The EPIC July Horoscope 2018

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Welcome to the most in-depth monthly horoscope and astrology overview for July 2018! Make sure to bookmark us so you can come back throughout the month for a horoscope ‘check-up’.

July Horoscope 2018 – Overview

July is a roller-coaster of positive and negative vibrations! People born under every sign of the zodiac will feel the crazy vibes! We’ll all have to do our best to hold on during the wild cosmic ride!

On July 3rd, the Sun is still in Cancer where it’s been since Summer Solstice. It’s time for transparency and emotional empowerment. Now is the time for nurturing and empathizing with others. The highlight remains on family.

With the Moon in Pisces, intuition heightens. It’s time for diving deep into the mysterious subconscious. Now, we’ll experience sensitivity in psychic senses. Make use of a journal to record any experiences!

Personal Empowerment and Emotional Independence in July 2018

Independence Day brings the chance for emotional freedom, thanks to Chiron Retrograde. We’ll dig up old emotional wounds. It’s an opportunity to free ourselves. Here’s a chance to test long-hidden feelings or for paying karmic debts. We must watch for synchronistic events as cosmic signposts.

July 5, 2018 is a day of luck and expansion. When Jupiter is in Scorpio, it’s a chance to pursue one’s greatest passions. Fortune reigns, because of the “Greater Benefic” or Jupiter’s planetary influence. We’re entering a time of optimism and may find long buried dreams coming back to life!

The 7th we’ll experience a Sun Trine Neptune influence. The energy heightens personal power and creativity. Here, we seek self-understanding and the role we play in the larger scheme of things. We’ll look at our role in the community and ways to contribute.

Venus enters purist Virgo on July 9th. We’ll be putting tight constraints on others while establishing personal boundaries. Tension builds as we try to control the external world.

Self-Exploration, Shadow Work, and Retrograde Action July 2018

A lot happens in the way of celestial events on July 12th. We’ve got the Super Moon in the sign of Cancer, but it also opposes Pluto. The latter event includes a partial solar eclipse. The result: There’s considerable intensity in the realm of emotions. It’s not the best day for new partnerships or project starts. Highlighting shadow work, creativity, and self-exploration allows for productive use of cosmic influences.

On July 22nd, the Sun moves out of Cancer and into Leo. It’s time for creative endeavors and personal empowerment through self-pampering. But, the 24th of July has us dealing with Venus opposing Neptune: The Planet of Inspiration. With this transit, romance becomes a bumpy road. Here, we need to take care in making decisions. Neptune’s influences make us prone to flights of fancy and illusion. It’s not a good time for making relationship decisions or taking monetary risks.

Just when we felt the full recovery from the first Mercury retrograde in 2018, here’s round two! The planet goes retro on July 25th! We’ll feel like locking the doors and drawing the blinds as we brace for the latest communication frenzy! Issues arise with technology and communications of all kinds. Normalcy escapes us until the planet goes direct August 18th!

The 27th also brings the Full Moon in Aquarius and a total lunar eclipse! There’s a heightened interest in fringe subjects now, including all things preternatural. With the eclipse also occurring, many of us let superstitions get the best of us! When launching important projects, it’s best to hold off to a more auspicious time!

July Horoscope 2018 – All 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries Horoscope July 2018 350x350

Aries Horoscope

Aries starts out July feeling a high from an overflow of near-euphoric optimism! The Sun in Cancer fuels Aries’ already energetic personality. It’s a beautiful mood boost July 3rd! Tears of joy might be in order when enthusiastic Aries gets sentimental. It’s a great day for spending with family or engaging in a solo adventure! The fourth helps Aries anchor themselves though when Chiron goes retrograde. Still, brave-hearted Aries faces old emotional wounds with unwavering courage.

July 5th is an excellent day for wearing the power color red, Aries! The Sun in Cancer and the Planet of Expansion in Scorpio promises a happy-go-lucky day! No need for a four-leaf clover or lucky rabbit foot on the 5th as the cosmos rains down with good fortune. A similar day full of blessings falls on July 10th when Jupiter goes Direct. The 11th comes with the Venus trine Uranus influence. It leads to unexpected boons and welcomed financial surprises. Enjoy the energies as much as possible early in the month as there’s trying times ahead.

The 5th of July is a day to keep tight lipped about personal beliefs. Mercury, the planet of Communication opposes Aries’ ruling planet Mars. The result: Aries is more impetuous and bound to say something they’ll be sorry for later. Two days later, with the Sun trine Neptune influence, Aries is in a more caring and philanthropic mood. Empathy heightens as does one’s awareness for those in need.

The 9th, Aries becomes impatient and impetuous when Venus enters Virgo. They’ll be no patience for anything falling short of Aries’ expectations. The impossible to meet demands remain in effect for the rest of the month. Then, on the 22nd, after the Sun enters Leo, intuition heightens as does Aries’ generosity.

The 25th brings financial or romantic issues to the fore. The same day, Mercury goes retrograde the second time in 2018. Aries will have to deal with chaotic communications until mid-August! Also, on the 25th, there’s a lunar eclipse, full moon, and Sun opposing Mars. As a result, impatient and aggressive Aries experiences a hard time with self-control.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Golden Healing Quartz is a pale-yellow stone helping to enhance psychic abilities early in the month. Later in the month when Mercury goes retrograde, the stone helps Aries maintain clarity during chaos.

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Taurus Horoscope July 2018 350x350

Taurus Horoscope

Earth-ruled Taurus starts July experiencing love and joy! July 3rd is a day where optimism is high, so pursuits of passion are best. But, with Chiron Retrograde on July 4th, it might leave headstrong Taurus rattled. Now, it’s time to look at long ignored feelings and to settle on past-life karmic debt.

Thankfully, on July 5th, Taurus gets another mood lift. Perhaps it’s a reward for Taurus’ endless patience and deep sense of responsibility. Because, there’s a day of great fortune on July 5th, the 10th when Jupiter goes direct, and July 22nd. All three days are great for power colors like green to promote stability or pink for compassion!

It’s a good thing Taureans are responsible. It means they’ll get through Mercury opposing Mars by keeping their opinion silent. Taurus’ sense of responsibility will embrace caring for others and the earth on July 7th. But, their classic stubborn streak rears its hideous head on the 9th. It’s when Taurus set standards far too high after Venus enters Virgo.

Taurus is apt to be too demanding, nitpicky, or hard to deal with on any level. When Venus trines the planet of rebellion, those born under the sign of the bull are in for a few surprises. Normally, Taurus’ don’t care for change, but here Taureans will love the benefits coming their way. It’s likely Taureans get a boost in the financial sector or a fun encounter with someone new!

The Super New Moon arrives on the 12th and is a day for holding back on launching new endeavors. Once the Sun transits from Cancer to Leo, it’s a day to devote to loving one’s self. It’s time to enjoy favorite pastimes like gardening or artwork. Then, on July 22nd, Taurus should tune into their intuitive nature. It won’t steer them wrong.

On July 24, the ruling planet Venus opposes Neptune. It’s a good day to pull the covers up around one’s neck and stay in bed. There’re problems arising with money and the love life. Difficulties will fly directly in the face of Taurus’s disdain for change. But, the 25th will irk the inner bull with Mercury Retrograde. There goes a sense of security Taurus. Even worse, it results in feeling a lasting instability until mid-August.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Seraphinite is a dark green, sheen form of chlorite. Early in the month when dealing with matters of the heart and emotion, this is an exceptional amulet. Later in the month, it helps Taurus improve communication and resolving conflicts.

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Gemini Horoscope July 2018 350x350

Gemini Horoscope

Air-ruled Gemini will find July’s beginning a blessing! July 3rd brings in compassionate and loving energies with the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Pisces trine. It’s a day of great joy! In fact, July has several days Gemini will feel the cosmos has got their back!

Among the days where Gemini will feel light and “airy,” are July 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, 22nd, and 27th. For the 5th Gemini, there’s great fortune coming. If Gemini is looking for a home, this day might have them discover the house of their dreams. The good vibes carry on into the 7th. Gemini centers attentions on the needs of friends, family, and the community. Jupiter turns Direct in Scorpio on the 10th, so it’s the best day for pursuing those lofty and imaginative goals!

The Venus Uranus trine on the 11th promises a boost in the financial sector or the chance to meet someone new. That’s exciting news for social, conversational Gemini! When the Sun enters Leo on July 22nd, it’s an intuitive day and time for Gemini to enjoy spoiling themselves. A short day trip might be in order! On the 27th, it’s a day to pursue romance and passion. Gemini’s competitive nature might come to the fore today.

Some days in July Gemini needs to be careful. On the 5th, normally chatty Gemini needs to keep quiet about secrets. Then, the 9th, if Gemini gets obsessed with perfection, it’s time to drop expectations a notch. July 12th is a day for avoiding business pursuits.

From the 24th-25th is a negative day for money or love issues. The 25th sees Gemini’s ruling planet going retrograde, so it brings in chaotic energies in the realm of communication. Dualistic Gemini has a better time than most handling the retro action.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Apatite, or the Bones of the Earth Stone, helps enhance psychic awareness in early July. It’s great for dealing with past life and karmic issues. When Mercury goes retrograde, the stone will help improve Gemini’s communication.

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Cancer Horoscope July 2018 350x350

Cancer Horoscope

Water-ruled Cancer emerges from their emotional shell the first five days of July, where expressions of love and romance come to the fore. The Sun is in the sign of Cancer while Cancer’s ruling planet is in Pisces, so it’s time to dive deep into the realm of emotions. Cancer will then bring these intense emotions to the surface for sharing with a loved one.

July 4th is a day for working on deep emotional wounds from past relationships. Long-ignored, now Cancer has time to shed painful emotions once and for all when Chiron goes Retrograde. Following the 4th, several days in July show more emotional work lies ahead. Cancer needs to be wary on the 12th, 24th, 25th, and 27th.

The 12th is a day when emotions become far too intense to manage. It’s best to keep emotions in check and to not start new relationships or partnerships. The 24th brings Venus’ opposition of Neptune, so Cancer can expect love affairs ending in severe disappointment. The 25th continues with the negative energies from the day prior, introduced by Mercury Retrograde. From July 25 until April 18th, all modes of communication become difficult. The 27th, the Sun opposes Mars, so Cancer might feel moody or broody.

The 5th is a promising day for good luck, but it’s also a day where Cancer will want to limit emotional expression. Today, things are better left unsaid. The Sun trine Neptune transit on the 7th has sympathetic Cancer wanting to help the needy. By the 9th, Cancer’s ruling planet enters Virgo and brings out a pessimistic and insecure point of view. It’s as if Cancer will have trouble trusting anything now.

When the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, Cancer feels charitable and melodramatic. The vibes are powerful, making Cancer want to get in touch with their primal nature. Intuition and psychic senses are at their zenith now. The 11th when Venus trines Uranus, and 27th when Venus trines Pluto, are good money days for Cancer. The 11th promises a nice unexpected windfall while the 27th brings greater passions for monetary pursuits of all kinds.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Copper corresponds with Venus, the Goddess of Love. It contributes to having cognitive clarity and amplifies Cancer’s psychic abilities.

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Leo Horoscope July 2018 350x350

Leo Horoscope

Leo will feel right at home in July as the time draws closer to entering the constellation of Leo on the celestial wheel! The fire-ruled Lion starts out the month with blessings galore! Creativity and passion heightens from the beginning of the month until the 9th.

The third of July has Leo showing their warm-hearted, compassionate side. Good energies elate Leo today. It’s an exceptional day for spending with friends and family. Leo gets to soak up all the adoration from loved ones with their ruling planet in Cancer. Wearing colors of orange or yellow help keep the mood at its height.

On the 4th, when Chiron goes Retrograde, Leo will do well to remember to remain flexible. It’s a time to look at wounds from the past, not avoid them. Keeping painful emotions buried will only have them fester. Feelings will come back in the future. It’s best if Leo deals with them now. Wearing gold is ideal to remember the healing power of the Sun.

A Sun in Cancer trines Jupiter in Scorpio arrives on the 5th. It’s another excellent day for Leo, especially if investing in a home. Good luck when dealing with family and children are highlights now. The fifth is also a day when talkative Leo might have to think twice about what they say. Some things should never pass over one’s tongue. Keep silent about things better left unspoken.

Leo’s natural generosity comes to the fore on the 7th when the Sun trines Neptune. Here, Leo will feel an obligation to the community and to offer help to those who require it. Focus on caring or the earth also comes to the fore. The 9th may trigger Leo’s arrogant side where they demand to receive royal treatment from others. It’s a good idea to tone it down a notch, Leo. Loved ones and friends might pull away if Leo is too demanding when Venus enters Virgo.

The planet of Expansion enters Scorpio on July 10th, so it’s another day full of blessings for the Lion. Leo has a cheery disposition and they are full of good humor.

The planet of Expansion enters Scorpio on the tenth, so it’s another day full of blessings for the Lion. It’s a great day for shopping sprees or taking a holiday. On the 11th, there are beneficial financial surprises when Leo discovers they have more money than they think. A Super New Moon in Cancer on the 12th is time to hold off on projects though as energies don’t support it now.

The 21-22nd are power days for Leo as their ruling planet enters their sign. Things become clear for Leo. Pathways forward in romance and career become transparent. Leo feels bold, sassy, and alive! This energy is a powerful undercurrent for the next month. The 22nd will have Leo’s intuitive abilities soaring! Mercury retrograde rounds out the month and lasts just past the ides of August. Leo will have to rely heavily on attuned psychic abilities to make it through the chaotic period for all forms of communication.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Dumortierite enhances intuitive abilities. It also ensures mental clarity during trying times, so it makes a suitable talisman or amulet for Leo during the month of July.

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Virgo Horoscope July 2018 350x350

Virgo Horoscope

Earth-ruled Virgo feels well-grounded and stable for the first half of July. Normally analytical and in control of emotions, July 3rd brings a day where intense emotions bring great happiness to practical Virgo. A normal “all work and no play” Virgo attitude gets cast aside today and more important emotional matters come to the fore. On the 4th, more emotional work occurs when dealing with wounds long left unacknowledged.

Then, the 5th brings excellent energies into the career, finance, and investment sectors. If practical Virgo engages in house buying, they’re likely to find a bargain. The same day Virgo needs to curb their natural desire to offer a rude response when something irritates them. It’s better to keep the negative tone to one’s self.

On the 7th, Virgo is happy to help others even when they don’t like asking for help for themselves. When Venus enters Virgo on the 9th, it’s now when Virgo feels right at home. Virgo establishes standards of perfection, and it’s all too easy for things to come together. Now, Virgo spends time analyzing facts and figures. In the home, it’s time to concentrate on home organization. This perfectionist energies remain in play until mid-August.

The 10th is a great work day for Virgo, and in matters of love, there’s happiness. The 11th will bring mixed feelings for analytical Virgo. Discovery of extra funds in an account is a boon. At the same time, Virgo worries about what figures might have been missed in the process! It means having a closer look at the account to find the mistake.

The 12th of July is a day workaholic Virgo will do well not to launch new projects. The 22nd has Virgo’s intuition at its height. Things go smoothly in relationships and with all analyses. The Sun enters Leo on this day, making things transparent. It’s a nice day for playtime. Virgo may have to force themselves to take a day off!

The 24-25th bring in negative vibes. There are monetary issues on the 24th. If dealing with a love relationship, a lover lets Virgo down. The disappointment continues for 24 hours. Then Mercury goes Retrograde at the end of the month. All the communication chaos is enough to drive Virgo to distraction!

Healing Crystals & Stones: Cerussite is an exceptional stone to carry when doing past life work. It’s even better when fending off a Mercury retrograde influence since it contributes to mental clarity and calmness for Virgo.

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Libra Horoscope July 2018 350x350

Libra Horoscope

Air ruled Libra is soaking up the harmonious vibes the entrance of July brings! Libra feels vital, alive, and ready to take on the world on July 3rd. Happiness reigns as does a happy-go-lucky vibe.

The 4th shows a transition taking place where Libra might become self-pitying and indecisive. It’s all because of the Chiron Retrograde action forcing Libra to look into the past. It’s time to clean up loose emotional ties before forging into the future.

Libra can be aloof and chatty. It’s easy for them to joke around and be sarcastic. On the 5th, it’s best to remain direct with communication and to stay away from harmless jokes. Libra will find out their words aren’t as harmless as they think otherwise. Libra doesn’t like a loudmouth. But, this day might have them becoming what they hate if they don’t heed the warning.

Libra will find great balance again on the 6th. If seeking a home, there’s a location they will fall in love with following great indecision. It’s the best time for focusing on family or one’s love life.

Balance is Libra’s motto. So, on the 7th when the Sun trines Neptune, it’s time for Libra to restore karmic balance by giving to the community. When Venus enters Virgo, Libra becomes nitpicky and obsessive.

From the 7th through the 11th, Libra feels energies evening out and there’s little to disturb the balance. But, the 12th comes with a solar eclipse and new moon in the sign of Cancer. Plus, there’s opposition to Pluto. It’s a day of intense, hard-to-handle emotions. It’s not a good day for love or business.

On the 22nd, Libra takes a day to play hookie! After all, a balance between play and work is necessary. This day is a beautiful time for rest and relaxation. It’s a spa day for peace-loving Libra!

Everything they do they’ll be demanding perfection. They’ll be harsh on themselves and others. This energy is an undertone until mid-August. It only gets complicated more with the entrance of Mercury retrograde on July 25th. The chaos reigns a full 24 days before Mercury goes Direct.

The 24th, Libra’s ruling planet enters Neptune. It means difficulties in the love and money sector. The upset energies carry right into the 25th. Normally gracious and cooperative, Libra will be cold, aloof, and competitive on the 27th. On the same day, Venus trines Pluto, intensifying Libra’s deep passions and drive. Now’s the day to pursue goals and dreams.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Harmony seeking Libra can wear or carry Hemimorphite to enhance luck and good fortune and intuitive abilities. If Libra feels blocked from progress in July, this stone helps release such blockages.

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Scorpio Horoscope July 2018 350x350

Scorpio Horoscope

Emotional and secretive Scorpio sees embraces the positive energies July brings in the early part of the month! There’s a terrific camaraderie among friends on July 3rd, as mildly-antisocial Scorpio spends more time with their closest circle of friends! On the 4th, with the Wounded Healer going Retro, Scorpio withdraws back into the secrecy of their emotional world. There, they’ll work on old wounds as they try to learn life lessons from the experience.

The power days for ambitious and dreamy Scorpio fall on the 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, and the 22nd. The Sun in Cancer Trine on the 5th has any real estate ambitions proving successful. So, if Scorpio is looking for, selling or buying a home, this is an auspicious time. Just remember, when Mercury opposes Mars now, it’s best Scorpio remains their secretive self. Don’t say more than needs to be said, or there are regrets later!

The 7th will have Scorpio extra sensitive on an emotional level. Scorpio is in tune with a romantic partner. If working on home projects, the lovers will work toward a common goal. Scorpio’s partner may drag them out of their shell here. Why? To have Scorpio take part in a charitable effort. Not to worry; just pull up the boot straps and go with the flow. It’s all for the greater good of the community.

Check pants pockets before and after doing laundry on the 11th Scorpio. For that matter, check the couch cushions too. There’s a secret stash of “extra” money Scorpio discovers today! Then, the 22nd has one feeling like they are ready to conquer the world! Plot out conquests for the next month and now. The Sun’s planetary influence is backing pursuits! Now’s the time to take dramatic, bold, unwavering action! Trust instincts, and one will find they can’t go wrong.

It’s a good thing Scorpio is in tune with their intuitive nature. It will play a role in the more difficult days this month. The 9th has Venus entering Virgo, so Scorpio is likely to feel edgy or irritated if someone doesn’t meet demands. Try to curb the high expectations this month or disappointment continues.

The 12th is a day best used for internal, emotional work. Scorpio already has trust issues with others, and now, Scorpio’s intense emotional energies exacerbate the issue. Today’s not good for launching a romance, new friendship, or business partnership. Scorpio experiences similar disappointments on the 24-25th. It’s time to stick to one’s resources and make the best use of solitude now.

The 27th brings with it Mercury’s trickster energies! It’s a fantastic day for fulfilling passionate desires or ambitions. But, watch out Scorpio, don’t forget the Mercury retrograde action overshadowing every move! Jupiter goes direct in Scorpio on the 10th. This will have Scorpio buzzing with positive energies and ready to take on the world! Lady luck is on one’s side, so Scorpio might pursue games of chance!

Healing Crystals & Stones: Labradorite, the Shaman’s Stone, is perfect for enhancing psychic abilities while reducing stress. The stone amplifies Scorpio’s best characteristics.

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Sagittarius Horoscope July 2018 350x350

Sagittarius Horoscope

Fire influenced, fun-loving Sagittarius will have a blast the beginning of July. Sagittarius is basking in the height of the summer season and loving every minute of it! The 3rd is a day Sagittarius makes the most of a great sense of humor. It’s a day to share with one’s besties as the group has fun in the sun! The forth may stir up emotional and spiritual work left undone up until this point. But, the lighter feeling Sagittarius gets from tying up loose ends is emotionally liberating!

The Sagittarian soul isn’t happy unless there’s excitement happening. July has just the right vibes for the next adventure! From the 5th to the 10th, the days are auspicious enough to support long-distance travel. Now’s a time to a take a short getaway and to refresh the mind and spirit. The 5th of July has promising energies. Sagittarius may even find, buy, or sell a home locally or abroad. There’s good luck energies in the air, so games of chance are also promising. But, be warned Sagittarius, directness with someone when communicating appears too harsh. It’s time to think long before speaking one’s mind.

The 7th brings a day where Sagittarius is feeling more emotional than usual. They’ll have an easier time empathizing with others. It’s a day where one feels an intense need to be of help to another. From the 9th until mid-August, the energies stemming from Venus’ entrance into Virgo will make Sagittarius focus on small details in every situation. Work projects involving analytics go smoothly.

Great fortune and good luck await Sagittarius on July 10th. Anything started today concludes with a satisfying ending. Optimism is at a peak the 10th-11th, especially when finding a little unexpected cash. But, the 12th brings in shadowy influences making it a poor time for launching new endeavors. The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, so playful Sagittarius will crave outdoor activities in the sun! It’s time to spend the day being pampered in every way! Sagittarius is more attuned to cosmic vibes today. The 25th begins Mercury retrograde. Since Sagittarians are so direct with communication, they’ll make it through this three-week chaotic period relatively unscathed. But, it’s a period where one’s patience for others grows thin.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Lapis Lazuli is a lovely dark blue rock encouraging truthful expression and honest self-evaluation. It’s perfect of the empowerment of Sagittarius’ psychic senses.

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Capricorn Horoscope July 2018 350x350

Capricorn Horoscope

Earthy Capricorn feels secure and confident in love from the 1st to the 5th. July 3rd puts a focus on family and spending time with loved ones. Independence Day is one where Capricorn enjoys traditional celebrations with family, great music, food, and fireworks! On the 4th, old emotional wounds crop up, but Capricorn’s self-discipline and emotional control reigns supreme. The 5th remains an excellent day if Capricorn bites their tongue and keeps their condescending attitude in check.

The 7th, when the Sun trines Neptune, Capricorn’s environmental sense of responsibility heightens. They may engage in eco-friendly action or encourage others to do the same. When Venus enters perfectionist Virgo on the 9th, Capricorn has smooth sailing in work endeavors for the next month. Anything to do with analytics encounters no obstacles now. The 10th is a fortunate day in both romance and money.

Capricorn needs to refrain from starting new work projects or tasks on the 12th. The time is not right for launchings of any kind. The 22nd brings in fantastic energies so Capricorn soars to new heights in business and love. Acts of self-love are on the top of the list this day. Positive romantic energies take a downturn on the 24th, however.

It’s a good idea to keep love issues low key from the 24-25th. Capricorn communicates directly, rarely holding anything back. This makes Mercury retrograde easy to handle. As others run around dealing with the chaos in the retrograde’s wake, Capricorn stands at the ready to come to the rescue.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Aragonite is a blue stone that helps the Capricorn deal with old emotional wounds (perfect for the time when Chiron goes retrograde). The stone helps Capricorn restore balance and optimism when things grow difficult toward the end of the month.

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Aquarius Horoscope July 2018 350x350

Aquarius Horoscope

Air influenced Aquarius will feel like walking on air the first week of July! The 3rd and 4th has social and talkative Aquarius hanging out with friends and family. There’s conversations in abundance, but everything Aquarius appreciates. Independence Day has Aquarius beaming with pleasure and honoring their own independent soul.

The 5th brings a day of self-examination, where Aquarius is more pensive than usual. Old issues brew in the back of the mind and demand acknowledgement. Aquarius won’t be able to run from the problem now. Only through healing will they find success. Today, it’s best if Aquarius speaks little and listen’s much. Otherwise, they may say something off the cuff that comes with a price to pay later.

On the 7th, airy Aquarius seems to ground as they put a focus on the environment and caring for others. All acts of charity are highlighted this day. When Venus enters Virgo on the 9th, Aquarius’ grounded-ness intensifies. Aquarius is progressive and forward-thinking with thoughts and actions. But a perfectionist attitude for the next 30 days has Aquarius focusing on immediate, day-to-day, small details.

When the planet of expansion goes direct in Scorpio July 10th, Aquarius will feel good luck energies take fore. Whatever Aquarius tries now will take flight and prove successful. The good vibrations last two days until the Super Moon enters Cancer. Now is the time to hold back on any new relationships or partnerships in business. The next day triggering positive, supportive energies for new endeavors is the 22nd.

The 24th has Venus opposing Neptune, so Aquarius might experience heartbreak in matters of love today. There’s the temptation to throw money at a problem, but this too will come to naught. The 25th carries the same undertone, so Aquarius’ emotions might cause them to draw into a protective shell.

The retrograde of Mercury on the 25th means Aquarius needs to slow down their normally fast-paced communications. Backing up documents, checking the stability of technology, and thinking before speaking are the rules of survival for the next three weeks. The 27th brings the Full Moon in Aquarius. It intensifies Aquarius’ interests in fringe subjects and the mysteries.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Shiva Lingam is a cylindrical, hand-polished, phallic-shaped stone that helps Aquarius establish balance and peace-of-mind when things get skittish this month.

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Pisces Horoscope July 2018 350x350

Pisces Horoscope

Water influenced Pisces finds the first week of July a welcomed reprieve. The chaos brought by Uranus’ entrance into Taurus in May and Venus in Cancer has had Pisces riding the emotional rollercoaster. July 3rd and 4th let’s Pisces come up for air after what seems likes weeks of navigating intense emotional waters. But, the head above water feeling only lasts until the 4th, with Chiron going Retrograde. Then it’s back into the realm of emotions. This time, Pisces is dealing with old emotions still lingering. It’s time to cleanse the wound once and for all. Normally, Pisces is introverted. Also, Pisces is impatient on the 5th. The impatience may trigger Pisces to say things they don’t mean. It’s best to keep feelings under wraps and wait until one is feeling more stable.

When Virgo enters Pisces on the 9th, Pisces feels conflicted. There’s a perfectionist attitude in the air, but no way to establish perfection when dealing with emotions. Pisces has difficulty resolving the friction the feeling causes. It will have Pisces feeling out of sorts for a few weeks as the energies subside. In matters of love, at this time Pisces sets the bar way too high in the way of expectations.

When Venus enters Jupiter on the 11th, one of Pisces’ ruling planets, there’s a chance at love blooming. A new person enters Pisces’ life now that can prove a lasting love. Emotions are intense on the 12th and contribute to the attraction. The relationship will evolve slowly, however. This is in part due to Pisces’ lack of trust, but also because Mercury retrograde later in the month will hinder communication until mid-August.

This can prove a blessing in disguise, allowing for a solid foundation to form in the relationship before full emotional expression takes place. The 22nd, when the Sun enters Leo, emotions and intentions become transparent. Pisces will want to pamper themselves and their significant other. With intuitions high, a psychic connection between lovers forms.

The 25th brings Mercury retrograde, and introverted Pisces pulls back into their shell. They’ll remain there until August 18th when the chaotic vibrations subside. Communication will be touch and go until Mercury goes Direct.

Healing Crystals & Stones: Heliotrope is a beautiful stone for balancing one’s thoughts, contributing to one’s mental well-being, and helping Pisces maintain mental clarity during Mercury retrograde.

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