K – Knots Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Key Dreams

(see Locks)

Dreams about keys can include the following symbolic meanings:

Solutions to problems, especially ones that seem puzzling (e.g., “the key to the matter”).

Opportunity unfolding.

Lost keys: Losing your way, or feeling unable to find the right resolution to a situation.

Using the wrong key in a dream signifies approaching a problem in the wrong way, with a solution that doesn’t really fit the situation.

Breaking a key means that a good idea got bungled somehow, probably by someone becoming too enthusiastic or pushy. If this is the case, just start again with a calmer, paced approach.

King Dreams

(see Authority Figures, Fables, Icons, Men)

Kiss Dreams

(see Bride, Engagement, Relationships, Weddings)

Bodily fluids have long been considered very magical, including saliva. Consequently, kisses appear in a diversity of fairy tales and myths. For example, Snow White receives a kiss of resurrection and love. In Christian tradition, there is the kiss of peace. Today, bad behavior or ill-conceived actions are called the “kiss of death” for in-progress proposals or projects. How to interpret the kiss in your dream, therefore, will depend much upon the setting in which it’s received, and from whom.

Kitchen Dreams

(see Baking, Eating, Fire, Foods by type, Hearth)

Kite Dreams

(see Air, Wind)

A kite that cannot get off the ground represents a project that seems doomed to stagnate or fail. Wait for a better wind and try again.

A kite soaring high in the sky reflects ambitions and lofty goals. Take care, however. From this height the wind can easily snag the kite out of your hands, and all control may be lost.

A kite that is flying firmly controlled from the ground symbolizes goals that have good foundations. With continued management, this effort should prove successful.

Dreams about kites usually involve air. Learn all about the Element of Air so you can delve deeper into the meaning of your dreams.

Knee Dreams

(see Body)

Flexibility. Learn to bend so that you don’t break.

Kneeling represent humility or subjugation, usually with religious overtones.

A fast response that wasn’t necessarily well considered (e.g., a “knee-jerking reaction”).

Knife (Scissors) Dreams

Dreams about knives can be symbolic of the following:

Alternative phallic symbol, with its sheath being feminine, similar to a sword.

Cutting something out, or away, as one cuts the proverbial apron strings to discover independence.

Brutally harsh words that carry a sharp edge upon delivery.

Placed openly on a table. Peaceful intentions. This was a common practice in the Middle Ages, akin to how we shake hands today.

Pointed toward you: Enmity or threats coming from others, directed specifically at you.

Knots Dreams

(see Connecting Devices, Rope, Ties)

Feeling bound or obligated to something or someone.

Security in relationships (e.g., “tying the knot”).

Nervousness (e.g., a stomach “tied in knots”).

Being tied up with: A type of bondage fantasy or cage dream.

Problems and delays that have to be untangled (see Red: Red tape).

Slip knot: Something that’s transitory and offers little security. Alternatively, wrangling your way out of a tight situation, akin to slipping out the back door.

The return of health. In ancient times, knot magic was used as a kind of folk medicine wherein a person’s ailment was bound in a knot, then tossed away.

Being untied: Restrictions and tensions easing. Liberty.

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