Z -Zoo Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Zero Dreams

(see Circle, Numbers)

If when you wake, you’re sure the “circle” seen in your dream was the number zero, it could symbolize the beginning of something, as occurs with a countdown.

It is worthy to note here that the Fool card in the Tarot, representing the beginning of the spiritual adventure, is numbered zero.

Feeling worthless, or realizing that your ambitions lack merit in terms of personal growth and maturity.

If you are not sure the “circle” was the number zero, then consider looking at the spiritual meanings of circles as well as circle dream meanings.

Dreaming about Numbers can be a sign your higher self is urging you to learn about Numerology and the sacred meaning of Numbers.

Also, make sure to use our Numerology Calculator and discover your Life Path, Destiny, Personality, Soul and Career Numbers!

Zip Codes Dreams

(see Numbers)

A way to locate someone or something for which you have been searching. Make special note of these numbers, and see if you can’t find a waking representation of them.

Effectiveness of communications. Having the wrong zip code on a letter will keep its message from being delivered promptly. Are you directing your words in the right way, to the right people?

A numerological code equating to basic personality traits that either need to be developed or honed to improve your relationships. Add all the numbers together (for example, 14127=15=1+5=6), and look that number up herein for more ideas.

Zodiac Signs Dreams

(see Divination, Space, Stars)

The Signs of the Zodiac carry different meanings based on their depiction. Frequently they represent aspects of your personality that are not wholly known or acknowledged, and therefore need developing.

Here are some other sample correspondences which may be expanded by reading any good astrology text:

Aries: Quick decisions that may not be wise; courage and zeal for things to which you commit yourself.

Taurus: Watch your temper and tendency to want “things” to fill up your life.

Gemini: A restless, artistic nature; often impedes meeting goals due to getting bored or distracted.

Cancer: Paradoxical actions that others find confusing.

Leo: Strong leadership skills always need to be tempered with wisdom so that you don’t become boastful or pompous.

Virgo: Reconnect with feminine attributes or purify your mind, body and spirit.

Libra: The need for balance, especially with the emotions.

Scorpio: A bold, determined nature that sometimes “stings” to achieve its goals or communicate a vision.

Sagittarius: The mark of an overachiever. Make sure your goals are reasonable.

Capricorn: A cool, patient temperament that hides deeper passions.

Aquarius: Erratic creative energy; feelings of unrest.

Pisces: A strong spiritual nature is starting to develop along with a new sense of responsibility.

Zone Dreams

(see Blueprints, Directions, Locations)

A space with limited access over which someone or something has control. Consider the type of zone portrayed. For example, a radioactive region might imply a situation that’s way too hot to approach right now. Conversely, approaching an end zone in your dream reflects the successful undertaking of a task, or a completion on the horizon.

Zoo Dreams

An alternative cage dream, in which parts of your personality are displayed to others. What faces are you showing the world? For example, are you growling at everyone like a bear, or perhaps being overly playful like a monkey?

Parts of yourself that you keep firmly under lock and key, especially the animalistic urges and instincts. Look to individual animal symbols for more insight.

A zookeeper reflects aggression. Something restrains you from truly being yourself. Alternatively, if you are the zookeeper, consider what or whom you’re trying to control unfairly.