H – Heraldry Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Hair Dreams

(see Body)

Personal strength (as with Samson).

Long hair: Equates to the wisdom and sagacity that comes through a long, well-lived life, especially if the color is gray. Alternatively, prosperity. In Asia, long hair was so valuable that it was used as currency.

Cutting: Drastic life changes. Many religious orders mark initiation rites through the cutting of hair, notably of monks and nuns (see Religions).

Power: In Tantric Oriental traditions, undoing the hair was a way to access the forces of creation and destruction. Also, in European folklore it was believed that a witch could increase the power of her spell by letting down her hair during its casting (see Incantation).

Consider the texture and style for further symbolic clues. For example, hair brought up in a very tight bun reveals someone who is prim, sometimes to the point of restrictiveness. Disheveled hair, on the other hand, exposes confusion and a flurry of activity. Dyed hair reveals someone concealing true thoughts, and greasy hair suggests a person with a “slick” disposition.

Baldness: Too much thought, or possibly a visual metaphor for “pulling your hair out.”

Being cut by a barber: Attention to details, and being meticulous in your efforts especially with regard to personal appearances.

Wigs: A false line of reasoning.

Hall Dreams

(see Alley, Highway, Path)

Hallucination Dreams

(see Dreaming)

To dream of someone, or yourself, hallucinating indicates some misconception or misperception of reality. Whatever situations exist right now, everything is very unclear and uncertain, and caution is called for.

Hammer Dreams

(see Nails, Tools)

Stamina and courage during times of conflict. In Teutonic tradition, this was an emblem of Thor, the god of war and thunder, whom warriors called upon for strength.

Building or repairing something, often the self or a relationship (see Nails).

Tempering a situation through diligence, as a smith carefully tempers metal (see Forge).

Making, or wishing to make, an ardent point (e.g., “hammering it home”).

The desire for security; knowing that everything you have built is going to hold together.

Hand Dreams

(see Body, Fingers, Gloves)

Healing (e.g., the “laying on of hands”). In many cultures, hands are a predominant tool as a healer’s conduit for divine energy.

A token of friendship, especially if extended toward you.

Good intentions. In some tribal societies, people greeted each other with upheld hands to indicate the lack of weapons and a mutual wish for peaceful discourse.

Help or service (e.g., “many hands make light work” or “lend a helping hand”).

Surrender. Two hands held high in the air indicate giving yourself over to some authority figure or letter of the law.

Tied: A situation over which you have no direct influence or control (see Knots, Ties/Tying).

Clenched hands reveal a lot of tension and anxiety present in the dreamer.

Upturned hands are a sign that some comprehension is lacking. Alternatively, you are constantly asking for help, like a beggar, but not necessarily helping yourself.

Missing: To dream of not having any hands means that you probably feel helpless or ineffective in your current situation. You need to find an alternative tool or approach that’s productive.

The palm of the hand represents life’s road map-the directions one has taken or is soon to take (note that the divinatory art of palmistry is based on the secrets that lie literally in the palm of your hand).

Callused or chapped hands equate to hard work that has questionable rewards.

Hare/Rabbit Dreams

(see Animals, Rabbit)

Learn all about Spirit, Totem & Power Animals!

Dreams about hares (rabbits) can be symbolic of the Chinese Zodiac “Year of the Rabbit”.

Hat Dreams

(see Clothes)

Antiquated methods or approaches (e.g., something is “old hat”).

Involvement or interest (e.g., “tossing your hat into the ring”).

The mind: Keeping ideas “under one’s hat.”

Top hat: A refined, classy approach to a situation.

Jester’s hat: Clowning around. Possibly using humor as a communication tool, or to cover up insecurity.

Changing hats: Transitions or additional responsibilities especially in a work-related situation (e.g., “wearing many hats”).

Hawk Dreams

(see Birds, Feathers, Wings)

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Dreams about Hawks are particularly important omens as they symbolize psychic “eyesight”, a call to intensify your focus and a foretelling of soaring to the heights of success.

Dreaming about Hawks can also signify:

Having keen eyesight, or the ability to quickly recognize, and react to, opportunity (e.g., being “hawk-eyed”).

Hawks are very able hunters, so the question is, what do you seek?

Maneuverability; rising above problems. Hawks are also very powerful fliers.

The red-tailed hawks specifically represents healing in Native American traditions, and the spirit of life-giving water. Should one appear in your dreams, it signals the end of weariness or sickness, and renewed hope.

Hawthorn Dreams

(see Field, Forest, Trees)

If the hawthorn appears in bloom, this represents happiness.

In Europe this tree has somewhat divergent meanings, being both chastity and fertility. For the purpose of dream interpretation, this might mean maintaining your devotion to someone or something for a productive outcome.

Along with the oak and ash, this is a sacred fairy tree, and may represent a subconscious connection to Devic realms and messages.

Hazel Dreams

(see Field, Forest, Nuts, Trees)

Victorian: Assured devotion. Hazelnuts were predominately used for love divination to determine if one’s mate was true.

Among the Celts, the nut of this tree represented wisdom, being something sweet that is buried beneath a sturdy obstacle.

Psychic abilities, specifically object location. Hazel branches were favored for water witching and treasure finding (see Rods, Wand).

Healing Dreams

(see Salve)

Historically, receiving such a dream on holy ground was believed to foretell recuperation from whatever sickness was depicted (see Church, Monastery, Temple).

A pressing need for psychical attention. Take note of what type of healer is pictured here to better discern where to seek aid.

The person or animal receiving healing in a dream can represent a situation, relationship, or condition of the soul or mind that needs gentle care.

If crystals appear in your dreams about healing, it could be a sign your higher self is calling on you to learn about crystal healing.

Learn all about the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals, rocks and gemstones.

Hearth Dreams

(see Baking, Cauldron, Fire, Foods by type, Forge)

Focus on, or the condition of, home and family. Traditionally, the hearth was the heart of a house in Europe, where all important family activities took place. How does the hearth appear? An evenly burning hearth with good coals indicates consistent love and tending. One that is artificial or bricked up reveals pretense or blocked emotions, respectively.

An alternative type of womb emblem, in which the masculine element (fire) burns.

Fertility, kinship, and love. Old folk spells regularly recommended ashes from the hearth fire as a component for these purposes.

Depending on its configuration, this may an alternative altar dream, in which the food becomes a kind of sacrifice. In the Orient, especially, there are gods and goddesses who preside over, and are honored in, the kitchen.

Dreams about a hearth generally involve fire. Learn all about the Element of Fire so you can delve deeper into the meanings of your dreams.

Heather Dreams

In flower symbolism, a heather flower foreshadows a peaceful life with all of your good karma coming in full circle. The meaning of seeing heather flowers in your dreams is the same.

Because Heather dreams are such good omens, they are also reminders that we never have to settle for anything less than what we truly want, so don’t allow anyone or anything to keep you down.

Sometimes dreams can be very literal and, so, if you have someone in your life named Heather, take a look at the overall symbolism of the dream. Perhaps there is a message coming through to you regarding this person.

Hell Dreams

(see Evil, Fire, Monsters)

An alternative type of cage or judgment dream.

Reexamining or finally recognizing faults and failures, to the point of feeling guilty.

Negativity or bitterness growing within that can destroy your sense of harmony or wholeness. You need to get these fires under control.

A situation or relationship that you regard as hellish to endure.

Hematite Dreams

(see Crystals, Gems, Jewelry, Stones)

Learn all about the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals, rocks and gemstones.

Heraldry Dreams

(see Signage, Pictographs)

In the Middle Ages, a person’s coat of arms revealed a great deal, including family lineage, trades, and characteristics. These often appeared on armor so that honors won in battle could be properly attributed (and so you didn’t accidentally kill an ally). For your dream, consider first what appears on heraldry for more clues. Each item and color symbolizes aspects of you, your relationships with others, your profession, and how all these facets of life intermingle. Additionally, having an item like this show up in your dream may represent an unfulfilled need to set yourself apart somehow, and make your mark.

2 thoughts on “H – Heraldry Dreams

  1. Sasha says:

    Since I started on my spiritual journey I have started having some strange dreams, in my dreams I am empathic,with Psychic abilities and can heal with my hands,but I can manipulate the elements,and I can float when I’m using some of these gifts,iv never seen myself fly or anything though.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Sasha;

      How exciting for you! These kinds of dreams are completely natural when someone starts to awaken. The more you open your heart and mind to the Universe, the more intense and beautiful your dreams will get. I’m setting up a forum soon and there will be a section just for dreams. I sure hope you join us!

      Hope that helps.


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