the dream where you see dad dying.
  • Wish Fulfillment and Hidden Resentments: Females dreaming about dad dying might be having wish fulfillment dreams. But, the dreams might not relate to dad at all. Maybe the female is experiencing a troubled relationship. The wish dream might present her with an image of her father dying. The father figure is the male she looked to as she grew up for a good example of a partner. A hidden resentment toward dad might emerge when a real-life relationship goes south. Seeing dad dying is the hope for permanent change.

Dreams About Mom Dying

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The Great Mother archetype always aligns with the mother figure. She is the first person you experience a bond with and a lack of a bond triggers bad problems. If you see your mother dying, you might fear the loss of the close bond with your mother. If you haven’t seen her in a while you might feel guilty about it. Your guild might show up in the dream scenario to get you to think about your feelings.

  • Needing Mom and Being Mom: If you miss the nurturing nature of your mother, you might dream of both your mother and grandmother. To see the mother dying is the feeling as if you lost a part of yourself. It might express a disconnect from the feminine self or the Divine feminine. Your dream might be telling you to be more nurturing to the people in your life.
  • Cutting the Apron Strings: To see the death of your mother signifies a breaking free from mom’s apron strings. You are becoming independent in your life. It might also signify the development and tuning of your intuition. For a son to dream of a mother’s death signifies the sense of lost love or compassion in waking life. The mother may signify the significant other in the male’s life. He might feel the woman drifting away or falling out of love.

Dreams About Pet Dying

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Pets are symbols of loyalty. So, to see the pet dying in a dream suggests a loss of loyalty or the fear that the loss is so. Pets also signify unconditional love. To see your pet die might cause you to consider the true value of unconditional love. If the pet is domestic, it suggests the loss of the calmer part of your nature. If you have an exotic pet, it might signify the loss of your wild nature or a disconnect from the natural world. To see your pet dying is to work through the hurtful emotions of the inevitable in your sleep.

  • Visitations: After the passing of a pet, the animal may appear in dreams. Some people see these dreams as spirit visitations. Others seem the images as the mind trying to relive some of the happier moments while the pet is still alive. As such, dreams about pets dying and their passing may be a way to remain connected to the animal in heart and spirit.

Dreams About Losing a Child

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Losing a child, whether a son or daughter, is a traumatic dream experience. It symbolizes the loss of the extension of one’s self. It can be a dream evoking painful and even unbearable emotions and terror.

  • Loss of the Self: It also signifies the loss of some internal aspect of yourself. You may be out of touch with your inner child. The dream may be trying to tell you it is time to get in tune with the joyful, carefree, and creative inner child aspect of yourself. This type of dream is calling you to return to a natural balance. It may be you are over-working or are not allowing yourself enough creative expression and freedom during your waking hours.
  • Loss of Innocence: It is a dream that demonstrates the movement from innocence to experience. We cannot grow as human beings without a loss of innocence and in that loss there are growing pains and suffering. The dream may come to you during rites of passage in your life. The dreams about losing a child may also come to you when you are on the precipice of big life changes.
  • Yin Imbalance: The loss of a daughter might signify the loss of some feminine attribute. Yin is a “feminine” energy or force. The diminishment of this energy results in the loss of empathy, intuition, and sensitivity. It can symbolize the loss of compassion or intuition.
  • Yang Imbalance: The loss of a son signifies the loss of a male attribute like strength or courage. It also signifies the diminishment of “masculine” energies. When Yang energies are not in balance, you are not action oriented, focused, assertive, and forward-moving.
  • Empty Nest Syndrome:This dream can occur when a daughter or son graduates or moves out. The narrative might signify the loss of the child to mother and father tie. This may happen when the child rebels or expresses his or her individuality as well.

Dreams About Losing a Baby Before It’s Born

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The death of a baby before it’s born is a dream that a pregnant female might have out of fear for the child’s well-being. This is a real fear or anxiety displaying itself in the dream narrative. The child’s father may also have a similar dream experience. Again, it’s natural as future parents to be nervous about something going wrong with such a wonderous gift about to arrive in the world. Your dreams are playing out the unresolved anxiety in your dreams.

  • Loss of Hope: In a symbolic sense, the death of the unborn signifies lost hopes. It might symbolize the death of a dream you have or plans that come to naught. It is a symbol of giving up something before the finalization of a process or project.
  • Fears of Loss and Failure: This dream about someone dying might signify fears of losing the partner or fears of failure in the role of father. It might also signify the death of one’s innocence as they must now take on the responsibility of parenthood.

Dreams About a Friend Dying

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Dreams about a friend dying can be quiet unsettling. The longer and more intense the friendship, the more disturbing the death dream. If you have a friend who is ill and approaching death, then the death dream may be from the result of real-world events. Your mind is trying to prepare you for the inevitable. But, if all your friends are healthy, the dream may signify something else altogether.

  • Are You a Friend or Foe: If you dream of a friend dying, this might be a symbol of guilt in disguise. Your subconscious may be forcing you to consider what kind of friend you are. Consider the friend relationships you have and think about your role in each one. Are you a fair-weather friend who hangs out with a person because that person has something to offer? Are you there when your friend needs you the most? Are you neglecting your responsibilities as a friend? If you are, your dreams may be guilt-induced and telling you to step up your game!
  • Wish Fulfillment: Yes, your wondering how can someone wish for a friend’s death. Friendships, like any other relationship, are thorny and complex. Remember, the dream realm has no rules about the images you’ll see or the subject for dreams to present as narratives for consideration! When you dream of a friend dying ask yourself is this a form of wish fulfillment. No, you don’t want the person to die in real life. But, are you harboring anger and resentment that stays secret to you alone? Your dream scenario might be your subconscious playing with the idea. It is allowing you to explore what it would be like if the person was no longer in your life. You might just learn how much the person really means to you or that your friendship is not as strong as you might think.
  • Being Your Own Friend: Through the lens all dream characters stand for an aspect of the self, it’s time to ask if you are good friend to yourself. Are you treating yourself the way you deserve? Are you shortchanging yourself in a relationship? Do you forego what is good for you for the good of another? If you are the type of person to fill everyone else’s cup before filling your own, your dream is telling you to take care. If you neglect yourself, the dream signifies the emotional exhaustion you will face. It’s time to look at yourself through the “eyes of a friend.”
  • Reconnecting with Femininity or Masculinity: The death of a friend might signify the distancing of your masculine or feminine self. Are you out of balance in your waking life? Have you been neglecting your nurturing, compassionate, feminine self? Are you distancing yourself from the authoritative, strong, masculine self? To achieve balance in your waking life, your subconscious suggests regaining harmony. The balance you need is between the masculine and feminine energies within.
  • Embracing Your Shadow: Dreams of a friend dying might relate to the fact you have put distance between yourself and your shadow. While a person spends much of their lives keeping the shadow self in its place, it still needs nurturing. The Shadow Self is the part of you that gives you strength when you need it. It handles flight or fight responses. If we heed the words of Carl Gustav Jung, the father of Jungian psychology, it is dangerous to ignore the shadow. Jung suggests every person has a shadow form. If we do not allow the Shadow expression, the “blacker and denser” it becomes. Jung also teaches the embracing of the shadow is a lifelong process.

Dreams About Dying in a Car Accident and Crash

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What’s driving you? The latter question is the first question you ask yourself with car accident or crash dreams. What are your motives in your waking life? The act of driving symbolizes moving forward in life. Are you treating others fair or are you running them down with your desire for success?

  • Recklessness: Forging forward toward success regardless of costs, this is the warning of a dying in a car crash dream. Let’s face it moving through life like a game of Grand Theft Auto will have negative consequences! Mowing down the “little people” in your pursuit of happiness will end in difficulties. When? When you need the support from the same people you mow down!
  • Someone’s Driving You Crazy: When the dream about someone dying in a car crash presents itself, it’s time to think about the people you interact with each day. Are you banging heads with someone in your life? Ask yourself, “Who is driving me nuts?” The people who are getting the best of you or who are the source of irritation can stir dreams of car crashes.
  • Where’s the Joy: Consider the vehicle in the dream being your vessel through life. What you crash into is threatening your joy in life. What is life without joy? A mind-numbing form of mental death in some cases. Consider who it is that stands in the way of your contentment.
  • Who’s in the Lead: You’ve already thought about the car serving as a symbol of the vessel you use to move through life. Imagine it being your physical body. If you are dreaming of being in an accident and you aren’t driving the vehicle, then who is? Are you afraid of being a victim of someone else’s irresponsibility? What about anxiety in relation to being a helpless victim of circumstance? When someone else is in the driver seat, look to your waking life to see where you feel you are out of control. Then ask yourself if you are abdicating the responsibility for your own life. The dream of the car accident with someone else in the driver seat might warn you of the need to take the wheel.
  • Life Out of Control: Are you the driver in your dream? If you are an erratic driver or out of control in the dream narrative, what part of your life is out of control? That brick wall or giant tree you run into in the dream might be a clue that you are being reckless in your waking hours.
  • Unaddressed Health Issues: The car crash scenario may also point to health issues. If you are healthy now but enduring a lot of stress, your dream is a warning. Are you driving yourself to an early grave because you are not taking care of yourself?
  • Unresolved Despair: Is something hurting you so bad it is driving you to despair? If you are allowing reckless actions to run your life, your subconscious is telling you to slow down. It’s time to take it easy before an accident or life crash results. And for God’s sake, keep it between the lines, would you please!
  • Road Rage and Anger Issues: There’s nothing that will invoke road rage faster than a Sunday driver in front of you when you are in a big hurry, right? And what happens when you are in a big hurry? Accidents and crashes: That’s what! And what happens when you are raging out of control? Accidents and crashes! If you are experiencing moments of uncontrollable rage in your life, it’s time to regain control. Your subconscious is warning you it’s time to take a step back. Relax. Let things go. In a rage, you will lose focus and when you lack focus you are more prone to accidents.

Dreams About Dying in a Plane Crash

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When your personal life gets chaotic, dreams of disaster are common. One such disaster is the dying in a plane crash narrative. Consider if you have a flight planned and a fear of flying as a potential source for the plane crash dream. Even a fear of heights can relate to the plane crash dream. If no real-world source exists, look to the symbolic language of your subconscious.

  • Deep, Unacknowledged Fears: Dreams of dying in a plane crash are an expression of internal, deep fears. Consider whether you are acknowledging these fears in your waking hours or not. This gives your subconscious the chance to play the fears out in the dream realm. Are you afraid of heights? Are you feeling like you are taking on too much responsibility or more than you can handle? Anxiety in dreams may manifest as a crash and burn narrative.
  • Fear of Success: If you are afraid of being successful, this too can show up as the plane crash narrative. Ask yourself why you fear success? Do you think you do not have the ability to sustain success once you achieve it? Are you fearful of the spotlight? You might fear the increase in personal responsibility that comes with success.
  • Afraid of Achievement: When a plane is flying high it symbolizes reaching new heights and achievements. The dream of the plane crash might signify the fear of crashing and burning as you reach your goals. The same type of dream signifies the real fear that your achievements will come to naught. Fearing meaningless or shallow success is the message of the plane crash narrative. In reality, you are afraid of change and the new responsibilities it bears.
  • Fearing Icarus Syndrome: “Icarus, Get the Hell Down from There Already!” Your dreams may be telling you of your hidden fear of Icarus Syndrome (Remember, our not so careful boy Icarus from Greek myth?) The latter condition is when you reach for lofty goals and overextend yourself. You take on a goal, fly to high, and end up unsuccessful. It’s the literal crash and burn scenario. If you aim too high, you might lose sight of what is important too. The loss of focus or breaking of rules leads to the plane crash imagery in dreams. If your goals are unreasonable, your dream serves as a warning to curb your expectations.
  • Arrogance: It may seem like a paradox, but the plane crash dream can point to issues of arrogance and self-defeatism. Flying the plane with confidence and without caution hints at daytime arrogant behavior. Ask yourself, are you over-confident about something you are doing in your life? A good sign that your behaving in a bigheaded way is that you throw caution to the wind.
  • Lack of Faith in Oneself: Panicking during flight and then crashing suggests you lack the belief in yourself. Ask yourself where you are selling yourself short in your waking life. Are you sabotaging your success before it ever happens? It’s akin to forcing the plane to crash before you get even a mile off the ground.
  • When You’re the Pilot: Who is flying the plane holds meaning in your dream analysis. If you are flying the plane and fear the ability to do so before the crash, this is telling symbolism. It suggests you do not feel confident in being at the helm of your life or on the path you are following. If someone else flies the plane you are on that crashes, you might feel as if you are a victim of circumstance.
  • When Someone Else is the Pilot: Having someone else flying a plane that crashes means you are in the passenger seat of your life. Your dream may suggest you feel out of control or you are abdicating control of your waking life. Since the plane crashes none of the latter dream scenarios end up with positive results. The same goes for dream narratives revealing a hijacking incident. You fear some unforeseen event or circumstance will throw you off course or will lead to ruin.
  • Being Submissive and Your Fears: Consider whether you fear failure in a situation during your waking hours or not. The fear of failure will present itself as a crash and burn scenario. Are you taking a submissive role in relationships? Your fear of being out of control can present itself as dreams of disaster.
  • Plane Crashes and Wordplay: Consider a play on words here for dream insight. A plane might refer to a “plain” or another level. Do you feel to ordinary or “plain” to deserve remarkable success? The dream might also examine your anxiety as you achieve a new level in a situation. Do you feel like a victim of circumstance? Do you feel you are without the ability to escape victimization? The plane crash dream alludes to the crash course the school of hard knocks forces on you.

  • Dreams About Drowning

    dreams of drowning 1200x630

    A drowning event has several meanings. The frightening sensation you cannot breathe might wake you with a start. The sense of terror might linger after you wake. If the dream is not the cause of real-world physical events, it merits analysis. What physical events might cause dreams of drowning? Anything causing difficulty breathing during sleep can trigger a drowning dream. Sleep apnea, asthma, sinus infections, or excessive snoring can trigger a drowning dream. All of the latter are worthy of a discussion with your physician.

  • Emotional Drowning: If the dream has no physical-world origin, it’s time to look to the language of dreams for answers. Ask yourself what is going on in your life to understand the messages from the subconscious. Consider the fact that water symbolizes emotions. Drowning suggests your emotions are overwhelming you or threatening to do so.
  • Being Pulled Down and Lack of Support: To dream about someone dying by drowning might also suggest you feel as if those who depend on you are pulling you down. It can also mean you feel your responsibilities are too burdensome. If you die during the drowning, you might have real-world fears of an emotional storm. Death by drowning might also suggest you feel you lack the support you need or that no rescue is at hand.
  • Real World Stressors: Dreams are an experimental playground for the subconscious and your mind. When working out real-life issues during dream time, dreams of someone dying by drowning is a common dream theme. Why? Stress is a universal experience. Dreams of drowning express real-world stress and its effects. Drowning in dreams correspond to real-world phobias and anxiety. The sensation of drowning or struggling for air is common in anxiety and panic attacks. Drowning dreams should make you question what in your waking world is serving as a source of anxiety.
  • Reaction and Under-Reactions: The sensation of fear or panic is something to factor into your analysis. The lack of panic or fear when it is clear the emotion is more than proper is suggestive. It might be telling you to consider your reactions to situations in your daily life. Are you under-reacting in a situation where you should be more passionate?
  • If the panic or fear is intense, consider how it applies to your daily life. Are you reacting the way you should to something that strikes fear? Could it be you are over-reacting to a problem or situation? Are emotions striking fear in you in such a way it is hindering your relationships?
  • The Significance of Environment in Drowning Dreams: The environment and water where you see a drowning event are important to analysis. The water might be clear, cloudy, or dark. As a symbol of emotion, clear water might suggest emotions you are aware of but are choosing to ignore. Cloudy water suggests confusing emotions leaving you uncertain how to feel. Dark waters signify traumatic emotions from the deep subconscious still unresolved.
  • Small and Large Bodies of Water: The body of water you drown in can also prove to offer some interpretative insight. To drown in the middle of a lake or larger body of water might express the extent of your sense of helplessness.
  • Swimming Skills and Self-Doubt: If you know how to swim and you dream of drowning, it signifies an intense fear of failing in something of tremendous import. You have the skills to swim, but you are overcome by water anyway. It suggests a feeling of helplessness and the sense of living life by Murphy’s Law with the expectation of things going wrong.
  • Drowning in a Tub: According to Carl Gustav Jung, dreams about someone dying by drowning in a tub is a symbol of emotional depths unknown to you. It can also suggest hidden secrets threatening your emotional balance. The tub is associated with private moments as well, and it may suggest a lack of privacy or you fear your privacy is threatened by outside forces.
  • Drowning in the Ocean: If you or someone drowns in the ocean, your emotional world is overwhelming you in every aspect of your life. Drowning in a swamp or quicksand symbolizes toxic emotions needing release. The ocean is vast and is a symbol of the subconscious. You may fear some of the things deep in your own subconscious that may one day reveal themselves to you. If you end up in the ocean due to a plane crash or shipwreck, drowning dreams suggest you fear help you need will not come when you need it. Or, you worry if you are in a rescue situation, help will not arrive on time.
  • Ignoring Waking Life Stressors: Drowning while something pulls you under means you are ignoring hidden waking-life stressors. It can also mean you either have unknown enemies who are working against you or the fear that is the case. But, if you see yourself floating above the water after a drowning, you are living a life on automatic pilot. It’s like going through the motions without allowing emotional intensity in relationships.
  • Being Saved from Drowning: Though hard to believe, dreams of drowning and a dream about someone dying can have positive messages. For instance, to dream about someone saving you from a drowning event is a good omen. It promises you will have the tools, resources, or sheer luck to deal with an emotional situation.
  • Dreams of Surviving a Drowning: If you do not die from the drowning, you will be successful in overcoming emotional turmoil. If you feel happy during a drowning dream, it hints at being victorious despite obstacles. Happiness in seeing the someone drowning means you have faith in the face of conflict.
  • Rebirth: Even a drowning dream where you see your own death can be a positive message. It might symbolize a rebirth or metamorphosis. Saving yourself means you know you do not need anyone else to help you with challenges you face. If you save another, people in your life will find you reliable and trustworthy.

Dreams About Dying of a Heart Attack

dreams about dying of a heart attack 1200x630

Like drowning dreams, real world physical events can trigger heart attack dreams. If you have any chest pains while sleeping, it is a good an idea to discuss the issue with a physician. If you do not take care of the physical body, it can also trigger heart attack dreams. If you don’t exercise, eat right, or if you smoke, heart attack dreams might result. If no real-world cause is behind heart attack dreams, then the visions are symbolic. If real-world issues exist, again, it’s time for a conversation with your doctor.

  • Real Fear of a Heart Attack: Having a dream about someone dying from a heart attack might be exactly what you fear. Even if you are perfect health, you might worry someday your heart will fail. If you a family history of heart trouble, your dreams are working out fears as you sleep. If a problem already exists and you are aware of it, the heart attack dreams may follow. If someone you know has had recent heart trouble, this can also trigger heart attack dreams.
  • Heartache: Dreams of the heart are suggestive of “matters of the heart.” Since a heart attack suggests a broken heart, the dream about someone dying refer to broken promises and pain. Having a heart attack in a dream signifies a heartache of some kind. Many heart attack dreams relate to painful emotions in broken relationships. If you experience a breakup or fear you will, this can trigger heart attack dreams or imagery where it turns into a dream about someone dying. If the person in the dream dies of a heartache, it suggests dying of a broken heart or the intense emotional pain that comes from love lost.
  • Bleeding Heart and Excessive Kindness: To die in the dream suggests you fear never getting over the loss. This type of dream may also warn you of the repercussions of being too kind to others. If you have a bleeding heart in your waking your life the dream is warning you of unscrupulous people. To dream about someone dying from a bleeding heart suggests continued loss if you keep giving things away or living with your heart on your sleeve.
  • Ignoring the Heart or Hardening Your Heart: The continuation of the broken heart theme suggests your dream warns of heartaches. Are you being callous in a situation? Are you ignoring what your heart tells you? Are you showing a heart of stone to the world? Have you hardened your heart when love and compassion would serve you better?
  • Need a Perspective: In such cases, your dream about someone dying or having a heart attack is telling you it’s time to reassess your perspective. Love and kindness move mountains where callous acts create more obstacles. A heart attack dream might also be a dream of guilt, especially if you have broken the heart of another.
  • Starving Your Spirit: Matters of the heart do not always have a physical meaning. If you are not nourishing your spiritual self, heart attack dreams may result. If you starve the physical body, it weakens the heart. It suggests you are starving for spiritual fulfillment. It can also allude to the heart chakra and might hint at blockages within the chakra system. Starving the spiritual body starves the heart chakra and all it corresponds with too!
  • Faint-Heartedness, Phobias, and Guilt: To have a heart attack signifies a weak heart. Now look at this dream about someone dying as a reflection of your inner being. As a double entendre, the dream might mean you are faint-hearted or fear something in your waking life. To die of the heart attack suggests the fear that your phobias will overwhelm you. It also suggests the fear that what scares you the most will happen. If you see another dying of a heart attack, you might feel guilty for not being attentive to the person in your dream.
  • Time to Follow Your Passion: If you do not follow your heart and passions in life, this too can lead to heart attack dreams. Thus, to dream about someone dying might be a call for you to really start living life! Consider what your passion is and pursue it. Your heart yearns for something more meaningful in your life. It’s time to do what you love!
  • Unspoken Resentments: Dreams of heart attacks allude to feelings and resentments left unspoken. Shakespeare wrote, “My tongue will tell the anger of my heart, or else my heart concealing it will break.” Your dreams may be telling you it is time to release toxic emotions before they take a physical effect. Also, the dreams suggest the death of life’s passion or enthusiasm if you do not heed the calling of your heart. Once again Shakespeare says it best with, “To thine own self be true.”

Final Takeaway: Are Dreams of Dying About Death?

are dreams of dying about death 1200x630

A dream about someone dying can present with different narratives and imagery. The underlying cause of death dreams depends on real-life situations and concerns. It is important to note that a dream about someone dying is often conveying an important meaning to the dreamer. People will have a different dream meaning too, even if they have a similar dream about someone done. The causes of these dream narratives vary. What is clear is that a dream about someone dying is a memorable, emotional dream. Since these dreams evoke powerful images and feelings, you will remember them better upon waking.

Since a dream about someone dying is vivid and evokes such a powerful response, the narratives are worth extensive analysis during waking hours. The dream about someone dying can give you insight into real life feelings, situations, and conditions. Whether the dreams are anxiety-induced, or the mind is looking to work out grief in the safety of the dream realm, death dreams are a common human experience.

Ultimately, you will need to discover what these dying dreams mean to you on a personal level. I invite you to use the information here on Building Beautiful Souls as a launching pad for your dream meaning discoveries! Finally, I also invite you to discover animal dream meanings at our sister site What’s My Animal Spirit? Visit the site to find out about animal symbolism, totems, spirits and guides!

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